Better Than AAA

Beep Stories

“Dammit,” I thought to myself as I pulled the tire from the trunk. What else could go wrong? I couldn’t leave work as early as I had planned, so I had to be up late driving, and now, I have a flat tire. I slipped the tire iron on the first lug nut and tried to move the bar. “Too tight,” I thought with exasperation. “Fine!” I shouted to no one, except the lone bat enjoying a meal of moths courtesy of my headlamps. I gingerly stepped on the tire iron as I said a curse under my breath, “Designer pumps are NOT made for manual labor…” I jumped on the bar and slowly the nut turned to the left. “Great,” I thought silently, “four more to go…”
     I was down to the final lug nut when a car approached from behind my own. As the driver slowed, he or she could see my vehicle was disabled. I tightened my grip on the tire iron as I voiced a command,” Just drive on by, just drive on by…” I was bathed in the stream of white headlights and felt adrenaline rushing within my being. ”Flight or fight” was all I could think and I couldn’t flee, not in these shoes.
     Instantaneously, the white flood of light became multi-colored. I was in a sea of white, red, and blue. The lights from the squad car were blinding me. Deeply, I inhaled but then thought better of it. It may be a cop, but I still needed to be cautious. I knew I was the only one I could really trust with my own safety.
     “Evenin’ Miss,” drawled a very masculine voice belonging to the buff body emerging from the squad. “What seems to be the problem?” he inquired as if he were the one being blinded by the floodlights. I decided it was best, not to be a smart ass and gave him the proper answer to his asinine question.
     “Uhmmm, I’m changing a tire,” I responded almost as a question. However, no one could doubt that it wasn’t the truth. I had grease and dirt all over my hands, and my dress was smudged with tire dirt. I turned slightly and finally could see the officer better.
     He had short brown hair and he was taller than me, but not by much. His chiseled face was shaven, although a hint of beard was emerging. His most notable feature was he wore a smirk instead of a smile. He must have realized his question wasn’t really necessary; it should have been pretty obvious what I was doing.
     “Looks like you almost have it. Would you like help, or should I wave on traffic,” he laughed as he looked down the deserted highway. “Great,” I thought. I have a flat in the middle of the night and the only help I get is comic relief…
     I made a “humph” noise and continued to remove the last lug nut. “I’ve got it, thanks anyway,” I responded sarcastically. I placed the tire iron on the nut and stepped on the iron for the last time. He watched with amusement as my body slowly descended and the nut became loose. As I attempted to remove the final piece of hardware, I felt his body next to mine. His warmth was inviting in the cool, damp night air. He bent towards me and his fingers wrapped around mine, keeping me from turning the nut.
     “I was only kidding. I’ll do this,” he said as he breathed on my neck. The tiny hairs stood up, but not in fear. I drew in a deep breath and inhaled his cologne, he smelled so good. My heart began beating loudly; could he hear it, too? I swallowed hard and hoped he couldn’t hear anything from me. He took my dirtied hand in his and raised me up. “You don’t have to…,” I said mechanically. I could barely think.
     “It’s no problem, Miss,” he said with a smile. He bent down on one knee and proceeded to be my personal AAA attendant. His thighs were taut and stressing the surrounding fabric. Encumbered by his attire, he got up and threw his leather department issued jacket in the squad. His blue shirt was straining to keep his pectoral and bicep muscles covered. I smiled back at him and thought, “This is one cop who doesn’t sit in a donut shop filling out reports.”
     “I’ll put on the spare and put this in the trunk,” he informed me after he removed the deflated tire. He walked to the tire I had yanked to the ground and inspected it. He called out with a voice that sounded pleased. “Good, you have a standard sized spare, that should keep you going for a while,” he said with approval.
     “I try to be prepared for anything,” I responded without thinking of how that sounded. I could feel my cheeks burn. I couldn’t believe I just said that to a cop. He leaned away from the wheel well, so I could obviously see his smile. His eyes danced and glistened in the surrounding light, as if he liked the words I just spoke. When he finished replacing the flat, he placed the tire iron, the ruined tire and jack inside the trunk and closed the lid.
He walked back, slapping his dirty hands together, and continued the conversation. “And sometimes,” he bent closer so he could whisper, “it’s best to let the moment take you away.” I couldn’t take my eyes off his eyes, they were so inviting. His smile was so mischievous. I wanted to be taken away, right then, by him.
     “S-s-s-o-o,” I asked, with emphasis, “is there any place around here a girl could catch of few winks?” He leaned in closer, his chest touching mine…”Yeah, I know of a place or two. I get off duty in 10 minutes. How about I follow you into town and you stop at the all-nite diner, right next to the motel? I could buy you some coffee…”
     I climbed back into my car, unable to contain myself. I pulled out four Wash N Dry towelettes and scrubbed my hands and fingers. I brushed my hair quickly before I slowly pulled ahead, constantly watching him from my rearview mirror. The diner and motel were in view and to my right as my eyes started to get heavy. I pulled up to the restaurant and got out of my car. I waited for him and as he approached I saw he already had the swipe card from a motel room in his hand.
     “Maybe coffee could wait until breakfast,” he suggested as his eyes twinkled back at me. Taking my small suitcase out of the trunk, he swiped the card against a nearby door and held it open for me. Once inside, he locked the doors and unbuckled his holstered weapon. He set it on the top shelf of the metal clothes rack and turned to face me.
     My eyes never left the weapon that he still carried. The bulge within his pants was very noticeable. For some reason, I felt very appreciative of his assistance so I decided to help him. Certainly, he needed to be more comfortable; it looked like one wrong move and his clothes would tear off from his body. I fumbled with the buckle, unable to unfasten it. I felt my cheeks flame against my face. “I’ve never done this before,” I tried to explain as he drew my body closer to his body. “Are you telling me you want to stop?” He asked with that ever present smirk on his beautiful face. I put my hands on his neck and cheeks, backed him into the wall and assaulted the soft and supple lips of the willing officer. Now, he was in my custody.
     His hands ran up and down my body. Slowly, he pulled away from my kiss and smiled. He painstakingly started to unbutton his shirt, taking his sweet time to give me a definite show. He was good, better than some of the professional strippers at the Ladies’ Night revues I had been to with girlfriends. His muscles were everywhere and I wanted to feel them…everywhere. He let his police issued shirt fall to the floor. Stepping closer to me, he began to unbutton my dress. As it slid to the floor his hands began their extensive investigation. His smile broadened. “I didn’t think I felt anything obstructing,” he seductively whispered. His hands went directly to my breasts as I began to touch and appreciate his sculpted form. Our mouths locked on to each other as I went for the button and zipper of his pants. As his pants fell to the floor my eyes just stared and I heard him laugh. “S-s-s-o-o,” I stammered, “They don’t make official underwear in your size, do they?”
     Not saying a word, he kicked off his shoes and removed his socks. I was still wearing the lacy blue panties and my high heels. Slowly, I slid down the panties and carefully stepped out of them. I made sure to bend and twist; giving Danny a visual treat. I started to remove the shoes and he stopped me…”Not yet, darlin’,” his voice made me melt. He carried me to the very inviting bed and smiled.” I guess I should tell you my name is Daniel, well, Danny, that’s what everyone calls me. And you are the most…” I stopped him, just in time. “Please, don’t. Don’t say it. I’m Cynthia, er, Cyndie and I don’t want lies. I just want you,” I blurted out honestly. “But, honey, I’m sworn to uphold the law. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen…changing a tire at 2 o’clock in the morning and with these on, no less.” Smiling as always, he reached for my leg and began to caress it gently. Feeling his hands against my black thigh-high nylons, running his fingers up and down my shins was driving me crazy.
     I drew in a deep breath to maintain my composure, and answered back, fairly breathless, “At least you’re being honest. Mmmmmm.” His touch was getting to me, making me wet and aroused. Grinning wildly, he inquired, “Is something wrong?” He knew very thing was perfect, absolutely perfect. I answered the best I could under the circumstances.
     “No,no …nothing is…mmmm, wrong… I just can’t breathe…” He placed my leg back on the bed and climbed on top of me. My legs bent, with my hose and heels still on, he eased his powerful frame upon me and began to kiss; soft, gentle, wet kisses. “So, maybe some rescue breathing is in order. I’d hate for you to stop breathing,” he said slowly in his drawled accent; slow and deliberate, like his touch and his mouth. It was precisely how I needed him to respond to me. “Mmmm,” he started to kiss with caution. “Sounds like you might need some mouth-to-mouth,” he decided as his lips gently pulled on mine. “Then, maybe, you’ll let me put my mouth on some other lips,” he suggested, hopefully as he continued to taste me. I pulled his head closer to mine and kissed him back with a vengeance. I was no longer tired. He answered back by forcing his tongue past my lips. I placed my hands on his broad back and massaged his muscles. I had to be careful. My manicured nails could leave a mark, so I pressed with just the back tip of my fingers. I kneaded the sinews of his back and felt him respond. He pulled my body into his and rolled me on top of him. I arched my back and he raised me higher; my breasts to his face. He used both hands to massage and cup each breast. He began to roll each nipple between his fingers and thumbs. I closed my eyes and sighed as quietly as I could. I felt his tongue licking my chest, my round breasts and my erect nipples. I lowered myself to his mouth and let him enjoy.
     After some much needed nipple play, I could feel his body pressing against my thighs. He slowly pressed his manhood against me, His cock was erect and firm, teasing my freshly shaved mound. He rubbed his cock and balls against my skin, but never entered, not yet. He was testing me, seeing how far I would let this go before I gave in, before he would make me squirm and wet from his cum.
      I decided it was it was time for something new. I pushed back trying to slide on my own. I wanted to assume the position, but needed some help getting there. He helped my body ease back. I had never worn heels to bed and it felt awkward. Danny’s smirk came back in to play, “Are you afraid you’ll hurt me? Your pumps are just a prelude to my pumps…,” he chuckled in my ear. “So, why do I still have these on?” I asked as the ingénue that I was. “You want to know? Right now?” Danny was like a kid in a candy store clutching a personal black credit card. I could see he had no limits to his fun. “Yes,” I replied, taking a much needed deep breath. “Why am I wearing shoes in bed?”
     He rolled off of me and sat next to me, with his left thigh firmly pressed to my side, his cock waving in front me. His eyes danced before me as he uttered the single word, “Leverage.” I was confused and it showed on my puzzled face. He laughed aloud and said slowly, “Let me help you understand.” His voice made me feel like butter on hot popcorn. His voice oozed and then I oozed. I pressed my legs together tightly; I wasn’t ready to ooze all over the sheets.
     He walked past the foot of the bed. He was quite the vision; he was completely tanned, his legs and upper torso more so than the parts that held my interests. “So, you like to go to tanning salons? You seem a bit two-toned. Did the bed malfunction?” I teased as I ran my fingers against his firm taunt nipples. “Nope-darlin’, ” his voice slithered back to me.
     “If I’m not in the squad, I’m sitting high on my throne-lifeguard,” he laughed back.  My ego took a hit. “Ohhhh, so you’re around young, pretty half-naked girls, huh?” I said in a dejected tone. I was finally starting to feel self-conscious. The look from his eyes told me how foolish it was to be jealous over the women in his life. His upper body was all I saw. His strong arms, his huge forearms, his powerful hands…he crawled closer, like a panther stalking his prey. Slowly, meticulously, he advanced upon me. I could see each muscle twinge as his gleaming eyes never left mine.
     “Yeah, I’m around pretty girls, but there’s only one woman who looks hot and sexy wielding a tire iron and wearing heels like these.” I took in his words and took another deep breath. “So…, ” he inquired, “are you ready to experience some leverage?” I couldn’t find my voice. When I realized what he had asked, I answered as best as I could, “Ummm, sure…leverage…” He placed my legs back in to a bent position while his hands moved my shoe covered feet just so.
     “Now,” he instructed, “raise your hips and I’ll demonstrate the advantages of leverage.” I took a breath as he took a breath and I did as I was told. I realized how foolish it would be to obstruct justice. Especially while this was so easy to justify. A willing man, a willing woman and leverage.
     It was several minutes or maybe it was hours before he resurfaced and I could look at his face. His nose, cheeks and chin were wet with my sweet cum. He came back up to my lips, smacking his. “Mmmm, want some?” he generously offered as his mouth secured on to mine.
     Fatigue started to get the best of me. Even when Danny sat at the end of the bed, removing my heels, I was barely aware. I felt his hands remove my stockings. It felt so good to wiggle my toes again. I felt his warm, soft, strong hands massage my feet. All the tension in my body melted away with his touch. I wouldn’t be able to keep my eyes open if he continued like this, I told myself. He leaned next to me as I laid on my side, my body facing him and his pillow. In his hands, he held my stockings, stroking them as if my legs were still encased by them. “Do you trust me,” Danny whispered in my ear. I swallowed hard, unsure of what his intentions were. Again, I heard the whisper, “Do you trust me?” Thinking my safety was all within me, my safety was determined by my instincts, I answered back. With my eyes half-closed, I whispered back, “Yes, I trust you.”
     He asked me to interlace my fingers. He gently slipped one hose around my wrists and tied a half square knot, just like tying a shoelace before the bow. He then went to my ankles and did the same. It wasn’t tight and I could have gotten loose easily if I tried. I didn’t want to. I heard his feet pad to the mini refrigerator. He closed the door and came back to the bed. My eyes were shut, not tight, just relaxed and waiting. I did trust him and I didn’t know why I should.
     I felt something cold on my body. I could feel the tip of something soft being drawn across my body. My waist, my hips, my breasts; it felt like a cold crayon. The air was being filled with a fragrance so sweet; my mouth watered as I swallowed my saliva. He brought the piece of fruit up to my face and continued to tease me. He ran it on my cheeks and he traced my lips. “Take a bite,” he instructed. Strawberry, a sweet, ripe and juicy strawberry. It tasted so good. I heard him chuckle as he bent his head near mine. In his hand, he took my chin and lightly kissed my mouth. “Mmmm, your kisses are so sweet,” he murmured against my cheek.
    I felt him lean across me and reach for something else. I was drifting in and out of sleep at this point; I was so tired and yet, I didn’t want to sleep, not yet. He got off the bed and started this time at my feet. Now a soft, silky brush swept against my skin. This was also cold, but it felt so soft. He brushed against my lower legs and then my thighs. He playful teased between my legs where he had just enjoyed me fully. Then to my belly and sides he continued to play. The aroma was so sweet; the perfumed air was making my head spin. I knew I wouldn’t be conscious much longer. I smiled but never opened my eyes. He brought the rose up to my breasts and ran circles around them. He made a trail from my heart to my neck; to my face. The fragrance was like a sleeping potion and I was losing my will to stay awake. Once more I felt his hand cup my chin and he gently kissed me for the last time.
     I woke up alone. I knew he was gone. All I could sense was a feeling that his presence was absent. I could still smell the fragrance of roses and strawberries. A single rose was left on his pillow. I took it in my hand and inhaled. Slowly, I sat up and saw a small bowl of strawberries and a glass of orange juice on the table by the television. My dress and stockings were draped across a chair in the corner, my shoes beneath them. I got up and dressed.  I didn’t notice then that the tire smudge marks had been cleaned away. As I ate the fruit and drank the juice, I saw the receipt. My room had been paid for and I could leave whenever I was ready to go.
     Outside of the room, the morning sun was starting to burn orange and pink across the sky. I put my small suitcase back in the trunk and looked at the flat tire. I would need to get that replaced as soon as I got into the city. I opened the door and felt the heat pour around me. I placed the rose on the seat next to me, turned on the air conditioning and headed away from my favorite place in the world.  
      As I was nearing the place I had my flat, a chill ran up and down my body. Not from the air conditioning, but from the sign outside the passenger window. At first I noticed the larger sign, the ever present “Click It Or Ticket” motto adopted by the state police department. It was the smaller sign above it that turned the blood in my veins to ice. The one that said, “The Daniel “Danny” Shepherd Memorial Highway”. I clung to the steering wheel as I drove past the spot Danny came to my aid earlier that morning. I didn’t bother to wipe away the tear rolling down my cheek.