Box of secrets (Boat trip Pt 2)

Brenda now naked lay back in the inside cabin. Scott kneeling between his mothers legs. He leaned over her kissing her lips.

” Make love to me baby. ” She said. ” We don’t do it as much now you have moved in with Amy. ” Brenda added her hand on her sons cheek.

Scott grabbed his cock and rubbed his mothers pussy. With one gentle movement he slid it deep into her pussy holding it in her as she closed her eyes exhaling feeling her sons manhood in her wet pussy.

” Oh mum. ” He said slowly withdrawing his knob in her and thrust her again, she moaned and exhaled again.

” Oh fuck yes baby. ” She said. ” That so good. ”

Scott pushed him self back looking down at his mothers groin watching his cock move between her labias on her waxed pussy.

” It feels so good. ” Scott said fondling her breasts watching his mothers face, seeing the sexual pleasure he gave her as he slowly thrust her with his cock.

” It does darling. ” She said as Amy walked in seeing mother and son making love.

” Come join us on the deck. ” Amy said pouring a glass of wine. Scott admiring his pregnant girlfriends naked body knowing she was on the deck with his father.

” Soon. ” Scott said as Amy came and say next to Brenda feeling her breasts. Brenda and Amy kissed french kissing fondling each others bosom.

” Scott loves fucking pussy and watching two girls play. ” Amy said smiling at Brenda sliding her hand to Brenda’s pussy rubbing her clit.

” I know. ” Brenda said smiling.

Amy kissed Brenda. ” I will be playing with your husband and daughter on the deck. ” She said standing up.

Amy appeared on the boat deck, Carly slouching on the long seat along the back of the boat. Her legs wide open her arms stretched along the shiny metal rail, her head back her long hair
hanging over the edge of the boat with her eyes closed. Neil on his knees kissing the insides of her thighs then up along the edge of her bikini bottoms.

” Oh dad, eat my pussy. ” She said moaning.

Amy sat next to her leaning in kissing her cleavage. She opened her eyes and saw Amy.

” Oh hi babe. ” Carly said as Neil kissed over her bikini bottoms over her pussy. Amy and Carly kissed softly. Small short kisses. Amy fondling Carly’s bust.

” Lets get her naked. ” Amy said looking down at Neil smiling. Neil pulled her ties loosening her bottoms pulling the front down letting it hang over the seat as she sat on the other half. Neil kissing the inside of her bikini bottoms where her pussy sat. He kissed up her labias to her clit softly kissing over her pussy.

Amy undid Carly’s top pulling it off, her breasts falling out. ” Isn’t this nice. ” Amy said.

” What babe. ” Carly said as Amy kissed her nipples.

” Been naked on a boat, in the middle of the sea under the blue sky fucking people you love. ” She said.

” Oh it is. ” Carly said as Neil’s tongue circled over Carly’s clit.

” She has a nice pussy Neil. ” Amy said sliding her hand down rubbing Carly’s clit.

” She does. ” Neil said opening Carly’s labias licking inside her flesh tasting her soft moist skin. Amy leant in kissing Carly’s nipples. She reached over getting the suntan lotion. She poured it lightly on Carly’s chest from her neck down between her breasts to her pussy. She put the tube down and rubbed the lotion over Carly’s chest and breasts and stomach massaging it into her.

Carly grabbed the tube squirting it into her hand rubbing it onto Amy’s body.

They heard Brenda moaning inside the cabin.

” Sounds like Mum’s close to orgasm. ” Neil said looking up at the two tanned naked oiled bodies.

” Well Scott and mum haven’t fucked for a while. ” Carly said smiling at her dad, as he put his tongue inside Carly’s vagina.

” Been to busy getting me pregnant. ” Amy replied sitting back opening her legs as they heard Brenda orgasm inside.

Scott erupted inside his mother filling her pussy with cum. He held his cock inside her as he emptied into her

” Oh mum. ” He said looking at her smiling.

” Oh yes Scott. ” She said grinning. ” I needed you to do that to me. ” She said.

He leant in kissing her lips as he squeezed her breast.

” Its been a while since we had sex aye mum. ”

” Yes. I wonder whats happening out their.

Scott turned to look. ” Well by the looks of things. Dads entrenched between Carly’s legs, and Amy and Carly are kissing and playing with each other.

” Shall we go join them? ” Brenda said.

” I think so. ” Scott replied.

They stood up. Brenda quickly licked Scott’s hard cock. She wiped her oozing pussy with a towel and they both walked out.

” Hi ” Brenda said. Neil turned to see his naked wife and son.

” Just fucked your mother son. ” Neil said.

” No, he made love to me. ” Brenda replied as she walked over sitting next to Amy. Amy looked at Brenda’s pussy seeing cum oozing from her.

” Better clean you up. ” Amy said getting off the couch and kneeling on her knees between Brenda’s legs. She opened Brenda’s labias and started licking her clean.

Scott sat between his mother and sister. He kissed Carly’s lips leaning over fondling her tanned oiled breasts. Carly reached over grabbing his cock stroking it as they kissed. Neil still pleasuring Carly’s pussy.

” Here son, want your sisters fanny. ” He said standing.

” Ok. ” Scott said. Carly leant back and lay on the bench seat her leg on the boat rail her other leg open with her foot on the floor. Scott sat between her legs licking her clit and rubbing her pussy lips. He slid his fingers down to her vagina pushing them in her. She moaned as she took her fathers cock in her mouth as he stood next to her looking out over the ocean as his daughter sucked his cock.

Brenda leant in grabbing her sons cock that had just been inside her. She slid her mouth over his knob sliding her mouth down his shaft as Amy pushed her fingers into Brenda’s pussy finger fucking her pushing Scott’s cum in his mothers sloppy pussy. Cum oozing out running down to Brenda’s anus for Amy to lick up.

For ten minutes the family stayed like that licking and sucking. Carly enjoying sucking and playing with her fathers cock, Scott enjoying licking and kissing and fingering his sisters pussy, Brenda enjoying sucking and playing with her sons cock with her pussy juices on it, as he had just fucked her, Amy enjoying eating and licking cum from her boyfriends mothers pussy, tasting the mix of her juices and Scott’s cum. Mother and sons mixed juices.

” Fuck you give good oral sex Amy. ” Brenda said looking down at Amy licking her clit and fingering her pussy.

” Thank you ” Amy said ” Carly and I have practiced for years. ” She said.

” You know before you have your baby, us girls need to get together for a girls only naked time. ” Brenda said holding Amy’s head as she licked.

” Oh yes sounds good mum. ” Carly said taking her fathers cock out of her mouth.

Amy stood up and Neil grabbed her hand and Carly got up onto her knees in front of her father. Amy stepped in front of Neil. Carly gripped Amy’s arse cheeks squeezing them and kissing her buttocks.

” Come here my pregnant girlfriend. ” He said he kissed her belly holding her hips. ” Hows my baby in there? ” He added

” Hey our pregnant girlfriend. ” Scott said ” Its my baby in there. ” Scott said smiling.

” Ok then. ” Neil said sitting sliding his hands up Amy’s front to her breasts. Scott and Amy locked eyes. Amy breasts been fondled by his father, Amy watched as Scott’s mother sucked his cock feeling Carly fondle her buttocks and slid her hand between her legs and rub her pussy.

Scott smiled at Amy. ” Actually fiance. ” Scott said.

” Pardon? ” Brenda said looking both of then. Neil now licking around Amy’s nipples.

” Fiance, Scott asked me to marry him. ” Amy said holding Neil’s head against her breasts.

” Wow. ” Brenda replied. ” Congratulations. ” She stood up hugging Amy. Carly stood and hugged her as well.

” Scott and I thought now we are pregnant with his baby. ” She said looking at Neil making sure she emphasized ‘ His baby’ we thought we would get married. ” Amy said.

” Wonderful telling us in the middle of a family orgy. ” Neil said leaning back looking up at his naked daughter in law to be.

” I know, we decided we would try to find the right moment to mention it. We knew my pregnant belly would come up so saw that as the perfect chance. ”

” Im so happy for you. ” Carly replied .

Amy turned back to Neil. Neil returning to Amy’s breasts.

” We need to celebrate. ” Brenda said ” Champagne anyone she asked.

Everyone said yes. Brenda headed inside with Scott. Amy bent over taking Neil’s hard cock into her mouth cupping his balls as she slid her mouth up and down his shaft. He sat back moaning watching her suck him off. Carly behind Amy opening her legs licking and sucking Amy’s anus and pussy.

Neil played with Amy hair watching her suck him. ” You give good head. ” Neil said looking down at Amy his cock in her mouth. So do you Carly. Hows her arse? ” Neil asked.

” Yummy. ” Carly said licking Amy’s pussy and anus.

Amy then stood up turning around moving back into Neil Carly grabbed her fathers cock as Amy crouched in his lap. Carly rubbed Amy’s pussy with the head of his cock eventually holding in as Amy slid down Neil’s shaft. Neil held her hips as his sons fiance sat in his lap his cock in her. Carly leaning in licking Neil’s balls up onto Amy’s pussy.

Amy slowly started riding his cock. Neil leaning back admiring her back and arse holding her hips as she rode his cock.

Brenda came out with a tray of glasses filled with Champagne. Scott followed with crackers and cheese seeing his fiance riding his fathers cock.

” Champagne. ” Brenda said as Carly sat up.

” Oh yes. ” Neil said taking one off the tray.

Scott handed Amy a glass. ” Sparkling grape juice for you. ” He said to his pregnant fiance sitting on his fathers cock.

” Have to give alchohol. ” She said as they all held their glasses. Amy stood Neil’s cock slipping out of Amy’s pussy. They stood inna circle and toasted.

” To Amy and Scott. ” Neil said.

” Yes to Amy and Scott. ” Brenda and Carly replied as they all clinked glasses and sipped their champagne.

” Thanks Amy said smiling. ” I’ve known Carly since I was a toddler and grown up with everyone. Now here we are all naked together and Scott’s baby my stomach. I never thought ever I would be sleeping with my fiances father…. ”

” ….and mother and sister. ” Scott said.

” Yeh I know. But hey. We all have fun and that’s what its all about. ”

” Dad did take your virginity. ” Carly said.

” True. ”

” So. To Amy and Scott’s future, good family, and good sex. ” Brenda said.

” I will drink to that. ” Neil said smiling. ” Now just have to find Carly a man. ” Scott said.

” Well he will have to not mind my having sex with dad. ” Carly said pulling her arm around her fathers waist and kissing him.

Scott cleared his throat.

” Ok and my brother, and sister in law, and mother. ” She said.

” That’s better. ” Scott said.

” So. ” Scott said downing his drink ” Where were we. ”

” Well last I saw Scott. Amy was fucking your father and Carly was on all fours between your fathers legs her arse in the air asking for for her brothers cock to fuck her. ” Brenda said smiling at Carly.

” Yeh. ” Carly said that’s right, my arse in the air means I need a cock in it. ” She said with a thick hint of sarcasm in her voice.

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