Bite Me

Beep Stories

I was stationed at a military base in Virginia–where I spent the next two years. My favorite hobby was metal detecting, and, due to the abundance of Civil War relics and old coins to be found, I pursued this endeavor at every opportunity. During the colder weather months (winters are relatively mild, around Hampton/Newport News), it was a coin/relic hunters dream; this was largely due to the absence of flying pests–mosquitoes, in particular. However, when spring rolled around, the “skeeters” showed up in droves . . . . searching for any warm-blooded mammals, from which to extract their desired food supply.
Naturally, with the warmer temperatures came the need to wear lighter clothing (e.g., short-sleeve shirts)–although long pants were still required, to ward off the deer ticks; unfortunately, the lighter clothing also exposed more skin . . . . which the mosquitoes greatly appreciated. ‘Deep-Woods Off’ became an essential part of my gear, when going out treasure hunting; I generously covered every square inch of skin, with the exception of facial areas, to protect myself from the little beggars. There was one are of skin, however, that I totally neglected when ‘putting on my armor’ –which I’ll get to in a moment.
My first day of detecting during ‘skeeter season’ turned out to be pretty productive; in the first couple of hours, I recovered seven Civil War ‘mini-balls’ (musket rounds); a couple of silver quarters; three silver dimes; two ‘shield nickels;’ and assorted Indian-head, wheat, and Lincoln-head pennies. Having drank from my water bottle several times, the time finally came when I needed to relieve myself; since I was hunting in a wooded section bordering a swampy area, the mosquitoes had long ago announced their presence. They hovered close to me, patiently waiting for the insect repellant to wear off–just enough to attack; I kept repeating its use, which had saved me thus far.
Anyway, I was alone in the area so I unzipped my trousers, and withdrew my organ to take a whiz; well hell, you’d have thought I’d just rung the dinner bell! The one area of my anatomy, that I never considered as a target, was instantly under attack by these blood-thirsty savages! Have you ever tried to piss when a horde of mosquitoes was descending on your exposed cock, from every direction? I furiously waved my free hand, to ward them off, but they refused to leave me alone; I had already begun to urinate, and I quickly moved to a less dense area (still pissing & waving)–hoping to leave them behind. Forget that shit . . . . they stayed right with me, so I had no alternative but to continue waving them away; by now, an area of my neck came under attack as well, which distracted me from the “task at hand” (pardon the pun). I had to stop waving, so that I could slap the ones on my neck–which left my exposed prick totally unprotected!
Instantly, I felt a slight burning in my dick, and looked down to see that two of the little critters had already inserted their respective proboscis into my cock head; I shuddered, slightly, as I actually felt my blood being siphoned up their feeding tubes! Even more surprising, my cock instantly began to stiffen–rising to full erection, as they voraciously extracted blood from me. In the meantime, four or five more of the ‘little beasties’ now laid claim to the stem of my penis, and followed suit; the sensation in my sensitive cock head and foreskin was unbelievable!
With a half-dozen of them now sucking on me, I moaned aloud–as a slow stream of semen actually began to flow from my cock head; my organ bobbed up and down on its own, as I watched each of them extract their fill of my life-giving sustenance. When they finally ‘lumbered away,’ they resembled overloaded airplanes; with their departure, others eagerly replaced them at the “dinner table” to get their fill. My cock continued to give up its storehouse of sperm, and one of them actually got washed away when he got to close to the pee-hole; it was comical to watch the little vultures, as they greedily robbed me of my blood; I must have ejaculated a thimble-full of my seed, in a slow, but continuous flow, before it finally halted. In the meantime, I conservatively estimated that I’d fed at least twenty of the ‘blood-suckers;’ others wanted to alight for their fair-share, but I shooed them away, wiped the cum from my piss hole, and tucked myself away.

As I picked up my detector and headed for the car, I finally faced the reality of what I’d just done; remembering how badly mosquito bites swelled the skin, not to mention itched–the next day, I just knew I’d suffer big-time, tomorrow! I showered when I got to the barracks, and inspected my cock for damage; I could see numerous, little red blotches, and groaned at the thought of what was to come. When I awoke the next morning, I immediately went to the john to take a leak; expecting the worst, I couldn’t believe it when I observed that there was no change in the condition of my prick–and, more importantly, there was absolutely no itching at all. This convinced me that the human penis must be immune to mosquito bites!
It was four days later, before I was able to resume my hobby–which now had a new, and even physically pleasurable aspect to it. I was determined to find out if it had just been a fluke, or if my assessment was correct; was my penis, in fact, immune? So I naturally headed back to the same area–only this time, I left my jockey shorts at home; I also wore Levi 501 jeans, with the buttons–so I wouldn’t accidentally catch my foreskin in a zipper. As I exited the car, I instantly began to stiffen in my trousers–just thinking of what I was about to do; by the time I got my detector and digging tools from the trunk, my cock was fully erect! I thought to myself, “Damn, you’re sick–what person in his right mind gets horny thinking about mosquitoes sucking his cock?” The answer I arrived at was easy . . . . ME!!!
Since the hum of mosquitoes was readily evident, locating some in need of a transfusion was easy; they were everywhere, and as soon as I exposed my erect organ they flocked to the source! In seconds, my cock was nearly covered with the little tykes–each of them drilling for sustenance; I let them have their way with me–each of them eagerly probing deep, to get the desired nourishment. Almost instantly, my dick began to throb and buck–as the sensation of many mouth parts feasting on me brought about the desired result; a long, drawn-out orgasm began–and semen began to ooze, then flow in a seemingly unending river. The hungry mosquitoes, meanwhile, quickly changed shifts . . . . those that got their fill (there was no mistaking their bloated, blood-red abdomens, as they lumbered away) were immediately replaced by the ones that had been in the ‘holding pattern.’
When all was said and done, I estimated that I’d fed somewhere between 35 – 45 of the tiny critters; I chuckled to myself, as I left, thinking that–if they could speak, they would surely thank me for my generosity! When I inspected my organ, the next morning, I was overjoyed to note that, again, there were no raised areas of skin (only numerous, tiny red blotches, that disappeared within 24 hours)–and, more importantly once again, there was absolutely no itching! Satisfied with my original assessment, I knew that I was now hooked on “mosquito sex;” I had also come up with a whole new meaning for the term “blood donor!”