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In the black community, bisexuality is controversial, especially male bisexuality. The same black women with legions of effeminate gay black male friends tend to frown or act disgusted when a handsome, masculine black man turns out to be bisexual. With just about all effeminate gay black men and heterosexual black women hating on them, is it any wonder then that most masculine bisexual black men hide? Meet some of those who don't hide. These are their stories.
Raphael Dorval woke up, and yawned before getting up. The big and tall black man, in his mid-thirties, finally got a day off from the folks at Fuseli Enterprises, where he happened to work. Raphael had been working there for six months, and he only got Sundays off. The job paid well, especially amid a crappy economy and a pandemic, but it consumed too much of his time. This didn't leave the brother much time to have a life, or time for anything else. A lot of brothers Raphael's age have wives and families, but Raphael is all by his lonesome.
At a certain point in life, a man changes and wants different things. Raphael was born on the island of Haiti, specifically the town of Jacmel, and he and his family moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a long time ago. Raphael attended Miami Dade College and Florida State University, graduating with a degree in commerce. Raphael had a great time during his college years, enjoying himself with the ladies…and some fellas as well. While attending FSU, Raphael met a lady named Jasmine Joseph, a tall and curvy, dark-skinned Haitian gal whom he grew quite fond of.
Raphael and Jasmine dated for a while, and as they finished university, the lady wanted to get married but Raphael had cold feet. Jasmine ended up leaving Raphael, and she moved to the City of Atlanta, Georgia, where she met a fellow named Travis Xavier and got married. Raphael would regret not marrying Jasmine for a long time, but he was quite confused about whom and what he wanted back in their college days.
"Raphael, I know you're bi and it doesn't bother me, but I want a firm commitment," Jasmine told him, three days after their graduation from Florida State University. Raphael and Jasmine were dining inside Caribbean Vibe, a neat little restaurant located not far from their old campus. On that day, Jasmine looked gorgeous in a red turtleneck shirt, black jeans and sneakers. Jasmine reminded Raphael of Hollywood actress Garcelle Beauvais, whom he had a crush on back in the day.
"Jasmine, I love you but let's not rush things, let's move in together first," Raphael suggested, and Jasmine closed her eyes, hard. The young Haitian American woman looked both sad and disappointed, and Raphael realized he'd said the wrong thing. Raphael loved Jasmine, and cherished every moment with her. The gal was fine, sexy and fun, and he enjoyed having sex with her. Raphael couldn't imagine a future without his beloved Jasmine, but he just didn't feel like rushing things. Why couldn't Jasmine understand that?
"I can't do this," Jasmine said, and she looked at Raphael, and shook her head firmly. Raphael tried to placate her but to no avail. Jasmine got up and stormed out of the Caribbean Vibe restaurant, causing a big scene. Raphael couldn't believe it. Jasmine walked out of the restaurant and out of his life. Seriously, when he tried to call her later to apologize or whatever, she ignored his calls. Two weeks after the restaurant incident, Jasmine Joseph accepted a position with Warner Bank Limited in the City of Atlanta, and left the state of Florida forever. How about that?
Raphael missed Jasmine for a long time, and thought of her as the one who got away. In later years, Raphael dated a few ladies, and had a few relationships. He had a few sexual encounters with men as well. Raphael considers himself bisexual, something which his conservative Haitian parents Andre Dorval and Geraldine Dorval had come to grudgingly accept. Raphael doesn't date men, though. Among gay men and bisexual men, things work a bit differently.
In every village, every town and every city on the planet Earth, gay men and bisexual men walk around making a specific type of eye contact with other men. When they look into the eyes of straight men, they don't see the type of recognition that they're used to seeing when dealing with a kindred spirit, so they keep walking. When gay men and bisexual men make eye contact with another male who also likes men, then they know what they're dealing with, for the other fellow acknowledges their presence/existence, and a sexual encounter usually follows.
For the most part, gay men and bisexual men don't bother with dating when dealing with other men. They spot someone, they make eye contact, and then they hook up in the nearest bathroom, in the bushes, in a storage closet, or wherever available. No names, no condoms, no lasting connection beyond some quick sex, and that's that. This is what ninety nine percent of gay men and bisexual men seek when dealing with other men. They are basically a bunch of sex-crazed stalkers who crave dick and will do anything to get it, regardless to the risk to their health, their freedom, or their very lives. The other one percent pair up, start families, and buy houses in the suburbs and become your affable neighbors who happen to be in a same-sex relationship. It really is that simple.
Raphael isn't like the other bisexual men out there who lie about who and what they are, and put themselves and their wives/girlfriends at risk by prowling around looking for anonymous sex with male strangers. Raphael likes to date a woman, and then, when things get serious, he tells her that he's bisexual. As can be expected, a lot of women thank Raphael for his honesty and then promptly leave him. As previously stated, the same women who have tons of effeminate, stereotypical gay male friends tend to get really intolerant when they find out that a masculine man whom they are interested in is actually bisexual. Welcome to Raphael's world.
On that day, Raphael took a walk around his neighborhood with his dog Clarinet, a feisty little Jack Russell Terrier. As Raphael walked around, he saw a tall, attractive Hispanic woman with dark hair jogging. The lady looked fine, and her big ass looked ready to burst out of her shiny Yoga pants. Raphael checked out the lady's fine ass as she jogged past him, and smiled. Raphael has always liked a woman with a thick ass, and that's not going to change anytime soon.
Raphael kept on walking, and as he reached the park, he sensed that someone was looking at him. Raphael spotted a skinny older white male with a bad haircut and a bright red coat standing some distance away with his pet Chihuahua. The dude was pretending to look at his phone while glancing in Raphael's direction. Translation? Creepy old white dude on the prowl, in cruising mode, and this one probably has a fetish for black men. What's Raphael to do under the circumstances? Avoid the bozo!
Raphael walked away, and did not stop until he was a good distance from the park, and he made sure that the creepy old white dude was not following him. Raphael petted his dog Clarinet, and smiled at her. As they began to make their way home, Raphael wondered about the others in the so-called lifestyle. The majority of men are straight, only attracted to women. A few men are gay, only attracted to men. Quite a few men are bisexual, but most bisexual men end up with women and hide their other side. That's the way of the world.
Raphael doesn't fault other bisexual men for hiding what they are because the LGBT community has nothing to offer bisexual men. The same heterosexual women who act as cheerleaders for the rights of gay men absolutely refuse to date bisexual men. Lots of bisexual women find bisexual men strange or disgusting and won't date, or befriend them either. Lesbians focus on women and don't care much about male issues, sexual or otherwise. Gay men rage against bisexual men and routinely sabotage their relationships with women, their way of eliminating the competition.
Raphael is in his mid-thirties, and the brother makes sixty thousand dollars a year working for the Fuseli corporation. He doesn't have a wife, or a girlfriend. He doesn't have a boyfriend or a partner either. Most women have a problem with male bisexuality, and that puts Raphael in a bind. Most gay men cannot be faithful to their male lovers, and walk around making eye contact with random men, looking for random dick, and there are zero names and zero condoms involved in these encounters. Raphael isn't about to play Russian roulette with his health by getting a male partner and catching a disease from said bed-hopper, thanks but no thanks. What's a brother to do?
Raphael would very much like to settle down, for when he visits his sister Nadine and her husband Franklin in Tallahassee, he feels happy for their growing family but also feels envious. Raphael enjoys being an uncle to his niece and nephew, but would really like to be a father. Raphael cannot find a wife since most women are allergic to masculine bisexual men while, strangely enough, supporting effeminate gay men. Raphael doesn't want to find a male partner since that's a one-way ticket to an early death since monogamy in male/male relationships is nonexistent, and risky sexual promiscuity is the norm. Talk about a catch twenty-two, eh?
When Raphael wants to get laid, he takes out his pocket book. Raphael usually goes out of town, and heads to Tampa, where nobody knows him. Raphael hits the clubs, and meets ladies. He seduces those ladies and brings them to his hotel for some fun, and that's where it ends. Raphael doesn't tell those ladies that he is bisexual because he's not trying to become their boyfriend or husband. They have sex, using condoms, of course, and then they part ways. That's it, that's all…
Raphael's last sexual encounter was a couple of weeks ago, at a nice hotel in Tampa, Florida. He met a short, dark-haired, bronze-skinned, thick and curvy young Hispanic woman named Isabella Ramirez at a club, and brought her back to his hotel room. Isabella was a second year student at the University of South Florida, and she was looking for a good time. Raphael and Isabella were on the same page, so let the good times roll…
"Hmm, you're a wild one," Isabella told Raphael as she lay naked on his hotel bed, her thick thighs spread. Raphael grinned and admired the sexy Hispanic gal, with her perky breasts, curvy body and fine legs. Raphael buried his face between Isabella's legs and inhaled her scent. The Haitian-American bisexual stud began eating the young Hispanic woman's pussy, licking her clit and fingering her as he worked his magic on her. Isabella closed her eyes and rubbed her erect nipples as Raphael ate her out. The brother was good at eating pussy, and Isabella likes that in a man…
"Just relax," Raphael told Isabella as he pleasured her. He ate her pussy like a hungry man, and she squealed in delight as he flicked his tongue over her clit and worked three fingers into her snatch. Raphael pleasured Isabella until she came, crying out his name. The two of them continued with their fun. Raphael put Isabella on all fours and spanked her big bronze ass as he thrust into her. Isabella giggled and began grinding her big ass against Raphael's groin, fucking her with gusto. When he smacked her ass and fucked her roughly, she moaned in delight and kept on grinding. Let the good times roll.
Isabella and Raphael fucked and sucked the night away at that neat hotel room in Tampa, Florida. Raphael enjoyed having sex with Isabella but he wouldn't take her number, or see her again. The next day, Raphael roamed the City of Tampa, shopping, checking out restaurants and enjoying himself. The following night, Raphael went to a different night club, and spotted someone interesting. A tall, handsome young black man named Russell Jones, a newcomer to Florida by way of Kingston, Jamaica.
"I have a girlfriend at my college, but I hook up with fellas every now and then, safely and discretely of course," Russell told Raphael, as they had drinks. Raphael learned a bit about Russell, a first year student at Hillsborough Community College, who was dating a young black woman named Wilma, and discretely exploring his bisexuality behind her back. Raphael saw a lot of himself in Russell. The two of them headed to the hotel for some fun, and just like that, the good times rolled…
"That was fun," Raphael groaned, after Russell fucked the hell out of him. The tall, masculine young Jamaican guy was good in bed, alright. Once they got to the hotel, they got naked, and freaked each other. Raphael sucked Russell's big black dick, and massaged his balls. Afterwards, Russell put on a condom and lubricated Raphael's ass, then fucked him good. Raphael screamed as Russell's thick ebony cock filled his ass. Russell fucked Raphael with gusto, wrecking his ass in the most wonderful way, just the way Raphael liked it…
"Yeah, I like fucking men, and women, I fuck Wilma and she's good in bed, but I also fuck her friend Rita and that dude Joey from mathematics class," Russell bragged, and Raphael shook his head. Raphael thought of his former girlfriend Jasmine Joseph whom he loved while attending Florida State University. If he'd married her, he'd have a family by now, and he would be happy. Raphael is sexually attracted to both women and men, but he can only love women, there is zero emotion or affection attached to his encounters with men. Raphael doesn't know how to be any other way.
"Russell, I will give you the advice I wish someone had given me, stop messing with guys, and other women, if you care about Wilma, marry her, be a man, and avoid guys who are into guys, they are creeps and only want sex, you won't find happiness with them, I promise you that," Raphael said firmly. Russell lay on the bed, still naked, and frowned. Raphael said nothing else and headed to the showers. When Raphael returned, half an hour later, Russell was gone. Raphael went to bed, and then flew back to Fort Lauderdale the next day.
Raphael returned home to Fort Lauderdale, and picked up his dog Clarinet from Miss Greta, his kindly old European neighbor whom he paid to look after her during his business trips. Raphael and his dog Clarinet headed home, and he treated her to some steak, instead of the usual dog food. The little dog was delighted. Raphael sat in his living room, and wondered if the day would come when he would become a father, his lifelong dream. Since the majority of women protect effeminate gay men while remaining allergic to masculine bisexual men, perhaps Raphael would adopt or use a surrogate. Anything is possible for a willful and determined individual. Even after all the pain and rejection he'd gone through, Raphael remains hopeful.

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