Bored and had some Fun | incest story from Brother’s DeFacto

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Got bored during the pandemic lockdown and decided to have some fun with my younger brother than 23. I was 26 and we lived together as it was cheaper than having our own places. Our mother lived in the next state our father left her when I was 7 and he hasn’t kept in touch. Neither of us went to university and my mechanic and worked for a local cab company and I worked as a receptionist. With the lockdown dragging on and on we got bored and started a sexual relationship. Using condoms as our means of protection, then we ran out and ordered more online. But as we waited my brother found some others which were old, and we used them anyway. Of the 5, 4 worked as required and the other busted inside me as my brother was Cumming. Not alarmed as it was just the once and didn’t worry much at all about it. Till I missed a period than another and with the end of the lockdown got tested and confirmed as pregnant. Not a great believer in abortion, I got tested and would’ve got an abortion if anything was wrong. Nothing wrong was found and so my brother and have a daughter now 2. Our mother was shocked at first but supports us and has come to live with us. As we already had a child together, we have kept up our sexual relationship and now trying for another child. It’s not a problem having a child with your brother and working for a born-again Christian boss’s. As they see the same surname and think we’re married, it helps wearing my mother’s wedding ring.

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