Beware Of Cops

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Well friends this is an old story written by me 90{041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6} on real life experience of a friend of mine and I hope you all will love the same.
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Well this is another incident when I had gone to a late night party and was coming back. I was bit drunk, I saw cyclist passing by I didn’t knew I hit him or he came in between, but he fell down. But I stopped the car and tried to help him out.
At the same time two cops who were passing on the other side of the road they stopped and took the person in my car to the nearby police station. I was waiting in my car. The cop came and told me this is a case of hit and run accident you have to come to station, I was pissed off.
I tried to pacify and thought of giving me some money. The other cop came and said to him, to leave from here if I have to save my skin as the inspector is coming this way.
The cop Anil made me sit on his bike and we started off I was getting sickening in my stomach, where he is taking me. After 10-min drive we landed up in a daba (hotel). I was wondering why he had brought me there.
I knew it was nothing about the accident but trying to frame me. By the looks I understand there is something more he wanted, by the way he was looking at me. But here there were no rooms it was an open daba so I asked him why he had brought me there.
He told me that to discuss how you could be let free because that man is going to register the case. The only evidence is, we two. He ordered two teas. I was sitting on his bike and he was standing in front of me. I really didn’t knew why he was taking such a long time as it was already 1 am in the morning and what he wanted at that point I really didn’t knew.
After talking with me for 10 min or so, he came to a point and said see madam what you can offer me, is more important because if the case registered you know what will happen. As I can still smell the liquor from your mouth, and I feel it is more then 2-3 pecks of hard drink. I said okay tell me how much more money you want, I had already paid 5000 which was there with me, rest too I can arrange tomorrow and give to you.
He said 5000 is for the hospital expenses, I want to ask you something. I said yes. You have boy friend. I was stunned to hear that, what’s that got to do with the same. I said yes. At that time, in fact it was the first time, his hand landed on my bare thighs. He moved his hand slowly and said how many times he fucked you (in fact he was talking in Marathi and Hindi mix). I was stunned to hear that, and said we never had. Well you can go free but I could like to see how you look without this tiny dress of yours.
I knew this was going to happen, and I really didn’t know how to stop, that I pleaded him, I am ready to do anything, other then that. He told fine, see I just want to see you, or we really have to book a case.
I immediately knew it was not just going to be just seeing me without clothes. I was point blank didn’t knew what to say. He said the choice yours, I just want to see you once, and I hope I am not asking big favor from you is it.
I too like a dumb said ok, I don’t mind showing you off, but nothing more then that is that a promise. He said yes. So again started his bike and made me sit, we passed the Talegoan police station I got a relief and as Dehuroad came, he took a small dirt road.
It was pretty dark, and I could see nothing around rather then defense colony, which was pretty far off. I was getting excited too at the same time, as this was completely new thing for me. We reached a big open warehouse. I was pissed of seeing the same, this bugger didn’t had any place to see me other then this broken wear house. He took the bike inside, and reached the other end. I was really zapped knowing what was going to happen next.
There was nothing other then some piles of gunny bags and many empty bottles of liquor. From some corner he brought a gas lamp and a lit it, and when he lit I knew this might this guys some kind of hide out, where they used to do unusual stuff.
He came and stood next to me and said Smita so you are ready to show me, how you look. I was just looking at him and said nothing. He told me unzip my dress. I slowly unzipped the same, I was excited and at the same time very nervous.
I knew this guy wouldn’t leave me without fucking me. I unzipped my dress. He immediately came very close to me. I didn’t say anything, but as he was bringing his hands close to my shoulders. I told him, you promised that you wont touch me.
He was rubbing my bare shoulders, and said Smita what do you think, I am going to leave you after seeing such a wonderful bitch ready to get naked with a stranger in 5 min. I am going to fuck you right here jan (this all conversion was in hindi and marathi).
I am saving you from going to the court and prison, and you cant give me such a small thing. I pleaded to him Please don’t fuck me you will ruin my life. He said how will I ruin your life, is my name going to appear in your body saying that Anil has fucked me or something like that. His saying triggered me as he told, “Anil ka lund is choot ko chudwa chukka hai”
Other then you telling someone or me spread the word or anyone going to come know what happened between you and me. His hand was fully inside my dress rubbing his bare hands on my back and with the other hand he was slowly moving it all over my face and neck. He tried to kiss me I moved my face and he started kissing me on my cheeks and neck.
He started licking me too at the same time. His body was pressed against mine, and his belt was hurting on my tummy, I just pushed a bit and said your belt is hurting me. He immediately removed his belt and placed it on the bike.
He removed my dress and I was there in my black cycle shorts and black bra. Seeing me in that way his hand immediately went on his cock to adjust I knew it might be poking inside his pants and he was on me again, and this time he turned me around and placed my hands on the bike.
He started to kiss my back, playing with my breast and telling me, I have the most gorgeous body he has ever seen and all the stuff. He pulled my hand behind and placed it on his cock, I removed it immediately, and he said what happened never caught one.
I could feel him removing my bra. He pulled it out and again started to press it hard and turned me again towards him. My tits were erect and he said I know you like it. I liked the same but still I said; please sahib lets us do some other time not here at least.
For that he said we would do at some other good place too, but right now let me get satisfied with you. I was stunned to hear the same. I was wondering what he meant to say by that. But before I could say anything he has taken my right breast in his mouth and was sucking them crazily, and at the same time he was mauling my other breast with his hand.
He was continuously sucking my breast alternatively and at the same time he has inserted his hands in side my cycle short and panties and pressing my bare ass.
His hand was going in deeper and deeper between the crack of my ass. As soon as his fingers were in my cunt, he was stunned to see me wet and I knew why he was more stunned. He immediately stopped sucking my breast and pulled of my cycle shorts along with the panties, and seeing my shaven cunt he went mad.
He brought the gas lantern closer and told I knew you are going to be my best fuck, and he was on his knees, he made sit on the bike. My one leg was grounded and the other one was on the bike footrest.
He immediately latched his mouth on my cunt and started to suck the same. He was terribly sucker, and sucked me as deep as he could made me cum by the way he sucked. As he was sucking me he had removed his shirt and placed it on the bike at the same time, as he was kneeling down I could see that he was removing his cock out.
He stood up and his pant fell down, his cock was gleaming with his pre cum. It was average cock and was thick. He held my hand and placed it on his cock and told me to suck him. I resisted and said please don’t tell me to do that, in fact from the bottom of my heart I really wanted to suck it.
He was forcing me to suck the same telling me I sucked you and made you cum, now it’s your turn. I resisted for the same. He said okay I will fuck your cunt and saying that he again made me sit on the bike, and he parted my legs, he brought his cock near my cunt, and slowly entered it.
As he was entering I started to moan like hell as it was too big and he didn’t cared and entered his cock with a jerk fully inside in me, for a few time. He held it in the same, and was talking dirty, saying he is going to love fucking me and all that stuff saying my cunt is too good, my balls are beautiful.
He pulled me closer to him as he wanted to kiss me, first I resisted. But then I allowed him and like a desperate hungry guy his tongue was all over me. And at the same time he started to fuck me slowly. After long kiss he released and with the same I was desperate for a hard fuck, he came to know the same and he started to fuck me hard.
It was difficult for him and for me too, he immediately removed his cock and turned me, and as my arms were in the bike, he started to fuck me doggy style. It didn’t last longer as he was moving his cock to and fro very hard, and I could feel his hot semen’s all over my cunt walls.
He was in the same way after he came in me at that time his walkie-talkie was on and the other cop Avinash was there on line checking where he was. To which he told he would be on his way.
At that time I could clearly hear him ask Anil kam hogya. To which he said ek dam full to, no problem. I am coming to the hospital to pick you up. At that time I clearly understood that I am going to have another round with Avinash too. I was helpless. But at the same time I like the way I got fucked in this open place with a totally complete stranger.
We again sat on the bike and I was afraid we were heading again from where we came back. I asked him why are we going back to which he said, that we are going back to pick my car, and at the same time, the person who had met with an accident had written a complaint saying that a car hit him.
I got pissed up on him, and this time I was totally rough and said to him, you fucked me to clear me up and now you are telling there is a problem. He said Smita ji we are handling the problem and trust me nothing would happen to you this is my word.
I really didn’t know what the fuck was going on. It was 2:15 am in the morning and I was riding with a cop for some fucking thing. I was not bothered about my parents because they were not there, but was sitting with the biggest problem of my life.
As we reaching the hospital he parked the bike, and the other cop was waiting at the corridor itself. He told me to wait back. At one point I thought of running away. But at the same time the car key was with one of them, and I really didn’t know what kind of foolish thing has to be done to get out.
Anil came and told that they both will come to drop me, and could like to speak to me about the same. I got a relief and I asked him for the keys, he told he would drive so that in tension you don’t have to make another accident. He opened the back door and made me sit there. He started the car and waited, I told what we are waiting for. He told that his friend too was coming as he will tell what to do next.
I was fucking crazy I was thinking what the fuck I did as I murdered someone, or doing something unusual. It was just a hit and run accident, that person his hardly hurt with a fracture and what more I have to pay for the same. His friend came with a file and he sat in front I was relaxed with the same.
In fact my lust was telling me that Avinash the other cop too will come behind me, and start fucking me. But I was happy with the same seeing they were sitting in front and again they took same turn to the daba.
They asked me whether I will like to have some tea, my throat too was dried up I said okay. I was made to sit in the car and Anil the first cop brought a glass of hot tea. They were standing outside and discussing something, which I came to understand it was obviously about me.
After few min, Anil came and took the driver seat, the other one paid the bill and opened the door and sat in the back seat with me. I knew what was going to happen next. He brought the file and was showing me that the guys statement, and he was so close to him, as he turned the pages of the file, he brushed my breasts against his arms in the pretext of showing a particular point in the same.
I knew I was going to be in a bad state and as he drew his arm around my shoulders and he pulled me closer and smiled at me. He said Anil you can remove the light. In fact the car light was switched on as he was explaining something from the file and was trying to make afraid as if I was in some kind of deep shit.
Suddenly his other hand started to rub my bare legs. I said please Sahib what are you doing. He looked at me, and said well we both are saving your neck from going to court and prison every now then.
If something happens you surely will get a bail, you know that but at the same time you have to present every 1-day in court for the case. And what will you say at that time.
He was already pressing and rubbing my thighs tightly while speaking to me. And I was really getting aroused, as his other hand was pressing my shoulder. He told I think so Anil might have told you what we want, it is not that only he wants.
He fucked you really well and now baby it’s my turn. He pushed me towards him and my arms were between his legs and I could feel another hard cock waiting to tear of my cunt. The moment my arms were on his cock I was really aroused, as I knew this fellow had a bigger one, then the first one I can easily make it out.
I knew there was nothing left other then what he wanted to do. Seeing no resistance, from me, his hand was on my zipper trying to pull it down. He then brought his other arm and started slowly touching my breasts on top of my breast.
I was moaning as he was expertly fondling my breasts, kneading them gently. Avinash then turned aside and kissed my lips gently, saying Baby you are too sexy. I held his thigh tightly and gasped as he was gently nibbling at my lips and tasting them. He held me by my neck as he was kissing me, and I too was going wild and had opened my mouth to be tongue-kissed and he gently prodded my mouth with his tongue.
As he was kissing me, his hands were now freely and roughly kneading both my breasts over my bra. My nipples stiffen and I could feel my cunt juices flowing freely as this man was kissing and fondling me. He removed of my dress and bra, and was again just in my cycle shorts.
Anil was driving very slowly was most of the time looking back and was watching through the mirror. Avinash now latched his mouth on my free nipples and started sucking them furiously he was better then Anil any time.
As he was sucking me, he unzipped his pants and took my hand and placed it on his cock. Feeling his hot big cock in my hand as he was sucking me very furiously I was moaning very loudly in the car. Feeling the size of his cock made me wet like anything.
He grabbed and want me to bend to suck his cock. I said no. He said what no, I never like anybody saying no to me, just suck it you bitch he said. Here I am giving the order. I pleaded him a lot but he didn’t listened at all.
He forcibly grabbed me by my hairs and bent me down, on his lap. In fact from inside I was really greedy for the same, but I didn’t want to show that I was so hot to suck it right away. Then as I could feel his cock near my mouth I opened my mouth and he lifted his hips shoving his cock as deep as he could in my mouth.
It was really great with his cock filled with his pre cum, and his cock as hot as if it was removed from a furnace. I could hear Anil who was driving the car, yeh you didn’t suck my cock, and now your sucking his. To that Avinash said, she has to do it. As I was sucking his cock, I could hear Anil saying check out her pussy, you will fuck her like a dog.
As I was lying on his lap sucking his cock, I could feel Avinash hand was inside my cycle shorts and panties directly in my cunt, which was dripping wet. I could also fell him moaning as I was sucking him. He had entered his hand from front as well as from back, and was finger fucking both my holes.
Then after some time, I could feel as if he was removing of his clothes, and he lifted himself a bit to remove of his pants and his undies. He too was fully nude with me. He then pulled me and again kissed me tasting his own cock from my mouth, and I really liked it. He removed of my cycle shorts and panties, and said to me, you got lot of protection for your cunt baby.
He again told his friend to put on the light, as he wanted to see my shaven cunt. As soon as he saw my cunt his hand was rubbing the same smoothly. To which his friend was telling I had told she has got a beautiful cunt. To that he hit his friend on his head and gave a bad word and said your fucker, you fucked this cunt alone and didn’t even think of me, you bastard and all that stuff.
I was really enjoying their conversion, as they were talking about me. He pushed me back placing my leg on the car top, and lifting my ass fully up. He brought his mouth closer and started to suck me. He sucked me for some time, as it was difficult for me. And were telling sucking and all that stuff later on baby let me shove in my dick in your cunt.
As I was lying on the car seat. He lifted my leg and placed it on his shoulder and his other leg was down. With his left hand he parted my cunt lips and with one hand positioned his erect, throbbing prick near my cunt and fully sank his cock deep in.
I yelled like hell. I was trying to push him and telling him to stop or do it slowly. He grabbed my breast and was still for a moment in the same way. He said to me, if you don’t get the pain, how you would get the pleasure baby.
He was moving his hips slowly and both this guys were talking all the dirty words I could hear about the same. His cock got adjusted in my cunt and I really liked his big huge dick moving in and out.
I too started raising my hips a bit, to that he said you like it right, Smita, take it more. Saying that he squeezed my both breasts was fucking me hard. He was saying all the fucking words, and hitting me hard. I had already cum 3-4 times, I didn’t knew how much time.
Then he made me sleep sideways and again started to fuck me. This time as he was ramming in his cock in my cunt, he was finger fucking my ass hole too with 2 of his fingers, which gave me immense pleasure. For me it was something different in a car, which was moving with its own speed and cool breeze flowing I was in heaven. Then suddenly he started to fuck me, hard and I knew he was going to cum, and he exploded like hell inside me.
After that I was lying in the same way for almost 5-10 min, and both this guys were talking as if they have won war, and also asking me what I liked the most and all that stuff. As we were nearing our place I started to dress and showed Anil the way to my house, which was the greatest mistake of my life.
They drew the car inside the flat near the parking and as we got down, they asked me which flat I was staying and I told them, I had no other way to get out of the same. Anil said they would take the car and get it back the other day. I was worried about the same. He told tell your dad that the car is in the garage as it broke down, I will personally get it back tomorrow by 10 am. I really didn’t knew what to say.
They left I had a shower and when I came back and saw the watch it was 4 am in the morning.
I slept like a log, and got up at 11:30 as I heard the doorbell. I was worried when I opened I was more worried as it was my maid. Because I still remember the guy telling me he will get the car by 10 in the morning. I didn’t know what to do.

Around 12 noon Anil came down, the maid opened the door for him. I was sitting on the sofa and was wearing a knee height slip and a gown on top. He greeted me, and we were just talking casually.
But his eyes were raping me like hell, and with his action, I knew he was all set to go. He asked me when my maid is leaving. I said him she leaves in the evening. He was upset with the same and made frowning face and also telling me slowly his dick his raging to fuck me right away.
I got a call at that time, from my friend. She was calling me to a birthday party at hotel Mahableshwar, which was at baner road. I told I will be there and the maid came and told that the vegetable guy has come down she will get something.
I told ok the moment she went out he got up and closed the door and came near me. Anil’s hand was immediately inside my gown I was pleading that she will come any moment. He just hushed me and in motion made me lie on the sofa and unzipped his pants lifting my gown till my stomach. I was telling him to stop but he was in no mood to stop.
He just pushed my panties aside without removing it and guided his cock. My cunt was pretty dry with the fear he pulled back and applied some spit in my cunt and on his cock and again surged his cock in my cunt. His cock slide in and in no moment he was pumping me hard. It was just hardly 15-20 strokes and that which was pretty fast and he came in me.
He immediately got up and pulled his zipper and I too stood up with all the sweat on my face. He was trying to leave and I asked him about the car. He told that it is with Avinash and he will drop the same in the evening winking at me. I pleaded him, that if dad comes to know I will be roasted alive.
He told not to worry; there was blood mark and small dent in the car and so no to make anything suspicious he had given it to his friend for a repair. I knew it was an absolute lie trying to make me more afraid about the same.
I told him that I won’t be there in the evening, as I have to leave for a friend’s party and he can drop the keys with the building security. He said okay and left immediately and I rushed to my bedroom with my cunt filled with cum was making me pretty uneasy.
The maid knocked and I opened the door and seeing me sweaty she was concerned and asked what happened. I told her nothing some office problem and nothing else. She tried to dig but I told there is nothing to worry.
I didn’t want to wait for the car, as I knew if I don’t leave before they came, they will surely fuck me.
I left around 5 pm only to avoid collision with these guys. I was wearing a black sari went to my friend’s house and from there we left in their car to hotel Mahableshwar around 7 pm. I was not in mood to enjoy as I was constantly thinking what was going to happen next with this guy. Sangeeta my friend asked me, what is the problem I didn’t told her anything, told her will let you know the same later on.
Around 9:30 pm we were almost done and packed up. I went to the ladies room and while was coming back I heard “hello Smita”. I just glanced around and I was stunned to see these two guys in civil dress having a beer at one of the table.
I was pretty much afraid seeing them there. I just tried to avoid but Avinash with eyes bulging told to come where they were sitting. I went near their table they told me to sit, I denied the same as I told that I have to leave with them.
They told not to worry they will drop me, and also I can pick my car from Avinash’s house. I was in a position where I can say no, either yes. I told Anil that he could drop the car tomorrow.
Avinash told me that they both are leaving town tomorrow for a weekend on a case and will be back only after that. So I have to pick the same today itself. I knew this is another hook up. I knew I can’t keep my car one week with them at the same time was in no mood to go with them.
I went to tell Sangeeta that I would come on my own, as I have to pick up my car from their place. As she saw them she asked me who were they, as she knew most of my friends. I told her a lie that my car had a problem and it was taken to garage and it was repaired and I have to take it today before dad comes down.
She asked me if I was in any kind of problems. I said nothing I will tell her tomorrow, when she come down to my place. I went back where they were sitting, and I hated to see my friends go, and I was stuck with these two assholes.
As I really hated what happened the other night, but between my legs I was already getting wet, thinking what is going to happen. After they finished their beer they paid bill and we left the hotel.
Anil was walking next to me and said to me, “you are looking damn beautiful in the sari Smita. You look like a model” and all that stuff. They went near the jeep and I was sitting in a police jeep for the first time in my life. I was sitting between.
Anil was sitting next to me, Avinash was driving the jeep. Both were taking all the liberty’s to press their arms on my breast my thighs as if I was their personal property.
We reached a place I knew it was at Kothrud, where they took me. It was apartment and I could see my car out there. Avinash told me to come up I could not deny, as I too was already wet with all they have done to me.
But still to make them thing that I am not the type of gal they are thinking. I told them I have to leave. Avinash insisted there won’t be any problem, and he put his arms around me and literally forced me to climb the steps.
Once we entered room, they were chatting about all the stuff while I kept quite. They gave me a whiskey to drink, I could not deny as they knew I use to drink so I have to take the same. They have made it strong, which I didn’t know and the moment I gulped it my chest was on fire.
Avinash who was sitting to me showing sympathy towards me said, “Kay huwa terko kay lagta daru katam karke tujhe jane dunga, main tujhe aise hi jane dunga”. I was coughing because of the whiskey and he started rubbing my breast in front of Anil.
They both were getting more and more impatient to fuck me. Now Anil had shifted more towards me and had put his one hand on my thighs very slightly and caressed my thighs. I did not show any visible sign of protest and had closed my eyes and rested my head on the back of sofa.
Avinash slowly but steadily slided my sari pallu down from the shoulders. Anil was very impatient one he started pressing my breast.
He said “ahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa kya mame hai teri Smita, hi aaj daba-daba ke inka bhurta bana doonga haiiiiiiiiiiiii maza aa gaya”.
Anil was pressing my breast and his other hand was busy exploring my thighs.
Avinash had inserted his hand in my blouse and trying to tweak my nipples from above my bra. I was pleading them to leave, in spite of that I was enjoying the same.
But seeing them paying no heed to my pleas I knew I have to sit and enjoy the same and four hans all over my body made me moan in pleasure, “ahhahahahhhhhhhaa plz………… “.
Anil sealed my lips with his and started smooching me. He kept on kissing me for a long time. After sucking my lips for around 3-4 5 minutes he released me, Avinash grabbed my head and turned it towards him and started sucking my lips.
I noted that both were sporting high-rise erections in their pants. They made me stand and both of them took the pleasure of removing my sari, I was just in my petticoat and blouse. Two buttons of my blouse were undone and a part of my bra was visible.
Anil also got up and he took off his pant and underwear and came behind me and clung me from behind rubbing his erect cock on my buttocks and cupped my breasts. Anil was rubbing his hard cock on my ass-cheeks kissing me from behind.
Avinash too was waiting, I think so Anil might have signaled him something and Avinahs got the cue and immediately pulled the string of my petticoat and as I bent to catch my falling petticoat, he pulled down my panties as well. I was standing fully nude and both lechers were having their fill.
I know there is nothing to protest. Avinash also took his trousers down along with his underwear. I could see 8.5 to 9″ and at least 3″ inches thick shining ready to ram in wet cunt.
His cock was fully erect and Avinash shook it dangerously in front of me and said “Kay dekh rahi hai kal rat ka hi hai”
“Naya kuch nahi janat ke saher karogi meri chuti, dekh Anil teri randi ki choot to mera lund dekhe hi gili ho gayi”
I too was excited seeing such a lovely cock and the sluty language and no doubt I was wet Anil who was sucking my boobs suddenly lifted his head and said ” tujhe rat bar kaise masti se choodwayegi dekh liye. Teri itna tight choot aj talak hom do haram koro ko nahi mila”
Avinash took my hands to his throbbing cock and said “Smitaji mere lund ko chhoo kar dekho, kaise yeh bechara tadap raha hai tumhari choot ke liye, jara ise pyar se sahlao tau ise tassali mile ki ise jaldi hi tumhari choot bhi milnewali hai haiiiii plz” saying so he placed my hands on his cock.
There was nothing to protest for such an invitation I started caressing his cock. After a few minutes of foreplay, they decided to take me to inside the bedroom where the final match was to be played.
My eyes were getting heavier due to the whiskey intoxication. Avinash pushed his one finger in my pussy and said “abh dekh iski choot mein kaise bahad ayi hai “.
I was lying on the bed with my legs spread high in the air and Anil had pushed his cock inside my cunt and Avinash was standing near my face from side and he made me suck of his cock.
But his dick-head was so big that I was finding it difficult to accommodate it fully. Anil had now inserted his cock fully in my pussy. He was pushing his cock slowly but in a nice slow motion in and out.
I was also gyrating my hips in the same motion and the entire length of Anil’s cock had disappeared inside my cunt. Avinash had also pushed his cock with in my mouth and I was being fucked in two of my holes simultaneously.
Both were moving their cocks in slow speed. I started playing with Avinash’s balls and Anil was mauling my firm breast, and Avinash despite fucking me orally, started pressing my other breast with one hand and with other hand took hold of my ass-cheek.
To facilitate Avinash’s entry, I had raised my hips a little bit. Taking advantage of this Avinash pushed his one finger in my ass-hole from below. Anil increased his speed.
I was also reciprocating him in the same manner. After a few thrusts Anil said “Smitaji rani ,chal abh meri randi banh tujhe kute ke tarah chodta huw aur mujhe kutke ke tarah teri chudai karta huw “
I had to get up from the bed and pose like a bitch I got on all fours, and I was thinking Anil will take me from behind but instead he lied beneath me and started sucking my nipples pushed his hard cock in my cunt.
Avinash withdrew his cock from my mouth and went behind me and stood facing my ass. He was looking at my moving ass {due to the jerk that I was receiving from his friend}
I could feel him steadily pushing his index finger in my ass {I also could feel as he was properly wetting it with his saliva}. I immediately turned back to see what he was doing and told him “Please not there” Avinash said “Ssshhh”.
I knew his monster cock was going to tear me apart. Anil made me turn towards him holding my head and he took my lips in his mouth and started sucking them. Anil was now fucking me with more speed and I was also moving her body in a to-and-fro motion.
I could feel Avinash was now pushing his two fingers in my ass-hole. I now started moaning in low tones. “Oh myyyyyyyyyy god plzzzzzzzzzz fuck me aur zor se aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaa plz thoda aurrrrrrrrrr ahnnnnnnnnnaaaannnn” seeing I had reached a point of no-return with the double pleasure I was getting. I could sense Avinash was applying some cream in my ass hole as well as to his cock for some time he withdrew his fingers and in one swift jerk pushed his cock in my raised ass-hole and gripped my waist with force.
As soon as he pushed his 8.5″ cock in my ass, I shouted loudly and tried to disengage myself from them, I could not succeed in my attempt.
I yelled loudly “just spare my ass damit, haaaaaaiiiiiiiii main, plss itsss paininngg haaaaaaaaaaa ohhhhhhhh, haaaaaaaa plzzzzzzzz”. Anil immediately took my lips in his mouth so that I do not shout anymore, my eyes were closed and I was trying to wriggle out of their grip but Avinash had held me firmly and kept on pushing his cock inside my ass.
Avinash spanked on my butt telling me “Abhe harami ungli dal tabhi maza a raha ta, dar mat meri rani gand marne mein jo maza hain tujhe jaldi pata lagega”.
I said {amid my moans}”aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh bbbbbbbbbut its hurtinggg dukh raha hai pleasssss”.
Avinash said “rukh na meri jan abh dukh raha hai todhe der mein tu khud bolegi aur chodne ke liye aur woh bhi teri gand “.
I could feel he was totally in me, as I could feel his balls dangling on my cunt wall. He was pumping his cock in and out of my ass very speedily. Anil was busy pushing his cock in my pussy and Avinash was pushing his cock in my ass.
After a few minutes of continuous fucking, Anil was reaching his climax, he started moaning “oooooohhhhhhhh, meri jan, haaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiii le mai tau gaya mera paani chhoooooooot raha haiiiiiiiii ahaaaaaaaaaahhaaaaaaaale aur phatke hannahahannaana” and he started giving violent jerks.
Anil could not hold anymore and shot his cum in my cunt. I could feel his cum oozing out in my cunt I was looking accusingly at him as if saying that you should have waited some more time.
Sensing this Avinash inserted his fingers in my dripping cunt, as he was busy screwing my ass. He also increased his speed and also was moving his fingers in and out fast. I had a powerful orgasm dripping his palm with my cum.
After a few minutes of stroking he yelled “ahhhhhhhhhh le” and started ejaculating his cum in my ass. I could feel as if my ass was bursting with pleasure.
I way lying on the bed almost knocked out I could hear them talk but don’t know what the hell they were talking.
I almost went to sleep but felt my cunt getting enlarged and someone was fucking. I literally didn’t know who was fucking me in partially unconscious with the liquor and the pleasure I just had.
I got up around 11 in the morning. I just saw Avinash out there in a towel. Anil has left as he had some urgent work. In fact I got up as he was playing with my fully shaven cunt which was getting tickled.
As soon as I got up he placed his mouth in my cunt and started to suck me wildly. Before I could say anything he got up and entered his monster dick in my cunt and started to fuck me. He fucked me for 2 hours and let me go in the afternoon.
This was one horrifying exciting incident, which I could not forget at all. This both cops enjoyed me for the next 3 months, after which they were transferred. There was some exciting moment with both of them.
They were desperate to fuck me as I never objected and never said no to them, it might be plus point or drawback to those cocks who wants to eat me every know and then.
Within those 3 months, both of them fucked nearly 30-40 times or even more.
There were many interesting incidents and they could come to the office telling me that I was witness to a crime and take me out. They could come home and if dad was there telling the same reason and take me out.
So that was one interesting part of my life.