Black widower and his new conservative family!

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By Punisher_ Black widower meets his neighbors and dominates the white family by winning a new home

Angélica and I were very happy in the first few months of our marriage. She was the love of my life. Angel was a sweet, virginal 20-year-old when we got married. She hid her shapely body with long dresses, and her black hair was always tied up, she had the body of a teenage girl, she was a lady, a beautiful angel that’s why everyone called her Angel. She was a pastor’s daughter, raised in a deeply Christian family, and her strong religious convictions didn’t let her dress flashy. I would come to know, over the course of a few months, what a spectacular body she had. I felt privileged to have this view, and to have been the first man to feel the inside of her welcoming pussy.
She almost never wants to tease me sexually and that can frustrate me because she has a really good body and a beautiful face. She’s no model, but she would definitely belong in a “reader’s wife” section of some magazine or website. She is 38 years old, with a curvaceous figure, large breasts, and short black hair framing a beautiful face. Tina rarely wears anything provocative when we’re in public, and I need to get her in a good mood so she can dress sensually at home, anyway, she’s a hot woman, but very sure of herself.
Recently, a new neighbor arrived on our street, a black gentleman named Antônio. I assume he must be in his late 50s and seemed quite polite, and reserved. the famous “Tonhão”, was a tall man, 1.89 tall, weighed around 135 kg, what we could call a bear because his body was strong and hairy with very thick legs, firm and muscular thighs and voluminous calves, , his arms also had muscles and his hands were gigantic but what caught the most attention was his large beer belly and his firm chest, his rich entire body was covered in black hair, extremely hairy, his face adorned by a Tina Blackbeard and I were recently talking to him on the other side of the garden wall, and he told us how he was widowed last year and needed to get away from his old home to start his life over again. This immediately brought out my wife’s “mommy” spirit, and in the following days I had to listen to his ideas to cheer up Antônio and introduce him to other people. Just to get the point across, I suggested she go around the garden to see if she could help him with anything. She agreed and decided to go the next morning.

I was in the garden when Angélica shouted to me that she would be there if I needed her. I worked in the garden for a while longer before returning home. I had to change a light bulb in our kitchen and when I climbed onto a chair to do so, I had a great view of my wife and Antônio in the kitchen next door. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My wife looked like she was. She was sitting next to Antônio on a kitchen stool, dressed in a tight white blouse and a gray skirt halfway down her white thighs. She was also wearing black silk stockings and had her thigh high black leather boots on. Her short hair and red lipstick made her look absolutely seductive and I knew it wouldn’t go unnoticed by the old black guy she was clearly trying to “cheer up”.
They seemed to be laughing and joking and I was recovering from the shock of seeing them getting along so well, as if they were old friends, when the scene took a sudden and shocking turn.
The look on my wife’s face changed from happiness to shock and anger, clearly over something William had said to her. She immediately got up to leave, but as soon as she had taken two or three steps, Antônio jumped up and grabbed her from behind by the hair. I heard Angel scream from my kitchen as Antonio pushed her forward toward the door. I jumped out of my chair and ran to get my baseball bat and go to my wife’s aid.
It was then that I saw my wife stumble into a room through the window, before William threw her onto the bed. I was suddenly transfixed by this vision, and I have to admit that I just stood there behind the curtain, looking forward to the next step in this drama.
The houses on our street are very close together, and the view from my guest room to William’s room was very good. The sight of my wife lying on her back on my neighbor’s bed, in that sexy outfit, was driving me crazy with lust. Antônio had a look of pure lust on her face, and in a matter of seconds he ran over and grabbed Angel’s short skirt, pulling it down her legs, and getting rid of her in a minute. Angel was wearing black socks and this proved to be too much for the elderly pervert. She was still very scared, but she couldn’t move. She wanted to play tease, and now she was about to become the property of our black neighbor. She tried to get up, but Antônio jumped on top of her and started tearing her blouse. Then he tore his own shirt and pants to release a huge cock. Next I could see my wife surrendering and hugging the black bear. They kissed lightly at first, like lovers. Then it got more carnal when Angel showed him her small, pink, slippery tongue. He held her face with his black hands as he sucked her tongue voraciously. Before long, their tongues were dueling with each other. And kissing him with my tongue and my wife’s squeals and squeals as he buried.
He took her hand and pushed it down toward his pants, and I could see the interest on her face as she touched his big tool. I could see her hand moving inside his pants. I was amazed now, in a state of shock, overcome by a kind of sensory overload. Part of me was trying to estimate how big that dick was by inspecting the range of movements of her hands, and part of me wanted to commit murder. She reached down with her other hand, unfastened his belt, and got on her knees to pull down his pants.
The man had reason to be proud, he wasn’t even fully erect yet, but he was already bigger than any other dick I’d ever seen, and very thick, he had a volume that would scare any white Christian, his heavy testicles barely fit in my hand. wife. Antônio’s dick was hard as an iron bar, and his round, reddish head was drooling, forming a long string of pre-cum. My wife was kneeling now, a few centimeters away from him, and I involuntarily wondered how much of it she could handle it.
“Suck my dick,” he whispered, and slowly, slowly, she brought her lips closer to his. When she finally touched him, resting her chin on his ripe African balls, she looked up. She admired the black trunk that rose above her head. My wife began to follow his thick veins with her tongue until she reached the high edges of his head, from where his sperm was dripping. She licked everything, drooled, choked on the big black cock and began to draw its length into her mouth, I felt an electric wave through my body. The shock of such a big, thick member in my wife’s delicate mouth was a very hot scene for me. My cock rose, pressing against my wet pants, as I watched her lips stretch, watched her resist the urges to choke, as she took as much as she could down her throat.
She had never done that for me. Even though for months I had been trying, little by little, to treat her with respect, careful not to taint her with my carnal needs. I knew now that I had been a fool – what she really wanted was a man to take her to this, without asking. She was eagerly going down, working like a hungry whore, on the biggest, baddest guy I had ever seen in my life. And he was getting the treatment from her silky lips, her soft tongue, the careful, slow suck that is every man’s wet dream. Every few minutes she slipped it out of her mouth, and lowered her face so she could tickle, first one ball, then the other, with her long, wet tongue. When she would do this, I would hear him mutter, “You’re a sweet, affectionate bitch.” Then she would slide the dick back into her mouth, and then look directly at me. My dick was burning, and my mind was spinning.
They did this for a few minutes and I figured he was going to let her out now, but he just got up, said something with a nasty look on his face and went to the window to pull the curtains, he saw me with my pants all ruffled. and with the look of a submissive beta. Antônio just said- Come in and wait in the living room. I went in and sat on the sofa waiting. Antonio came in with my wife holding his hand as if they were married and ordered “Get off my couch now!” I got up shyly, while my beautiful wife took off her skirt and panties and lay down on the couch, lifting her legs and exposing her wonderful pussy to us. But no, it wasn’t for us, it was for him. He undressed, slowly, savoring his conquest, taking the opportunity for a few more insults. “Here, hold this,” handing me his pants and shirt.
I just stood there, unable to move but not really wanting to do so anymore. I wanted to see it happen, I wanted to see him fuck Angel. My excitement was evident, and Antônio noticed my hard cock inside my wet pants.
I could see her face, beneath his rigid back and shoulders. She was all red, her lips were flushed with passion, and she looked at him as he reached for her big, thick cock.
When I entered the room holding Antônio’s hand I realized that my home had a new patriarch and my husband was going to have to accept the new member of our family, his dick wetting his pants already gave a positive response and that made me even more excited so I started to jerk off that dick and feel it grow, pulsing in my hand. When it was really hard, I couldn’t believe the size. I held it with both hands and still had my head and a little more left over. It was thick, I couldn’t put my fingers together. I was trembling, burning inside, when he said to me in a determined voice: Suck it, donna, suck it, you’ll like it, I’ll satisfy you.
I couldn’t stand it and fell forward, or at least I tried, but I could only grab the big head and a small piece of the rest. I drooled with so much lust, sucked with gusto, licked everything up to the balls and went back to the head. I spent about 10 minutes sucking, when I couldn’t take it anymore, I asked him to eat me. I was so crazy with lust that I got up and just took off my panties and handed them to my husband who already had his little dick out, drooling like I’ve never seen before, while my black guy sat on the couch with his big cock pointing at the ceiling. Without thinking twice, I positioned myself over that monster, he held his head at the entrance to my pussy and gave it a few strokes until I started to force my way down. The head slowly entered and opened up space, but the start was easy due to the excess lubrication it was. The pain started a little, as the rest was already starting to enter me. When I felt quite full, I stopped going down a little to get used to the width of that trunk, that’s when I put my hand in and saw that there was still half left! I was simply being devirginized for the first time, my husband’s tiny dick didn’t even come close to the places where Antônio’s gigantic dick was enjoying. I started to roll a little to try to relieve the burning and try to go down further, when Antônio suddenly grabbed me by the waist and pulled me down violently, making my little blonde hairs touch his balls.
I screamed in pain, I cried, the pain was really strong, I almost passed out. I felt my uterus being crushed. A tear was still streaming from my eyes when he pulled me up and started pumping inside me. He took out almost everything and then pushed it in hard, howling with pleasure and talking about how tight I was. She said that my husband has a nothing dick (and next to his it was nothing) and that I was now going to get addicted to that black cock. We stayed like that for a while longer.
Antônio put me in the roast chicken position on the couch. And he positioned his thick cock at my damp door. He pushed the tip in, and said, “Come on girl, put your legs over my shoulders.”
This time I could see that huge black piece entering me, filling me, making me feel full and broken in for the first time. Now the pain was less and when he placed his head against my uterus I screamed and had the biggest orgasm of my life. He moaned like a bitch in heat, with a huge lust. He kept pumping for another 30 minutes and I had countless orgasms, I was dizzy and out of breath, when he gave a stronger thrust and stayed for a while. I felt his dick twitching, he was cumming. He came a lot, because when he took it out of me I felt a lot of cum dripping out of my open pussy. He left and went to get ready, while I stayed there for a while on the couch, passed out, all happy and satisfied.
From my position, I could see her balls and the thick cock entering her.
The air was heavy. He started to push, and her face changed once again, I could almost feel her sharp pain: “No Antonio, slow down, you’re hurting me…!”
Antonio “I guess you’re not used to real sex, bitch. Damn, you’re tight like a teenager, it’s like your hymen hasn’t really been broken yet!”
He continued to invade her, even though she was crying in pain. It seemed like he was being deliberately slow, enjoying the feeling of breaking into her. It felt like an eternity, watching the length of her entire member plunging inside her, spreading her tender flesh beneath him, clamping his entire cock into her big open pussy.
My little wife disappeared over that monster, only her little feet were visible escaping from the sides of Antônio’s torso.
His hips moved up and down with speed and, in fact, with the speed of the pumps. With them he maintained a standardized rhythm, he was all in, then he stopped for a moment and gave her a soft kiss and my Angel showed him her small, pink tongue. He cupped her face with his black hands as he sucked her tongue voraciously. And kissing him with his tongue and my wife’s little screams and squeals as he buried his black cock he looked into his eyes and said “Now, it only hurts because you’re not used to me, but you’ll be fine, you’re mine now.”
And without excitement she replied: “yes, I am yours and I will do everything you say”

She just looked at me, with glassy eyes I just nodded knowing that our life had a new direction. He held her tightly by the shoulders, she was pinned beneath him as he began to thrust. She was helpless, but it didn’t really matter, because I could see she was completely surrendered, in that sweet place where pain turns to surrender.
“Oh, Antonio. Now she was enjoying it, enjoying every stab of his love tool deep inside her. Her mouth was pressed against his firm shoulder, she was giving him little love bites. “Oh God, I I feel so good! Damn, that big dick feels so good!”
I was loving watching her, as I had always dreamed of being able to do, watching the way she gasped with each thrust, watching her come true, hissing pleasure from her like a wild animal. She was looking at him, and I could see her cheeks were wet. They were tears of pleasure.
Antonio stopped for a moment, just when she was ready, just when he knew she was there, almost ready to explode inside, he stopped thrusting and looked at her. He knew exactly what to do, how to use this moment, this pain he awakened in her.
He looked into her crying eyes, and brought her face down, and gave her the sweetest kiss on her lips, and whispered, “Do you like this?”
“Y -s- s- yes…”, softly, like a prayer.
And he responded with a soft, wet kiss. “Are you going to be my girl from now on? My property?”
“Y -y- y- yes…”, loving that he had heard what he had heard from him.
“Will you be my whore?”
“Y -y- y- yes…I…I want it.”
I thought I would explode with passion, I felt like a witness to some dark and sinful intimacy. And I loved it, taking vicarious pleasure in the treatment this man was receiving from her, from my wife, watching the gentle way he played with her, physically and psychologically. I began to rub myself while listening to them, forgetting the humiliation that came with it, enjoying the sparks of lust that flew between them.
Angel: “Oh, Jesus, I want to be yours, oh, Antonio, I love feeling your big cock inside me!” He was listening to what he wanted, and he started moving again, pulling and pushing that big thing inside her.
“I’m going to cum in you, make you full of my cum!”
“Oh, Antônio, I don’t take contraceptives, you’re going to get me pregnant, my God, I really can’t resist… come inside me, I want your baby!” She was cumming, and I saw a big smile of satisfaction on his face as she let go. I came at the same time as she did, loving the sight of her big man in action.
My pussy burned and burned, but when I saw that I had managed to wrap up that cock, I felt a strong shiver taking over my body and I came hard. My cum served to further lubricate Antônio’s cock, which began to pump inside me. I saw clouds, my uterus was getting jerks and jerks, cumming hard inside me, I felt its jets washing me inside and it gave me a huge turn-on
Antônio put it to me again:
And he said “I’m going to cum in you, make you full of my cum!”
” Oh, Antonio, I don’t take birth control you’re going to get me pregnant, my God I really can’t resist…, please cum in me now. I want you to shoot your cum in me now, while I’m cumming for you. Shoot his cum inside me now. I started to tremble on Antonio’s lap, he howled and said, Yes, oh yes… when he started shooting his cum inside my belly. He came a lot, because when he took it from me I felt a lot of cum dripping out of my open pussy. He hugged me and hugged me while my pink pussy milked the last drops of sperm from his black cock. I simply kissed passionately and exchanged tongues with my new male. I got off of Antônio and involuntarily I looked at my husband and said “now it’s your turn, my little cuckold”. “I want you to clean my cum-filled pussy with your mouth”.
My wife writhed her ass, pushing it back insistently, trying to get more cock inside her. “Oh, fuck me Antonio! I want it all! Please give me everything! I can take it… stick it all in my womb and fill me with your cum, give me an African son!”
With that, he grabbed Angel by the hips, lined up his cock with her pussy and rammed it in at once, balls deep Angel screamed in ecstasy as the giant black cock filled my wife’s womb. I knew he was making a baby in her at that moment. She was in her most fertile period, and that huge cock was pressed firmly against her colon as he pumped his live load of millions of black baby-formers deep into her womb. He kept pumping his African seed into my loving wife, and I I could feel them contracting as they emptied their life-giving contents into my wife’s white slit. He pumped deep and hard, slamming his huge black cock in and out of her wet, slippery pussy, two inches from my face. I was licking and sucking his huge black balls while my wife came, once again.
When her pussy finally released him, his black dick fell in with a wet “slap” a huge amount of sperm came out of my wife’s slit, her pussy was extremely red she looked me in the eyes and said said “now it’s yours yours time, my little cuckold.” “I want you to clean my cum-filled pussy with your mouth.”
So, I got between her thighs but when I started to put my little clit on her, she said “no, not like that…” and put her legs on my shoulders and pushed me on my knees so that I was soon facing her. for her freshly fucked pussy. She said “you know what to do now, just do it like last night, only now you saw him fuck me, so be a good boy and clean all the cum out of my pussy…” With a groan I leaned over myself and started to lick and suck all his cum out of her pussy, and suddenly I felt my little clit start to throb and I knew I was cumming without even touching myself, and they both laughed at it. After I finished with her, she told me that I had an extra duty, I turned my head and his cock was right in my face and of course I greedily sucked his cock and balls, cleaning it of all their mixed juices, swallowing as much of that tasty sauce as possible. The huge black dick didn’t really get soft, and the more I sucked and licked it, the harder it got. After about five minutes of fucking my mouth, he said, “Get that little white ass of yours up for me, faggot. We’re going to make you a real slut now!”
“Really??? You’re going to eat his ass???” I heard my wife ask you. “That,… trust me… that puts them in their place, real quick!”
I rolled onto my stomach, and felt his huge black hands pulling me up by my hips. “Oh, yes, I’m going to fuck that white ass good! I’m about to turn you into a bitch… look how smooth and soft that ass is, you have a pink ass that was made for a dick… When If I break up with you, you won’t even think about pussy anymore. All you’ll want is a big black dick! I bit my lip in fear as I submitted to him. My wife spread the remaining cum that was still dripping from his pussy all over his black dick. He pushed my chest down and pulled my ass up, and I felt his hard cock against my virgin asshole. I gasped as he pushed his cock into me, forcing the air out of me…it hurt like hell for just a second, but as his giant cock entered my ass, I felt a sensation of pleasure like nothing I’d ever experienced before. I had felt it before in life. His big black cock was burying itself inside me, and I pushed back into him, shaking my ass like a slut. I wanted to be a good fuck for him. My wife watched, masturbating, while Antônio fucked my ass. She laughed as I moaned, and begged for more dick, and he said, “Woman, this boy here isn’t going to be of much use to you anymore! Look how he takes a black dick! We made him a bitch!”
He continued pumping my ass for about 20 minutes, and I was in ecstasy the entire time as he fucked me in front of my wife. When he started to thrust faster, I reached under us and rubbed his balls, and then I felt the spasms of his huge cock inside me. My ass was constantly flashing and I was in a trance and feeling an intense orgasm I started to squirt without stopping a lot of cum on the carpet, while I felt the jets of cum inside my ass, he released a huge load of semen into my tight hole. It was an incredible experience!
When he finished I started licking my cum off the carpet and went straight to his dick I could see the difference in the taste of the alpha male’s cum and I can say there is nothing more delicious in this world than black semen… meanwhile Antônio looked at my wife and said “That’s what white men are good at…”, while I sucked and cleaned his dick, to make it ready to fuck my wife whenever I wanted. “…
After a few hours of an intense sex session, my wife and I were lying on Antônio’s hairy chest on the couch, he noticed a photo of our children: little Olivia, 10 years old, next to her brother Ethan, 11 years old, both of whom are Redheads and has very feminine features and takes after his mother, Ethan loves wearing long hair and always does whatever his sister asks…
“Are they your Daughters?” he asked as he stroked his black dick.
We said yes, but one of them was a boy, he laughed and said: “believe me, he is also a girl”. He also asked if they were still virgins, and we replied that we were sure of that because they were very young and the girl hadn’t even had her period. He stood up, took the photo in his hands, and without taking his eyes off them, and admiring their childish beauty, he said: “Well, it seems to me that they have a new Daddy and need to be sexually educated. And I warn you that I don’t It’s a choice and a condition, now I’m part of this family. Get them ready for me next Saturday night at 7:00 or you’ll never have that black dick again…
Antônio left and left my wife and I lying on the sofa, both in silence for a few minutes… until Angel looked me in the eyes and said: “honey, we need to convince our children, they need a patriarch in the family and you know it” …I replied “please we need to do this, now let me finish cleaning your pussy I really need more cum…



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By Punisher_ #Bisexual #Cuckold #Interracial #PreTeen