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Me and my girlfriend Lexi took ecstasy before we went to her cousin Josh's party. We were invited over to his new house for New Years Eve. I was excited to go there because there was a new adult shop next door. & I got her drunk & high before we went because she has a little crush on him. When we got there nobody was at his house except for him.
When he answered the door, the pills had just kicked in for me and I knew that hers kicked in too because she had this look all over her face. Josh just stared at her with his jaw on the floor and all he could say was, "Damn." Then he looked at me embarrassed that he said it out loud as she looked turned on.
We sat down on the couches & she told him that we are rolling on ecstasy and gave him a couple hits. About an hour later he was getting as high as us and I asked about the new adult store next door. He was saying that it had an adult arcade and a glory hole. I looked at my girl and she looked at me as we were both thinking that we wanted to go.
I told him that we were going to go check it out right now and he said he was going to shower before meeting us there if we didn't come back when he was out. Me and Lexi walked down the dark alley for 1 minute towards the rear alley entrance. I texted Josh "Text me when you leave your house." He replied, "Ok. But why?" & I responded back by saying, "Just in case we came back or we are busy. 😉🍆💦👅." I pocketed my phone & walked in with Lexi.
We browsed around for about 20 minutes because it was a big adult store. Then I grabbed Lexi by the hand and we walked towards the back adult arcade booth. I close it behind me and put in a dollar and she sat on my lap and jerk me off as I whispered dirty things about her cousin in her ear as I was fingering her pussy. She had already came twice by the time Josh texted me saying he was walking to us.
I got up and pulled Lexi to the gloryhole in the wall, I brought her to her knees and made her look up at me. I placed my fingers in her mouth and then I told her, "Stay there & don't move. Only start sucking after you hear my voice on the other side of the booth. & lets roleplay. So say something sexy when you hear a subtle knock." She looked up at me and nodded her head yes as I walked out.
I met Josh as soon as he walked in he asked where Lexi was & I lied to him & said, "Lexi went back to his house to lay down because she wasn't feeling too good and she was too high…" He looked at me for a second and shook his head, as I continued saying, "I saw the way you are looking at your own cousin & I don't blame you, we are men. You might as well go to the booth and get your dick sucked & get that 1st nut out because you will be hearing me pound your cousin's pussy through the walls tonight."
He looked at me surprised as I walked away towards the back of the booths. A few seconds later he follows me as I am standing outside the booth. I positioned my body so he couldn't see me tap subtly on Lexi's door on the booth & I hear my girl say, "Stick your dick in, Daddy." I pull out a dollar and put it in the machine to play incest porn just for him.
I looked at Josh & playfully pushed him in and said, "Just close your eyes and imagine Lexi. I won't judge you because that is a turn on to me." His eyes lit up as he unzipped his pants & pulled it out, already 9 inches of hard BBC. I subtly tapped again as I watched Josh stick his meat into the hole unknowingly about to get his dick sucked by his own cousin.
I watched for a few minutes as he moaned & bucked his hips as his eyes rolled back. He was trying so hard to stay standing but his knees would shiver when she gagged. I spoke loudly through the store so people can hear whats going on. "Imagine Lexi on the other side of that hole sucking that dick. Close your eyes pervert. How sick do you have to be to wanna fuck your own little cousin?" He looked at me as I made my voice louder and louder. He looked so degraded and embarrassed but I know it was turning him on. He started shooting his load as I heard Lexi gag.
I walked to the other side of the gloryhole and watched as Lexi continued sucking off her big cousin as she glared into my eyes. He had already nutted and was letting her keep going & she had no problem doing that for him. As he was cuming for the 2nd time I told her to let him bust on her face & she jerked him off as I watched Josh shoot rope load after rope load giving a facial to his own slutty cousin.
After he pulled his cock out of the hole I told my girl to follow me as I walked her over to his booth. He saw me walking to the entrance of his booth. I stopped in the doorway I put my hand out an arm's length away from me on Lexi's chest to stop him from seeing her until I wanted him to. I fondled Nikki's tits as he continued slowly jerking his monster. He looked at me and said, "I don't know if the blowjob was great because it was or it was great because I was thinking about Lexi."
I laughed & said, "Its both." He looked confused as I moved out of the doorway and pushed Lexi in. Her face was still full of his cum and her mascara was all fucked up because she loves to gag on long dick. When Josh and Lexi made eye contact he was ready about to bust his 3rd night within 30 minutes.

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