Bored, I hired an Escort | straight story from I hired right

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I was divorced and my children prefer their mother to me. We were both well off before our marriage and still are. Anyway, I was bored and feeling horny decided to hire an escort. I looked up women on the internet and chose a 31-year-old, body looked great no face shown. I made the booking and was buzzed from the entrance and let her in and short time later there was a knock on my apartment door. I knew the woman she worked in my office in the records department. She recognized me and was worried she would lose her job, anyway after we over the initial shock. We talked a bit and then had sex twice, she worked alone and had no other calls. The reason she worked as an escort, was to pay her rent. She was renting an apartment with another woman and she left leaving her to pay the rent all on her own. Not wanting a stranger, she sold herself and was just getting by. I asked how often she worked, and she said just Fridays and Saturday nights. But she said she was on the lookout for a cheaper apartment, I said you’ll need a lot of luck. Then it dawned on me, I had a large apartment and I had really enjoyed her company and the sex. I asked her would she like to live with me in my apartment. She wasn’t sure and wasn’t sure also if she would keep her job if she refused. I realized that and said your job is safe and that made up her mind and she accepted my offer. Turns out she didn’t date and was home every night and we had sex every now and then. I worked for my family’s company and was offered a promotion, which meant travelling. Also, everything was to be computerized, and my old job and section would be spread around the company. My new job was new creation in the company, and I would’ve an assistant. I picked my roommate, there were two reasons. First, she could do the job and second, I was already fucking her and having her travelling with me made good sense to me. She was happy to accept, and we travelled regularly and spent the lockdown fucking in our apartment. She is now my wife as I decided we were meant for each other, and she is still my assistant and brings our son with us on our travels.

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