Beep Stories


By TxRad
Tuesday afternoon found me sitting under the umbrella on the sundeck with my laptop open in front of me. I had been home a week. A whole week of silence and decompression time. After ninety days plus on a noisy drilling rig, it was heaven. It was spring and the sun was warm without being stifling.
I was having fun writing a nasty daddy, daughter, mother story. When my dick stands up and tries to look over the table top at what I'm writing, I always consider it a good story. Porn, uh, erotica should always bring that reaction.
The alarm bell at my front driveway dinged. I shifted the screen on the laptop over to the camera on the front of my shop that overlooked the driveway. My daughter's car came to a stop and both front doors opened. My daughter Margo got out of the driver's door and a young woman I didn't know got out the passenger door.
I reached over to the chair next to me and pulled a towel across my lap. If it had been just my daughter than I wouldn't have done that. She was used to me being naked on the sundeck. That's what sundecks are for. The young oriental looking woman with her might be a different story.
The back gate opened and my daughter came in. "Hey dad, what are you doing home? I didn't see your truck."
"I've got a whole month off and I've done all the running I need to do, so I put it in the garage," I replied as I watched the two young women walk up on the porch.
My daughter is tall with dark hair she wore at shoulder length. The young woman with her was short with jet black hair that was cut short. I smiled and asked, "Who is your friend?"
"This is Mia, she's the new waitress at the bar."
"Since you didn't know I was here, I assume you two were going to use the sundeck," I said with a wink.
"Uh, something like that," Margo said with a grin.
I chuckled. I knew my daughter was bi and had no problem with it. "Glad to meet you Mia," said and then added, "You do know you're on the supper menu, right?"
Mia looked at Margo and shivered. "Uh, that didn't exactly come up in the invitation but…."
"Butts are more my area of interest," I said with a grin.
"Daddy, you like it all and you know it," Margo said as she walked along the porch with Mia in hand.
"I can say the same for you," I replied as my daughter stopped at the old icebox and opened it.
Margo ignored my comment as she opened the icebox and grabbed two beers. She held one out to Mia. Mia took it and twisted off the cap. Margo did the same and tossed the cap in an old bucket by the wall. She walked over to the rail on the porch and looked at me as she sipped her beer.
Mia walked over next to her. "I guess sunbathing is out of the question."
"Dad is only wearing a towel," Margo said with a grin. "And that is only because he doesn't know you."
"Is having a towel draped across your lap actually wearing a towel?" Mia asked.
"In some circles," I replied. "Since neither of you have towels or bathing suits, I assume you were going to sunbath nude. Margo knows the no clothing rules for the sundeck."
Margo chuckled. "That's something else I didn't exactly explain when I invited her."
Looking at Mia, I asked, "Are you shy?"
Mia looked at Margo and shivered. Margo chuckled and whipped her t-shirt off over her head. My daughter's breasts are on the small side and her large nipples point to the side as much as they point forward. Mia whimpered softly and took her time pulling her t-shirt off over her head. Her breasts were on the small side also but they were perfect cones.
Margo licked her lips and I think I did the same. "Very nice," I said and my daughter nodded in agreement.
Mia watched Margo as she unsnapped the front of her shorts and lowered the zipper. There was only skin showing where the zipper parted. My daughter almost never wore underwear and today was no exception. She wiggled her hips as she pushed the shorts down.
With the shorts off, Margo turned and walked over to hang her clothes on a peg by the backdoor. Her small heart shaped ass swayed sensuously as she took the five steps. I think I heard Mia whimper softly as her eyes followed my daughter's ass.
"Her ass is so much like her mother's was," I said.
"My ass is almost nonexistent," Mia whispered with her eyes on Margo's ass.
Margo grinned as she turned around. "Show me," she said softly.
Mia looked from her to me and back again as he hands went to each hip. "I, uh, I," she said and then groaned as she pushed the shorts down. She was face more toward me so I could see the small vee of black hair on her mound. The rest was shaved smoothly.
Margo groaned softly. "There is nothing wrong with your ass, believe me. It fits you beautifully."
Mia smiled as her eyes went to the floor. "Thank you for saying so."
"Come hang your clothes up next to mine," Margo said as she gave me a smile.
Mia turned to go hang her clothes up and I heard myself groan softly. "Your ass is perfect," I said as I watched her walk across the porch.
She hung her clothes up and turned her head to look at me. My eyes were on her ass, which made her shiver. "I've never done this before with strangers."
I chuckled and said, "Some of us are stranger than others."
"Behave, daddy," Margo said as she took her time taking off her sandals. She raised one foot, her knee rolled out as far to the side as it would go. She was showing off. The same thing happened with the other sandal. Mia and I both watched the show. I know I licked my lips at least twice.
Mia used one toe to take off one tennis shoe and then did the same with the other. Margo frowned and shook her head. "You got a lot to learn about showing off."
"So I saw," Mia said with a grin as she bent over and moved her tennis shoes over next to the wall. Her ass was pointed directly at me. Her sex was a tight burger between her upper thighs. The light brown pucker of her asshole flashed me at a certain point and then she straightened up.
I groaned louder than I need to and said, "You ladies are making it so hard on an old man."
Margo chuckled. "You're always hard when skin is showing."
"When I'm writing also," I said as I moved the towel back over to the other chair.
"Told ya so," Margo said with a laugh.
Mia turned and looked my way. As her eyes found my dick, her eyes grew wide and her mouth dropped open. Margo reached over and pushed up on her chin as she said, "I'd close that before something gets stuck in it."
"I, uh, I," Mia stammered as she turned to look at Margo. She found herself eye to eye with my daughter's right nipple. Her head tilted back slightly and her tongue shot out to flick against the hard nub.
Margo gasped in surprise and I laughed. "Surprise, surprise," I said.
Margo moved her breast forward and Mia took a step back. "Maybe I shouldn't have done that."
"That was the perfect thing to do," I said. "Now she's in shock and confused as to what to do next. I would suggest that you hurry over here and find yourself a seat before she comes out of it."
Mia looked up at Margo's face and then hurried over to sit in a chair next to me. She looked at me and then at my laptop. "You said you write. What kind of stories?'
"Very naughty stories," I replied with a grin.
Margo walked over to stand by the table. "Just the type of stories a horny girl needs on a lonely night, believe me."
Mia whimpered softly and asked, "Can I get a couple of dozen to go?"
Margo chuckled. "He has at least three hundred finished and more than that under construction."
"A couple of dozen would probably kill me," Mia whispered.
"I've read most of them and I'm still alive," Margo said.
"One or two I could name have almost worn that little button of yours to a nub," I said with a wink.
"I can name at least a dozen young ladies you can say that about," Margo shot back.
I looked at Mia and winked. "Think about reading a naughty story while someone licks your clit."
Mia groaned and shivered as her eyes went to Margo. "Just the licking would kill me."
My daughter looked at me and grinned. "I don't remember either one of us killing anyone with a tongue."
"Well, there was that one young lady that made the mistake of getting between us," I said with a wink.
"Between you?" Mia said with wide eyes.
"Lick her in the front and poke her from the rear," Margo said with a laugh.
Mia's eyes dropped my dick and she groaned deeply. Margo laughed. "With his tongue. Well, that time anyway."
Mia shivered. "I've uh, never had a tongue back there."
"Such a deal, I have for you," I said with a big grin.
Mia's eyes grew very wide and she started to stammer.
Margo laughed. "I'd take that as a maybe."
"Maybe we should move out in the sun before one of us melts down," I suggested.
Margo nodded and moved over to a lounge chair, stepped across it and sat down. She leaned back with a sigh but left her feet on the deck on each side of the chair. Her very wet sex was open and on perfect display. "Oh yeah, the sun feels good."
I licked my lips and stood up. "Looking at you, I realize I missed lunch." I looked down at Mia. I was going to ask her if she had lunch but her eyes were on my hard dick, which was less than an inch from her nose.
Mia made a whimpering moaning sound as she licked her lips with just the tip of her tongue. Her tongue would disappear and then reappear. "Go ahead and take a lick," I said softly.
Her tongue came out even farther and then she moaned as she shook her head. "I, uh, I better not. I don't think I'd stop with just a lick."
"That's up to you," I said as I stepped away from the table and moved to a lounge chair. Her eyes followed my dick as I sat down and leaned back. My legs were spread like my daughter's were.
"Yeah, that looks very lickable," Margo said as she licked her lips.
"Come join us," I said to Mia.
She gave a jerk as her eyes moved up to my face. She smiled shyly as she stood up. Her eyes jumped to Margo's display and she groaned deeply. "I, uh, I," she stammered as she moved to the lounge chair between us. She looked back and forth between us as she sat down on the side of the lounge chair.
With a deep groan, she turned and lifted her feet holding them together as she wiggled back and lowered her feet. Her eyes were moving from my dick to Margo's wet pussy and back again. They stopped on Margo's well displayed sex.
"Feet up or feet down?" I asked.
Her eyes went to my feet and then to Margo's feet. With a deep groan, she moved her feet to the side until they dropped off the side of the lounge chair. Her toes barely reached the deck. "I've never…." She said and then left the sentence hanging.
Margo sat up and looked at Mia's small round sex. It looked as wet as hers felt. "So small and delicate looking," Margo whispered and licked her lips.
"Just beautiful," I added and licked my lips.
Margo's left hand came up to caress her breasts as her right hand moved to her mound. Her right hand moved lower so her middle finger was right above her clit. Her clit was fully exposed; the hood was all the way off it. Her finger moved but didn't touch her clit.
I chuckled and looked at Mia. "One touch of her finger and she will explode."
Mia's eyes were on Margo's finger as she nodded in agreement. "I've felt that way a time or two but not recently."
"If you walked over and knelt down in front of her and stuck out your tongue, she'd explode even harder," I said softly.
Margo groaned long and loud as she quickly stood up and walked over to stand in front of me. "You, you, you," she said and climbed onto my chair and ended up straddling my hips. She sat down on my dick and moved her hips one time. She let out a loud yell as her hips jerked and flexed.
I could feel the hot wetness of her sex as she came long and hard. She ended up lying on top of me. She was breathing hard and raggedly. I looked over at Mia as I stroked my daughter's hair.
Mia's eyes were wide and her mouth hung open. Her eyes flicked up to mine and she blushed a bright hot looking red. "She, she, she," she stammered and then groaned deeply.
I chuckled and whispered, "Yes, she certainly did."
Margo moaned deeply and shivered as she whispered, "I made a big mess."
"All over my dick," I said with a grin.
Mia found her voice and said, "She's your daughter."
I nodded and Margo groaned as she sat up. She wiggled her hips from side to side and whimpered as a loud squishing sound came from my lap. She shivered hard and looked around at Mia. "A hard dick has no idea who is who or what. Anyway, I didn't give him time to react."
"But…." Mia started to say and then groaned as Margo moved back to kneel on the end of the chaises lounge. Her eyes were on my hard dick that was very wet and shiny.
Margo took a deep breath and leaned forward. She took a long lick from just above my balls to the head. She sat back and licked her lips. "Tastes just like my pussy," she said and looked at Mia. "Want a taste since you're the reason for the mess."
I chuckled and said, "Darling, you made that all by yourself."
"Your teasing had nothing to do with it, right?" My daughter asked me.
"Well, maybe a little," I confessed.
Margo moved off the end of the chair and said, "Slide down."
I moved down in my chair until my ass was on the edge. Margo grinned at me and licked my dick again. She smacked her lips and looked at Mia. "Are you sure you don't want a taste?" Mia shook her head sharply.
Margo took another lick and shivered. "Tasty, very tasty," she whispered and looked at Mia. Her eyes dropped to Mai's exposed sex. "I'll bet that's tasty also."
"You've already got one mess to clean up," I pointed out.
Margo groaned and looked at my dick. She used two fingers to lift it upright. She swirled her tongue around the spongy head and moaned softly. She looked at Mia and smiled. "Why don't you see what it feels like to sit on my dad's face?"
Mia shivered hard. Her eyes were on my dick. At the word face, her eyes jumped to my face. I grinned, stuck out my tongue, and wiggled it. She moaned loudly but didn't move. I was distracted by my daughter trying to swallow my dick whole. She only got a little over half of it in her mouth before she had to come up for air.
I must say, my wife was good at blowjobs but I think my daughter is better. She never gets in a hurry and literally makes love to my dick. My eyes were slits as I got into what Margo was doing. A shadow blocking the sun made me open my eyes. Mia was standing next to me with her eyes on my dick in Margo's mouth.
My hand moved seemingly on its own and landed on her ass. She gave a jerk and looked at my face. I licked my lips and she shivered and made a loud whimpering sound. She shuffled sideways and groaned as she swung her leg across my chest. She ended up on her knees with her ass pointed away from Margo.
When both of my hands on her hips pulled downward, she moaned deeply and slowly let me pull her sex down toward my face. My tongue brushed her outer lips. She gasped softly as her hips jerked. As her hips settled back, my tongue ran up along her small slit and bumped against her clit.
Mia gasped louder and groaned as she moved back. My tongue speared into her tight vagina. Her body jerked and then come back to shove my tongue in even deeper. Her asshole brushed against my nose and that is all it took. She was coming like mad as I tongue fucked her sweet pussy.
A few minutes later, I had to push up on her thighs so I could get a breath. I grinned when I saw she was kissing Margo passionately. I moved her hips forward slightly and tickled her asshole with feather light licks of my tongue. I heard her let out a muffled moan a moment later.
Her hips were wiggling and squirming as I licked her asshole. A moment later, she was trying to stand up. I let her but had to hold onto her thighs to keep her from falling over.
Margo was grinning at me. "I think she likes your tongue."
Mia stammered and sat down hard on my chest. She groaned and tried to stand back up. Margo helped her up. She ended up with her face between my daughter's breasts as Margo held her up. I moved out of the way and Mia ended up lying where I had been.
She wasn't out of it but she was rag doll relaxed. Her arms were over her head and her knees were sprawled open wide. Margo was squatting at the foot of the chair with a big grin on her face. She looked up at me and licked her lips.
"Sweet as cherry pie," I said softly. "But let her rest for a bit. That was a long drawn out orgasm she had."
Margo chuckled. "Sounds like the one I had rubbing on your dick."
"Tongue, ass, vagina, so good," Mia said between ragged breaths.
Margo looked at me. "You didn't lick her clit?"
"I got one lick in before the bomb went off and kept right on going off," I said in reply.
"That will never do," Margo said as she leaned forward and took a deep breath through her nose right above Mia's vagina. "Oh yes, so sweet smelling."
"So long," Mia whispered.
Margo looked confused for a second as her eyes went to my dick. "Not all that long but it is thick. More than a mouthful."
"Mouthful," Mia whispered and groaned.
Margo got a crafty look on her face and motioned for me to lean over so she could whisper to me. "When I start to eat her little pussy, rub the head of your dick against mine and then feed it to her."
I nodded and straightened up. I had a plan of my own.
Margo leaned over and licked along the top of one of Mia's thighs and then the other. Her tongue stopped both times at the crease between her sex and her thigh. Mia made a soft whimpering sound as her sex moved up and down slowly. Margo licked her thighs again with the same result.
A lick on one inner thigh and then the other made Mia spread her thighs even wider. Only her toes were on the deck as she did. Margo licked the crease below Mia's sex and Mia's hands found her head. The next set of licks were along the outside edges of her outer lips.
I could see Mia's hands pulling on Margo's head. Margo licked both outer lips and then made a short lick up the middle of her slit. Mia lifted her feet and spread her legs as wide as they would go. Margo had a thigh in each hand and pushed them forward.
Mia's ass rolled up and Margo jammed her tongue into Mia's tight vagina. My tongue is not all that long but it is wide and strong. Margo's on the other hand, reaches place no tongue has gone before. Mia let out a yell and flexed her hips wildly. She was fucking herself on my daughter's tongue.
I went to my knees behind Margo and rammed my dick home in her vagina. She took a deep gasping breath and groaned long and loud. I pulled my dick out and moved to the side as Margo wiggled her hips from side to side and moaned in frustration.
Her eyes followed my dick as I moved forward and knelt down to rub the head of my dick against Mia's lips. Her mouth opened and three inches of my dick disappeared inside. All three of us let out a soft moan. Me from Mia's hot mouth, Margo from what was on my dick, and Mia from having my dick in her mouth.
She was sucking my dick with wild abandon as she fucked herself on Margo's tongue. Not to mention, she was coming long and hard at the same time. Half my dick was in her mouth as she tried to push Margo's head away from her sex. She had reached her limit.
Margo moved her head slightly back and then planted a kiss on Mia's clit. Mia made a moaning sound around my dick. I tried to pull my hips back but Mia grabbed my dick with a two fisted grip and sucked even wilder than before. I grinned as I realized she wanted me to come in her mouth.
With a big grin, Margo said, "Determined little thing isn't she."
"If she's not careful, she's going to get what she wants big time," I said and then groaned as she sucked harder and bobbed her head as her tongue fluttered and licked everywhere she could get it.

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