Blueberry Hill

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Part 01
It was 11 PM, the 1955 Ford Crown Victoria was parked just off the gravel road, next to Farmer Parker’s field, and in the back seat, clothes had been peeled off, one by one. Jerry and his girlfriend Carole were totally naked, Carole had felt thrills of lust shoot through her as Jerry had slipped his fingers into the waistband of her panties, and had slid them off her body, and they were groping and fondling each other. Carole was sure that tonight would be the night when Jerry took her cherry, and she was more than eager to lose it.
“Jerry, can we get the blanket, and go out into Farmer Parker’s field? We’ll have so much room, and it’s a beautiful night.”
Jerry was more than happy to agree, and he took a blanket, a towel and his transistor radio with him as they got out, and made their way through the darkness. He always heard that sex was better with music, and being 16 years old in this year of 1957, he believed what he heard about sex and music. Walking naked, next to his equally naked girlfriend, his cock was like a rock, bobbing slightly.
Carole felt thrills race through her, being naked, outside and casually walking through the field, her breasts high and proud, her hips swaying gently from side to side, her ass moving in such a harmonious rhythm. Jerry stepped back a pace, and she knew he was admiring the symmetry of her hips and ass, making her even more eager. While she reflected on the fact that they were out in the country, it was dark and the road was sparsely traveled and they were hidden behind a row of trees, it didn’t stop the delicious chills, that someone might possibly catch a glimpse of her naked figure.
Her mother had warned her about boys, and how they only wanted one thing. Carole had listened, trying not to yawn with boredom, as her Mom prattled on about how boys only wanted to shove their “thingy” up inside her, and “use” her like a Kleenex, until they released their “thick, sticky baby making goo” inside her. The fact that her Mom couldn’t even use the words, having to use silly euphemisms, was more comedic than anything else. She wondered how her Mom had even let herself get pregnant. Carole thought, Sorry Mom, but all you did was make me more eager to lose my virginity.
“I’ve found mah thrill,
On Blueberry Hill,
On Blueberry Hill,
When ah found you…”
As Fats Domino crooned out his signature tune on the radio, on the blanket spread out in Farmer’s Parker’s field, Jerry and Carole were entwined, ready to take that large step forward. After getting warmed up in the back seat, Carole knew she was going to get her cherry plucked, and she wanted it to be done outdoors, not in a stuffy backseat, like so many girls her age had. Jerry nudged his cock against her, with a hard push, Jerry thrust his cock, pushed up hard, and Carole felt her virginity give way. She gave a pained cry as she felt her hymen tear open, her maidenhead was ruptured as his cock broke through, she was deflowered, as Jerry’s rock hard prick surged into her. Thankfully her tight virginity had gotten well warmed up, and while the pain was noticeable, it wasn’t more than she could bear. She felt the fullness of his prick, her tight, virginal walls giving way, being spread apart, as he buried his 7 inches in, right to the balls, burying as deep as possible, completing her deflowering.
Fats Domino continued to croon on the transistor radio as she was filled, a bit painful. but so exciting. Their clothes were heaped up the back seat of the car, Carole reflected that she’d discarded her poodle skirt, bobby sox and now, her personal blueberry, not that she hadn’t been expecting it. They’d worked their way up from kisses, to light petting, to heavy petting, and she knew they had needed to take that final big step, and now they had.
Jerry was deep inside her, holding himself still, letting her adjust to the stretch. The pain was starting to recede as she felt her virgin tightness ease up a bit, and she felt that she could handle it a bit easier.
“It’s ok baby, just take it slow” she urged him.
Jerry was a good boyfriend, and he did as she asked him, giving her a slow, unhurried introduction to sexual intercourse. With him giving her a slower, more gentle ride, she felt the pain recede quickly, and a warm, burning glow of sexual pleasure quickly started to grow. The feel of his hard, eager prick, sliding in and out of her, spreading her tight walls open again and again, turned the glow into a raging blaze of lust, it grew hotter and hotter, my god, she never thought so much pleasure existed. She could feel it building up, it was going to happen, she was going to reach a climax. It grew, and grew, and she felt the rush of her climax pick her up, and shake her in a sensory rattling grip of pleasure, she howled aloud as felt the spasms starting deep down, gripping even tighter at his cock, urging him to explode.
“My prayer,
is to linger with you
At the end of the day,
In a dream that’s divine..”
As The Platters crooned out the song on the radio, Jerry growled in pleasure, and just before he blew, he quickly pulled out, wrapping his hand around his cock. One stroke and he went off, his cock squirting wildly, shooting thick white sticky trails of his sperm laden spunk, the first 2 reached up to her breasts, he gushed out 4 more thick trails, splattering them all over her belly. His body shook from the sensory rush of orgasm as her hosed down Carole’s sexy body. Damn, he needed to get some rubbers, but getting rubbers in a drugstore in 1957 when you were only 16 was pretty embarrassing, even if you could find a druggist who was willing to sell them without wanting to know how old you were.
Carole watched the exciting spectacle of his white hot liquid shooting out of the end of his cock, feeling the wet splatter of his load going off all over her. Thank god he’d had enough willpower to pull out, rather than filling her with his sperm. She would have loved to have him finish his passion inside her, but she was terrified of becoming pregnant at 16, her mother would go absolutely insane.
Jerry slumped, his cock spent, and Carole enjoyed the after feeling, beneath his body, his passion for her so evident, splattered against her body.
Jerry lifted up, picked up the towel, and mopped up the trails of his sperm, looking forward to a time when he could finish his cumming inside of Carole’s sexy body.
“How was it baby”? Jerry asked, anxious to know if he had done it right.
“So wonderful, I feel like I could fly, I never knew such pleasure existed!”
Jerry felt his ego get a sizeable boost, he’d done it so well that Carole had reached a climax. His manly exploits would NOT be swapped around with his buddies, he loved Carole, and he wasn’t going to have his horny buddies turn her into some kind of a dirty slut.
She cooed, “Any idea of how to get some of those rubbers, I would love having you go off inside of me.”
“I think I’ll ask my brother, he’s 20, and he should be able to get them without any problems.”
Carole asked, “Any chance he’d blab about it to his buddies?”
Jerry said, “No, I’m sure he wouldn’t. I covered for him back when he was 18, and he was out with his girlfriend. He’d told me that it was the night he was going to take her cherry, and since our parents were out for the night, he ended up bringing her back home. I took a walk down to the drugstore, had a malted, talked to a couple of friends that were there at the same time, and just sort of hung around. When I got back home an hour later, I could hear bedsprings squeaking, and his girlfriend making growls and cries of pleasure. I never knew my brother was such a stud. It was getting cold outside, so I just went downstairs, into the rumpus room, and let them go at it. A few minutes later, I heard her let out a shriek, and my brother growled out, ‘Yeah, yeah, oh YEAH!’ About 20 minutes later, I heard the front door open and close, and saw his car drive away, as he took her home. If our parents asked what we were doing while they were out, I would say him and I were hanging out, watching TV.”
Carole felt a surge of lust, the idea of Jerry being able to finish his passion inside her made her insides flutter.
They lay back in the summer night, luxuriating in the glorious feeling of afterglow, until Carole reminded Jerry that he had to get her home, or her Mom would freak out. They walked back to the car, as Carole slipped on her bobby sox, bra and panties, her blouse and then her poodle skirt, she felt another glow of warmth, as she stepped into her white saddle Oxfords. Getting dressed after she’d just lost her virginity, it excited her. Everything associated with her deflowering she found exciting.
He drove her home, arriving 5 minutes before her Mom’s deadline. They enjoyed a quick break of passionate necking before he walked her to the door, and gave her a final kiss goodnight before she went inside the house. She heard the creak of bedsprings upstairs, her Mom’s sounds of pleasure, and her Dad’s lust grunts, as he laid his wood into her.
Carole felt relief, when her Mom got it from Dad, she was always in a good mood the next day. With her attention diverted to more carnal pursuits, she wouldn’t be up and about, trying to wheedle out of Carole whether Jerry had gotten too “fresh” on their date. She giggled, oh if her Mom only knew! She crept off silently to her bedroom, listening to her Mom’s cries reach a crescendo, then trail off.
The next day, when Jerry’s asked his brother Clint, he was happy to do so, anything to help out little bro. After Clint’s quick trip to the drugstore, he grinned as he handed over the package, and now Jerry had it, 12 individually wrapped rubbers, he felt like he’d won the lottery.
“There you go Jerry, give your baby a full ride, she’ll love it! You need a better place than a back seat, or out in a field, you need a motel room. Nice comfy bed, its the best way.”
Jerry replied, “Yeah, I’d like that, but you know there’s no way I could get a room at 16, they’d be asking for my ID in a second.”
Clint grinned, and said, “You won’t be renting the room, I will! I can get the room in the afternoon, give you the key before your next date, and presto! Instant privacy, and a real bed.”
Jerry grinned back, damn, his brother always had the best ideas.
On the phone later, he told Carole, “Baby, it’s all set. I got the rubbers, and we’re going to get a room in the motel, so we can have a nice big bed to enjoy. Clint will rent it, then pass the key on to me. I’d love to spend the whole night with you, can you get a girlfriend to cover you?”
Carole cooed, “Even better than that, Mom and Dad have to go out of town this weekend, Aunt Iola’s 75th birthday party is on Saturday, and they’ve been looking forward to going. So we’ll have Friday and Saturday night free. I like the idea of a private place, i was going to suggest that we use my house, but we got some pretty damn snoopy neighbors, they’d be sure to see something. It’s like living under a microscope sometimes.”
They agreed on Friday night, and Jerry could hardly wait. The idea of finishing his passion inside Carole’s sexy body, in a nice big bed, Friday couldn’t get here fast enough.
Carole was equally eager, knowing that Jerry would be able to squirt inside her, while keeping his sperm from getting her pregnant, was going to be a wonderful romantic feeling.

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