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"One time?" Joey laughed. "One time where you fucked seven guys!"
Tanning topless by the swimming pool, I opened my eyes and saw my stepson staring down at my naked tits. I covered them quickly. "Dammit Joey! That's rude!""
He laughed. "Hey Stepmom, what's an orgy?"
"An orgy? What a question Joey. Well… it's where a bunch of people um, love each other."
"Like this? "He pulled out an old VHS tape. "It's an orgy movie, and you're in it." He grinned. "You're loving lots of people. They called you Bang-Bang."
"WHAT!? Never call me that name!" My face burned.
"Okay Joey. Um… that was a long time ago. Please don't tell your father. I made a one-time mistake."
"One time?" He laughed. "One time where you fucked seven guys!"
"Quiet…" I swallowed hard. "What do you want Joey? Money? A new motorcycle?"
"Nope, something even better." A wicked smile crossed his face. "Steppy I want to see you strip and dance for me like you did in the movie."
"NO! And I should slap your mouth off!" Joey waved the porno. "Dammit Joey, why me, haven't you ever seen a naked girl before?"
"Nope Steppy, not one with double-d boobs and an ass that you could bounce a quarter off of. You were like a famous porn star." Somehow I felt insulted and complimented at the same time.
We stared at each other while I considered killing my stepson.
Before I could answer, Joey jerked the towel away, and my boobs popped out. I stood there as he watched them jiggle. "I-I can't believe you did that—I'm telling your father!"
"No you won't Bang-Bang. 'Cause I'll post your porno on his company website."
"Go ahead! I don't care!"
"Yes you do! "Cause you'll lose your sugar daddy." Joey laughed, yanked me into the pool house and locked the door. "Steppy you're not leaving until I get a lap dance." He flexed his arms while his boyish eyes pleaded.
"Please Steppy… like in the movie."
"Okay jerk. Two minutes only." I danced to imaginary music, swaying mt tits and shaking my ass. Leaning over his lap, I shook my chest, watching Joey's eyes bounce with my tits.
"Wow Steppy… Now the nudie dance… please."
He yanked down my bikini bottom, exposing my shaved pussy and the cherry tattoo right above my clitty hood.
My stepson inhaled so loud it felt like the old days at the strip club. It felt good to drive a man crazy. I opened my slit a bit, moving my hips closer, wiggling my open pussy inches from his face.
Joey looked like he was going to faint. "There you go perv! Had enough?" I reached for my bikini.
"No, wait a minute Steppy… I need to touch you."
"No way jerk, groping me wasn't part of the deal!"
"IS NOW!" He looked up and down my nude body like it was a piece of candy. "Lie down on the couch. Do it Steppy, or I'll tell dad that you stripped for me and tried to seduce me."
I flipped him off.
"Who's Dad gonna believe? Me or his bimbo-stripper-porno-wife?"
The bastard was right. I was that bimbo. In fact that's where I met Hugo, in a topless bar. The Boom-Boom Club. And I was their top titty dancer, Bang-Bang at the Boom-Boom.
But that was back when Hugo was a rich CEO, with a rock-hard boner. He's still a rich CEO, but I miss that wonderful boner.
Reluctantly I lay naked on the couch, again feeling like a whore stepmom. Joey squeezed my silicone breasts slowly and played with my nipples, flicking them with his tongue until they stuck up like pink bullets.
No one had fondled my boobs in years…
His naughty hand slid down, rubbing my shaved mound. I couldn't believe I was letting him do this. Soon his finger touched along my slit, and my pussy grew moist. I shut my eyes when he found my hole and pushed his finger in.
I tried not to groan, but he worked in one finger and then two, in and out… Oh gosh, I couldn't help but groan.
Joey whispered, "You like this, don't you Steppy?"
"No!" I lied. it'd been forever since someone touched my twat. My stepson fingered me faster and my horny pussy quivered. I was on the verge of orgasm when his fingers pulled out.
"Um Steppy, when was the last time you got laid."
"What?… young man, that's none of your frickin' business!"
He whispered. " I heard you on the phone, telling your lady friend that you ain't been fucked in years… That's dad ignores your twat, that dad's dick is limp as stale celery… and every night you yearn for a hard fucking."
I blushed in an obscene shade of rage.
"Well, today's your lucky day Steppy." He dropped his shorts, displaying a major erection. His long cock jutted up like a fleshy spear. Ohmygod, my stepson was hung like his father.
He waved the damn thing in my face. "Suck my prick Steppy!"
"No! Steppy don't suck!" Of course this was a big lie. I'd sucked lots of cocks–had more cocks in my mouth than a gas station urinal.
Joey whined. "But I thought women liked to suck. I seen them do it on the internet. And there's this girl in high school, Cum-Gums Cathy. She'll suck off a guy for forty bucks."
"Then get that slut to do it. I'll pay her eighty."
He thought a minute. "Naw, every night I fantasize about you sucking my prick… your puffy red lips tugging on my shaft… until I spurt cum in your mouth." He stuck his swollen cockhead in my face and stroked it, forcing out a drop of precum.
"Lick it Mom."
Joey never called me Mom. Hugo tried to get him to call me Mother but failed. Now perv-boy wanted Mommy to suck his cock.
What the hell. Gripping his boner, I reluctantly sucked my stepson… and was surprised by his stiff meat. Young, swollen, and rigid as a steel pipe. I licked off more precum and took Joey's prick it in my mouth, sucking it like a porn star.
Wow, I actually enjoyed sucking his shaft. Pulling on his balls, my tongue tickled his pee hole.. Joey groaned as my head bobbed up and down. I wanted to go slow, but he got excited, grabbed my hair, and rammed his cock into my throat.
Of course, I knew how to deep-throat and took it deep for my stepson. A bimbo always enjoys a good face-fucking.
My mouth felt his cock swell, and I sucked harder. He groaned, jammed his cock down to my tonsils, and held it there. I felt his balls burst and cum spewed down my throat… gobs of it!
Ungh! The perv must have stored up cum for a year. I swallowed load after load of my stepson's sperm. Then he pulled out and wiped his prick on my face. I pushed him away.
"Wow Mom… Did you like sucking me off?"
I flipped him off. "Fuck you!"
"Yep! That's next mom. Spread your legs."
"What? NO WAY! Look Joey, I did what you wanted. Now I'm done."
"But, but mom…" He mumbled as his young cock grew stiff again. "But mom, I didn't get to fuck you yet. Didn't you say you need a good screwing?"
"I said a good fucking. And it's wrong to fuck your stepmom. Besides, this fabulous pussy belongs to your father."
"Yeah, but dad doesn't take care of it. He doesn't pet it. He doesn't plow it. Dad ignores your pussy— pussies need poking—and I need to poke YOURS!"
Joey turned into an animal. He pounced on me and held me down, kissing my slit.
"Mom, do you want me to lick you?" I shook my head, but he licked me anyway. His damn tongue drilled into my hole, driving me crazy. When he sucked my clitty I trembled with a tingling orgasm.
Joey whispered. "Now your pussy needs a good poking. Doesn't it Bang-Bang?"
"Don't call me that!" I slapped his face, but my stepson was right. My pussy did need poked. My hole ached for some stiff attention.
Dropping what little morals I had, I lay back on the sofa, spreading myself wide for my stepson. Joey jumped on me, poking my belly button. "Dammit son, you just found it with your tongue."
Grabbing his boner, I guided it to my entrance. He shoved his prick into my fuck-hole like a bull. It actually hurt!
My stepson sucked my tits and humped slowly. Then the young stud grabbed my tits like reins and banged away at my fuck-hole with all his strong thighs and youthful energy. I felt his hairy balls slapping my ass.
Joey's eager prick pushed in hard and deep, banging away, filling me with cock meat. Finally. My Gawd, it felt wonderful to be stuffed with cock!
And to my great surprise, my back arched, my legs flew up, and I orgasmed so hard my toes curled. HOLY SHIT! After another orgasm I collapsed on the sofa, realizing how much I missed getting screwed silly.
But young Mr. Horny was about to take care of that. Boy was he.
The next day Joey had a fantastic new fuck-toy. Me. And he wanted to play with his toy all the time. My stepson followed me around trying to feel me up, and we screwed three times that day.
He always fucked me hard, like his prick was trying to drill through me.
The last fucking was in the backseat of my car. I just got home from shopping, and Joey couldn't wait. My horny stepson pushed me into the seat and pounded away with the whole car squeaking.
I hadn't had a backseat screwing since high school. It was so damn naughty… my body shook with as an orgasm shot up my spine.
But on the seat was a cum puddle the size of a pizza. Dammit. I had to hurry and clean the seat before his father got home.
Now, every morning Joey wanted to feed me cum for breakfast. He'd corner me in the kitchen. "Mom, I want to fuck your face." Then he'd force me to my knees. I kinda liked getting forced to my knees.
And after school, my stepson would drag me up to his bedroom. I'd suck his fat prick, and then he'd fuck me raw. That became our daily pattern. Suck-Fuck-Repeat.
Of course, we'd do it on weekends when Hugo was golfing. My horny stepson was in full-tilt rabbit mode, and I got more action than a nympho's vibrator.
One Saturday, I was tanning by the pool when my stepson walked up, holding two carrots and a camera. "Young man, what in the hell do you think you're doing?"
"Mom, I want you to do that carrot pose like in the movie. You like to pose, don't you?"
"Not for you."
But Joey looked determined, and my husband would be home soon, so I gave in. Taking off my bottoms, I pulled my knees to my chest and spread myself obscenely, like girls have down since the invention of twat.
With two fingers, I opened my pink slit for my stepson. He stared into my open pussy and took some pictures.
Joey whispered. "Now I wanna see both holes mom. Open them for me, like a porn star."
"Dammit you naughty jerk." I pulled my legs back and spread my butt cheeks, showing off my pussy hole and my butt hole.
"Now mom, just like in the movie." Joey pushed a carrot into each of my holes… And I blushed harlot red as he took more pics. Then he ate both carrots and fucked me hard.
Jeez, the things a mother has to do.
The next morning, my stepson discovered the fun of assfucking. It was sorta my fault. Joey joined me in the shower, admiring my tramp stamp. When I bent over to wash my feet, I felt a stiff dick pressing into my anus
"Um stepson… what are you doing?"
"Mom you got such a sexy butthole. I can't wait to shoot my cum up your ass." Gritting my teeth, I took it like a pro. Joey pulled my tits and stretched out my poor little asshole with his fat dick. It hadn't been ass stretched out in ages.
"Gosh mom, it feels really naughty to fuck your butt."
"Ouch, yes it does." Now I had to bend over for my stepson all the time. He loved anal, loved to ream out my tight asshole. And eventually, I once-again got used to ass-fuckings.
But a problem arose. Horny Joey wanted to feel me up and fuck me even when his father was home. After dinner, he'd attack me in the kitchen while his dad was across the hall in the living room.
If I thought it was safe, I'd let him finger me. It felt naughty to let the son masturbate me with his father so close.
But I refused to let the kid fuck me. Hugo might hear us—or worse. Joey was crazy if he thought his father was either too stupid or just didn't care if we were screwing.
One evening I was at the sink. Joey came up and fingered my pussy.
Hugo was watching the news. It seemed safe enough, and I was horny. So I let the kid hike my dress up and rub his cock against my pussy crack.
We'd done doggie-style many times, with me bent over the kitchen table. I bent over for my stepson.
He continued to finger me and rub his cock in my crack, and beg me to let him fuck me. Finally, I gave in. Joey plowed his cock in me doggie-style and humped away. His hands reached around, squeezing my boobs.
The fucking felt good. Then Joey rubbed my clitty. "Ooh, yes!" My head flew up in front of the kitchen window—And that's when I saw it— my husband's reflection in the glass! I froze.
Hugo was in the hallway watching us!
I just stood there, bent over the sink, my dress up around my waist, trying to decide what to do. Joey was oblivious and just kept fucking away, pounding his prick into my nervous pussy.
What was I going to do? Hugo might kill us both. I watched Hugo's reflection in the window, holding my breath, waiting for him to act.
Soon I heard my stepson panting hard, with his prick flying in and out of my pussy. Then the naughty jerk pulled out, shoved it up my butt.
"Ouch! Stop it," I hissed. "No assfucking in front of your father!" But Joey kept slamming his dick up my asshole. I groaned as his balls erupted. Gobs of spewing cum filled my asshole, and ran down my thighs. Dammit.
Standing there naked and dripping, I looked around, waiting for Hugo to storm in and explode. But my husband was gone and nothing. Nothing. Happened.
Maybe the kid was right. Maybe Hugo didn't care if we fucked. My anger boiled. Why should he care? He never screws me or even touches me. The dog got more petting than my kitty.
The more I thought about it, the angrier I got. Then I heard the Hugo call me into the living room to watch TV. Shit.
I cleaned his son's sperm off my asshole and crotch and joined Hugo and Joey in the living room to watch the news. Not a word was said. My husband cared more about the fucking news than about fucking me. Dammit.
After the news, I followed my husband to our very big, very boring bed. And as usual, I had to finger myself to sleep.
But then… in the middle of the night, someone took hold of my ankles, forcing them apart. Shit, there was only be one person who'd yank my legs open and only one reason for him to do it.
Stupid fucking Joey. I couldn't believe he wanted to screw me here, right next to his dad. My heart pounded and I wanted to scream—but I dare not make a sound. Hugo was a light sleeper.
I tried to shut my legs but couldn't. My anger soared, and my pussy was on high alert for the touch of Joey's hard cock. A second later, I felt it and accidentally groaned as he pushed forward, driving his long prick fully up my cunt.
Then he grunted loudly. WHAT!!? I recognized that grunt— it was Hugo's! Hugo's prick was inside me. I couldn't believe it. My husband was actually fucking me! Fucking me hard!
Shocked as hell I gripped his hips with my legs, humping my pussy against his surprisingly stiff prick. Hugo fucked faster and I moaned. It'd been years since he'd made me moan.
My husband plowed to the bottom of my love hole. "Ouch!" He actually hurt my pussy. It was fucking great. A ray of moonlight filtered in, and I saw his eyes staring into my face.
He kissed me, and my pussy quivered as he pounded deeper.
Then I noticed our door was cracked open, with my stepson watching us screw. I felt a tinge of embarrassment before Hugo threw my legs up. He gritted his teeth and slammed his prick in and out faster.
My husband grunted as his prick spurted out cum. Every spurt made Hugo's body jerk, and I stared at my stepson as father emptied his balls into my cunt…
Soon I felt gobs of frothy cum running down my crack.
After collapsing on my chest, Hugo rolled off, dragged his gooey cock across my leg, and fell fast asleep. Joey left, and I lay there in shock, staring up at the ceiling and talking to myself.
"What-in-the hell just happened?"
The next morning my husband woke up and wanted a blow job. "Really? Wow Hugo?" He actually forced my head down to his erection.
Later my stepson cornered me in the kitchen.
"Dammit Joey, I don't know! I don't know why you dad suddenly has boners. But I'm not going to feel ashamed for fucking and sucking my husband… That's my frickin' job!"
"And, Joey your job is to find someone else to screw."
My stepson had other ideas. Throwing me on the table, Joey ripped off my panties and slammed his prick in my pussy, fucking me like a wild beast. For the first time Joey actually fucked me like the slut I was.
Holy Shit, I got screwed so hard my body jolted with a dozen hard orgasms. Joey filled me with cum and left. My pussy tingled for an hour, and I was confused as hell.
So that evening I got drunk, really drunk, passing out face down on my bed.
And in the middle of the night… I again woke up with someone on top of me, screwing my asshole. My foggy brain couldn't figure which fucker it was. So I bit my pillow and took the assfucking like a slut.
It wasn't the first time I had anonymous anal.
Then Joey showed his dad my porno movie. And everything went to Hell. Now I had two men chasing me around, pawing at my tits, and pinching my ass. …reminded me of Sailors Night at the strip club.
Now I wasn't a house-wife. I was the house-whore. A piece of fuck-meat for my stepson and husband to pound to death. Hell, I was fucked raw.
One night my husband tied me to the bed and spanked me. Then he invited his son in to spank my ass and fuck me. They took turns spanking and screwing.
After my father-son spank-bang, I decided Joey needed some other hole to screw, to give my holes a rest. Then I had my brilliant idea.
"Joey I was thinking. Maybe we should hire that girl at your school to help me, around the house and stuff." I winked. "I think her name was Cum-gums something."
"Cum-Gums Cathy? No way, she's a skank."
"Exactly. Tell the slut I'll pay ten times more than she's making in her blowjob business." I giggled. "That business sucks! Trust me, I know."
Cum-Gums Cathy showed up wearing a skirt that barely covered her hoo-hoo, no bra, and a too-tight tee-shirt. Plus, the gap in her front teeth made her look super slutty. Perfect.
I whispered to the little redhead what her job was. She giggled.
Then I asked her to scrub the swimming pool tile. And to take her top off so it wouldn't get dirty. The little tart stood right in front of Joey, took off all her clothes, showed off her curly red twat, and shook her perky tits.
My stepson didn't move. A naked girl stood in front of him and he didn't frikin' move. I was ashamed. My stepson just stared at her jiggle-tits like he was starving for milk…
What the hell? He was never shy about banging me.
Bending over the pool, Cum Gums scrubbed away, with her tight naked ass wiggling around in the air while her jiggle-tits bounced above the water. She was a scrumptious little slut— even I wanted to fuck her.
I whispered in her ear. "Dammit, take Joey to room and make sure he bangs your curly red twat." She took Joey's hand and walked away, wiggling her naked butt.
I peeked through the window watching the skank fuck my stepson… and I got jealous. That should be me screwing Joey.
Hugo also saw them screwing. Next thing I know, I'm flung over his shoulder carried into our bedroom for a quick fuck. But I just lay under my humping husband, still thinking about Joey.
Later Cum Gums and I walked into the living room with messed up hair, smeared makeup, and we both reeked of sex. We gave each other that Slut to Slut wink.
Hugo said, "Hey, let's all have dinner together like one big happy family." We did. Then we all went to the living room to watch a movie. Unfortunately, Joey put on my movie.

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