Bisexual Hunger Ch. 04: Erik

tagGroup SexBisexual Hunger Ch. 04: Erik

Katrina called me earlier this evening. She said she told Erik and that he wanted to talk to me, so the two of them are currently on their way over. She had said, "Don't worry, baby, I'm coming, too. I promise you'll be okay. He's not gonna hurt you." They should be here any minute.
A knock at the door jolts me from the couch. I open the door to the two of them and gesture for them to come in. Erik is so hard to read sometimes. Katrina said his anger makes him like a whole different monster, and I'm scared he's secretly seething. I'm shocked when he gives me a hug of greeting. He pulls back and holds me by my upper arms and says, "I don't hate you, Alice, but I'm very concerned. Can we sit down?" I nod, with a lump in my throat and gesture to the couch and chairs I pulled up.
The two of them sit on the couch, and Katrina rests her head on Erik's shoulder, and he pulls her to him with his arm around her shoulders-how they usually sit. Erik looks at me sitting across from them. "Katrina says you two have been getting physically involved—kissing, touching, partially disrobing—and that this has happened several times. Is that true?"
The lump grows huge in my throat, but I have to answer. "Yes."
"She says you've never reached third base, and that you've never crossed a boundary she set up. My biggest question, I guess, is 'how did this happen?'"
I look down and swallow to clear my throat. "I was going to kill myself, and she asked if there was anything she could do to help keep me alive, and I said I wanted—" I have trailed to a whisper "—to kiss her." I look ashamedly up at Erik and make eye contact. I look away again. "She consented, but I'm sure it was very reluctantly… at first."
"Katrina and I have talked about her end of this—her emotions, her participation—and I'm confident that we can work through it on our end. She loves you dearly, Alice, separate from all of this, and I recognize that she's trying to show you that there's more to life than wanting to die. Physical intimacy can be a beautiful part of living. But I'm concerned that you're getting a very skewed experience. For one, this kind of intimacy is only supposed to happen within a marriage. Katrina's MY wife, not yours. Second, I know people believe differently on this, but it's really supposed to be between a man and a woman, not two women. And thirdly, but less of an issue, it sounded from Katrina's accounts that this has been primarily a one-directional relationship—not equal participation. So, Katrina and I have decided that I should get involved."
I stare at him, surely not comprehending.
"You need to see what marital intimacy looks like, you need to know what it's like to be involved with a man, and the two of us together can encourage you to be on both the giving AND the receiving end of this. And, then Katrina won't be doing something outside of my knowledge and participation and, in a sense, cheating on me."
I wince at that last part. But am I really hearing correctly? Erik wants a threesome? I look to Katrina bewildered. "Am I misunderstanding?" I ask her in shock.
"Well, what are you understanding?"
"Erik just proposed a threesome?"
"Then no," she laughs, "You're not misunderstanding. This is what I want, this is what Erik wants, so we're asking if you want to try this with us. You don't have to, darling, but we thought it would be fun. And helpful." she looks up at Erik and grins at him, and he gives her a peck. They rest their heads together and look at me. "It's totally up to you, dear."
"We also thought it would be helpful to start with pairings, while the third person watches, just to be sure that we're all comfortable with all the dynamics that would go on here," Erik explains. "You and Katrina could start, or we could start if you want more time to think it over."
"That sounds like a better idea, baby," Katrina says to him. "Why don't we let her watch us first, then touch base."
Erik turns to me. "If you're a definite 'no', feel free to tell us to stop."
Then he turns back to his wife. His eyes flick between Katrina's eyes and her lips, until eventually they settle on the lips as he draws close to her. They close their eyes and meet in a sweet kiss. Erik reaches his hand behind Katrina's head to pull her to him firmly, but gently. Katrina cups his cheek in her hand. With a deep breath and positioning himself closer to Katrina on the couch, he then angles in for a deeper kiss. Katrina melts into his touch. They begin a slow, sensual making out, while I sit a few feet away watching. I'm captivated. I've often wondered what they're like with each other in private. I watch entranced, and I can see the tongue has gotten involved. They explore each other's mouths, then pull back just enough for Erik to suck on Katrina's tongue. They tilt their heads sideways for a different angle, and kiss deeply and tenderly.
They slowly part lips and turn to me. "I definitely don't mind watching," I say, with a bit of desire, and a bit of awkwardness.
"Do you want to kiss me while Erik watches?" Katrina asks, smiling.
"You're sure you're okay with that?" I ask Erik skeptically.
"As long as we all remember that she's MY wife at the end of the day, I think it would be fun to watch. She says you can be a little fiery when you get going."
"I don't know how much fire there will be right now," I respond, "I'm pretty nervous. But yes, I'd like to kiss you," I say, turning to Katrina. Erik stands up to let me sit next to Katrina, and he takes the seat across from us. Gosh, he's so close, just staring.
"Hey," Katrina whispers, pulling my face to look at her, "you don't have to think about him right there, just think about me." She has such deep brown eyes.
I stretch my hand to her neck and caress her skin softly. I pull close to her and feel my pulse quicken. Those sexy, soft lips. I close my eyes and press in gently. I feel a flutter in my head as I press into her. We've kissed several times now, but the raw hunger hasn't gone away. I angle over her and consume her with my kissing. I can keep the pace slow, but they are deep, hungry kisses. I snake my tongue into her mouth and rub our tongues together. Then we hook our tongues to pull each other more deeply into the kiss. I press my teeth against her tongue and scrape her tongue as she slides it out of my mouth, and she gently bites mine in return. My hand not holding her neck reaches across her lap to her waist. I pull her to me by her waist, and I want so desperately to feel her up. I start to think about her breasts within reach, and my pulse races. I feel lightheaded, and Katrina abruptly pulls from the kiss, and I'm gasping.
Oh right, Erik was watching and we were just supposed to kiss. I almost got entirely lost in the moment. I look at Erik, still breathing heavily.
"I see what you mean by 'fiery'," he says to Katrina.
"Oh no, darling, she was controlling that one," she says with humor. "She doesn't usually TOTALLY lose it until she gets her hands and eyes on my chest." I'm not sure if she intended to stick her chest out slightly with that comment or not.
"So," says Erik. "Do I get a turn?" he asks me intently.
"Both of you want that?" I ask carefully.
"Yes, dear/Alice," they say in unison.
"Okay then."
Katrina gets up to let Erik sit next to me on the couch. He puts his hand warmly on my knee and rubs gently. I smile anxiously and look down.
"You don't have to," he says quietly.
"I want to, I'm just nervous," I say shyly, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear.
"Close your eyes and focus on the feeling. You're such a touch person; I'm sure you'll get into it."
I focus on his hand on my knee, and my heart rate starts to slow back down. I close my eyes, my face straight ahead, and continue focusing on his hand moving slowly. Then I feel his lips pressed against mine ever so faintly. They touch, they back away, and I feel myself stretching my face toward him to linger in the touch. He comes in again, and his hand stops moving on my knee. Faint touch, break, wishing it would linger. I feel my lips start to respond to his presence, reaching for him, molding to him. His lips are even fuller than mine. Now we start to have a rhythm, and he cups my face in his hand. I tilt my head sideways just enough to get the noses out of the way, so we can press closer together for a deeper kiss. It's a slow, gradual build-up of intensity, until eventually I cup his face as well and bring him in for a deep, intense kiss and start full-on making out with him. He matches pace with me and somehow maintains a tenderness while still seeming the stronger of the two of us. He's able to reign in his intensity, while I am subject to mine. At last he pushes my shoulders back to fall out of the kiss.
I instantly feel the shyness return, and I duck my head, smiling. It was different with Erik. I didn't have the same raw hunger that I do with Katrina, and I sensed him more powerful over me, despite his gentleness.
"Isn't she a good kisser?" Katrina asks Erik.
"It's hard to believe that's coming from relative inexperience," he says approvingly.
"I told you she'd be fun."
Erik turns to me seriously. "How do you feel, Alice? Do you want to keep going? You're okay either way."
"I do. I really do," I answer. I plant a big kiss on Erik's lips and stand up, pulling him with me. "We'll be right back, Katrina," I say. She looks at me confused, so I reassure her, "Don't worry, dear, I just have a question for Erik. We won't do anything without you. Be back in one sec!"
When we're just out of earshot, I whisper to Erik, "Have you ever tied her up before? She seemed confused when I did a little bit of that before."
"No, we're not very adventurous that way, by and large. How did she respond?"
"I think she liked it, even if she didn't understand at first. She responded well physically, at least. Do you want to try it?"
"I think we should still clear it with her, but yes. It sounds fun!"
Fun is exactly the word. I grin. Erik and I walk back over to Katrina.
"We have a proposal, Katty," says Erik. "Would you like to try some bondage? Alice says she did some with you before."
"Like when you tied my wrists to the bed?"
I nod.
"I enjoyed that," she says hesitantly, still unsure what "bondage" means in this context. "You'd stop if I say so, right, dears?"
"Of course, sweetie," says Erik, rubbing his hand on her back.
"And it wouldn't be anything painful…?"
"I'll probably tie you tighter than last time, but not uncomfortably, and never painful."
"Okay…" Katrina says, standing up.
I lead us to the bedroom, then fish around in the closet for some rope of some sort. I decide to go with fabric ties from my sundresses. Soft, but tie-able. Katrina sits on the bed.
I carry them over to Katrina, trying to contain my mischievous grin. There is a definite roadblock to my plan, though, and that would be Katrina's clothes. Ideally they wouldn't be… on.
"Katrina," I begin. "It might be best for you to get sexy now, rather than later."
"Hm?" she asks, raising her eyebrows.
"We'll only do what you're comfortable with, but once you're tied down, it'll be harder to remove clothes."
Katrina and Erik exchange a look. "Do you want to show her now, then, baby?" asks Erik.
"Show me what?"
Katrina kicks off her flats under the bed and begins to disrobe. "Erik appreciated the outfit you got me so much, that he thought I should have another one." Oh goodness. Katrina lifts her shirt up over her head to reveal a soft pink sexy bra. It's a front-clasp push-up, not that her breasts need any help, but wow! do they look fantastic. So much lift and cleavage and shapely curves. The bra is light pink lace, longline, meaning that the lace extends a couple inches down toward her waist. It is plunge as well, and appears so tiny against her massive chest, even though it covers her areolas. She bends over to shimmy her skirt down her legs and off, and her breasts almost pour out. The underwear is also light pink lace, in more of a cheeky bikini.
Katrina stands up, with both of us staring at her. Erik, proudly. Me, dumbstruck.
"I'm guessing you want me on the bed?" she asks, eyebrow raised.
I nod, still speechless. She turns to crawl to the center of the bed, and I see her ass beautifully framed by the lace panties. Get your head in the game, Alice.
I hand Erik one of the ties, saying, "Can you climb over her to tie her wrists to the center rail there? You want to do it tight enough that she can't wiggle out, but don't cut off circulation or anything. Don't give her much give. Katrina, you can pull a pillow over and get comfy." They both move to do what I said. Katrina gets comfy and centered on the bed and lies down with her arms above her head. Erik climbs over her to straddle her and reach the headboard. "I'm going to tie your feet Katrina, okay?" I ask
Katrina straightens her body so I can tie her feet together, but I go to separate her legs instead.
"Oh! Okay…"
The legs are trickier to do. I want to give her enough give that she can respond to our touch, but I don't want her to move too freely. I decide to tie her relatively loosely, and she can move a couple inches if she chooses to. I also tie her legs far apart, farther than she's probably comfortable with, as far as being exposed, but maybe Erik will want to play there—he's her husband, after all.
I step back to look over our work. Katrina is spread, but not stretched, and looking delicious. Her long, smooth, pale limbs are open to our touch, and her breasts are stacked high on top of her chest by her bra. The colors are just beautiful—the almost-blackness of her hair, the fairness of her skin, and the soft pink lingerie are softly stunning.
Erik is standing on the other side of the bed. "Now what?" he asks, looking Katrina over.
"She's your wife," I say, teasingly.
He takes his hand and rubs her stomach and waist warmly. She looks at him, and he leans over for a sweet kiss. Since he's starting at the top, I'll busy myself at the bottom. I trail my fingertips up the bottom of her foot, and she curls her toes away from me. I trail down the top of her foot, then transition to my hand, running slowly up her leg, all the way from her ankle to not quite touching her crotch. I rub her leg warmly and gently, touching the whole surface of her skin. When I get close to her underwear, she squirms ever so slightly, lifting her knee… which gives me access to the underside of her leg. Erik is still kissing her, now holding her neck, not her side.
I have a thought and look around for something soft. I think the tuft of feather sticking out of my stuffed animal penguin's head will do perfectly. I trail his feather along Katrina's shin: up, then down. Every pass upward, I go higher, then past her knee, working toward her crotch. When I am right in the area, Katrina breaks for Erik's kiss to say, "That is VERY tickly, girlfriend." I smile at her, then trail the feather across the very tops of her legs by her underwear.
"Good tickly? Or bad tickly," I say, teasingly.
"Distracting tickly!" she says, squirming.
"Let's see if I can be more distracting," says Erik seductively. He bends over her and begins peppering her neck with soft little kisses.
Katrina is breathing more heavily now.
He expands his radius and kisses all along her upper chest and shoulders, also massaging her arms.
"That's a very different kind of distracting, baby," says Katrina. She squirms more frustratedly. I think she's frustrated by the light touches. I can help with that. I smooth my hand over her leg, pressing and squeezing lightly as I go, trailing the feather behind my hand.
Eventually, I've had enough time to focus on her legs. I climb on the bed between them and lie down with my arms over Katrina's thighs. I hold her under her hips and begin kissing her stomach sloppily. She tries to squirm underneath me, but I hold her in place tightly, kissing her. I look up at her—and can't see her face at all. Her massive breasts are entirely blocking the view. But oh! what a view they make!
I scooch up farther on her, still lying on top of her, until my head is right at her chest. Then I plunge my head between her breasts, kissing, licking, and sucking. I reach my hands up by my head and grope her breasts beside my face. I squeeze out from between them, then go to town on the flesh showing above the bra line. Licking, sucking, kissing, ever so gently biting. Oh god, it's too much, I can't—I can't—
"Woah there, Allis!" says Erik, laughing. I pull away from Katrina's breasts gasping and roll off her. That insatiable hunger almost burst through entirely. "Save some for me!" he says, teasing.
"I told you, honey, she has a thing for them. Didn't I tell you?"
"I bet if we let them out, there will be room for both of us there. What do you think, Alice," Erik says, reaching for the front clasp of her bra.
I'm still panting. "Yeah, that sounds good."
He slowly slides open the clasp. However, instead of just letting it pop open, he holds the bra and uses it to smush and jiggle her breasts back and forth. Then he makes eye contact with me and releases the bra. My breath catches in my throat as her boobs tumble free. "So fucking huge," I whisper under my breath. I take the one breast in my hand and suck as much of it as I can into my mouth. I squeeze her breast with two hands, not even going all the way around, and grope and suck on her breast. I'm scarcely aware of Erik giving her a similar treatment right next to me. I'm in heaven. I don't even care as they tease me again for it. I play with the nipple in my mouth, both with my tongue and my teeth, and I squish my whole face down into the breast. Then I take one hand to hold the breast in place for my mouth and run my other hand over her stomach warmly. I caress her side and stomach, while I suckle, and I get lost in the moment.
"Do you think she knows that we said something to her?" Katrina asks Erik with humor.
I plop Katrina's breast free from my mouth. "Sorry," I say sheepishly.
"My arms are getting a little stiff, darlin'," Katrina says. "And I thought you should see what real marriage intimacy is like, since we don't normally do… bondage? is that what you called it?"
I nod, then get up. I move to untie her legs and let Erik undo what he did with her arms. She sits up, and her breasts hang naturally—deliciously. She stretches out her wrists and ankles. Erik is kneeling between her legs, and once she's stretched, she embraces him. She drapes her arms around his neck, and angles in for a tender kiss.
I sit down in the chair next to the bed.
Erik trails his fingertips up and down Katrina's bare back as they kiss. He has such a gentleness about him. Katrina doesn't pull back from the kiss, but she lets go of his neck to work at the buttons on his shirt. She smooths it off his shoulders, down his arms, then places her hands on his chest. Still in the kiss. The only time she breaks the kiss is to lift his undershirt over his head.
I've never seen Erik shirtless. He's certainly not ripped, but strong.
Katrina crawls up to straddle his lap and hooks her legs around his hips. She clings to him tightly, their naked chests pressed against each other. He stops the kiss so that he can crawl them forward on the bed and dumps Katrina in place. She smiles at him so happily. Reaching up to him, she pulls him down on top of her, and the two start really making out. Katrina again has her legs wrapped around his crotch, and he starts slowly grinding into her where she lies. Oh goodness, how much are they going to let me see? He nuzzles into her neck, kissing and slurping, and she throws her head back in pleasure.
Making a decisive move, Katrina pushes him off just enough to focus on her goal. She reaches down and unbuttons Erik's pants and slides them off his butt. He is a boxers person. Then she bends her knees up and hooks her feet in his pants to pull them all the way down, and Erik kicks them off his feet off the end of the bed. He renews his grinding, now that there are only two thin pieces of fabric between them.

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