Box of secrets (Boat trip Pt 3)

Scott had never been do hornier watching Amy with his father. Watching his father’s hard cock penetrate his fiance,s wet pussy. A pussy he had fucked when she was 17 when she was baby sitting him. Scott found that quite erotic the fact now he was living with her, his baby in her stomach.

He held his sisters hips as he thrust her, a pussy he had wanted for so long, now he was watching himself inside her, his hard cock slid between her pussy lips.

Brenda knelt beside Carly holding her husbands knee watching his cock slid in and of Amy.

” Cum in her. ” Brenda said to her husband stroking his knee. Amy found it more erotic Brenda encouraging her husband to cum inside her. Amy wanted it, she wanted his cum in her. Her pussy no stranger to his seed. She rode faster moaning. His hard cock filling her pussy. He moaned gripping her hips slowing her down as his semen filled her.

” Yes ” Carly said as Scott thrust her harder. Brenda reaching over rubbing Amy’s clit knowing her husbands cum was about to seep out.

Carly grabbed her fathers cock as it fell out of Amy’s pussy. Amy leaning back against Neil’s chest, Neil’s hands sliding up and around to Amy s breasts groping them. Scott watched as his fathers cum trickled out of Amy’s pussy. His hands groping her breasts. His fiance belonged to his father for now.

An erotic thought his fiance been his fathers sexually for now.

His cum dripped onto his fathers groin met with his sisters tongue licking her fathers semen off his cock and out of Amy’s wet pussy.

Carly knelt up Scott’s cock sliding out of her pussy. She stood and adjusted her long hair. Neil looking up and down his daughters body as Amy slipped off his lap onto the chair.

Brenda knelt between Amy’s legs rubbing her clit as she leant along the rail. Neil positioned himself next to his wife as Carly sat next to Amy her legs open. Scott knelt at his sisters groin pushing his cock back inside her. Brother and sisters eyes looking into each others as Scott’s cock entered her.

” Oh yes Scott. ” She moaned as he slowly thrust her.

” I want to eat cum out of her pussy. ” Amy said to her fiance.

” Yes darling. ” Scott said as Neil and Brenda took turns licking Amy’s pussy cleaning Neil’s cum out of her. Brenda watching as her husband licked her clit and labias while fingering her

Amy and Carly looked over at each other smiling then leant in kissing. The caressed each others breasts french kissing and teasing each other with their lips. Scott watching their tongues in each others mouths kissing as he thrust Carly’s pussy.

Neil then stood up and knelt on the seat as Brenda took over licking and sucking Amy’s pussy. He knelt next to Amy. She looked at his semi hard cock and grabbed it sliding her lips over his shaft as he held her head. Carly leant in fondling Amy’s breasts licking and sucking her nipples. Carly slid her hand down to Amy’s clit rubbing it as her mothers tongue worked her vagina opening.

Scott loving seeing her been pleasured in so many ways. His fathers cock in her mouth, his sister sucking her breasts, his mother pleasuring her pussy.

Scott then moaned, his cock throbbing and he knew he was about to cum. Amy took Neil’s cock out of her mouth still holding his shaft.

” Going to cum in your sister? ” Amy said.

” Oh fuck yes. ” He moaned. He lurched as he gave one last thrust erupting into his sisters pussy. ” Oh fuck yes. ” He said. Carly looked at him and smiled.

” Oh yes Scott. Fill me up with cum. ” Carly said smiling at her brother.

” Yes sis ” he said smiling at her.

Scott held his sisters knees watching his cock trapped inside his sisters pussy filling her beautiful shaved fanny with his juices.

Amy leant over Carly looking down at Carly’s groin sliding her hand to Carly’s pussy spreading her fingers pushing them down either side of Scott’s cock on Carly’s wet labias.

Carly rubbed pussy kissing her stomach.

Neil sat on the seat and Brenda moved from giving Amy oral sex to her husbands cock grabbing it sliding her mouth down his re hardened shaft after seeing his son cum into his sisters pussy.

Neil held Brenda’s head watching his wife suck his cock. Scott pulled his cock from his sister and Brenda pulled him towards her grabbing his cock. As she stroked her husbands cock she slid her lips over Scott’s cum covered cock. She licked and sucked his cum off him as Amy rubbed Carly’s pussy rubbing Scott’s oozing cum over Carly’s groin.

Amy knelt between Carly’s legs admiring legs admiring her best friend, and sister in law to be. Admiring her shaved pussy. Amy leant in licking her pussy, licking the Cum that belonged to her fiance, Carly’s brother in his sister.

” Taste nice baby? ” Carly said looking down at Amy, her tongue licking around Carly’s clit and pussy.

” Oh yes baby, your pussy covered in your brothers cum. Yummy. ”

Scott giggled looking down at his fiance eating his cum for his sisters pussy.

” Whats so funny? ” Brenda asked lifting her head from her husbands cock, and sliding her lips down Scott’s.

” I never thought Id see Amy pregnant with my baby, now my fiance eating my cum out of Carly’s pussy. ” He said smiling

They all laughted as Brenda stood up.

” That’s the great thing about sex then isn’t in ” Brenda said. I never thought Id be sucking your cock, let alone fucking you son. ” Brenda said.

” I never thought Id be engaged to you. ” Amy said. ” Shit I was 17, having a affair with your dad when you were 7 and babysitting you tucking you into bed, reading you bedtime stories. Now In having your child. ” Amy said.

” Yeh my little baby brother now servicing his Fiance who is my best friend, his mother and his sister. ” Carly replied.

” We are a happy family. ” Neil said.

Amy stood up after cleaning Carly. Brenda Amy and Scott standing naked on the deck of the boat looking down at Carly and Neil sitting together all looking at each family members naked body, each family totally comfortable been naked around each other.

Brenda leant over kissing her husbands lips. Scott slapped his mothers bare arse.

” Scott. ” Brenda said smiling. She stood up and walked into the cabin followed by Scott.

Amy walked in leaving Neil and Carly on the outside deck of the boat. She hugged Scott and kissed him.

” You know I’m quite glad you to got together. ” Brenda said pouring a orange juice handing it to Amy. She handed Scott one to. They looked out at the boat deck.

Carly was sitting her arms around her fathers neck. Her legs over his groin, her fathers arm around her back and side. They sat kissing each other. Carly rubbing her fathers chest, Neil fondling his daughters breast.

” They haven’t had enough? ” Amy said smiling.

” No ” Brenda said ” I quite often wake up at night and they are playing, sometimes fucking. ” Brenda replied.

” Well its good you don’t mind. ” Scott said.

” Well your dad fucking your sister Scott takes the pressure off me darling. Saves him having an affair as well knowing hes got extra pussy at home. ” Brenda said.

” Yeh well except me. ” Amy said. ” I mean he…. ”

” ….oh Amy, I knew there was sometime between you to even before he got your knickers off that night. ” Brenda replied.

” Really how? ” Amy asked. I thought that we hid it well. ”

” As you know I’m a female and I know when my husband was fucking you. ” Brenda said.

” But why didn’t…. ”

” ….I say anything? ”

” Well… Yeh…..I was a 17 year old fucking her….. Well I guess boss. ”

” I knew it would stop, shit you were 17. ” Brenda said.

” Look at my husband and daughter there. True lovers. They are so close sexually. ” Brenda said.

” So are we mum. ” Scott said hugging his mother kissing her lips.

” We need to have sex more. ” She said to Scott. ” If its ok with Amy of course. ”

” Yeh shit, course it is, I mean Neil and I regularly have sex. ” Amy said.

” Yes. ” Scott said. ” Shit my father fucking my pregnant fiance. ”

” Yeh I mean we do it in the storeroom after school. We sneak out at lunch time in the car. Your mum’s come home on a couple of occasions and caught us in bed aye Brenda? ”

” Yes dear,I do. ” She said.

” Yes I’m just glad we all agreed it will be a once a week thing. ” Amy said. ” Scott and I agreed once a week having sex with his father Amy said sitting down crossing her legs as Carly and Neil walked in.

” I’ve heard boat engines in the distance. Might pay us all get dressed. ” He said.

Brenda looked out the window seeing three boats in the distance.

Carly picked up her bikini bottoms and put them on. Brenda and Amy put on their bikinis as Scott and Neil put on their shorts and a singlets.

” Spoil our fun. ” Carly said. ” I prefer being naked. ” She said.

” Suppose you wish your boyfriend was here. ” Amy said.

” Boyfriend? ” Brenda said looking at her daughter as Carly put on her bikini top,

” Amy, our secret remember. ” Carly said.

” Oh they would find out. ” Amy said smiling at Carly.

” Ok. ” Carly said about two weeks ago I went onna date with a guy. ” She said adjusting her breasts in her bikini top.

” Oh whats his name, where did you meet him Sis.? ” Scott asked.

” Ok. Carly said. ” Is anybody there? ” She said.

” No. ” Neil said ” Why? ”

Carly pulled down her bikini bottoms grabbing a towel wiping her pussy. ” So much cum, might need the boys to wear condoms next time. ” She said wiping dripping cum from her groin.

” I know. ” Amy said ” Will save the fuckin mess. Did I miss a bit? ” She said. ” Don’t know if its dads or Scott’s she said.

” Let me see. ” Brenda said getting to her knees licking her daughters pussy. Carly sat down her bottoms around her hips, Brenda pulled them to the side to lick her daughters pussy.

” Be the last cock that was in your pussy sis. ” Scott said.

” Yours then. ” Amy said hugging her brother.

” Maybe you should clean your sister up then. ” Brenda said.

” Yeh well if dads cum wasn’t in there as well I would. ” Scott said looking down at his mother licking his sisters pussy.

” Nothing wrong with my cum Scott, your mum, sister and your fiance love it, aye girls. ” Neil said looking out the window a boat getting closer.

Brenda got up putting Carly’s bikini bottoms back over her pussy licking her lips.

” That’s mum. ” She said smiling.

” So Carly date? ” Brenda said.

Carly sighed. ” Ok, I want a guy who is fine with this family arrangement, hopefully someone who is in a similar situation. ” Carly said. ” I want a baby, so I went on a website for families that play together, in personals was a guy who lives with his mother….. ”

” So lives with her and…. ”

” Yes Scott has sex with her. So we met and talked and…. ”

” …. Had sex? ” Amy said.

” Yes and it was very nice. In fact we had sex on this very seat. ” Carly said smiling.

” In the boat ? ” Scott said.

” Yes we came here because, we wanted privacy to talk about our situations. Not something you talk about in a restaurant full of people. ” Carly said as Neil went up onto the deck as a boat pulled up alongside.

” Act natural family. ” Brenda said.

” Like a family that’s not fucking. ” Scott whispered.

” Yes. ” Carly said grinning at her mother.

” So dear tell me more about this guy. ” Brenda said sitting next to her.

” Hes 30, a software engineer. Handsome, nice big cock. His mother is 58 shes a bank manager. Hes been single for 5 years and having sex with his mother for 3 years. ” Carly said.

” Do we get to meet him?’ Scott asked

” Yes in fact, in a couple of weeks hes off overseas tomorrow for two weeks.

” So tell us about the date? ” Amy said.

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