Blackmailed by my Mother-in-law | straight story from Son-in-law…..

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I’m 32 and married to a 27-year-old woman and when she was pregnant last year, I was really horny and decided to hire a hooker. I was away from home and hadn’t been getting any sex as my wife was really close to giving birth. But I had to travel, and I decided to take the chance and get a fuck. I looked at ads for mature hookers and I picked one with a great rack and body, her face was blurred, and I rang the number. My phone didn’t recognize the number and the lady turned up and it and it was my mother-in-law 47 (MIL). I was busted, but so was she, she was divorced and had lost her job and started selling herself while looking for another job. Anyway, we had sex and as she knew me no condom, she also stayed the whole night. The next morning, she fucked me again and made me an offer to good to refuse. Being my MIL, she knew I was after a Personal Assistant. She had decided she could be my personal assistant, that way I wouldn’t cheat on my wife. I could’ve said I tell your daughter you’re a hooker, but as soon as it entered my mind, I knew was a silly thing to say. Her daughter would be shocked her mother was selling herself, but I was cheating on her and that would be much worse for me. I agreed and she said she had everything in her car as that’s where she was living. After a meeting I was going to fly home, instead I filled up her car and drove with my new PA back home. My wife was delighted to see her mother and that I’d hired her as my PA, but it was cut short by my wife going into labor and going to hospital. I live next door to my parents, and they were to take of my other child my daughter 3. Which had been arranged and my MIL said it was only right they still did. My son was born several hours later, and my MIL drained my balls after we got home. Saying it was okay to keep it in the family, my wife came home with our son and her mother is living with us still 4 months later. No plans on moving and still fucks me on my trips away. She is a good PA, and the sex makes her a great PA.

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