Bisexual Hunger Ch. 05: Attention

tagGroup SexBisexual Hunger Ch. 05: Attention

Katrina and Erik randomly took me out to dinner tonight. I sure wasn't going to complain, but they seemed mildly mischievous about it. I love spending time with them, and I feel special when they take time out of their busy lives just for me.
Dinner at Cracker Barrel is over—I had breakfast, of course—and they are looking as mischievous as ever.
"We have a present for you, darling," Katrina says, grinning.
"Okay…?" I respond when they do not present the present.
"We thought we should give it to you somewhere more private."
"Do you… want to come back to my apartment? Or just head to the car?"
"Let's go to the apartment," she says, still grinning.
We head to the counter to pay our check—their treat—and walk out to the car. It was a later dinner, by the time Erik could get off work and drive down here, so the stars are out. We drive back with casual conversation, and I'm curious what kind of present it might be that requires privacy. Maybe it makes noise that would've been disruptive in the restaurant. OR… maybe it's an action, more than an item! I begin having some naughty thoughts while we drive. We haven't done anything physical together since that one magical evening, and I can feel the hunger building inside me.
We finally get to the apartment and head inside, and Katrina pulls out a standard, physical present: a white box with a bow. Maybe I was wrong about my naughty thoughts. I take the box from her and open it carefully. It looks like clothes. But when I peel up the tissue paper, I see what is definitely lingerie. My heart thumps loudly in my chest. There is a baby doll top with navy silk covering the stomach and back. But the bra is entirely blue mesh—totally see-through! It closes with a gold front-clasp. The underwear is blue silk in the back, and blue mesh across the front and underneath. This outfit is the opposite of coverage, revealing only the sexiest parts.
"Is this for me?" I ask quietly.
"Mostly," Katrina replies.
I look up at them. "It's for you to wear, but, if you're willing, for all three of us to enjoy," Erik explains.
"We'd love a little fashion show," says Katrina, "if you'd like to go try it on."
This reminds me so much of the time with Katrina in the red.
I gingerly take the box and walk back to the bathroom. I give them a nervous glance as I leave the room, and they smile at me.
To the task. Obviously, I shouldn't be wearing anything except what they gave me. So I quickly strip down to my underwear. I then take off my bra, and this is when I start to feel self-conscious. I slip my arms through the straps—I hadn't noticed the little ruffles—and do the gold clasp. I lift my breasts to adjust them in the cups, then swap the underwear. There's a little gold bow just below my stomach.
I step back to look in the mirror. Oh gosh, I can't wear this out to see them. I feel so entirely exposed. My stomach is totally covered, which is what I'm most self-conscious about, but my nipples, areolas, and crotch are on almost full display. The blue is beautiful; it brings out my eyes. And if it weren't for the mesh, I'd feel absolutely sexy. As is, I'm not sure if I feel sexy or just slutty. But this is how Katrina and Erik wanted to see me, right? They wanted to see this?
I take a deep breath and open the bathroom door. I walk down the hall but chicken out right before I walk into view. My heart is racing.
Katrina and Erik heard the door open but don't see me appear. She calls out, "Hellooooo??"
"Hi," I say quietly from behind the wall.
"Are you coming out, girl?" she asks.
"I don't—I don't know. Um. Are you sure you want me to?"
"WE want you to, but it IS your choice," she replies.
I inhale deeply and step around the corner. Katrina and Erik are sitting with their backs slightly toward me, heads turned to watch me walk into the room. I come around the loveseat and stand in front of them in the middle of the living room. I can feel their eyes roaming my body, especially those mesh parts. I'm practically trembling.
"Are you okay, Alice?" asks Erik after a moment. "You're practically shaking."
"I'm nervous for you to see me like this."
"We've already seen you naked, girlfriend. Why are you so concerned?"
"Last time we were already in the heat of it, so I didn't have to think so much about it."
"Well," says Erik, standing up and giving Katrina a sly smile, "we could always help get you back in the heat of it. If you want…" He walks toward me, and I feel my legs rapidly turning to jelly. He puts his hand on my side, so warm through the silk, and nuzzles his head into mine. I feel heady. I press my body against him, and he takes his other hand to my back, down, past the baby doll, to squeeze my butt firmly.
"Wait, Erik," I say breathlessly. He immediately pulls back. "No no, not like that! I just… want to try something," I say, grinning. I playfully push his chest back until he flops back on the loveseat next to Katrina.
I don't know what came over me, but I decided to try to give them a sexy show. I step back to the center of the room and take a curvy pose—hip cocked, one ankle over the other, knee slightly bent to give maximum ass curvature. I rub my foot up my shin and rub my hand along my butt. My hand travels to my crotch, and I rub the mesh while biting my lip. Then I stretch back, thrusting my head back and chest out, and run the back of my hands up my sides, the sides of my boobs, and up. I turn around and slowly bend over, ass to them, and sashay my butt ever so slightly. I bend up halfway, back arched, and flip my wavy blonde hair up. I stand up as sexily as I can and look over my shoulder through my hair at the Collins, biting my finger. I'm shocked at what I see, and it's a struggle to maintain character. Katrina has her hand in Erik's pants and is stroking his cock through his boxers. Erik has hiked up Katrina's skirt and is rubbing her crotch through her underwear. I continue my act, twirling around and swiveling my hips in a figure eight while squeezing my boobs. I pinch the nipples and bend into my own touch, feeling the weight of my breasts shift.
From here I close my eyes and start to focus less on the show and more on pleasuring myself. One hand toys with my breast, squeezing it, the other hand cups and rubs my crotch.
Suddenly there is a body behind me, and a hard dick pressed against my butt. Erik's hands replace mine at my crotch and my breast, and he holds me to him by my crotch—his hand so large, warm, and strong against my sex.
"Oh…!" I moan under his touch. I open my eyes quickly to see Katrina standing before me.
"Is this okay?" Erik whispers in my ear. His hands work so much better than mine.
"Yes," I groan, spreading my legs to give him better access.
Katrina steps close to me and cups my face in her hands. Then she leans in for a kiss. Her sweet, sexy lips mush against mine, and I melt. Oh, Katrina… I kiss her back fervently while Erik plays with my sex. He's mostly been groping, but now he starts to use his fingers more skillfully. Katrina Frenches me, and I suck on her tongue like I saw Erik do. She kisses and kisses, and Erik squeezes my breast repeatedly. Then Erik wedges his middle finger between my folds, through the mesh, holds me tightly there, and starts grinding his cock against my butt. All I can think about is that cock going where his finger his, and I'm afraid I've lost track of kissing Katrina. I breathe heavily, head rolled back, as Erik toys with my nipple. Katrina changes tactics, seeing I'm a little overcome, and kisses my neck and collarbone area—small kisses, planted everywhere.
Then she pulls back and rubs her hands along the top of my chest/neck. "Do you think we should move to the bedroom, darling," she asks. I'm not sure if she's talking to me, still moaning in the throes of Erik's touch.
Erik pulls back from his touches and rubs his hands warmly over the spots before releasing entirely. "Whaddya say, Alice; are you up for that?" he asks me.
"Yes!" I reply, turning to him.
Erik takes my hand and walks me back to the bedroom. Katrina follows smiling. When we get to the bedroom, Katrina worms her arms around my waist from behind, holding me to her and resting her chin on my shoulder. She's so cozy, even if that's not really the vibe of this event. She pulls back slightly, hands resting on my hips, and Erik comes to me. He cradles my head with his hand and angles my neck. Gently, he presses in for a kiss. At first soft, he presses more and more firmly until I'm caught in a deep, passionate kiss. Then he consumes me steadily. He's tender, but he's also the one in control. His full lips mold to mine again and again, and I let myself be carried away in the moment. Finally, he breaks—me, panting. "You're so good at that," he praises.
"My turn?" Katrina whispers in my ear.
I smile and turn to her. "Of course, Beautiful."
I start with light kisses—a kiss, a break, a kiss, a break—but I don't have the self-control that Erik does, and they quickly become hungry, passionate kisses. I wrap one arm around her waist, the other at her neck, and hold her tightly to me. I feel her body warm against me as I consume her with my kisses. "I love you," I say, between fiery bursts. "I love you so much." I kiss her, and bite her lips, and suck, and press, until Erik's hand on my shoulder pulls me back. I break, gasping.
"Oh!" I say. Erik has entirely disrobed. His dick is starting to harden but not there yet.
"I'm wondering if you could help me out with something," he says with a grin. I glance down at his cock. "Yes, that something. You did such a great job last time, I wondered if you'd want to try it again."
I nod, staring at his member, then look up at his face. He walks over to the chair and sits down, legs spread. I kneel between his legs and look at the only partially hard cock in front of me. I grasp his balls gently in my hand, curious. I squeeze lightly, a very faint massage, and Erik grips the arms of the chair. I then wrap my hand around his cock and squeeze lightly, rubbing along his length. Erik releases a deep breath. I hold his penis up to my mouth and take just the end in. I suck the head, massaging with my tongue, and move my hand back to his balls, kneading them gently. I can feel Erik hardening slightly.
Then I take more of his length in my mouth, bobbing up and down slowly. I take both hands to his balls and let my head do the work on his shaft. I speed up my pace while working, squeezing, and rubbing his balls, and I can feel him getting harder and larger. As he grows, so quickens my pace. Soon I'm going all at it with the best of my cock-sucking abilities. When Erik is almost panting beneath me, I decide it's time for my trick.
I press my head down on his cock, centimeter by centimeter, until his length fills my whole mouth. Then I take a deep breath and push farther, pushing his cock to the back of my throat. I angle downward and press him bit by bit into my throat—deep-throating, he called it. I squeeze him up and down my throat, and I hear him losing control above me.
"Al—Alice," he gasps. "You have to—"
It's good that I can hold my breath for a long time, because I can keep going.
"Please—I—I can't—ah!—ah-h-h!" and all at once Erik grips my head to plunge me the last few centimeters down on his dick, his cock twitches in my mouth and throat, and hot, sticky streams of semen shoot down my throat. I have to swallow, with his dick all the way down my throat. He releases my head, and I release him from my throat as his last streams of semen shoot down. I gasp slightly, his cock still in my mouth, then suck his much limper cock for a final caress, before letting him plop free.
Erik is collapsed in the chair, breathing heavily, head rolled back. "I'm sorry, I didn't realize," he pants, "I should've asked first. I didn't know you'd be so good." He lifts his head to look at me. "Are you okay?" I nod, then smile, and he collapses his head back on the chair.
Then I feel warm skin on my shoulders and back. Katrina wraps her arms under my armpits and pulls me to stand, so she's then hugging me from behind. I can feel through the thin baby doll that Katrina's naked breasts are pressed against me, her head at my neck.
"Do I get to have you now, too?" I ask quietly.
Katrina squeezes me and grins. "Yes!"
I spin around with a wolfish grin and stare into her eyes as I walk her back toward the bed. She bumps into it and reaches behind her to climb onto the bed. She's entirely naked. I see all her curves and lines and skin exposed before me. I watch the delicious dangle of her breasts as she scooches across to the center of the bed. I place one knee and hand on the bed to come after her, looking her up and down hungrily. All that skin, all those curves… and of course those massive, dangling breasts.
My vision freezes there: those beautiful breasts. My heart pounds in my ears, my eyes fixated on her breasts, and I swallow. She leans back on her hand, thrusting her chest out to me, and the hunger erupts in full force. I pounce on her, jumping onto the bed, and pin her to the bed with a passionate kiss at her neck. She gasps, then laughs, while I kiss her neck furiously and my hands roam her body. "Goodness, darling, you're like a ravenous wolf," she says, squirming under my assault. I feel and squeeze every inch of her torso—her sides, her waist, her hips… then those glorious mounds of breast. When my hand finally reaches there, I move to kiss her lips instead of her neck. I squeeze and grope her chest while I make out with her. I'm sloppy, for once—smothering her in wet, sloppy kisses.
I release her breasts and reach up to hold her head, while simultaneously sliding my body more on top of her. I press my leg between hers so we each have a knee between the other's legs. I kiss her, and kiss her, and begin grinding against her thigh. Fuck! that feels so good… She lifts her leg ever so slightly to give me a better angle. I rub my body against her, slowly stopping the kissing, and with my head thrown back I really feel like a wolf in heat humping her mate.
Katrina calls her husband over. "I think she could use some help, baby, don't you?"
Erik reaches his hand between her thigh and my sex and positions his finger at my entrance. When I hump backward, I push into his finger, and he presses inside me through the mesh. I let out a moan, halting my movements. Katrina lowers her leg, while Erik keeps his hand steady, and he begins playing with my crotch.
From here, I settle to lie atop/adjacent to Katrina, my head so conveniently over her breasts. Erik plays with my sex, and I happily take her breast into my mouth. I suck her nipple and flick it with my tongue, then bite ever so lightly. I release and kiss and suck around the whole area of her flesh, then grab her nipple between the side of my forefinger and my thumb.
Erik is doing heavenly things, and I open my legs wider for him.
I squish her breast then pull up, letting the nipple slide slowly free from my finger. I take it again and watch the poor flesh try to lift her massive breast before snapping back down. I roughly knead the breast, then hold it in a tender caress. My hand doesn't hold the half of it.
Erik finally slides his hand beneath the mesh to touch me directly. He slowly wiggles one finger into my sex, and it's incredibly distracting.
I take Katrina's nipple and twist very, very slowly. This is one of Katrina's most sensitive breast touches.
Erik swirls his finger, pumping ever so slightly, and my breathing gets heavier.
I continue twisting, little by little, until Katrina starts to squirm beneath me. But with me mostly on top of her, she has nowhere to go. I twist and twist, and she mews softly beneath me. A little farther… and she arches her back, panting, mewing, squirming, and looking so phenomenally delicious. I finally relent, and she relaxes, gasping.
Erik is mostly exploring my vagina with his finger, so I settle back atop Katrina and rest my head between her boobs. She presses both breasts up beside my head and cocoons me in titflesh. From there, Erik apparently finds just the spot he's been looking for, because a hot pleasure suddenly rushes over me. I groan into Katrina's breasts. He takes my cue and rubs and presses right on that spot. I can't breathe. It just builds and builds in hot pleasure. It feels so fucking heavenly that I think I might actually, unexpectedly—and—and—suddenly he pulls out entirely. No. No! Dang it!
I push up from Katrina and look over at Erik in confusion. "Why'd you stop?" I ask in frustration.
"It's too soon, Alice," he replies laughing.
"But you already got yours!" I complain.
He laughs again. "But she hasn't," he says, gesturing with his head.
He climbs onto the bed on the other side of Katrina and rubs his hand up and down her inner thigh. I slide off from her to the side, and his hand massages her crotch, too. He appears to be going slowly, so I decide to do the same. I cup Katrina's cheek in my hand and lean over for some slow, sensual kissing. I love the feel of the curve of her lips. And I love how intimate kissing can be if done right. I'm more than happy to take my time.
I'm not sure what Erik's doing exactly, but Katrina starts squirming on the bed slowly. She pulls back from the kiss and closes her eyes, breathing heavily. I look down at Erik. He has one hand partially inside her, the thumb I'm assuming rubbing her clit. Erik makes long eye contact with me, and I feel a flush.
"Katrina said you could take a turn, if you want, since I'm here," he says, still working his magic.
I look down at Katrina. "Are you sure? You said only Erik touches you there."
Katrina is still squirming and breathing heavily, so clearly a little distracted. "I'm sure, darling," she says. "We talked—this past week. I'm sure." Panting.
I scooch down the bed and watch what Erik's doing. He has three fingers inside her, and his thumb is indeed massaging a certain area. He pulls out slowly, stopping his movements, and smears his wet hand on her breast to lick it off her chest. He sucks firmly on her nipple, pulling it up, then bites gently, letting it scrape out through his teeth. Katrina moans faintly.
Erik looks down at me and notices I haven't started. "Start by getting a feel for the area," he says, reaching down to demonstrate. He then takes my hand and rubs it from the bottom of her slit, slowly up. Oh god, I'm touching her. He rubs my hand back and forth along her sex, until I start making the movements on my own. Then he moves up to kiss his wife.
I'm mostly still getting familiar with the terrain, so to speak. I feel her lips, the surrounding area, but there's a crucial piece I'm missing… there: I think I found it—the small nub of nerves responsible for the bulk of female orgasms. It feels slightly hard from Erik's ministrations, but I bet I can get better.
I start by circling the area, rubbing everywhere but there. Occasionally I make a pass over her clit. On one of my passes down, I slip my finger between her lips. She's definitely wet. I reach deeper inside her to coat my finger in her moisture, then rub it over her clit. The lubrication helps.
I decide to try to copy what Erik was doing, since he should know what she likes. I reach two fingers inside her and swirl them in the wetness. Then I add a third finger. My fingers are much slenderer than Erik's so I decide she has room for all four fingers. I curl my hand inside her and rub her walls. She squirms at that. My thumb is almost perfectly positioned above her clit, so I try to move both parts of my hand independently. My fingers curl and stroke, my thumb does much finer detailed work. I still mostly tease her clit, because I don't know how sensitive she is. I like direct touch right from the get-go, but I've heard some women are more sensitive. I rub my thumb up and down the sides of her clit, then flick firmly across. She definitely squirmed from that one. I rub along the sides again, then flick the other direction. I can feel her clit hardening. I repeat that for a while, then start swirling around the nub. I shrink the circle, closer and closer, until eventually I'm directly swirling the clit.

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