Boss Seduced 18 Year Old Boy

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Brent had been working at the company I owned for around three months.
He was hired when he was eighteen, had dirty blond shoulder-length hair, around 5'10," a slim build, an exceptionally cute butt, and I fantasized that he had a nice package, despite him never showing any noticeable bulge.
The primary reason Brent didn't show his package was because he tended to wear blue jeans that were on the baggy side.
Given his dirty blond hair, I assumed he had light brown or blond pubic hair.
Brent's eyes were a beautiful brown, and his bangs always hung down covering one eye or the other.
Brent frequently uses a lot of hair gel, shaping something different and interesting every couple of days, from spikes to waves. It was also an indication that he took good care of himself and spent time on his personal appearance and hygiene. Brent always had that freshly showed scent.
Brent wore size twelve shoes, so I thought if that relationship was true between the size of a guy's feet versus the size of his dick, then this kid must be hung like a stallion.
Brent was shy. He had difficulty making eye contact. I taught him to stare at a person's nose-bridge, and then it looked like he was making eye contact. From that point on, Brent seemed to exhibit a much greater self-confidence, and it was the beginning of a good dialog between the two of us.
Brent frequently worked second shift during the week, and first shift on the weekends. I made it a point to try and be around when he was working and would ask if he wanted to come to my office just to chat and visit.
I'm sure Brent caught me staring at his crotch more than once, and he knew I was gay. It's impossible that he didn't know he was hot as hell. Brent was angelically cute, and he was a totally straight eighteen-year-old boy.
During one of our visits to my office, Brent had mentioned that he had a tattoo, so I asked to see it. It was on the back of one of his shoulders, so he had to pull up his shirt.
I actually couldn't care less about the tattoo, but my goodness, did Brent have a beautiful stomach, an awesome soft line of hair going from his bellybutton down, and he had lots of light brown sexy underarm hair.
Brent was clean-shaven – you couldn't even tell if he needed to shave.
The first time he showed up with short sideburns I about fell over. My goodness, they made him even sexier. I think every time he visited with me, afterward I said under my breath, 'God, I would pay to suck that kid off…'
When Brent was working, using his computer, he would frequently turn his chair backward with the back of the chair toward his desk and kneel on it, putting his elbows and forearms on his desk.
Brent kneeling on his chair gave a magnificent view of his phenomenally cute and perfectly round little butt. I assumed Brent had nice soft light brown hair on his butt cheeks and in his butt crack. Every time I saw Brent positioned in his chair like that, I fantasized about how much I wanted to rim him.
I became somewhat infatuated with Brent. He was definitely in my fantasies daily. I wanted to blow Brent so badly. Damn, he was hot as hell.
I reached a point that I had to at least try to see if there was some way I could taste Brent's hot young cock.
I knew that Brent was totally straight. I wasn't sure how to approach him, so I started by setting up a phony email account.
I sent him an email from my phony account.
My email just said, "Hey Brent, would you be open to making some extra cash in exchange for very little effort by you?"
Brent's first response was straight-forward, "Who is this? Is this for real or are you just spamming? Like how much extra cash, and what do you want?"
I took a couple of days before responding.
I sent Brent an email and just said, "This is definitely real. As for how much, I'm open to helping you out with whatever you need or think would be fair. We already know each other, so even though this may seem a little awkward, I'm definitely real and serious."
Brent emailed back within an hour, which told me he was interested, predominately in the cash. He said, "You have my interest as long as you're not asking me to do anything illegal. What are you looking for and how much cash?"
I took a day and sent Brent a longer email.
I wrote, "Brent, I know you're straight. I'm Gay. I would not ask you to do anything to me, but I would really like to give you a blowjob. That's all – nothing else. You just sit back and relax. I'll go down on you and give you a good blowjob. After you cum, we're done. As for the cash, what would you think about like fifty bucks?"
Brent emailed back, but this time from a phony email account he set up.
Brent copied my previous email into his email from his phony account and replied with, "I kinda thought that's what this might be about. I don't know man. I don't know if I could even get hard, let alone cum. I think I know who you are though. I'll think about it."
There were a few Gay guys working at the company, so maybe he did or didn't know that it was me. I just emailed back, "Okay, it's totally up to you."
It took several days, but another email showed up from Brent.
Brent wrote, "Well, as I said, I can't guarantee that I can get hard or cum. But, if you wanna suck on my junk, I'd let you try blowing me, but how about for a hundred? How would this work? Where? How will I know for sure who you are?"
That email was hot. Brent just explicitly told me that he is willing to let me take his young straight boy cock in my mouth, and I loved the way he referred to it as, '…if you wanna suck on my junk.'
Damn, I was beyond excited. Everyone has his or her fetishes. Among mine that has evolved is I really love servicing a straight young guy.
I emailed Brent back.
I wrote, "I'll make sure we're alone and that no one can interrupt or catch us. You'll know because I'll put one fifty dollar bill, two twenties and a ten-dollar bill, and four quarters in front of you. When you see that combination in front of you, you'll know it's me."
I continued, "If you're sitting, and you're up for giving this a try, just unzip your zipper. Same if you're standing. Just unzip your zipper and I'll take it from there. If you get uncomfortable, you can just leave, but the signal that you will need to give me so I know we can go through with this is you just unzipping your zipper. You can either sit or stand. You don't have to do anything. Just relax and we'll see if you get hard from me blowing you. If you do, I'll keep sucking your cock til you nut. If you want to stop, just say so, but you can keep the cash for trying."
Brent emailed back and wrote, "I'm just nervous. But I'll try it. So, when and where?"
I emailed Brent back pretty quickly.
I wrote, "You'll know when you see the cash in those exact denominations. Then just unzip your zipper and I'll know you're willing to give it a try and let me go down on you. Like I said, at any time, you can just say no, or you can leave and I will totally accept and understand."
The following weekend, I stopped by the office, as I usually did.
I noticed Brent's car in the parking lot. Other than that, the lot was empty, and no one else was in the building. The weekends were really quiet.
It was nothing unusual on a weekend for me to call Brent's extension and ask, "Hey, you wanna stop by and visit?"
Brent would always respond, "Sure, I'll forward the phones to your office."
About ten minutes later, Brent showed up in my office.
I kept a chair next to my desk. I didn't like having a desk or furniture between the person with whom I was talking and me. So having the chair next to my desk was perfect, and it gave me a full-length view of the person sitting in the chair, which was frequently one of the numerous cute young men working there.
Brent came in as he normally did and took a seat in the chair next to my desk. He looked so awesomely sexy, and I was already excited at the prospect that I might get the opportunity to taste Brent's straight young 'junk.'
I had a couple of boxes on the floor next to my credenza, which I put there deliberately so I could ask him to help me put them in our storage room.
We chatted for ten or fifteen minutes, then I pointed to the boxes and asked, "Hey, can you grab one of those and help me put them in the storage room?"
Brent stood up and bent over to pick up one of the boxes.
He always wore baggy blue jeans, so it was when he was kneeling in his chair or bending over that I got a good look at how cute his slim little firm butt was. It was just a perfect little butt – probably a 28-inch waist, and kinda long legs.
Brent picked up the box and handed it to me. Nice kid – he was doing all the work. Then he bent over to pick up the second box, giving me another view of his young beautiful round butt, and this time his shirt lifted up showing me his bare back, his beautiful skin, and his nice slim waist.
Brent led the way out of my office and down the hall to the storage room, which was always kept locked.
I struggled to get my keys while holding my box. Brent put his box out and motioned me to put mine on top of his. His arms were showing his sexy lean muscles and veins. He was a skinny boy, but he had really nice muscle tone and beautiful skin.
I opened the door and pointed to an empty area on the shelf right next to the door. Brent lifted the boxes to put them on the shelf. I closed the door.
As Brent was facing the shelf, suddenly a fifty dollar bill, two twenties and a ten-dollar bill, and four quarters showed up on the shelf he was looking at.
A second later, we both heard me turn the lock on the door.
In a surprised whisper, I heard Brent just ask, "Oh wow. …Is it you?"
I just said, "Yeah, I know you're nervous. I am too. If you're okay with what we discussed in our emails, just go with it as we talked about."
Brent didn't move. For a second, I was afraid he would back-out and leave. He didn't.
Brent said, "I'm a little nervous."
I answered back, "I know, so am I."
Brent was staring down and I could tell he was thinking and contemplating. He knew this was a very safe place for us.
It took a few seconds, but then, without turning around, Brent reached in front of his pants and I could hear his zipper pulling down – just as we had planned through email.
In a soft whisper, Brent said, "Okay, my zipper's down."
This hot young straight boy was consciously giving me permission with full and unrestricted access to taste his young cock.
As soon as I heard Brent tell me that his zipper was down, I dropped down on my knees in front of his beautiful butt. I put my hands on his waist to turn him toward me. He knew we were safe locked in the storage room – particularly on a weekend. No one else had keys.
I reached up and unbuttoned the single button on the top of his pants. As soon as I did, his baggy jeans fell to the floor. Now I knew why I never saw a bulge in his pants. He wore boxers.
I pulled down Brent's boxers.
My God, Brent's cock was huge. It was totally limp and soft, hanging down and hugging his low hanging hairy scrotum. His hairy bush was light brown, and as I had assumed, he had pretty furry legs and nice hairy balls. His cock was full of veins and had a plump head.
I wanted to do as little as possible to make him any more nervous than he already was. I held my hands on his slim waist and I just took his young soft limp cock in my mouth and swallowed it until the head was down in my throat.
Yeah, his young cock was that big – totally limp. I played with the head of Brent's long cock by using my swallowing throat muscles, which massaged the hulking head of his young penis.
I slowly began sucking his young cock, and moving my mouth up and down the shaft, licking around the head with every upstroke and taking the head all the way down my throat with each downstroke.
Although I'm sure Brent had gotten head before, I was sure that with a cock that size he was never deep throated all the way down to his low hanging testicles.
I began to feel Brent's cock slowly begin to swell. Brent's penis was going from being totally soft and limp to getting an erection in my mouth.
It was only another minute before Brent was fully hard, and his nine-inch-plus long and thick cock was getting deep throated all the way down to his balls.
I heard a click as the lights went out. He flipped the light switch, probably so he could fantasize that he was getting a blowjob from a girl.
That was fine with me. I had Brent's young penis in my mouth, and it was getting harder and throbbing as it was going in and out of my throat.
Once Brent was fully erect, I began to taste Brent's slippery pre-cum seeping out of the head onto my tongue. Brent's plump cockhead was distinctly swollen, and each time his dick went all the way down my throat, I felt him flex his cock.
I'm not sure if the flexing was intentional, or just an involuntary reaction to the feeling of Brent's young hard penis sliding all the way down my throat – deep throating him until he was feeling my lips touching his scrotum.
Brent knew he was being deep-throated. His hips moved ever so slightly forward with each stroke, making sure his young cock was buried as far down my throat as it would go.
My hands remained on Brent's slim firm young waist. I could feel his stomach and back muscles contract with each stroke of my mouth on his flexing young cock. It felt like he was either involuntarily, or almost clandestinely flexing just enough to push his young cock deeper into my sucking mouth.
With each upstroke, I could feel his body slightly quiver when my tongue swirled around the head, and his thick slippery pre-cum drooled out of his erect flexing penis into my mouth.
I ran my hands down the back of his legs. The soft hair felt remarkable, and my hands slid up to cup his young perfect round butt. His butt had awesomely nice soft hair, and as my hands were on his butt, I pulled him closer into my mouth as I went all the way down on him.
Brent may have taken me pulling him into me as a signal. With that, he started pumping just slightly more, as though I had encouraged him or gave him permission to begin bucking his hips and fucking my mouth.
I let both of my hands go down and start massaging his low hanging scrotum.
I felt his scrotum tighten as his testicles lifted up from the sensations of my mouth and throat stroking his now throbbing young penis.
Brent was now starting to pump his cock in and out of my mouth, pushing it deep down my throat as I massaged his young hairy balls.
I so very much wanted to turn him around and rim his butthole, but it really seemed like he was totally enjoying the blowjob he was getting, so I just continued to service his stiff young seeping penis.
I felt Brent's cock growing harder and continuing to throb and jerk with each stroke. His cockhead was incredibly swollen, and it was drooling considerable amounts of very warm and slippery pre-ejaculatory fluid into my mouth.
I think it was almost involuntary, or just a natural thing that Brent's hips began moving faster and with greater force as he pushed his young throbbing cock down my throat.
I was massaging Brent's balls, feeling them tighten up when I felt a hand touch, and begin holding the back of my head. His penis began throbbing and pulsating, his balls were pulling up closer to his body, then relaxing back down, and pulling back up with each long stroke of his cock with my sucking mouth and throat.
I could hear Brent's breathing getting heavier and faster. He was beginning to quietly groan as his body shuddered with every stroke of his penis in my sucking mouth.
I could tell that Brent was quickly approaching climax.
Each time Brent's testicles pulled up, I knew they were beginning to release his young potent sperm, which was then mixing with his other ejaculatory fluids secreted by his young glands and filling his ejaculatory duct with his semen.
I really think it was an involuntary muscle reflex that Brent's hand began pushing harder down on my head, and he was pushing his drooling cock deeper in my mouth and down my throat with greater force.
Brent's hips were slowly, but with definite purpose bucking forward to pump is super erect cock, which was not just drooling, but spurting a massive amount of warm and slippery pre-cum in my mouth.
Brent's breathing quickly became much more rapid – almost like gasping. His breathing wasn't just heavy, but he was also letting out groans with each stroke, particularly when the head of his cock went down my throat.
I heard his heavy breathing along with him quietly groaning, "ewwwwuuuhhh, uhhh, oh yeah, yeah, uhhhh, Ohhhhhh."
In a hurried and exhaling gasp, Brent asked, "You want the cum in your mouth?"
Brent was obviously climaxing. I kept sucking and accepting his pumping hard throbbing cock down my throat, and just hummed back, "Mmmm Hmmmm," with the same vernacular inflection that you might answer someone who was offering you a slice of you favorite pie.
With my enthusiastic answer, Brent knew that I didn't just want his cum in my mouth, I was craving Brent's young warm cum in my mouth. I thought, Brent likely knew at that point that I was very probably going to eat his warm, thick, load of young potent semen.
Breathing heavily and fast, quietly moaning, "Ohhh, uhhh, ahhh, eewwwww,"
Brent blurted out in a fast and heavy whispered exhale, but in a slightly more gasping and urgent tone, "Don't stop – don't stop!!"
Brent continued to hold hard on the back of my head and thrust his young cock in my mouth and deep down my throat. Brent was obviously very, very close to his orgasm.
During a conversation months later, Brent told me that it was that 'first time in the storage room' that my, "Mmmm Hmmmm" was the point that Brent knew that I was craving to have his cum in my mouth.
Brent said, "I knew that you were probably going to swallow."
Brent further said, "No one has ever been able to swallow all of it before you. They always gag because there's so much."
Over time, it appeared that Brent actually developed a turn-on fetish with me eating his semen. Several times we calculated the point of his orgasm so he could pull his cock out of my mouth, let me stroke his penis with my hand as it was laying on my stuck-out tongue, so he could watch his streams of warm, thick nectar ejaculate into my open mouth, and watch me eat his enormous jets of thick, sour and bitter tasting semen.
As Brent's pumping rhythm increased, and I was holding his balls in my hand, I could tell by the flexing of his cock, his balls pulling uptight and the swelling of the head of Brent's young pulsating penis that Brent was really beginning to climax.
Brent's young testicles were releasing a full load of his sperm, mixing with all of the other fluids secreted by his young potent glands to fill his ejaculatory duct with his thick semen.
Brent's ejaculatory duct was so full that some was leaking out of his seminal vesicle, into his urethra, down the length of his penis, and slightly spurting into my mouth.
I knew that Brent was within seconds of the totally uncontrolled convulsions of his pelvic muscles causing the expulsion of his semen as he began to ejaculate and empty all of his warm, thick young potent cum.
As Brent was pumping his young swollen, jerking, and drooling cock in my mouth and down my throat, I held his scrotum with one hand and held two of my fingers underneath so I could feel the involuntary contractions of his pelvic floor muscles pulsating under his balls when he began to ejaculate.
I was able to feel the fairly thick amount, but very soft hair around Brent's asshole. He didn't seem to mind my finger exploring his butt crack or even directly feeling his butthole.

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