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"Everything smells great dear! I can't tell you how much I needed a meal like this after today!" Mr. Harlen spoke brightly as he sat down to the family dinner table, his spirits noticeably high.
"Thanks hun, but make sure to thank your eldest daughter too. She's been so helpful around the house these last couple weeks!" His wife, Mrs. Harlen responded pleasantly, beaming quite proudly at the daughter in question who sat across from them both.
"No need to tell me, I'm thankful every day to have her back home. At least for as long as we'll get her." Mr. Harlen replied, his expression and tone still light and joking, but his family could still pick up the extremely subtle sadness that just tinged the edges.
"Come on Dad, it's not that bad. I'm moving to California, not China." His eldest daughter spoke, trying her best just to cheer the old man up.
"I know I know, it's just gonna be hard to have my little girl more than a day's drive away is all." Mr. Harlen acquiesced, knowing above all else he needed to put a brave face on for his family.
"Just another reason to have as many family meals as we can until then." Mrs. Harlen added, again just hoping to keep the mood light, but her daughters could still feel the sting of looming sadness at the edge of her voice.
As the parents put on their bravest smiles and actually set themselves to the food, the table grew mostly quiet save for the clatter of silverware on plates. However, while their mom and dad seemed to quickly settle themselves in to the standard family dinner, their two daughters did not seem quite as hungry, and just looked at one another from across the table, one much more intently than the other.
Haley was the eldest daughter in question, a dazzlingly pretty 24-year-old girl who was just getting ready for the biggest change in her life. Having graduated from college three years ago, she'd spent those recent years in a city only about two hours from their hometown in central Pennsylvania. Her parents never knew exactly what her career entailed, they just knew she seemed to be making enough money to live comfortably on her own, and they were happy enough knowing that they at least had the option of taking a short daytrip if they wanted to visit her.
However, that bright spot dampened slightly once Haley made her announcement at the beginning of the summer. She'd told her family she was taking on a new job arrangement, and would be moving out to California at the end of the summer. Naturally her family had taken the news with more than a little apprehension, so to lessen the impact, Haley had thought it would be a good idea to leave her apartment and move in with her family again for the duration of the summer before she moved. Of course, her parents were elated to have her back home again, as temporary as it were. But if Haley was being perfectly honest, she was much more interested in spending her time with her little sister.
Kayley had just turned 18 over the winter and had graduated high school only a couple weeks ago, just days after her sister had arrived. Since Haley was 6 years older, she'd spent much of her time looking out for and taking care of her younger sister, and while that meant Kayley always looked to her as something of an authority, they'd also grown up quite close together. You'd think that would've meant a lot of Haley's personality might've trickled into Kayley, but the truth was they had drastically different personalities. Hayley had always struck her sister as so confident and certain of what she wanted to do; this mission to move to the other side of the continent was evidence of such. On the other hand, Kayley was an extremely timid and apprehensive girl. She'd not even decided if she'd even wanted to attend college at all, and had opted to simply take a year after graduation to consider that idea.
Differences aside, the sisters were close, and Hayley was very clearly thrilled to be back home around her younger sibling. And if Kayley had learned of her stayover plans even a few months ago, she'd probably be much more excited to have her big sister back too. As things stood at the present however, Kayley was significantly more… anxious around her sister.
Only a few weeks ago, right before Haley had announced her plans to move and stay with them, Kayley had discovered a massive secret about her big sister, one their parents clearly had absolutely no clue about, one that changed the entire way Kayley looked at her older sibling, and one that left the girl feeling even more confused and uncertain than she'd ever felt in her life. The worst part was she no longer had any idea how to act around her sister… or for that matter, how her sister was really acting towards her.
Even now, as their parents busied themselves with their plates, Kayley and Hayley just stared at each other. Kayley knew she shouldn't have felt as nervous as she did, but Hayley was just looking at her so intently, with this strangely coy smile. Kayley practically felt like she was melting under her sister's gaze. Before now she would've been comforted by that smile, but now her whole perception had been flipped upside down. Kayley couldn't help panicking, wondering if her sister knew that she knew her secret! But Hayley just kept smiling at her, all throughout dinner. It took all Kayley had to not collapse on the table and start sobbing in stress.
It was much later in the evening, and Kayley sat alone in her room, comfortable in her bed with her laptop perched on her thighs. The younger sibling was glued to her screen, once again looking at the very thing that was causing her so much tension, and yet despite it being the source of such immense worry, Kayley just found her herself absorbed in it again and again and again.
On the screen before her was a video of two women, intertwined in a deliciously explicit affair, one of whom was unmistakably the girl's sister, Hayley. Kayley had discovered this by sheer chance a short time ago, all beginning with a single nude photo the girl had stumbled across of her older sister. From that one image Kayley was utterly dumbfounded to discover a rabbit hole of her sister's online presence. It wasn't difficult to find large album's worth of her sister's photo shoots after that, all extremely erotic in nature. The sheer surprise of her discovery was so much for Kayley that the poor girl was practically neck deep into her sister's privacy before it occurred to her that she'd basically just spent hours ogling her naked sister! And that's when she discovered just how much further it went.
Only after finding a particularly disturbing comment thread on her sister's pics did Kayley find the link that showed just how depraved her sister had become. One single video of her sister in bed with another girl led Kayley to discover a mountain of pornography starring Hayley, all of it featuring the sultry sibling making ravenous love to other girls, one, two, and even a half-dozen at a time.
Kayley could not even begin to put into words how dazed this revelation had made her. She had thought she'd always known everything about her older sister, and while she was definitely far more outgoing of a girl than Kayley herself was, never in her wildest dreams could she envision Hayley actually throwing herself into the life of a porn actress (though to be fair, even Kayley's wildest dreams had never really been all that wild to begin with).
And that spoke nothing of the fact that every single video she found of Hayley was only of her having sex with girls. Admittedly, Kayley couldn't recall her sister ever actually having a boyfriend, but they had definitely talked about the cute boys in their respective schools before. Kayley at least thought she knew her sister well enough to know if she was a lesbian or not!
All these discoveries hit the timid, indecisive Kayley like a freight train. Hayley had always been the closest person in her life, and yet after discovering everything she'd done online, Kayley felt like she didn't know her sister at all! That'd been over a month ago, and the younger girl hadn't been able to even think about her sister the same way, let alone look at her like she used to.
It also went without saying that her parents were completely oblivious to their eldest daughter's secret life, at least Kayley figured they had to be given how they'd been acting 100% normally since Hayley had come to stay. That broached the big question of whether the younger girl should tell her parents, whether it was her right to do so. For that matter, Kayley didn't even know how to approach Hayley herself about the topic, or even if she should say anything at all.
Hayley had only just come home, and Kayley knew well that once this summer was over it could be a very long time until the sisters saw each other again. As conflicted as her feelings were, the little sister knew more than anything she would HATE herself if she were to ruin their relationship over this. The other issue was that the longer Kayley kept this to herself the more paranoid and anxious she was becoming, and it was showing. The girl was beginning to strongly suspect that her big sister was on to her.
And all of that aside, there was one other major problem, likely the biggest problem of all. Kayley just couldn't seem to stop watching her big sister's porn vids! Whatever shock and disbelief the young female had felt, it had never included an ounce of disgust. Ever since the first night she'd seen her sister naked online, and especially after she'd first seen Hayley's tongue inside another girl's mouth, Kayley had become nearly obsessed with her videos. She couldn't even begin to count the hours she'd spent watching her sister fuck girl after girl after girl, and thank goodness Hayley had produced so much content!
The strangest thing was, Kayley had never once believed or even considered the possibility that she might be a lesbian. Although she'd never had a boyfriend, she'd always been such a timid girl, she barely got along with any guys or girls for that matter. She'd liked, or at least thought she'd liked some of the guys in her class, she'd had playful discussions with her sister and her few friends about what boys she'd had crushes on, and she was certain she'd never had any sexual attraction to girls before discovering her sister's videos.
And yet for some reason, the moment she'd discovered Hayley's numerous illicit affairs, the younger girl had become inarguably hooked, and Kayley did far more than just watch. Now, the girl wasn't totally oblivious, she'd played with herself plenty before, but from the moment she'd seen her big sister's face alight in orgasm Kayley was like an entirely different person herself. The girl ravished her own pussy with a ferocity she'd never felt before, and it'd gotten to the point where nearly every night she found herself in the dark, fingers curled deep inside her virgin slit, kept only by the company of her virtual sister and whatever pretty girls happened to be lucky enough to get between her legs. This didn't change even after her sister had come back home, and tonight was no different.
Tonight, Kayley had dialed up one of Hayley's somewhat older videos, and one of her own personal favorites. It started with her beautiful sister kneeling in a bed, batting her long eyelashes at the camera as a stunningly ebony-skinned young woman draped herself over Hayley's back, hands tickling playfully over her tits as she rubbed her narrow cheek against Hayley's smooth face.
Kayley knew this girl well, and not just because she was Hayley's most frequent partner in porn. The girl's name was Shawna, an absolutely bewitching exotic beauty. The young black woman looked to be just about Haley's own age, which Kayley knew for a fact as she'd actually met the gorgeous girl herself.
Shawna was, in fact, Hayley's roommate in college, and the two had quickly become best friends over their four years together. Hayley had brought the ebony enchantress home with her a handful of times during her college years, and she'd always been extremely friendly with the family… in fact, she'd been a bit too friendly with Kayley, to the point of making her more than a little uncomfortable. The younger girl remembered every meeting with her distinctly, as Shawna was a very touchy sort of person, both with her sister and with the girl herself.
Kayley could remember the dusky coed would always be running her fingers along her bare arms, brushing hair out of face, and wrapping her up in frequent, intimate hugs. She also had a habit of calling Kayley her "Little Doll," on account of the girl's rather small stature, and she also did so with a strange, almost hungry-looking smile. Only now did Kayley realize how she was really looking at her.
It wasn't too long after first discovering her sister's "career" that Kayley found her first video together with Shawna, but after the initial shock wore off the girl realized she wasn't exactly surprised looking back on the girl's behavior. The two had always seemed like such unbelievably close friends, you would've thought they'd been together since pre-school. It almost seemed natural the first time Kayley watched them tie themselves in a sixty-nine and lick each other's cunts through a staggering climax.
But Kayley's mind quickly ceased its' wandering and reminiscing, as now she had one of the duo's sultry sex scenes right in front of her once again. Her thoughts and worries of keeping or exposing her sister's secret evaporated like steam as her body began to smolder with lust at the sights laid out for her.
She loved Haley's videos with Shawna above all else, the two of them practically seemed to know each other's bodies better than their own as they explored every one of their most sensitive nerves. The enraptured teenager eagerly lost herself. Before finding this library she probably could've counted on two hands all the ways she thought two people could have sex. Now she'd seen Haley and Shawna alone twist themselves into so many positions of lust that they could've published their own version of the Kama Sutra, and yet still they managed to grace Kayley with new forms of passion.
Now on the screen, the back of Haley's head dug deep into a couch cushion as Shawna stood before her, holding the pale girl's hips high in the air over her own shoulders as she ravenously dug her tongue deep into the one pussy she knew and loved more than any others. And Haley's own tongue wasn't slacking as she moaned and wailed her own agonizing pleasure, as though she were singing just for her own little sister's enjoyment.
And Kayley did not let it go to waste. As she watched the two thoroughly experienced females make intense love to one another, the young voyeur was tending to her own lust as well. Longingly, she let her fingers dig into her own sopping pussy, making long, slow strokes into the burning flesh and driving herself higher and higher into the planes of ecstasy.
Kayley's breathing elevated, her chest grew hot and tight as her quim trembled around her tiny little fingers. The carnal scenes flashing before her eyes were causing devious thoughts to dance through her head, thoughts that had once seemed so dark and deep rooted, but the more she watched her big sister the more readily they came, and the more easily she embraced them.
The more she watched Hayley make love to so many glamorous women, the more the younger sister wondered just what it had to feel like. Kayley watched as Shawna pulled Hayley in to her ruby-coated lips for a deep, delving kiss, and couldn't help wondering just how pleasant it would feel to connect her sister's soft, petal-pink lips to her own. She watched the sable seductress push her beloved BFF against a wall before falling down and shoving her tongue deep into her throbbing pussy, and couldn't help wondering just how it was taste to have her own mouth wrapped around her sister's pretty little slit.
All the while as Shawna assailed her with an endless barrage of sapphic bliss, Hayley just kept crying out her unabashed lust. Her big sister's voice echoed in her brain, and Kayley couldn't help wondering just how amazing it would be to experience those sounds in person… and to know that she was the one delivering such unmitigated happiness to her big sister!
A nearly inaudible 'Squeap!' barely sounded in the room before Kaley bit the front of her shirt and pulled the cotton into her mouth, muffling the tiny yet intense sound of her passion. The inexperienced girl's toes curled into her thin, satin sheets while she frantically thrust her finger's as deep into her frail young slit as deep as she could manage.
Kayley's eyes filled with tears as she came as hard as she ever had, rolling her hips into her bed as her pussy pulsed and rattled in bliss, her orgasm echoing deep through her belly and down along her lithe, willowy limbs.
In the end the girl was left blinking, half sightless as her small chest rose and fell in enervated breaths. Her shirt fell from between her teeth, a big stain of saliva now sticking to her collarbone. Her fingers remained trapped in her pussy that still twitched and sent short but overwhelming spasms through her tiny body. Finally her sister's wanton video came to an end, turning the screen dark and forcing the poor, confused girl to stare at her own reflection, at the result of the unnatural lust that had so completely overtaken her.
With her need for orgasm satiated, Kayley sheepishly hiked her soiled panties back into place as she closed out of the multiple tabs of porn she had open. The embarrassment really started to set in as she wiped her fingers off on her already ruined shirt, and shut her laptop down and set it off to the side table.
Kaley silently thanked her Goddess that the lights were already out as she curled into a ball in the middle sticky swamp she'd created on her mattress. She might've just had the best orgasm of her life, and that realization terrified her even worse after seeing her sister face to face. Falling asleep would be no easy task tonight, as she could no longer ignore the deep-rooted feelings that had taken an unyielding hold in her heart. Kayley was afraid, because now she was certain that she had a crush on her big sister.
The next morning went pretty much as it had in the last week. Hayley woke up, bright and cheery as ever, had a pleasant breakfast with her parents, and expected her baby sister to mope and sneak nervous glances at her from across the table. However, that last part didn't happen, as Kayley actually left early to go eat breakfast with a couple friends that were about to leave town for the summer. And since both her parents would leave for work that day, that created quite a convenient opportunity for Hayley.
Once the house was totally empty, save for herself, Hayley found herself innocently meandering down the hallway when she just happened to notice her little sister's door open just a crack. With a curious look and a slightly mischievous smile, the eldest sibling decided to exert her authority as the oldest and enter her sibling's room, just to make sure she wasn't hiding anything she shouldn't be.
Hayley might've done porn for a living, but she was certainly no airhead, and she easily read the signs her sister had been practically screaming at her since she arrived back home. Now, Hayley knew better than anyone that her baby sister had always been a very apprehensive girl, but she had never acted this awkward and fearful around her specifically. It didn't take a detective to figure out that Kayley had probably discovered her line of work.

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