Bois will be girls

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I was never the jock type, very small, slender, and to be honest feminine looking. some jocks one night took advantage of that

I was 14 when this happened. I’d always been very slight of build, slender, not tall on 5ft. 6in, and had an hourglass shape actually. Very feminine legs, and never really grew body hair anywhere except on my pubes and my head. I had very little on my arms, and not much on legs, though I did shave my legs regularly after I got started. John was the neighbor about 4 doors down from my parents house. He was always nice to me, and used to stay with me when my parents were out for a while. He was someone trusted by me and my parents.

One time they left for a week, i was 14 so they left me alone, though John knew and would check on me a lot and I knew in any problem case I could go to him. I got myself to school and made food, and was enjoying myself. The second night, I’d taken some vodka from my parents cabinet, and went into my mom and dads bedroom. In her dresser drawer, I found some very sexy undies, lingerie, a slim vibrator and a very long and thick vibrator. Then I saw the usb drive. Looking on it there were naked pictures of my mom, my dad, and other men. My mom was getting fucked in her pussy, sucking cock and taking cocks in her asshole. Even some video with audio, and she was begging any guy in her ass to fuck her and cum deep inside her. My little cock, even now it’s only 3″ hard, so I have never been with a girl or woman, just too embarrassed, was totally hard. I wanted to jack off to my mom getting fucked but I wanted more. I got out her lingerie and dressed like she was, my hair is just an inch or so shorter than her shoulder length hair and the same color. I shave my pubes like she had hers trimmed and shaved. I shaved my legs, and with the slim vibrator up my butt and buzzing, put on some of her make up as best I could and perfume. I took out the vibe then went to jack off.

I heard a knock at the door, and peeped through the hole, it was about 3 of the school jocks. They said they were there to get some help with homework, I couldn’t let them see me like this. They said they couldn’t hear me, so I opened the door just a crack and spoke to them to come back tomorrow. I hid behind the door but they pushed it open. Inside they all looked at me and got a look in their eyes. I knew it wasn’t good and I knew it. One of them locked the door, the other pushed me into the guest bedroom right off the living room by the front door. “Hot baby, you’re hot” one of them said. Another added “Yeah, shit you look just like your mom, and she’s someone I always wanted to fuck.” They heard noise in the back bedroom and dragged me there. There on the tele were playing looped videos of my mom being fucked, buttfucked, sucking cock after cock. “Shit, looks like you’re moms a slut too, I guess that’s why you’re so hot and slutty” one of them said. I knew his name but at the time I couldn’t even think of it. “No, No, I’m not, I was just playing around” I said. “Well, we’re just gonna play around too, just like you’re mom is playing around”

With that the biggest one, I found out the biggest cock too, pushed me down on the bed and pulled the panties off me. I still had on bra, garter, stockings and high heels. “Roll over bitch” I was instructed. “No please, don’t make me do this” I was begging. Roughly I was rolled over and the nightmare started. The big one was stripped now, and got on top of me, he couldn’t get his thick cock into me, so he had one of the guys look in my moms nightstand and there was the lube. Lubed up soon his pubic hair was pushing tight up against my asscheeks. He was all the way in, I was feeling a constant burning sensation that was hard to take. I was grunting and groaning and he started fucking. It took a few minutes to get used to it, so it didn’t hurt he only lasted about 5 minutes then I felt him tense up and push so hard into me, getting even more of his cock up inside, rapid pushes short and hard and he was done. He pulled out and before I could turn over the next one was on me. he shoved in easily and wasn’t as big, it didn’t hurt. He lasted about 10 minutes fucking me before he was done. Then the last guy took his turn. I was laying there, in sheer terror, and fear and embarrassment. I think I was embarrassed more by them seeing me in my moms lingerie than by being fucked. But I had been fucked, three times, by three guys, NO, I’d been raped. My ass was full of cum and I needed to get up and go to the toilet. They let me up and after I was done they took me out to the living room with the USb and put more of my moms porn on.

I asked them to leave, they had what they wanted now please leave. It was then that the bigger one pulled my head to his cock. “You know what to do bitch” he said. I sucked him off, swallowed, I sucked one more off and the other fucked me again, on all fours in the living room with them watching. That time took him probably 30 minutes of plowing my asshole. Then they showed me the pictures they’d been taking while I was dressed, and sucking and being fucked. Then they all left, telling me they’d be back. I didn’t even think how I was dressed, or that I still had a load of sperm in my butt from the last rapefuck. I ran down to Johns. He let me in immediately. He asked what happened and after making him promise not to tell my parents, I told him about the three boys raping me. He asked if they made me dress like this and I told him the truth, the porn of my mom, me getting excited, using her vibe, and then the rape. “So you wanted to dress like this?” he asked

I told him the whole story, he could see my little cock and understood. He told me he wouldn’t say anything to anyone, but also confessed he was one of the cocks that my mom was fucking and sucking. He got me cleaned up, I wanted to go get my own clothes but he kept me like I was. He sat me on his lap in his living room. The light from the television the only light, he was holding me, treating me gently and I was feeling warm and safe finally. His hand was on my thigh making its way to my little cock. Soon he was playing with my nipples under my bra, and we kissed. “You want to be a girl? To be treated like a girl? To be loved like a girl?” he asked. I just said YES. In his bed, I spent the next several nights, I sucked him lovingly, and enjoyed it, I let him fuck me first rolling over on my belly but he wanted me on my back so we could kiss and see each other. He didn’t rape me, didn’t fuck me, he made love to me and I felt totally like a woman.

John took me out to buy my own undies and lingerie, even some outer clothes so I could be his “girl” whenever I came over. It continued after my parents came back. I didn’t tell john but the three boys each fucked me in the bathroom at school. Then once more on a weekend in one of their cars, me in the backseat, thong pulled to the side, bra on, thigh high stockings, they were all fucking me, plus one more guy. I let them all do it, I got fucked 9 times and got 3 loads in my mouth too. All were bareback, they were taking pictures of my gaping pussy, my little clit, and the cum pool under me on a towel. I was there spread legged and willing. After I sent them all pictures and video of them fucking me, it showed their faces, even two of them kissing me. I had no trouble from them again. I just had the neighbor down the street who knew I was really a woman and knew all my womanly parts.

bois will be girls

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#Gay #Rape #Teen #Virgin