Beth and Andy (School Reunion)

True story.

Hi Jess here. The following stories are true. They involve a couple I have been seeing lately. Their names changed for privacy reasons. They are a very erotic voyeuristic couple who love sex and sharing experiences with me. Hope you enjoy.

Beth is a 5fr 10 long haired blonde, Size 14c bust slim attractive and a very sexy woman.

Andy is 6 ft handsome. Toned muscular body.

We met up at a school reunion. Shit after nearly 20 yrs since leaving school. Seeing all the old classmates.

Some married, some divorced. Guys who tried to get into my knickers.

I saw Beth. ( Again not real name.) We chatted and caught up. We talked about the last 20 yrs since school. She said she married Andy.

Andy was in my classes. She told me Andy always had a crush on me at school. I sort of knew that but I wasn’t really into him.

Beth said to me I was allowed to sleep with him if I like. I was shocked. Really. She said discretely they were both allowed to sleep with other people. They had agreed they could both sleep with someone at the reunion. They enjoyed it.

Andy came over and saw us. We chatted and Beth winked at me as she saw a old friend of hers. It left Andy and I to talk.

I wore halterneck short red dress, it just covered my arse cheeks. My long hair out in a head band. Andy’s eyes checking out my body. I could tell he had a erection. I saw Beth talking to another guy. I knew who she was going to be with tonight. She looked over at Andy. Andy gave her the nod of approval.

Then I saw him. Mr Andrews. My old Math teacher. At school he was 30 when he taught me. Now 20 years later hes 50, I’m 37.

To cut a long story short, I start chatting
to him. His wife is not there. He is wearing a suit and tie. Short greying hair. Very handsome. For an hour we talk. I look over at Beth and smile. She comes over and talks to us. Beth and I talk to him for another hour laughing and catching up.

He asks us if we want to come up to his hotel room to catch up with a drink. I look at Beth she looks at me. We smile. We excuse ourselves and have a chat. We decide tonight we will be fucking our old teacher. Beth tells Andy shes going to be sleeping with Mr Andrews tonight. Andy agrees.

We end up in his hotel room. We have a drink. To think I have already slept with a teacher 15 years ago. Mr King for those who follow my posts.

” Well Jess and Beth. ” He says

” Neil. ” I say smiling at him.

” I never thought I would be in a Hotel room drinking with you to fine looking ladies. ” He said.

” No ” Beth said smiling. ” Considering you used to teach us. ”

” Yes. ” He said. ” Twenty years ago. How time has past. ”

” It has ” I replied.

” So Beth your married ? ” He asked.

” Yes. ” She said sipping her wine. She wore a black off the shoulder dress showing her shoulders and her c cup cleavage. Her long blonde hair in a ponytail.

” Your husband ? ” He said.

” Oh, don’t worry about him. ” Beth said.

” Ok, Jess are you married ? ”

” Me no. Single and free. ” I said.

” I remember you two in my classroom. Beth your blonde hair your uniform. Jess your brunette hair in your uniform sitting together down the front. I had to because you two talked down the back. ”

” We did. ” I said. ” So hows Mrs Andrews ? ”

” Shes good. She couldn’t come. ” He said.

” Yes, ” Beth said. ” Our art teacher. ”

” Shes a good teacher. ” I said. ” My favourite teachers were You and Mrs Andrews and Mr King. ” I said.

” Mr King. ” Beth said ” That old pervert. He tried to look up every females skirt in the school. ” She said.

” I know. ” I said not going to tell them I had fucked him.

Beth stood. I noticed Neil’s eyes work their way up her body. Her dress covering half her thighs. The split up the back of her tight dress around her hips. Beth’s long straight hair falling down her back it a ponytail. She poured another wine, knowing her husband was downstairs searching for a fuck tonight. She had found one even if it was an old teacher. I stood walking over to Beth smiling. She smiled back both knowing soon we would be fucking our old Math teacher. I poured more wine. Neil stood walking over to us.

( I remember this night so well. It was so hot. Its funny I remember the conversation and the following like it was yesterday. Well it was only a month ago.)

Beth stepped forward and grabbed his tie. I stepped around the back of him putting my wine on the table. I slid my hands to his front with my fingers spread rubbed over his chest and stomach over his shirt.

” Girls ” he said.

” Do you want to fuck us ? ” Beth asked.

” Yes. ” He said.

” Good, we want to fuck you. ” I replied sliding my hands to his trousers undoing his belt. Beth undid his tie taking it off. Beth and Neil kissed, french kissing. I knelt undoing his trousers. I pulled them to the floor, his cock falling out. I grabbed his circumcised cock stroking it. Beth undoing his shirt and taking it off. She knelt down with me. Both our hands stroking and playing with his cock. He looked down smiling at us. Beth slid her lips over his cock, sliding her mouth over his knob down his shaft.

We took turns playing with it and sucking it.

” I remember you girls as hot 17 yr olds. Now 20 years later your sucking my cock. ” He said.

I stood up kissing his lips. He reached behind my undoing my dress. I slid out of it undoing my bra taking it off. His hands cupping my breasts. Leaning down sucking my nipple.

Beth holding his cock licking it. She stood up her hand on my back. Neil stood reaching behind Beth’s dress undoing her zip. The back opening sliding his hands to our arses . Beth pulled her dress down and took off her bra. Both sets of breasts been caressed and fondled.

He sat down looking at us in our knickers.

He grabbed out arses pulling us in to him squeezing our buttocks looking up at our breasts. He leant in sucking each breast as he caressed our arses

We held his head watching him. Soon our legs were opened. He slid his hands between our legs rubbing our pussies outside our underwear.

” Who would have thought Id be fucking two ex students. ” He said.

” I know. ” Beth said smiling down at him.

We lay on the bed. Beth and I turned to each other and kissed. We french kissed caressing each others breasts as Neil pulled down our underwear taking them off. He returned to our pussy rubbing them with his hands.

He said our full names.

Here I am with……. And…….. Naked on the bed, I taught when they were 17. Here they are twenty years later their pussies staring me in the face. Would love to have fucked them as teenagers though.

He leant in giving Beth oral sex. Licking and sucking her clit. Sliding his finger inside her pussy. He slid a finger in my pussy as he finger fucked us both licking and eating Beth out. Five minutes later came to my pussy eating my pussy out while fingering us. His tongue licking and sucking me.

For twenty minutes he swapped between our pussies giving us oral. He then stood up. He put each finger in his mouth smiling as he sucked them. His hard cock at attention.

” Who wants Mr Andrews cock. ” He said smiling down at us to naked girls in front of him.

” Yes please. ” I said.

” Oh yeh. ” Beth replied looking up at him.

He knelt between my legs thrusting into me. His cock thrusting in and out of my pussy. I groaned as I kissed and fondled Beth.

Five minutes later he withdrew thrusting into Beth.

For thirty minutes he took turns in our pussies fucking us.

” Cum in both of us. ” Beth said.

He thrust Beth, she groaned. Neil groaned as the first wave of cum shot into Beth, he withdrew holding it in inserting into my pussy then releasing cum into me. He took his cock out we lay their as he dripped cum over us as cum oozed from our pussies.

Beth and I got into a 69 and licked each others pussies clean.

Neil standing watching us. Afterwards we got up and washed our pussies. We dressed and headed back down to the party. Both our pussies still oozing our ex teachers cum.

Beth took her husband outside and showed him the oozing cum of another man in her underwear.

That night I exchanged numbers with a few ex class mates and one teacher.

It was a night to remember.

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