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Hi once again after several months, I got a chance to pen down my true experience with my sister’s friend named bindhu, let me describe myself first I’m Vicky of 5’11 feet tall, with little extra pounds, n she is bindhu who is our family friend that too because of my sister’s friendship, bindhu is of 5’5 feet, body type with extra pounds, she is 27 years old, I’m 22 years old this happened jus’ a month back,

She is beautiful with voluptuous breasts and ass I like her very much but I don’t reveal that because that might cause severe problem in our families, one day my sister was speaking with her, n I happen to hear bindhu telling that Vicky is really beautiful, that was really blushing experience n later bindhu’s mother has too said to my sister that I’m beautiful, so this gave me courage to cross look at her, I started loving her breasts n ass, I was waiting n dreaming abt a situation where I could fuck her mother because I like fuckn aunties because of their experience in handling my cock!

One fine day, all in house had gone to a marriage, but I didn’t go, at that time bindhu n her mother came to my house, they enquired abt me n my sister, later bindhu’s mom got a call n she has to go immediately so she left, but bindhu was convinced to stay in our house till her mother comes back, so bindhu n I was left in the house lonely, we were talking abt several things, n I saw her eye it was glowing, she was wearing chudithar, by that her big round ass which is making me horny could be seen, her breasts were big, I was wearing shorts we two talked about several things, then she stood up to groom in front of the mirror, n I happened see her ass but forgot to take my eyes from it, I was sitting behind her in the sofa, directly I could see her ass, she saw me from the mirror n asked what makes u so interested in seeing something??!! I was astonished as I was trying to get up from the sofa, she saw my hard on, I forgot to hide it too, but when she saw it n came to my sense n hid it, but she asked what made to become so hot, I said nothing

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She smiled n asked abt it that she won’t tell my sister, I was smiling n said frankly that I was seeing ur chudithar, she said were in chudihar could make u hard on? So I was tensed n said s I like ur ass, that made me horny, so she started laughing n asked me u r such a young one how can u satisfy me, then I said I can do it, so she came n stood in front of me n suddenly she kissed me on my lips, that was cool n hot under, it was softy lips n closed my eyes, I was playing with her lower lips she was sucking my upper lips, as like this our lips were locked, later she asked me to undress her, I did it within a flash, when I saw her bare breast I cannot even stand I was fainting, then I slowly went near n sucked it like a baby, it was like being in heaven, she was making sounds, ahhhhhhh aaaaaaaaa mmm, she asked me to bite the nipples n did as she ordered, then later I revealed that I like to lick pussies, so she offered me that I first started licking it up and down, then smelled her pussy by seeing her face I smelled it, I was in heaven, she closed her eyes n was enjoying that, I licked it and fingered it, later I inserted my nose n smelled it, I was licking rigorously so she cummed on my face, later I sat down, she sat down n undid my shorts, she took my black cock, pressed the foreskin so that the pink forehead of my cock was revealed.

She took my cock n played with in her hand, she smelled it and started licking it precum, as it was shining with precum she then inserted my cock into her mouth, ohhhhhhhhhhhh it was warm I cannot contain myself, butterflies were flying, I was fainting due to pleasure, she sucked it once n saw my pink head, then sucked it like a whore, or a calf, then she rotated her tongue on the tip, later she took my cock n pressed in between her breast, that was really big my cock was pressed in between those mountains, she started fucking her breasts, in between she licked its head n sucked me to give me at most pleasure, she is good sucker infact, my shaft was full of saliva n precum, later she inserted my cock inside her ear, n nose, then she gave me the world’s best blowjob, then we went on the 69 position, as I licked her pussy rigorously she was cumming on my face, my cock would really cry if it was any mouth, she was sucking with her full strength. I was about to cum, so she asked to come on her breasts n face, then I asked her give a final blowjob to cum so she took my cock deep inside her mouth n gave me a warm blowjob I was about to cum she took out I cummed on her face n breast… Later she started fucking her breast with my cock, as we were about to proceed to the next step her mom called that she will be there within 5 minutes, so we kissed n I sucked her breasts till I could get satisfied n played with it, she too massaged her breast with my cum n she sucked it and kissed it, and said it was her possession till she gets married. Then her mom came they two went out, I really miss her fucking ass,