Bianca, The Sluttiest Teen Upsets Her Father

A man told stories of his rebellious daughter to a therapist I am friends with. I loved the stories and decided to share them in written form, but perhaps with a bit of exaggeration. However, the basis of these stories is true. DM “justinloker111” on instagram for pictures of Bianca.

Bianca laid on her bed while checking her instagram, her mouth fresh with the taste of cum. She did just blow a freshman boy in the bathroom, and when his friend came in she just couldn’t resist. The high school junior loved the taste of cum so the more she had, the happier she was. Boys in the school dreamed about her luscious breasts and her tight ass, however, not so many dreamed about it. Bianca was considered to be a slutty girl, but with her body, you couldn’t blame her. All men desired her, even older men, which she loved. Her favorite men to pleasure were the friends of her father.

Bianca had just got done putting her hair in a bun when she got a snapchat. It was a senior boy asking for some titty pictures. Like the good slut she was, she pulled down her tank top walked to the bathroom. She stood in front of the mirror and began to jump up and down, making her jugs jiggle uncontrollably. After 30 seconds, she sent it to the senior. Just then she heard the front door open. She put her shirt on, unlocked the door and walked down the hallway. Her boobs bounced in her white tanktop, and her black bra was clear to see. She looked down the stairs while crouching in her baggy grey sweatpants. Her father stood at the door talking to three men. One was short and scrawny, this one was called “Pauly” by her father. Another was tall and fat with a goatee, he was called “Jason”. Lastly there was a man who was medium height and average weight with a long beard and tattoos. He was called “Brian.” Her dad stood inferior to them. It was clear that he was not comfortable. The only words Bianca managed to hear was “…Tonight? It’s kind of unannounced and I haven’t seen you guys for a long time but I guess it’s ok.” Bianca wandered what was going on.

They all followed her father, Connor, into the family room with the television. Bianca crept down the stairs and continued to listen to the conversation. After about 15 minutes of listening she figured out what was going on. These were men from her father’s high school, looking to spend the night. They asked about her mother, who went to the same high school, and her father told them that she had divorced him long ago. Bianca knew they must not live around here because everybody knew she left her father for a man with more money. Hell, money was the only reason she married her father anyway. She also heard one of the men make a shrewd comment about her mother’s breasts in high school. Bianca’s mother had the only comparable breasts to her at that age. Bianca’s tits looked like that of a 25 year old woman. After getting board, Bianca thought she would shake things up a bit, she walked into the room.

“Hi! I’m Bianca!” Bianca said confidently as she entered the room. All men immediately stared at her.
“Hi Bianca, are you Connor’s daughter?” Jason, the large one, asked.
“I am!” Bianca replied. She saw all the men make a sharp look at her father, who looked extremely frustrated and uncomfortable. He knew that his daughter was just like her mother, a busty slut. He had speculated on whether she had fucked his friend daniel who stayed over a few months ago, but then realized his little girl would never do that.
“Your father never mentioned that to us Bianca. So how old are you honey?” Asked Pauly, the short and skinny one.
“Well she needs to do her homewo..” Connor said as Bianca interrupted him.
“I am 17, a junior in high school.” Bianca said. All men were now clearly staring at Bianca’s big titties. Her black bra was clear to see and all the men stared. Her father noticed this and did everything he could to gain their attention. Small talk continued until Brad chimed in.
“Hey Connor, do you mind fixing us a snack? We are pretty hungry.” He said.
“Alright, I’ll be back in a minute.” Bianca’s father said as he reluctantly went to the kitchen, leaving Bianca alone with three horny men in their early 50s.

“So Bianca, you like high school?” Asked Jason.
“It’s ok.” Bianca replied.
“You know Bianca, you look just like your mother.” Brian told her.
“Haha, really? I get that a lot.” Bianca said. She quickly glanced at all of their crotches, their erections were clear. She was surprised on how massive they were. Way bigger than the two freshman she sucked after school and the senior she sucked before school today.
“Do you have a boyfriend? You have to, how beautiful you are.” Brian said.
“Haha I don’t right now. I dated a senior when I was a freshman though.” Bianca replied. Just then her dad walked in with a plate full of fruit.
“What the fuck Connor? Fruit? Order a pizza Pauly.” Brian said. Connor looked surprised yet not surprised. Well it was how these men treated him during high school. Pauly forgot to dial the number, he was to mesmerized on Bianca’s tits. He had not stopped looking at them since she walked in the room. Bianca loved the attention.
“Hey can you set up our rooms upstairs?” Jason asked Connor.
“I thought you were staying for a few hours…?” Connor replied.
“We changed our minds. Now those rooms?” Jason said.
“Bianca can do that, she hasn’t helped in a while. Bianca?” Connor said.
“I actually have to go to the bathroom.” Bianca replied as she left the room. She heard her father sigh and follow her out of the room. Although, as her father went upstairs to the two guest bedrooms, she went out the front door. It was mid January and very cold out. Bianca immediately took off her shirt and bra, letting her tits free. She put her hands over her head and shimmied her breasts for about 30 seconds. Her nipples turned rock hard. While turning back in she spotted a boy around the age of middle school peering through his window with a camera. She laughed and turned back towards him. She began jumping up and down, making her knockers bounce like mutherfuckers. After a minute she put her tanktop on, leaving her bra on the ground. She wandered when she would suck that boy’s dick, perhaps 2 years from now when he enters high school and she is back from college. She bet he would like that.

She entered the room again to find that her dad was still not there. Her nipples burst through her white tank top. The men gaped at them as she stood there.
“Come take a seat Bianca!” Said Brian. Jason was in a chair and Brian and Pauly were on either sides of a couch, leaving the middle for Bianca. Bianca walked over, kind of jumping with each step, making her boobs jiggle. The men loved that.
“So Bianca, no boyfriend? You’re surely not a virgin?” Asked Brian as he moved closer to her.
“Haha, of course not. I lost my virginity when I was 12.” Bianca replied.
“Just like your mother.” Said Pauly.
“What did your dad think of that?” Asked Jason, as he started to snicker.
“Haha he didn’t like it. But I do whatever I want to do. I can always say he abused me.” Bianca replied.
“Haha, smart girl. You have some great breasts, with some perky nipples.” Brian said as he deliberately stared at them.
“Thank you! Ever since I got the nicknames ‘Big Boobed Bianca’, ‘Bianca Big Boobs’, Busty Bianca’, ‘Cum Face Bianca’, and ‘Bianca Big Tits’ I knew boys liked my breasts.” Bianca replied. The men all laughed.
“You’re mother had nicknames like that.” Brian said. Brian and Pauly each grabbed a tit and began to massage it.
“You like this don’t you Bianca.” Pauly said.
“Aaaaa! I love my big tits getting groped.” Bianca replied as she raised her hands over head, giving them all of her breasts.
“You little slut. How many cocks did you suck today?” Asked Brian.
“3.” Bianca replied as her boobs continued to be felt. Pauly began to pinch the nipple, sometimes a little too hard causing Bianca to flinch with pain. Jason had already taken his cock out and began to stroke it. He got up from the chair and stood in front of Bianca, enclosing her by them.
“Look at the size of that thing!” Bianca exclaimed as she reached out to grab it. All of a sudden they heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Jason returned to his seat and put a pillow over his dick, and Pauly and Brian let go of Bianca’s tits. Connor walked into the room.
“Rooms are all ready.” Connor said. He immediately noticed his daughter’s nipples. He felt like telling her to cover up but thought it would draw it to intention to the men. He decided to stay silent, hoping the men hadn’t or wouldn’t notice it.
“Hey we called in Pizza, could you go pick it up? We are going to shower.” Brian said. Connor sighed. Bianca smiled at her father. She knew what would happen when he leaves.
“Okay, where?” Connor asked.
“Uhhh Pizza Hut. Right down the road 10 minutes.” Pauly said, realizing he forgot to call it in.
“Okay.” connor said as he left the room and headed for the front door. Immediately after he left Pauly and Brian regained a grip on Bianca’s tits. Connor began to wonder why Bianca was sitting in between Pauly and Brian like that but didn’t bother to dwell on it. As he walked out the door, he found a big black bra on the ground. He picked it up and found white stains on it. He realized it was Bianca’s and figured it fell from her window. Thoughts did cross his mind about the white stains but he convinced himself they were spilt milk. While getting into his car he looked at the neighbor’s house across the street. In second floor window he saw a bunch of young boys gathered around a computer. Probably watching a cartoon, he thought to himself. However one kid turned around and began laughing. All the boys then turned around, and one brought the computer to the window. A video was playing. It showed a girl with baggy grey sweatpants, her hair in a bun and no shirt on outside of his house. She jumped up and down and her massive boobs bounced rapidly. He didn’t believe his eyes. This couldn’t be my Bianca, he thought to himself. He convinced himself it wasn’t as the boys laughed hysterically. He got in his car and drove to pizza hut.

“Take off that tank top Bianca!” Jason said as he took out his big cock again. Bianca laughed and did what she was told. She stood up, releasing her of Pauly and Brian’s grasp, and began to take off her white tank top. Brian decided she was taking too long, he stood up behind her and ripped her tank top in half, turning on Bianca. Her breasts burst free and were grabbed by Brian’s two hands. He juggled and squeezed them while biting her ear. Pauly and Jason walked over to her, cocks out and pants off. Their pubic hair was messy and their balls were as big as their dicks. Jason made his way to one of the titties and began to suck on the nipples. He slobbered on it getting his saliva everywhere. Bianca loved it. Brian had taken the other nipples while Pauly masturbated.
“Better than your whore mother Bianca, and her tits were amazing.” Brian exclaimed. Bianca’s only response was moaning. She loved getting her nipples sucked, which is why she had them sucked on at twice a week, mostly 3-4 times per week. She had a sign up called “30 minute suck me’s” on her computer. She emailed the male student body of who wanted to suck her boobies for 30 minutes about a week ago, and every boy replied with a yes. The fastest to respond earned the earliest sucking sessions. She was booked for the whole year, every single day and that was aside from her normal fuckings. She was that big of a slut. About 5 minutes later, Bianca was on her knees and all the men’s cocks were out. She sucked all of them hard while licking the balls as well. She loved the hairy sets of balls, which all of them were. Brian seemed to be the head of the group, forcing her to suck him the most. The men repeatedly laughed about what her father would say if he saw this. They mentioned it would be “just like the last time” but Bianca didn’t know what that meant. She was focused on pleasuring these men. She kept on blowing the 3 cocks surrounding her, saliva dripping out of her mouth onto the carpet. She attempted to fit 2 of them into her mouth but they were two big for that, she had once fit 4 sophomore cocks into her mouth as a freshman. Her failure drove her to suck harder. Each man was overwhelmed by her experience and talent for sucking dick. It was what she was born to do. It was her passion. Soon enough the men ejacualted, all on her face. The dump of jizz dripped onto her tits.
“Good slut.” Brian said as Bianca stood up.
“That was so much fun!” Bianca told them.
“Thank us later Bianca, now go get cleaned up before your father gets home.” Jason said. Pauly squeezed her breasts as she left to go upstairs, topless and covered with cum. The men put on their clothes. Brian looked at his watch, it was 7:45, Connor left at 7:15, he should be home around 8:20 since the men didn’t call the pizzas in. They turned on the television to pass the time.

Bianca took a shower and cleaned the cum off her face. She put on the same sweatpants, a white bra and a white sweatshirt. She was staying in for the night, as it was a Tuesday. She went on her computer to check her schoolwork when sher remembered her “30 min suck me” list. She had an appointment tonight! She looked at the username which had a graduation year next to it. The year was that for a seventh grader. She realized at that moment that she had sent an email to the high school males and the middle school males. Although it would bother some girls, it didn’t bother Bianca, she pleasured all men and boys. She was supposed to be there at 8 and she looked at the address to see if she could make it as it was 7:55. After staring at it for a second, she realized the address was across the street. It was the kid she flashed! She snuck out of her window and headed over to his house. Bianca crossed the street with her hood up so nobody would see her. All the lights were out in the house. She went to the back door, as instructed in the email and knocked twice quietly. The same boy answered the door, he was a relatively unattractive 13 year old, tall, freckles, curly long hair and crooked teeth.
“Hey there honey. Im Kyle.” Said the boy.
“Hey there, where should we go?” asked Bianca.
“My room, follow me.” Kyle said. Bianca followed him through the house to his room. His parents seemed to be away but he heard a sibling in their room with the television on. She entered his room after him. Without talking, Kyle motioned for Bianca to get on her knees with her back in front of the window facing her house.
“Take it off honey.” Bianca told the ecstatic boy. He wasted no time and slipped the sweatshirt off Bianca. Her breasts burst through her white bra, the boy was overwhelmed. He dug his face in her tits, biting an flicking her everywhere. Bianca laughed and grabbed the back of his head, pushing him deeper into her tits. He managed to unhook her bra after a few tries, releasing her jugs. Bianca lifted her arms over her head as she always did and let the boy do what he wanted. He sucked, squeezed, bit, licked and pinched her breasts. Every minute or so the boy would lift his head from her knockers and bounce them in front of his dresser. Bianca picked up on this and looked over. She saw a tiny camera hidden between two picture frames. The red light blinking. She laughed and waved to it while the boy was chewing on a nipple. She didn’t care at all, she would be fucking him in two years time. About 20 minutes in, the boy lifted his head to jiggle her tits for the camera again when he saw a car pull into Bianca’s driveway. Kyle noticed this and looked behind Bianca while massaging her massive titties. Her father walked out of the car with two pizzas in his hand. He dared to look up at the window where the teenagers laughed at him to give them a piece of his mind. He did not see them however, he saw something entirely different. He saw a nude woman’s back to him with her hair down. A boy, the same one who showed him the graphic video, peered over her shoulder and started laughing again. Both of his hands reached behind the woman and gave him the finger. Connor was angered by this but was too much of a pussy to do anything, he didn’t want to keep his guests waiting. Connor knew this couldn’t be Bianca because she had her hair in a bun. But he did wonder what slut was letting that boy suck on her titties. Connor turned around and walked towards his house.
“Your dad! Hahahaha.” Kyled said to Bianca. Bianca turned around to look, she saw her dad opening the door.
“He is such a little pussy. Come suck my titties in front of the window so he sees what I truly am, a slut. And how about 45 minutes tonight?” Bianca asked.
“Fuck yeah you slut.” Kyle said as he buried his head into her breasts. When the 45 minutes were up Bianca put on her sweatshirt. She let Kyle keep the bra as he wanted to show kids at school, although the video would make kids jealous enough. Bianca crept out of the house and snuck back into her bedroom through the window.

Connor entered through door with the pizzas.
“Did you guys call it in? There wasn’t an order so I just got two cheese.” Connor said.
“C’mon you dumbass! Pauly called it in. Whatever, bring ‘em here.” Brian said. Pauly smirked at Connor while rubbing his cock, insinuating something Connor couldn’t comprehend. The men ate in the kitchen while Connor went to grab a phone charger from the living room. He saw a piece of white clothing on the ground and picked it up. Is this Bianca’s tank top? How did it get here? She must have had another one and dropped it out of a school bag, Connor thought to himself. Although, other more angering thoughts of how it got there crossed his mind, and the fact that it was ripped made him even more suspicious. However, he didn’t think about it too much and went back to the kitchen to eat, only to find that his guests wouldn’t allow him to have a single piece of pizza that he paid for.

Connor watched the men eat for a while, spilling food all over his kitchen, before going up to check on Bianca. He opened her door to find her studying on her computer. She wore grey sweatpants and a blue shirt.
“Hey Bianca. Lot of homework?” He asked his daughter.
“Yeah, I’ve been doing it since you were gone.” Bianca lied.
“Good girl.” Connor then noticed that her hair wasn’t in a bun anymore. “I thought your hair was in a bun?”
“I took a shower. Can you get out I need to finish a paper.” Bianca said as she turned back to her computer.
Connor shut the door and walked down the hall. Was that Bianca in the window? No, surely no. C’mon Connor. You think your daughter would do that. Get a hold of yourself, Connor said to himself.

He ran into his guests.
“Hey where is the shower big buy?” Pauly asked.
“I thought you guys you did that while I was gone.” Connor said.
“We were busy talking to your daughter. Now where is the fucking shower?” Brian demanded.
“Down the hall and to the left. Right next to Bianca’s room. I’ll be in my room if you need anything.” Connor replied as he walked past them to his room. The three men opened Bianca’s door and she was “studying.” She looked to the door with a frustrated face, but then smiled when she realized who was there.
“I thought you were my bitch father! Haha.” Bianca said while laughing. She got up and glided towards them. She grabbed Pauly and Jason’s cocks.
“We are going to fuck you, one after another. The gangbang will happen tomorrow. Get in the bathroom with me Bianca.” Brian said. Bianca laughed and followed Brian into the bathroom. They both got undressed and got into the shower. Brian was very impressed with Bianca’s tight ass as well. He couldn’t wait to pound her fresh pussy. “Is this pussy fresh?”
“Hasn’t got pounded for 24 hours Brian, give it to me!” Bianca said. Brian wasted no time. Bianca faced towards the wall, putting each hand on it. She arched her back to Brian, giving him the royal treatment. “Fuck me daddy.”
“You fucking whore. Keep calling me daddy while I fuck you, just like your mom.” Brian said as the water poured down on them. He shoved his cock in her warm wet teen pussy, not giving Bianca a chance to think about his statement about her mother. Her tits began to jiggle as they always did when she got fucked. Men loved it. The clapping of her getting fucked and her tits bouncing made a loud noise, and with her yelling it was even louder.
“Fuck me! Harder you fucking fucker! Daddy! Harder daddy! Give it all to me!” Bianca screamed while Brian gripped her titties. “Fuck my pussy daddy!” The shower covered up most of the noise but you could still hear Bianca faintly yelling. Pauly and Jason had let themselves snoop around Bianca’s room. Condoms and dildos were found in most drawers. Finally they found the thong and bra drawer. They laughed and searched through all of the huge bras, shoving some in their pockets. Some weren’t even washed, with cum stains still on them, just like the black one Connor found outside. Bianca’s yellings got louder and louder. “I want your cum! All of it! Daddy! Fuck me!”
“Brian is giving it to the bitch. She sounds just like her whore mother.” Pauly said to Jason. They both started laughing. All of a sudden they heard footsteps coming from the hallway. They closed the drawers and put the bras back.
“Everything alright in there? Brian?” Connor asked as he knocked on the door.
“Harder! Oh Fuck! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” Bianca yelled through the door. Connor couldn’t believe his ears. Pauly knew he had to step in.
“Connor, Bianca called you from the kitchen.” He said. Connor turned around.
“What are you doing in her room?” Connor replied.
“Nothing, just waiting for the shower. She is making dinner.” Pauly replied.
“Oh ok. No problem. She probably can’t work the stove again, I guess I’ll have to let her work it out on her own this time. She needs to learn, right?” Connor said.
“Hell yeah Connor.” Pauly replied.
“Daddy!” Bianca yelled again. Connor turned and walked down the hallway.
“Bianca figure it out! I have emails to check! If you really need me come get me, I have emails to check!” Connor said as he went into his room and shut the door.
“Hahaha, dumbass.” Jason said.

Brian fucked Bianca mercilessly, the best pounding she has had in months. Finally Brian jizzed, he told Bianca to get on her knees and squish her tits together. He unloaded on them, covering them with cum. The water soon washed the cum away. He smacked his cock on his face a couple times getting every drip of cum out before leaving and letting Jason get a turn. Jason undressed, got into the shower, and gave Bianca another good pussy pounding. Pauly took the last turn, entering completely naked. Pauly was the quickest as her bouncing tits turned him on to a whole other level. It reminded him of her mother. Bianca yelled throughout the fuckings, calling each one of them daddy. The ultimate sign of disrespect to the man who feeds, shelters and provides for her. She didn’t care. Pauly walked down the hall to the guest bedroom where Jason and Brian were, directly across the hall from Connor’s room. He entered and shut the door. A few seconds later Bianca ran into her room, clothes in hand. The night of fucking was over, but would continue in the morning.

It was a wednesday and Connor was cooking pancakes as he did every wednesday. Bianca came down stairs and claimed she wasn’t feeling well. Her father allowed her to stay home, as he always did. Bianca went back to bed. Connor went to check on his guests. Pauly and Jason slept on the two guest beds while Brian slept on his bed. Brian came in around 11 demanding that he get the bed and Connor be on the couch. Connor gave in and took the couch. It was uncomfortable but he managed it. He couldn’t argue all night as he had work the next day. Connor made extra food for his guests and left for work, he was very happy because today he would get out early.

Bianca and her playmates woke up around noon. A quick morning blow job satisified the men and Bianca loved nothing more than a cock reeking of piss and sweat in the morning. The men devoured the pancakes that Connor left, trashing the kitchen more than the last time. After watching television for awhile, they decided to fuck Bianca. Gangbang style. Brian demanded that they do it in Connor’s bed and the others agreed. They all walked into the bedroom. Bianca had been nude the whole time.
“You ready to get fucked on your dads bed?” Brian asked as he grabbed a tit.
“Fuck yeah, I’ve only got fucked by two guys, not three.” She said as she grabbed his growing erection. She crawled on the bed on all fours. Brian had first turn at her pussy and took it doggy style. Jason positioned himself for a gagging facefucking, his belly fat hanging over her head and his pubic hair nearly hitting her in the face. They began to fuck her hard. Brian going as hard as the last time while Jason unleashed hell on her face. She gagged while moaning, getting the word “daddy” out multiple times. After a while all of them switched positions. Once each had had a turn, Bianca got on top of Pauly and he put his dick back in her pussy. Next, Jason positioned himself for another face fucking while Brian got ready to hit it from behind. All her holes would be filled. Brian couldn’t wait to fuck her in the ass.
“Fuck me!” Bianca demanded, and the men listened. Each exerting last bursts of energy to give the slut her dirty desires. She managed to yell with Jason’s cock in her mouth, as it was the smallest of the three. “Daddy! Fuck me in the ass! Fuck me! Teach my bitch dad a lesson!”

Connor pulled into the driveway. His mood turned from great in the morning to horrible. His co-workers had found Bianca’s instagram and wouldn’t stop telling Connor about it. He didn’t know Bianca had such explicit pictures with such ridiculous cleavage. She can’t help it, she is a large chested girl, Connor thought to himself. But the comments. The comments were the most graphic things he had ever read. Males ranging from 13 year olds to 60 year olds talking about her breasts. Some even claiming to have nudes pictures. One boy even claimed that he “tittyfucked her in the bathroom during school.” Connor figured they were all lies and just boys being boys. He opened the door to his house. Immediately he heard the words “daddy” being yelled from upstairs. He dropped his briefcase and sprinted up to the noise.

He opened the door to his bedroom and stood in shock. There his little girl was, Bianca, being fucked by his guests. She moaned and called them daddy.
“Harder! Fuck me! Daddy! Oh daddy! Dad..” Bianca yelled before she realized her dad was in the doorway. The men began to laugh.
“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?” Connor yelled. He took a step towards them only to take a step back from the look of Brian.
“You’re daughter is a whore, just like your whore wife. Now, you are going to watch us fuck her just like you watched us fuck your wife before your wedding.” Brian said.
“I never should have let you stay here or come to my wedding!” Connor replied.
“You’re right. We came here for your wife but when we saw your daughter we knew we had to stay. So stand there and watch you little bitch. Watch your daughter call me daddy, right Bianca?” Brian told Connor. Bianca realized what a bitch her father was, to let a group of men fuck your wife before your wedding, in her wedding gown! She was disgusted.
“Fuck me daddy!” She said as she looked her dad in the eye. The men started laughing and fucking. Bianca yelled louder than ever while her father watched her. He had no control. The men went on for another 10 minutes before finishing where they fucked. Pauly came in her pussy, Jason in her mouth and Brian in her asshole. Connor had a blank look on her face. He didn’t know what to do. He realized that his daughter was a slut.

The men left after the fucking and Bianca returned to her room. Bianca claimed she was forced to do it but they both knew she wasn’t. He still loved her though, at least he thought he did. Bianca spent the rest of the day in her room on her computer while Connor cried himself to sleep. At around 8 at night Connor checked his email. Multipe images of Bianca from his co-workers with descriptions of what they would like to do to her littered his email. He did have a message from a unknown email address with a video sent to him, he clicked on the video. The video popped up full screen and he couldn’t believe what he saw. It was Bianca, she was shirtless and a boy was sucking her titties. The boy lifted his head and snickered at the camera as he bounced her boobs up and down. Bianca laughed and waved at the camera while the boy went back to sucking. Connor was furious. He would let men his own age take advantage of him but not a 13 year old boy. He stormed out of his house towards the boys home. He glanced at the window and saw his worst nightmare. A woman’s back faced towards him and he could make out a boy kissing her bare chest. A set of eyes peered over her shoulder, it was the boy again. He began to laugh. The naked woman turned around, it was his daughter, Bianca. Connor’s new confidence was shattered. The boy sucked on Bianca’s titties some more from the side view, so Connor could see it. He stood there and watched. He was frozen in shock and embarrassment. Bianca laughed and smiled at Connor. She pushed the boy’s head away from her breasts and got him off his knees, while she remained on them. She dropped the boys pants, releasing his dick. She began to suck it, the boy looked out the window at Connor, laughing hysterically. Bianca took a break from the cock for a moment and waved to her dad, he stayed motionless. It didn’t take long for the boy to cum, and he came all over her face. Bianca laughed and the boy did as well. Before Connor knew it, Bianca was walking back to their house. Smiling with a face covered with cum, she walked by her dad and into the house. He still hadn’t moved. After the boy continued to taunt him for another few minutes, he turned back into the house. Connor went back to his room and on his computer. He got a new email and opened it, it was a video sucking the boys dick on a porn website, with her full name in the title. He scrolled down to related videos, there were several videos of Bianca. He realized his daughter was a slut.