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It was around four o'clock. I had spent the day relaxing on the balcony making the most of the warm weather. I headed inside for a shower to freshen up and wash my hair. The cool water felt very refreshing on my sun-tanned body. After a few minutes, I hopped out and dried myself before putting on a lacy g-string. I headed out to the kitchen and made myself a coffee while I tidied my apartment. As I was cleaning, I received a message on my phone.
"Hi beautiful. Please tell me you're not busy tonight? Frank has a surprise for you." Bev wrote.
"A surprise for me? What is it?" I replied back.
"I can't tell you honey, but it's got me very excited. Frank wants me to come and get you around seven o'clock."
"Ok, I'll be waiting." I replied.
I had something to eat before heading back into the bathroom to shave my legs and pussy nice and smooth, even though I was unsure of Frank's surprise. After I finished shaving, I put on a short dress which showed off my perky breasts without a bra. I did my hair and makeup before heading out to the lounge.
I spent a little time cleaning up the few dish's from earlier when I heard a knock. As I made my way to the door, I looked at the clock. It was only six-thirty, Bev must be early I thought to myself.
"You're early," I said as I opened the door looking at Bev. "Come in honey."
"Are you ready for a big night?" Bev said, with a cheeky smile.
"Should I be worried about what Frank has organised?" I replied.
"Trust me, I'm sure you are going to have fun. I know I'm going to. Frank gave me this blindfold. He said you have to wear it before we go into the apartment." She said, with a smile. "Are you ready to go?"
"Ok, I'm ready." I replied.
I locked the door behind us and we headed to the elevator. The elevator opened and we both stepped in. As the door closed, Bev pressed her floor number before moving close.
"God honey, I'm so wet." She said, before putting her hands on my hips and kissing me on the lips.
As the elevator started to stop, Bev pulled her lips from mine. We stepped out and headed to the door of her apartment.
"Time for the blindfold honey." Bev said, as she moved behind me.
She slipped it over my eyes before I felt her hands fondling my breasts. My body started to tingle, and I could feel my pussy getting wet. All of a sudden, Bev`s hands disappeared. I heard a knock on the door then the sound of the door opening. Bev took my hand and led me into the apartment. There was not a sound, but I sensed there were others in the room. Bev let my hand go, and as I stood nervous and unsure, I felt the straps of my dress being slid off my shoulders before sliding down my body to the floor.
"Hope you like your surprise honey. You always say, 'the more the better'." Frank whispered in my ear.
He guided me down on my knees slowly, then all of a sudden I felt his cock on my lips. I opened my mouth, slowly sucking the head of his cock. All of a sudden, Frank removed the blindfold. It took a second for my eyes to adjust, as the only light was from a dim lamp in the corner of the room. As I glanced around, I couldn't help noticing the room was full of men. I noticed Bev sitting on the couch watching me on my knees.
"You always said, the more guys the better honey." Frank said, as he moved over to Bev, sliding his cock in her mouth.
Before I knew It, I was surrounded by hard cocks waiting to be sucked. Without hesitation, I started sucking, pleasing them one by one.
"So honey, am I allowed to play." Bev said, watching me on my knees.
"Go for it." Frank replied.
Bev continued sucking Frank as one of the guys sat beside her on the couch. He took Bev's hand and placed it on his cock, guiding her hand up and down stroking him slowly. All of a sudden, Frank help Bev up and guided her on the guys cock sitting on the couch. With so many cocks, and watching the cock sliding in and out of Bev, I could feel my pussy getting so wet. All of a sudden, the guys helped me up off the floor and over to the couch. One of them sat down and guided me onto his hard cock. Bev leaned over and kissed me, sliding her tongue in my mouth as Frank moved behind me slowly pushed me forward. As I continued riding the hard cock, he started sucking my nipples, which felt so good. All of a sudden, I felt Frank's hard cock stretching my pussy. As he slowly slid inside me, I let out a loud moan. Both cocks felt so good, and I knew it wouldn't be long before I came all over them. As they fucked me, another guy stood on the side of the couch, guiding my mouth to his hard cock.
"Oh fuck me, oh god I'm cumming." I heard Bev moan. "Yeah, yeah, oh fuck."
I quickly looked over at Bev, before continuing to suck the hard cock. I could tell Bev was enjoying the feeling of two cocks fucking her pussy. Frank slid his cock out of me and moved back, ready for the next one to fill me. The next cock was much bigger than Franks, and it felt so good as it slid inside me. Both cocks fucked me hard as a few guys took turns fucking my mouth. All of a sudden, I felt my body tense as I was ready to cum.
"Oh god don't stop, I'm coming." I screamed, as they pounded my pussy nice and hard.
As I continued to moan, the guys continued fucking my mouth. The orgasms was so intense, and I could feel their cocks sliding deeper inside me. As I started to relax, Bev got up off the couch and helped me up. She laid me down on the floor and mounted me in a sixty-nine position. My tongue explored her wet pussy as she explored mine and the guys stood around watching, stroking their hard cocks. After a minute, one of the guys knelt behind Bev and slowly slid his cock inside her pussy. As Bev continued to lick my pussy, she let out a moan of pleasure. I ran my tongue over his nice shaved balls teasing him as his cock was buried deep inside her. After a few minutes, he pulled his cock out and stood up. The guys took turns fucking her while I licked her pussy and their cocks sliding in and out of her.
After most of the guys had their turn with Bev, she stood up. I noticed an older guy sitting on the lounge stroking his hard cock watching. I crawled over between his legs and started stroking him. The size of his cock was very big, and as I started sucking him, I struggled to fit him in my mouth. As I sucked the head of his cock, I could taste his pre-cum and I couldn't wait to feel him inside me. He put his hands on my head and slowly guided me up and down as I struggled to fit his large cock in my mouth.
After a minute, I got up and mounted him backwards, slowly easing him inside my arse. As the head of his cock slid inside me, I laid back on his chest.
"Oh fuck that feels good in your tight arse." He said, as his cock slid deeper inside me.
"God your cock is so big." I moaned with pleasure.
As his hands cupped my breasts, squeezing them tight, Bev moved between my legs and began licking my pussy. One of the guys moved behind her sliding his cock inside her. With every thrust, I felt her tongue harder against my pussy. With a cock each side of me, I took hold and started stroking them. Both guys grabbed my legs, lifting and spread them apart. After a minute, Bev hopped up. With my legs still spread apart, one of the guys moved in sliding his cock in my pussy. With both cocks fucking me nice and hard, the feeling was amazing, and I could feel I was ready to cum.
"Oh yeah, yeah, oh fuck." I screamed, as I felt my arse and pussy tense around their hard cocks.
After what felt like a minute, my body stopped trembling. The guy slid his cock out of my pussy before the other two let my legs go. I enjoyed the large cock in my arse and now I wanted to feel it inside my pussy. I slowly got up, feeling every inch sliding out of my arse. I looked over at Bev riding a cock with another in her arse and one in her mouth. The guys were fucking her hard, and I could tell she was enjoying it as much as frank was watching her. I turned around and pressed the hard cock against my pussy, feeling the head slowing slid inside me. I started riding his cock nice and slow taking him deeper and deeper as I moaned over and over.
"Oh fuck baby, your pussy is so tight." The guy said, as he started sucking my nipples.
All of a sudden, I felt a hand on my back pushing me forward before a hard cock pressed against my pussy.
"Oh fuck." I screamed, as I closed my eyes.
My pussy was so full and stretched but the feeling was amazing. As both guys fucked me, Bev sat next to me on the couch. She moved in close kissing me on the lips before grabbing two cocks, stroking them while sucking a third. All of a sudden I was ready to cum. As my body froze, I could feel both cocks deep in my pussy.
"Don't stop, fuck, yes, yes, I'm cumming, oh god I'm cumming." I screamed, as my body shook over and over. "God that feels good."
Suddenly, the guy from behind gripped my arse. I could feel his cock getting hard ready to cum.
"Fill my pussy, don't stop." I moaned, as I felt his cock explode inside me. "Oh god yes, yes."
I gripped the couch as his cock pulsated inside me filling my pussy with his cum.
"Oh fuck, your pussy felt good." He said, as he slid his cock out.
I stood up, feeling every inch of the large cock sliding out of my pussy.
"I want to feel your cock cum in my arse." I said, helping the guy up off the couch.
As I went to kneel ready for his cock from behind, Bev lay on the floor guiding my legs over her. As she started licking my cum filled pussy, I felt the hard cock slid inside my arse.
"Fuck her nice and deep." Bev said, watching his cock fuck me.
I buried my head between Bev's legs Licking her wet pussy. I felt her body tense as she pressed her tongue harder against my pussy, and I could tell she was ready to cum.
"Yeah, oh god Toni, I'm cumming." She screamed, as her body started to shake. "Oh my god."
As Bev started to relax, she crawled out from under me. A few guys helped her up and laid her on her back on the table before taking turns fucking her pussy. As I watched on, Frank laid on the floor in front of me guiding my mouth to his hard cock. As my arse got penetrated, every thrust drove Frank's cock deep in my mouth.
"Fuck baby, you ready for my cum." The guy behind me said as I felt his cock getting hard.
"Fuck yeah, fill my arse." I replied, ready for his hard cock to explode.
"I'm cumming, fuck I'm cumming." He moaned, shooting his cum deep in my arse.
His cock pulsated over and over as he flooded my arse with his cum. My loud moans were gagged by Franks cock deep in my mouth. All of a sudden, Frank grabbed my hair, pulling my head up before starting to stroke his cock as he was ready to cum.
"Oh baby, fuck yeah." Frank moaned, as his cock exploded in my mouth.
The guy from behind removed his hard cock from my arse as I swallowed Franks cum and sucked his cock clean. As Frank got up, Bev took my hand and helped me up off the floor. Bev headed to the couch where two guys sat stroking their cocks. She quickly mounted one, riding him hard before she was quickly joined by another from behind. As I watched her being fucked with a cock in her arse and pussy, I headed to the couch mounting the other guy backwards, sliding his cock in my arse. As I rode him, Bev leaned over kissing and sucking my nipples. After a minute, my legs were spread wide. One of the guys moved close and teased my pussy, sliding the head of his cock in and out of me. All of a sudden, he buried his cock deep as he started fucking me hard.
"Oh god, oh god, I'm cumming." Bev screamed. "Yes, yes."
The guys held her tight as they continued to fuck her hard. All of a sudden, I felt the cocks inside me getting harder and fucking me deeper as both guys started to moan. It felt so good, and with both their cocks about to explode, I knew they were going to make me cum
"Oh fuck, oh fuck me." I screamed, as I gripped the couch. "I'm cumming, god I'm cumming, don't stop."
Both guys held me, right as their body's froze at the same time and their cocks exploded filling my arse and pussy with their cum.
"Oh god, fuck that feels good, oh yes, yes." I screamed, feeling their cocks pulsating deep inside me. "Oh my god."
As the two guys finished with me, they slid their cocks out and helped me up. As my body still trembled, I quickly sat on the couch next to Bev. I moved in close sucking her nipples before kissing her on the lips, sliding my tongue in her mouth. After a minute, Bev got up sliding the cocks out of her before taking my hand and leading me to the bedroom. The guys followed behind us and watched as Bev pushed me on to the bed. Bev knelt beside me sucking my nipples nice and hard. As I closed my eyes enjoying the sensation, I felt my legs being spread apart. All of a sudden, I felt a hard cock inside me as my hand found Bev's wet pussy still dripping with cum. I fucked her with three fingers inside her pussy before sliding a finger in her arse.
"Oh fuck." Bev moaned, as she continued sucking my nipples.
It didn't take long, and I was ready to cum again. I could feel the cock fucking me hard as I buried my fingers deep inside Bev's arse and pussy.
"I'm cumming, harder, harder, don't stop." I screamed, as my body started to shake.
"Oh fuck." The guy moaned.
AS his cock pulsated deep inside my pussy, I gripped the sheets as my body trembled. I could feel his warm cum deep inside me. As I continued fingering Bev, I felt a hard cock join my fingers inside her. Bev let out a loud moan as she arched her back. As I watched her enjoying being fucked, I felt another cock slide inside my pussy. Still with my legs being held wide apart, I could feel him nice and deep. I slid my fingers out of Bev and gripped the bed, as I felt his cock ready to cum.
"Oh baby, oh baby, fuck." He moaned, filling my pussy as he came hard.
As he finished cumming, he slid his cock out and stood back. I lay catching my breath, enjoying the feeling of my pussy full of cum. All of a sudden, the guy pulled his cock out of Bev, laying her down on her back next to me. The remainder of the guys knelt on the bed around us, stroking their cocks ready to cover us with their cum as one guy started fucking my mouth. As we both lay ready, I could feel the cum dripping from my pussy.
All of a sudden, the guys started to moan louder as they stroked their cocks harder and faster. Their cocks exploded, bathing us both with their cum.
"Oh fuck, you ready to taste my cum." The guy said, with his cock in my mouth.
With my mouth open, he started stroking faster. All of a sudden, his cock exploded in my mouth shooting his cum down my throat. I sucked the last of the cum from his cock before he climbed off the bed. I looked over at Bev as she was about to take a mouthful from the guy kneeling over her. His cock exploded, shooting cum in her mouth and over her face. As Bev looked at me with a smile, she swallowed, before licking the cum from her lips.
As we lay together on the bed, the guys headed out to the lounge. After a minute, Bev and I headed for a shower. We washed the cum from our bodies before getting out and drying off. With a towel wrapped around us, we headed out to the lounge. Everyone had left except for one of Franks friends, the guy with the huge cock. They were both standing in the kitchen chatting as Frank was making coffee.
"Ha ladies. I'm making coffee." Frank said.
"Thanks honey." Bev replied, as we both joined them in the kitchen.
"Toni, this is Darcy." Frank said, with a smile.
"God Toni, I'd love to introduce you to my wife. She's always fantasised about being with a woman. We are having a get together next weekend. You should come along. Frank will be there." Darcy said.
"Are you going Bev?" I asked.
"No, I'll be away for the night, but Frank will look after you."
"She will be there Darcy." Frank said with a cheeky grin. "I'll bring her with me."
I finished my coffee and got dressed. I said my goodbyes and headed back to my apartment, looking forward to a long rest.

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