Blasting sex bombs Bharthi nd Arthi

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I’m Prakash (26 yrs old) from famous Bangalore garden city . Let me share here my sexual experiences with two sexy’s Bharthi and Arthi . They live near my house and I am the close friend of them for the past two years. Bharthi is around 25yrs old, very busty, white in complexion, has body structures 38-28-38. Her big boobs and round shaped bums are the much attractive things. I always stare at her while she was walking outside.

Next Arthi 23yrs old is of medium complexion, not with much big boobs, but has a quiet attractive figure of sizes 34-26-36. I like both girls very much and my main activity while I was in my room was to chat and play (all focused only on sex) with them. Actually they have come to Bangalore from a different state and so they are careless about keeping such sex relation with me because no body can guess their identification. We three, often go to movies, shopping, tours to some lonely area etc. While in theatre, I will be sitting in the middle with two sexy girls on my either side and we do some caressing with our genitals over the dress in the dark. That was a great fun. I used to be in their room many a time talking to them. The girls had a practice that they took bath every day after they return from their office in the evening time.

One evening, I was talking to Arthii sitting in a chair. That time Bharthi came from bath room just with a towel wrapped around her bosoms. Slight cleavage on top and shining legs below thighs was visible. She looked very fresh with her shining beauty. She did not expect me there and was bit surprised. I just made a move to leave their room, but Bharthi told me to sit there. I just continued talking to Arthi . Mean time, Bharthi asked Arthi for her inner wears which was in the cupboard behind me. Arthi requested me to take those dresses. I rushed opening the cupboard door and looked at them like for what to be taken from it. Bharthi in a little shy, told me to take a black colored bra, a black lacy panty, and a black colored nightie. I took them from cupboard and gave to Bharthi and I turned to Arthi again. My mind got interested in Bharthi now. Bharthi started to dress up her showing her back towards us. She was in a corner of the same room where we were talking. First she took the panty and started inserting her legs inside it. She was raising the panty through her legs and I got very much tempted with the sight.

She just moved her panty above and her full thighs were visible at the back side. But she some what adjusted not to show her buttocks and finished wearing her panty. Arthi was watching my act, but not resisted me from looking. Now she removed her towel from her breasts and tied at her waist to show her bare back to me. She took her bra and placed over her breasts quickly. Then she covered her entire body by wearing her nightie and came towards us with smile. Arthi told Bharthi about my watching while dressing for which Bharthi made a passionate slap on my cheek and laughed. The touch of her hand made me thrilled. Bharthi then switched on the TV; we started watching while Arthi went for bath. As you guess, erotic movie scene was going on, where a couple was in a deep French kiss.

Bharthi suddenly told me that we shall test the sense of such kissing and came close to me. Without waiting for my sign, she hugged me and placed her lips on mine. We both started searching other tongues and were involved deeply in French kissing. Bharthi stopped a little and expressed her happiness sensation got by kissing. Now Arthi was entering there from bath room wrapped in a towel. But she was exposing most of her body. I e, Half of her breasts and 70{041eef37a7f5b4db29dcc3cd09231a71295f4b2233e89afb6c97dccfcef67ea6} of her legs were visible. She was surprised by looking us and immediately joined us. Now Arthi started kissing all over my face. Bharthi was pressing her one hand on the breasts and the other hand smooching her crotch over the nightie and was moaning softly. We three then moved to the bed room. Bharthi and me were tightly holding and entire body was pressing on me. There Arthi’s towel got loosen and fell down fully.

She was now completely nude. I was admiring at her beauty and pressed her naked breasts and starting massaging. Bharthi now came back to me and started removing my pant, shirt leaving me only in my underwear. She smiled and told Arthi to look at my bulge inside. I was now sincerely sucking Arthi’s boobs and caressing her buttocks and pressing the bum cheeks hard towards me. Bharthi now removed her nightie and was only in her bra and panties. She came closer to me and removed my underwear. Both girls were very much delightful by seeing my cock which was in its full length and twitching by saluting them . Now, I and Arthi jointly removed Bharthi’s bra and panties and made her completely nude. Bharthi and Arthi lay on back onto the bed. I was now very nervous to see two girls before me in nude condition. I went close to their crotch areas. Both girls have neatly shaved and awesome cunts. I planted a deep kiss on Bharthi’s pussy and opened her love cave lips further with my two fingers.

Slowly I inserted my tongue into the love tunnel and started licking along the cunt lips and sucking her clit . Bharthi got so excited and her juices started to flow. Now I concentrated on Arthi’s cunt and made her to release her juices. Bharthi got up and reached my cock. She started fondling it and made kisses all over the shaft. Arthi also joined with her, and then the two girls’ tongues were traveling all over my organ and it created an amazing feeling on me. Bharthi then took the penis fully in her mouth and started giving a blow job. Arthi came on top of me and gave her pussy to me for licking. I informed Bharthi about my orgasmic situation with which she stopped sucking my penis to avoid earlier shooting of cum . Now Arthi got released from me and Bharthi positioned her pussy against my mouth for me to suck. Arthi came to the other side and I was pressing her firm boobs nicely. After some time, I focused fully on Bharthi’s breasts, started to massage them, suck, whatever I like, and started doing with the breasts.

Arthi now began eating Bharthi’s pussy. Finally we decided for doing the climax act I. E, fucking. Arthi went to other room and came back with a condom in her hand. I was surprised by their readiness for sex. Bharthi rolled the condom over my penis and came on top of me. She and Arthi guided my penis to enter correctly inside Bharthi’s juicy pussy . My cock was slowly disappearing inside Bharthi’s love cave. Bharthi started fucking me, her breasts were jumping and I got hold of them and pressed them. Arthi was watching furiously our genitals playing with each other. After some five minutes of riding my shaft, Bharthi removed my penis from her pussy and inserted into Arthi’s pussy. Now Arthi commenced her love ride on me. I was enjoying every moment of girls’ act very much. Then I placed Bharthi lay down on the bed with her legs widely open.

Her pussy was continuously oozing its juices. I licked some which was tasting yummy and slowly entered my cock into hers cunt . Now I began to fuck Bharthi in the missionary position . Arthi climbed over Bharthi’s body, I. E, she placed her legs on both sides of Bharthi showing her buttocks to me. After some time, I removed my shaft from Bharthi’s pussy and entered into Arthi’s pussy from her back side and started to pound her cunt badly . The girls are now busy in lip kissing and were pressing each others breasts. I was fucking them alternatively by entering in their pussies one after another. We then changed our position. Now I started fucking Bharthi’s pussy and our love actions got very much ignited towards the climax. First Bharthi got her orgasm she wrapped her legs around my back and I was deeply penetrating her and speeded up my thrusting. Then I too fired my juicy cum inside Bharthi’s pussy and rested on her body by kissing her. Arthi got down to my penis and removed the condom and drank all of my cum. We refreshed ourselves with some snacks and coffee and resumed our sex session.

Now Arthi put another condom on my penis, and I entered her and started fucking. I fully lifted Arthi’s two legs and put on my shoulders and entering up to her depth. She was moaning heavily and soon we climaxed together. Bharthi removed the condom and swallowed my milk . All of us were very much satisfied and went to bath room and took bath soaping with each other. We came back to room and dried ourselves and went to sleep without wearing dresses. That was one of our best sex sessions.

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