Birthday gift from my BF

I’m not a regular reader here. Few days back, while chatting 1 link came to me from an unknown id. & when link popped out it was 1 story from this site. And I read that story … It was d story of a girl named sushma & after reading this…. I too think I should post my own experience here & here it is………

This is Sayali. I am studying engineering at well-known college in Pune. I am not a locality here. I am 5’6”, fair and studious girl with nice personality. I m in final year & have got placed at very good company just a month back. Although I came across many proposals from friends, I didn’t find Mr. Right.

Around 2 months back I came to know 1 guy Aditya through orkut. Thanks to orkut….!!!! Aditya is a s/w engg. After talking with him for few hours for few days … we became good friends. There was a nice chemistry between us. We both were crazy for sports, a complete movie bug & had same kinda sense of humor. Obviously many times I used to come online just to talk with him & I have spent hours for this.

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& 1 day we decided to meet. We met at the mcdonalds at Deccan. He told me that he has the same native as that of me. He was new at Pune & also didn’t know many people here. After talking for around 2 hours, he asked me for a movie. We watched Mission Impossible 3. Movie was cool…then next time we went at khadakwasla dam. It was heaven. After few more meets, he proposed me ….. I found him very tense and sentimental that day. The way he proposed was so nice. Only Aditya can do it ………and no wonder I accepted. He was soooo relived. Before this I have never seen him like this. But he is really a cute guy with a dimple on his left cheek, silky hairs, 6’1” with Greek god looks. Guys really look sweet when they r relieved from huge tension. Then he leaned forward and gave me a peg on my cheek. No words can describe this pleasant incidence. Each of my day was incomplete without him. We used to talk on phone as v both were busy & used to meet on weekends.

1 day I got a call from him in the morning. It was my birthday and I haven’t told him about it. He had taken leave and asked me to meet him. As I didn’t have important lecture in college I agreed. We met at bajaj servicing center as I had to give my bike for servicing. As I was standing outside, I saw him coming on his red pulsar 180. I asked him,” how come u took leave today??” He asked me to sit on his bike and said,” 1st lets go from here. I’ll tell u on the way.” & he started his bike. I asked him,” where r v going?” He said,” at my home as I have forgotten my credit card and then i’ll go somewhere its surprise.” Surprise haaaa ….well I love surprises….

Finally v reached his home. He shares his nice house with 1 of his friends. But he had gone for office. He opened the lock and asked me to come in. I sat on sofa. He went upstairs. Brought water n some eatables. After talking for some time, I asked him to show his house. I saw few of my snaps in his bedroom. I didn’t even know when he clicked them. I must say cute snaps. But I was angry on him as he didn’t tell me about it. N He started his flirting n hitting lines. He said,” When u r not around, I watch ur snaps. I can’t imagine a single day without u. U r a real sweet heart. Never leave me for anything.”

Situation was getting serious. So I kept hand on his mouth and said,” don’t utter a word now. I really love it when u keeps on praising me. I really love it when a drop of tears shines in ur eyes when u talks such cute lines. And I really love u when u asks me not to leave u. But aadi even I love u …. So I can’t think of life with out u.” And kissed him on his left cheek. Then I asked him to get ready as I was eager to know what the surprise is.

We came back at dressing room. I sat on sofa. He played few Bryan Adams songs. And said in a dramatic way, bending on his knees with 1 hand spread at me,” can I have the pleasure to dance with u … my princess??” And gave me a dimpled smile. I too smiled and placed my hand in his hands and said,” sure… my prince” and started dancing on soft music. It was just so wonderful. The guy u always loved is in ur arms, dancing with u at lonely place. Awesome….!!!!

While dancing he kept his hands on my waist. My hands were behind his neck… then he slowly kissed me on my forehead. Then on eyes, cheeks n nose. I sensed d feeling of love n care. I kissed him at d top of his nose as it looked very cute that time. His hands were moving everywhere on my back. N to my surprise… he started kissing me on lips. I was so shocked. It was really unexpected…. N before I could say anything he started sucking my upper lip … n said,” comes on … don’t stand like a statue!!” N lip locked again …started sucking my upper lip furiously… I too sucked his lips… Now my hands were in his hair. I was caressing. He hugged me soooo tight…that I thought I cud stop breathing anytime…

While kissing he lifted me …n started moving towards his bedroom without breaking that awesome kiss…. Then we came at the bedroom …. N he made me sleep on the bed…still kiss was unbroken….!!

He started kissing every inch of my face…. I was actually surprised at his behavior… n I pushed him behind… I said,” Aadi stop it … r u nuts…?? “but he wasn’t in a mood to talk. He held my hand n pulled me… now my chin was at his chest… n said,” hey sweetheart plzzz yaaar…now don’t stop me… don’t stop ur feeling n emotions as well… say u love me…” I looked at his eyes and said,” of course I love u…. But this is certainly not good..!! Come let’s go…”

But he had something different running into his mind. He made me sleep down … n leaned over me… “ohhh come on Saya…don’t talk like a granny yaaaa” n again started kissing my face n neck…. And kept his 1 hand on my left breast…. N started rubbing it… I was wearing light blue top n blue jeans… it was little painful but still pleasant…my eyes were closed … in a flash of a second… he removed my top… N I was on my slip n bra… he removed slip n bra as well… I was half nude …I was dieing out of shame… he now started sucking my right breast… n simultaneously was rubbing left 1… goshhhhh it was so painful….

Then I said,” this is not fair… U have removed my cloths n u still haven’t removed urs…” n gave him a mischievous smile … he too smiled n said…” that’s ur task baby”… He was wearing maroon half sleeved shirt n off white trouser… I removed his shirt and we both started kissing each other … n he was so harsh on my breasts…that I asked him to slow down …he said,” u r soooo hot saya…. I never knew u have such huge boobs…” He removed my jeans though I denied…. He removed his trouser as well…. I was dieing out of shame…. He then removed his undergarments… n suddenly I closed my eyes… he started laughing n asked me to open my eyes… he put my hand on his that thing … n said,” rub it …hold it in ur mouth …give me a blow job….” I opened my eyes n looked at him…n said,” craaaap… no way ….I m not gonna do this…”…and suddenly I saw his tool…. It was around 7-8 inches… fair n pink headed… n my hand was already on it…. I started rubbing it … I saw him screaming….!!!

But whatever I never wanted to go for blow job…. After few mins he removed my panty …n started looking at me from head to toe…… he aid,” u have hair over there sweetie …No prob … Let me have it…” he brought his razor … N shaved it …although I denied… and I cud see cute dimple on his cheek… he said,” Saya u r such a bomb shell…. U r sooo hot … I never noticed it ….” Then he started pressing both the boobs n started licking my vagina simultaneously…. Aaaah … an electric current flowed thru my body… n kinda pain appeared in my stomach … he separated lips of vagina…. N inserted his tongue inside….gooshhh… it was soooo pleasant… no words can describe it…

After 10-15 mins… he asked me,” shall I go for main thing…?”… I said,” now don’t stop …….u bustard… fuck me …. Fuck me hard…. I can’t withstand this pain ….” He kept tip of his penis on my vagina…. N I said,” its huge enough to enter inside…!! You’ll kill me “ … he replied,” more the pain … more is the fun..” N he pushed it inside… goooosh … my small pussy could not take it in…. So he pushed again …more firmness this time… and ohhh it entered inside cutting me… n huge pain started killing my every inch…. I was begging him to take it out … but he said,” just hold on for a min sweetie… “… n started applying strokes…. Aaaaaah … that was mind blowing… pain was replaced by pleasure …. He then increased the speed…. Aaah n a very different kinda pain was filled in my stomach…n after few seconds we both felled down…

After lying for mew mins… I said,” that was awesome…” Aadi just nodded…!! He asked me,” shall we go 1 more step further??” … I said no …. I wud die…but he didn’t listen to me … n asked me to sit on my knees… then he said,” its even more fun”… N entered his thing in my butt… …gosh it was paining horribly… he fucked me real hard ..

Then we both went in bathroom. Had showered together. And then went for dinner at Sun & Sand… he knew that it was my birthday … and he wanted to make it special… it was gr8 evening after words… I simply can’t forget that day… now we both r gonna marry after my graduation…

That’s my true story… I don’t know rest of the stories r true or not…but this 1 surely is… if u wanna send me ur comments u can contact me on [email protected]