Bet Your Sweet Ass Ch. 04

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We were all on pins and needles as we watched the Suns and Pistons play each other now. Sure, we all had our fun together and we all knew that we would be lovers, no matter what. Even so, a bet was a bet, and while I suspected that we would both fuck each other in the ass sooner or later, lifetime rights to do so were a pretty big deal. I would honor my word and I knew that Natalie would as well. There was a lot riding on this.
It was a very close-run thing, but just as we all tensed up, unsure of what to expect, I could tell that my twin sister tossed back her drinks at an alarming rate. Her nerves were particularly on edge, for one reason or another. Well, to be fair…her ass was literally on the line, but so was mine, wasn't it? She looked repeatedly at me, at Bianca, and at Aaron most of all. Sure, we swapped partners several times in the past forty-eight hours, but this would change her own relationship with her boyfriend forever and they both knew it. This approached cuckold territory more than the previous stuff for certain.
I looked at Bianca more than a few times myself, to gauge her responses, particularly once Lamont Rogers was given a chance for a foul shot that could break the overtime tie and win the game for the Phoenix Suns over the Detroit Pistons. If he made this shot, our lives would instantly change, including Bianca's. Her boyfriend would have a personal butt-slut who would happen to be his own sister. We would spend the rest of our lives dealing with the implications of that fact.
We all watched in pure fascination now, eyes glued to the TV set, as Lamont made that shot. It swooshed perfectly into the basket, past the rim, and went through the hoop onto the hardwood floor of the basketball court. He had scored! The Phoenix Suns just won the game and…I had just won lifelong possession of my twin sister's bottom! Natalie bit her lower lip, looked at me, looked at her boyfriend, and then looked at Bianca. Then she rose, knelt in front of me, and took my hands in hers.
"Master, you've won fair and square. My ass is yours. I have to confess that no small part of me is glad, too. Congratulations, bro. I'm now your anal slave for life! I will never renege! This belongs to you now, my dear twin," Natalie declared.
Then she planted a steamy French kiss on me with a lot of tongue and bent over to show me a better look at my prize. Her tight, toned, freckled, pale booty was in easy reach and I grabbed her butt with both hands. It was mine now. My sister's ass was MINE! It morally belonged to me, even though the deal was by no means legally binding.
I looked over at Bianca and then at Aaron, wondering how they would handle the change of ownership once reality set in for them. This was his girlfriend and her boyfriend now in an incestuous relationship with heavy D/s subtext here. Their relationships with us would not, could not ever be quite the same again. If we married, this deal would be baked into the cake already and we knew it. They would knowingly marry people who had an incestuous anal bondage pact with their own twin.
"Hey, I have no right to object, and in fact, I don't at all. I love that you own your sister's ass. Your TWIN sister, no less! In fact, I'd like to borrow it now and then, if that's okay with you, papi," Bianca told me at last, "this isn't cheating, any more than any of the other fun we four have had with each other in the past couple of days. It doesn't count against you at all. It turns me on that you're going to commit incest and sodomy with Natalie here."
"And that she's going to tag along with us on the honeymoon…that it will be a double fucking honeymoon, in fact, per our deal? So much fun for all four of us. What did Cicero once call incest? A game that the whole family can play?" I winked at my girlfriend as she licked her lips and gave me a pleading look, "and yes, you can borrow Natalie's bottom now and then. Just give it back in great shape as you found it."
"Absolutely. Being entrusted by my boyfriend…really, my fiance, because we've basically agreed to marry each other in principle, with the use of his sister-slave's ass is no small honor, after all. I will do my utmost to prove worthy of that, lover," Bianca assured me, while Aaron showed his own blessing by action.
Aaron found the lube and smeared it on his fingers while gesturing to his girlfriend, my sister, that she should bend over the loveseat. She did so and he promptly spread the lube along her crack and over her butthole, followed by some on the head of my dick. We all knew the meaning of this. By assisting another man, his future brother-in-law no less, in preparation for said man taking his own girlfriend's virgin asshole…Aaron gave his own stamp of approval to my rights to her ass.
I lined up behind Natalie, both of our partners now quiet as they ran the camcorder..and I eased my way into her bottom at first. She bit her lower lip again and worked her hips to take me deeper inside her tush as I began to actively sodomize her. Bianca walked over to her and began making out with her for a moment to reiterate her own stance on the matter. She loved sharing me with Natalie, that much was apparent to us all.
My sister slowly started pushing back at me, more and more on each stroke, as I drove further into her, plundering her booty. I looked down at that amazing ass and affectionately swatted each cheek as I pounded her rump now. It was such a tight, virgin cornhole, too, of course. My sweet sister didn't protest even a little, just moaned and groaned, even grunted as I rammed it deeper inside her backdoor. It was an amazing experience, making Natalie's ass my very own private tunnel for my own personal use. I could and would do as I pleased with it, of course.
"Your ass is mine now, sis!" I repeated on each stroke now, "mine, mine, mine! I own this ass, don't I? Whose ass is this now, slave?"
"Yours…Master! This ass is all YOURS! Fuck it…fuck your ass! Hump it! Bugger me!" Natalie screamed as I reamed her harder and rougher each time.
"You want me to cum inside you, babe?" I teased Natalie, but her reaction was electric.
My twin sister screamed loudly, "HELL, YES, BRO! CUM IN ME!"
Natalie also jerked and turned purple all over as she squirted on herself, clenching my cock in a vise-like grip. My balls churned with a vengeance as they spewed my spunk into her backdoor, flooding her bowels at last. I eased out of my sister slowly and watched with astonishment as Bianca knelt to suck me straight from Natalie's butt…and Aaron got busy cleaning up the new creampie leaking from her derriere. Aaron didn't even hesitate to take on the cum-slurper cuckold role now, not in the least. He was as shameless in that as Bianca was in relishing the ass-to-mouth action.
Bianca looked up at me and winked as she continued to suck my dick so soon after I had sodomized my own twin. Both Aaron and she looked more satisfied than they had ever been in their entire lives, more fulfilled and such. That was when it really clicked with all four of us. Aaron was a true cuck, no doubt left of that now…a real bottom, too. He would gladly serve Natalie as enthusiastically as Bianca and she served me. It was a real pecking order among the four of us. I was at the very top, followed by the girls, and then Aaron was at the very bottom of the heap.
"Good work, cucky. I'm looking forward to a lot more of this in the future. As I serve and submit to my sweet brother, my teddy bear will become more and more obedient to me, his goddess, right? Maybe you and I should sign a Mistress/slave contract as well. What do you think, my dear subbie boy-toy?" Natalie affectionately kissed Aaron and stroked his hard, but smaller dick in response now.
There was no doubt who the alpha and beta were now, was there? I pulled Bianca close and caressed her culo as well as her tits now. I drew her in for a steamy kiss and whispered, "marry me, babe. Marry me with the full understanding that your bridegroom has his own sister as his personal anal whore and will NEVER be faithful to you!"
The responses of our significant others were more than a little telling. Bianca nodded and kissed me hard on the lips before kneeling to suck my cock again. She badly wanted to service me now it seemed. She wanted to prove her absolute, unconditional loyalty to her man. It was an incredible feeling, to know that both ladies belonged so completely to me, but especially my own sweet fiancee. She was as entirely subservient to me as my sister was, if not more, and as much as Aaron was to Natalie now.
To reinforce this fact, Aaron kissed Natalie all over, working his way downward to her clit and her cunt. He planted his tongue into her ginger-stubbled twat and got to work eating her out with zero embarrassment and no hint of any feelings of humiliation whatsoever. He kissed, licked, and tongued her fragrant pussy for what seemed like an exquisite eternity of pure bliss for her, too. He ate her out with the same kind of eagerness that she showed Bianca the other day, in fact, making her moan with her new sense of ecstasy.
It was much harder for Bianca's own oral services to pay off, but they eventually did, making me nice and ready to blow my next load down her throat. To my relief, Natalie had clearly planned well and cleaned herself out, so all that my girlfriend could taste now was my jizz and my prick itself as I exploded down her gullet. The deed was done, the pact sealed with our pleasure.
Natalie's ass was mine, and both her fiance and my fiancee gladly accepted that fact. We still had two more bets to resolve, to be sure, but we were well on our way to our new arrangement, one of a quad made of two couples intimate with each other. Nothing, not even our parents, could stop us now. We were consenting adults, after all. We would grow old together, all four of us, true lovers as Nature and Destiny intended.

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