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I’m a bit of asshole, because I use people to get what I want. But it sometimes comes back and bites me on the ass. I’d a friend she wasn’t anyone I dated or thought of dating, and I was between relationships and was feeling horny. My friend isn’t the brightest and I told her a had great pain because I had blue balls. I used a little food dye to color my balls slightly blue. My friend is very caring person, asked what I was doing about my problem, and I said I had to have sex. But hadn’t found anyone willing as yet. She was concerned and after we talked more, I got her to agree to have sex with me. I should had felt bad about taking advantage of her, but a fuck is a fuck. My very light sky-blue colored balls were the icing on the cake. If they weren’t blue, she might have changed her mind. We showered after sex and the dye washed off, I felt very satisfied. But as I said it sometimes comes back to bit you on the ass. This did big time as she wasn’t on any protection, and I took none either. So, she got pregnant, and I was caught by my own conniving and as she was an old friend of mine and my family, I married her. I didn’t think that thru very well, but on the bright side I get regular sex and so no chance of actually getting blue balls. My brother thinks it’s the funniest thing he has ever heard.

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