Beth and Andy (Andy’s surprise)

One week later after school reunion.

Beth called me to say it was Andy’s birthday. Would I do something special for her husband. I thought why not do we met for a coffee and planned our evening.

Beth sat Andy on a chair in the bedroom. He was naked handcuffed blindfolded and gagged. She quietly let me in the bedroom door closed I was quiet. Beth was naked as well. I love her body oh so sexy.

I put on the mask and wig she got me and I stripped off naked. I opened the door and walked in the bedroom her husband still. Beth had the video camera out filming. Using the mirrors to film her naked filming her husband and me.

I walked around him running my finger around his neck. I stood over his legs caressing my breasts and rubbing my pussy. I reached into the ice bucket rubbing ice cube on his nipples and stomach. He jumped as I did it. I nibbled his ears and neck kissing him down to his chest sucking and licking over his nipples. I licked over the trail the ice left down to his stomach. His legs his cock semi hard between his legs.

He groaned as I lifted his cock with my tongue pushing my mouth down it. I sucked up and down his shaft my hands rubbing his chest and nipples. I licked around his knob, trailing my tongue up and down the thick vein under his circumcised penis. I loved his thick purple knob. I tasted his pre cum on my lips as I sucked his cock. I licked his balls.

I dragged my nails slowly and lightly down his chest to his nipples squeezing his toned chest. I dragged my nails down to his stomach, I took his cock out and and dragged them over his cock, over his thighs down his legs, I returned to his cock holding it licking it. Playing with it. Sucking it. Tasting it, my pussy wet wanting his cock inside me.

I stood turning around reaching between my legs holding his cock rubbing it against my clit slowly. I pushed it down to my pussy. Beth put the camera on a stand, it was still filming us. I slid down his cock feeling it slid deep in my wet wanting pussy. Andy groaned as I slowly rode him up and down. Beth stood in front of me. I reached for her breasts, I fondled her breasts and sucked her nipples through the gap in the mask. I slid my fingers between her legs rubbing her pussy as I rode her husband as he sat in the chair. Beth holding my head.

Five minutes later I got off. I turned around to face him.

Beth took the gag off

” No talking. ” She said to him. Beth slid her fingers into my pussy finger fucking me. All my wet juices covering her fingers. I was so close to orgasm. I stayed quiet. She put her fingers into Andy’s mouth. ” Suck them. ” She said.

Andy sucked her fingers. He licked them. She took them out. I straddled him lifting my breast to his mouth putting a nipple in. He sucked my nipples. I reached for his cock sliding back down it. I rode him my breast in his mouth.

I took my breast out and Beth put her fingers back in.

She stood close. ” You love the taste of my pussy ? ” she said.

He nodded as he sucked my juices of her fingers as I rode his cock. I could tell he was close to cumming.

I rode faster. His cock deep inside me. I badly wanted his cum in me. I reached behind fondling his balls. Beth filming us.

Beth put the gag back in. Two minutes later he cum. He groaned as his cock emptied inside me. I sat for a minute letting him fill my pussy.

I stood Beth handed me the camera. She knelt between my legs licking her husbands cum out of me. Me filming it.

She turned licking my juices and her husbands cum off his cock. She said she often licks and sucks his cock after sex.

” Back soon baby. ” She said as we walked out closing the door. She put the camera on a tripod. She got on her knees again eating and licking my pussy, she finger fucked me as she licked my clit, she kissed up my body caressing and sucking my breasts. She then turned off the camera.

I took off the mask and wig. We hugged and kissed. I kissed down her body to her breasts sucking her nipples, she lay on the bed as I gave her oral sex. I licked and sucked her clit fingering her till she orgasmed.

I then dressed and left. It was so erotic.

She told me next day, he has no idea it was another woman.

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