Booby Sunitha Aunty

Hi readers, this is Rahul again with my second incest story. Hope u all liked my first story titled “my sexy young little virgin sister” and I also hope that u will like this story too. This is a story about my crush on my aunt sunitha.
Sunitha aunty is my chacha’s wife and she is a good looker without a doubt. Me and sunitha aunty are very close and we move in a very friendly manner. Sunitha anuty got married to my chacha at a very young age. She now has two daughters but she still looks young and attractive. She has a very bubbly personality and I always call her sunitha darling. I was always attracted towards her. I always used to put my hands around her shoulders and sometimes even her waist while talking to her. Even sunitha aunty used to move her body very close to mine and sometimes she would even rub her breasts to me. Talking about her breasts, sunitha aunty has a great bust. Must be 36b. She even has a great ass to match. She usually wears cotton sareers but sometimes she used to wear chiffon saree in which she looked very sexy. I used to get turned on looking at her exposed waist line and her tight breasts through her blouse from the side view. Though she was very close to me, I never knew how to get even closer to her. So I always used to satisfy myself by looking at her great assets or sometimes by going close to her and making sure her boobs would touch my body.
Once, my chacha went out on a business tour so sunitha aunty wanted me to keep her company. That night sunitha aunty and me slept of the same bed at night but I was too scared to make any move. So that night went waste as nothing happened. I cursed myself for wasting such a great opportunity. I was waiting for any other opportunity that I would get.
One day, my mom and dad were going on a wedding trip for 4 days and I could not go because of my college and stuff. So my mom asked my sunitha aunty to take care of me. Sunitha aunty wanted me to come and stay at her home for 4 days but I said I cant as I would need all my books etc. so my mom requested sunitha aunty to come to my home at least once a day by the time I come back from college to cook for me. Sunitha aunty agreed. I was so happy that my favorite and sexy aunty will be there to welcome and cook for me. That day at college, I could not wait to see sunitha aunty and I went home early from college. To my surprise, by the time I reached home, sunitha aunty was already there watching tv. She was wearing the same light green shefon saree in which she looked absolutely sexy. As soon as I entered the home, I said “sunitha darling u came already?” she said “yes darling. I was getting bored alone at home so I came here” I said “that’s good darling” she said “go have a shower and come, I will prepare something to eat” I said “ok” and went to have a shower. In the shower, I was thinking about sunitha aunty and her tight big boobs.
I went out of the shower, put on my t-shirt and boxers. I went and saw that sunitha aunty was in the kitchen. I went in to the kitchen and held sunitha aunty’s shoulders from behind and asked “what do u have for me sunitha darling?” she said “whatever you want darling” I said “really?” she said “yes, tell me what u want?” I said ”whatever you give me darling, I will have” the she caressed my cheeks in a very gentle way and turned around towards the cooking. I moved even closer to her from behind and my crotch was almost touching her ass. I started to get an errection. Sunitha aunty didn’t seem to observe my dick getting hard and she was cooking and talking something. I continued to lightly press my dick to her ass from behind. Then, all of a sudden, sunitha aunty moved a step backwards and her ass was tightly pressed towards my hard dick. I was a bit embarrassed and shocked what she will think. But sunitha aunty just had a little smile on her face and she continued doing what she was doing. I just kept standing there. Then after a minute, she moved back again, pressing my dick to her ass. Then I understood that she was doing it on purpose. I was almost shocked that my favorite sexy aunty was actually trying to seduce me. I was so happy. I still stood there without moving. Then sunitha aunty held my t-shirt from her behind and pulled me towards her ass. and that’s it……
My hard dick was pressing on her tight ass and sunitha aunty was pressed towards the kitchen. I was not wearing underwear so my dick was just rock hard. Then, sunitha aunty said, “what is it Rahul?” “is it really yours?” and by saying this she put her left hand behind and held my dick from on top of my boxers. I was in heaven. Then she said “Rahul, u have a big one” then I said “u have big ones too sunitha darling” and by saying this, I held her boobs tight with both my hands from behind. Wow….. her boobs were really big and from on top her blouse, they felt heavenly. Then I started to feel the urge to fuck immediately. Then I turned the stove off. Sunitha aunty said “why did you turn it off rahul? Are u not hungry?” I said “I am not hungry sunitha darling, I am thirsty” she said “Rahul, there is no hurry, I will with u for at least 3 more hours so eat first then u can do whatever u want to do” I said “no I want to do it now” then she turned around facing me and said “ok Rahul, what do u want to do?”  Then I immediately started to kiss her lips. They were still soft and supple. I started to squeeze her right boob hard. Then sunitha aunty ran her hand down in to my boxer and held my dick and again said “Rahul, I can’t believe that u have such a big dick” I said “sunitha darling, I can’t believe you have such big boobs either” and I continued to suck her lips and kiss her neck. Then she said, “slow down rahul, this is kitchen” I said “let’s go in” she said “ok rahul but you have something first” I said “I will have you darling.” Having said that, while I continued to kiss her and as she continued to hold my dick, we slowly made our way in to the hall.
As we went in to the hall, I pushed sunitha aunty to a corner and started to kiss her lips hard and I was squeezing both her boobs with both my hands. Sunitha aunty was still holding my dick. I removed her pallu and saw her big boobs hiding in her blouse. Her blouse was tight. I started to unhook her blouse from top. As I unhooked one by one, her boobs became more visible. I unhooked her blouse completely. She was wearing a black bra and her cleavage was unbelievable. I started to kiss her boobs. Then I completely removed her blouse and turned her around to unhook her bra. Before I unhooked her bra, I held both her big boobs from behind and pushed my dick on her tight ass. I was dying to see her full breasts right away and suck them and eat them away but I thought I should save the best for the last. Then I turned her around towards me again and I started to remove her saree. I removed her saree completely and then I removed her lehnga. She was wearing a blue and white stripped underwear. I turned her around again to check her ass for the first time. Sunitha aunty’s ass was as tight as a teenager’s. Her buttocks were full, just like her boobs. 
Then, sunitha aunty turned around and she got on her knees. I knew that I was going to get a blow job from my favorite sexy sunitha aunty. She then lowered and completely removed my boxers. Then, for the first time, she saw my dick. She said “wow rahul” and immediately she put my whole dick in to her mouth and started sucking it violently. It was an amazing moment. She sucked my cock with her tongue and she was inserting my cock deep in to her throat. It was super pleasure for me. Sunitha aunty started to blow me very fast and I knew I would cum soon. I said “aunty I may cum” she did not reply and continued her hard blowing. I again said “I will cum in your mouth” she looked in to my eyes and winked. I knew that she actually wanted me to cum inside her mouth. As she continued her blow job, within a couple of minutes, I was out. I just filled sunitha aunty’s mouth with my cum. Sunitha aunty completely swallowed my cum and cleaned up my cock with her tongue. That was a heavenly experience for me.
But I was still not satisfied because I have not yet even seen sunitha aunty’s boobs, I haven’t yet played with them, I haven’t yet sucked them and of course, I haven’t yet fucked my sexy aunty’s cunt.
After sunitha aunty was done cleaning up my cock with her tongue, she stood up and asked me “ok rahul are you done? Are you happy now? Can I wear my saree?” I said “no darling I want to have sex with you” she said “now? Are you not done yet?” I said “no, not yet.” Saying this, I held sunitha aunty’s hand and took her in to the bed room and pushed sunitha aunty on to the bed. Then I jumped over her and started to kiss her lips and neck. Then I slowly came down and started to kiss her boobs. Though I just had an orgasm, my dick was still hard and wanted to fuck sunitha aunty’s cunt. I then slowly started to lower her stripped blue and white underwear and completely removed it. I went down kissing her belly and hips. I turned her over and started to kiss her buttocks. Sunitha aunty’s ass was super tight. 

Then I slapped her ass in a gentle way. She moaned very slowly. I realized that she was enjoying it. I made her to keel-over on the edge of the bed with her ass up. I stood up and started to slap her buttocks giving a tight right slap and then a left one and I continued doing so for some time. Sunitha aunty was really having pleasure. She was moaning loudly as I was slapping her tight ass. Then I slowly moved my right index finger in to her cunt slit from behind. her vagina was so wet. I knew she had an orgasm already. I started to explore her cunt with my finger and continued to slap her left ass cheek. My dick was already rock hard and was ready to go inside her wet and moist cunt to fuck her really hard. But I still did not do what I actually wanted to do, suck her boobs dry. Sunitha aunty still had her bra on.
I asked sunitha aunty to stand up and I gently pushed her back to the wall. I saw her completely from head to toe and realized that she was a sexy voluptuous figure. Her big full boobs were still inside her bra ready to just bounce out. I then slowly moved my hand behind her back and unhooked her bra. Her boobs just bounced a bit. Then slowly, by looking straight at them, I removed her bra completely, revealing her two full big and very round boobs. Wow that was a sight to behold. I could not believe that she had such great boobs.  Each boob was big enough to hold with both my hands. She had great brown nipples sitting right on top of her boobs. 
First I focused on her left boob. I held it gently with both my hands and slowly started to run my tongue on her nipple. I started to suck her nipple. Sunitha aunty started to moan “rahul you are killing me” and she held my head tight with both her hands. Then, all of a sudden, I tried to take her entire left boob in to my mouth and started to suck on it violently. Her boob was so big, I almost had her nipple in my throat. I was biting her boob and sucking it very hard. Sunitha aunty was experiencing so much pleasure. she was moaning quite loud. then I turned to her right boob and started to suck it hard and I was biting her right nipple and at the same time squeezing and pinching her left nipple.
I finally had my sexy sunitha aunty’s big, round and full boobs in my hands and mouth and I was just chewing them on. Sunitha aunty then held my dick. I knew that she wants my fuck. I then made her to bend over the bed while she was standing and I went behind her. I inserted my rock hard, long and broad dick in to her cunt from her behind with one hard thrust. She moaned hard “aaaaaaah rahul slow down please” I was not at all in a mood to listen to her and started to thrust my dick deeper in to her cunt. She was standing and bent over. I then held her hair and pulled her head towards me. She moaned again in pain. 
Now, sunitha aunty was standing and I was standing behind her with my dick deeply inserted to her cunt. I held her left boob with my left hand from her behind and started to squeeze it. She was moaning loudly. I tried to give little thrusts but it was too tight. Sunitha aunty then lifted her left leg and put it on the bed. This gave me enough movement and I started to fuck her from behind in a standing position. I was squeezing her big boobs hard from behind. I continued to fuck her in this position for a couple of minutes. Then I took my dick out and I turned her around towards me and pushed her on to the bed.
As sunitha aunty fell on the bed, her big boobs jumped up and down. I jumped on to her and I split her thighs and she wrapped them around my waist and again with one hard thrust, I inserted my dick in to her cunt. She moaned again “aaaaaah……..slow rahul” but I continued to fuck her deep and hard. As I was giving hard thrusts, and as my dick was going deeper and deeper in to her cunt ,she continued to moan. As I was fucking her hard, her big full boobs were bouncing up and down. I started to suck her boobs and biting her nipples with each thrust. I went faster and faster and harder. I continued to fuck her for over 10 minutes and then finally, I knew I would cum. I gave even harder thrusts as I neared my orgasm and she was moaning louder and louder as she was nearing her orgasm as well. Then I reached my orgasm and I put all my cum insider her warm cunt. Sunitha moaned loud and held me very tight. She reached her orgasm too.
I then collapsed on her big boobs. My dick was still inside her cunt. Sunitha aunty’s cunt was now all wet from both our orgasmic juices. I put my left hand on her left boob and was caressing it. Both of us laid there completely naked on the bed for about 15 minutes. We did not say anything as both of us were very tired. Then after 15 minutes, sunitha said “rahul get up I have to go home” I said “ok sunitha darling” and then slowly took my dick out from her cunt and got up. She got up from the bed and took her cloths and went in to the bathroom. I went in to the other bathroom, cleaned up myself and put on my boxers and came out. Sunitha aunty came out after a couple of minutes and said “rahul, you did all that you wanted to but you did not eat anything. You must me hungry na?” saying this she came near me and caressed my cheek and hair. she again said “look its already late, come I will cook something quick.” I said “I had you darling and I am full. You satisfied my hunger” she again caressed my hair and said “you satisfied my hunger too rahul” she kissed me on my lips and said “ok rahul I will go now” I said “ok sunitha darling.” And she turned around and left.
And that was how I fucked my favorite sexy voluptuous aunt sunitha and sucked on her full big round boobs.