Beth and Andy (Andy treat)

I’m loved my time with Beth and Andy. Its nice having a nice couple to play with. Two horny people as horny and erotic as me.

A week after fucking her blindfolded, handcuffed, gagged husband, who had no idea it was another woman. I returned to their place.

I arrived, Beth asked me to put on the wig and mask, a surprise, and I guess the reveal for her husband. I wore a blue off the shoulder dress, the dress mid thigh. I walked in. She was wearing a black g string and matching bra. We kissed.

” Hes in here. ” She said. I walked in the lounge. He was sitting naked in the chair handcuffed, this time not blindfolded or gagged.

” Hi ” he said to me.

” Hello. ” I said.

” I told him, I have a surprise for him. ” Beth said.

” Who’s this ? ” He asked.

” Be a good boy you might just find out. ” Beth said. Ir was quite mysterious been disguised.

Beth and I hugged. She fondled my bust sliding her hand down to my arse. She slid her hand up my dress rubbing my pussy, I looked at Andy his cock getting hard. Beth kissing my cleavage as she rubbed my underwear.

I moaned as Beth kissed my neck. She unzipped my dress pulling it off. I stepped out of it. She unclipped my bra taking it off. She fondled my breasts, she sucked each nipple squeezing and sucking me.

Her hand sliding between my legs. I opened them. She pushed between my knickers and slid into my pussy finger fucking me.

” Lets put some porn on for him. ” Beth said. She reached for the remote and pushed play. The DVD played.

” Fuck. ” Andy said

” What baby. ” Beth said.

” Was that…? ”

” Her ? ” Beth said finger fucking my pussy. She pulled her fingers out reaching over putting them in her mouth.

” Taste familiar ? ” She asked. Andy seeing me naked with the mask and wig on in the film.

” Oh shit. ” He said watching me walk around him running my fingers around his neck.

” Watch and enjoy. ” She said. She pulled my knickers down and off stuffing them in his mouth. I stood naked in front of him. He saw me naked on the film and in person. His eyes looking over my body.

Beth between my legs licking my pussy rubbing my clit and finger fucking me. She slid a hand up to my breast squeezing it. Andy watching the movie and us.

I stood facing him rubbing my pussy and breasts. Beth knelt between her husbands legs sucking his cock.

” Yes you filled her pussy with your cum you naughty boy. ” She said smiling up at him.

She kissed his lips. He could see my mouth and lips in the hole in the mask. I knelt grabbing his cock putting it in my mouth sucking it. I licked up his shaft circling it. Beth stood behind me reaching for my mask. I sat up she took it off with the wig.

” Hi ” I said.

” Jess, from the reunion ? ” He said.

” Hi baby. ” I said as his eyes changed from the TV to me.

” Oh shit, you and Beth fucked Mr Andrews that night.

” We did. ” I said straddling his lap lifting my breast to his mouth. He sucked my nipple. ” You know you need to spend more time licking your wife’s pussy. You thought I tasted like her. ” I said.

” Yes, ” he said.

” That’s ok darling. ” I said. ” By the end of the night you will know Beth’s taste really well. ” I said.

He sucked my nipples and then Beth slid between his legs sucking his cock. His hands ties he sucked my nipples I was holding in his mouth.

After a few minutes we swapped. Beth straddled him lifting her breasts to her husbands mouth as I sucked his cock.

Five minutes later we uncuffed him. He stood. We recuffed his hands and Beth and I sat down our legs open.

Beth orders Andy to her pussy. He leant in licking it tasting his wife’s pussy juices.

” Lick her out, taste those lovely juicy pussy juices. ” I said smiling at him.

Beth and I watched as he pleasured Beth. I leant over kissing Beth’s lips. We fondled each other.

Beth looked down at her husband reaching for his head pushing his head into her pussy.

” Savour that taste. ” She said.

” Not eat my pussy. ” I said.

He knelt between my legs licking my pussy, circling my clit with his tongue. Licking down in between my labias to my vagina. Beth leant down pushing his head into me.

” Can you taste the difference between my pussy and her pussy. ” Beth said.

” Yes. ” He said.

For ten minutes he pleasured us both. We then blindfolded him. We changed around and lay him down.

” Now taste test. You are going to eat us out for five minutes blindfolded then you are going to tell us. Who was first. ” Beth said.

” Yes. ” He said. We lay him on the floor. We walked around him. Each of us took turns running our breasts up his chest.

He moaned as we straddled him running our breasts up and down his body over his groin. His hard cock. Lifting his cock with our mouths sucking it.

We both stood walking to the kitchen.

I returned straddling him putting my pussy in his face. He licked it and sucked my clit and labias. His tongue working its way to my vagina. He licked up and down me. I got off. Beth then straddled him. He did the same.

I stood rubbing myself as I watched him pleasure his wife. She then got off. We stood and pulled him up. We took off the blindfold. We asked him who was first.

He said Me. He was right.

” For been right, you get to fuck us both. ” Beth said. We sat on the couch.

For ten minutes he swapped between our pussies fucking us.

Beth and I love been fucked together. We told him to cum in both pussies.

He did filling us with half his load each.

He watched standing still cuffed as Beth and I ate each others cum filled pussies out.

Great sex, great time with a very erotic voyeuristic couple.

I spent the night in bed with them. We sat in bed Beth and I naked each side of him kissing and fondling each other as we talked and made suggestions about further play between us all. Different role play and situations and other people joining us.

Fuck I love sex.

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