Box of secrets (Carly and Scott Roleplay)

She walked out in her school uniform. She still fitted it. Her dark blue shirt pleated skirt, her white v neck buttoned blouse with the school emblem embroided on the breast. Her hair in pigtails. She walked up to her brother. His cock hard in his trousers.

” Wow sis. ” He said smiling ” You still have your uniform. ”

” Yes I thought I would still keep it for prosperity. Maybe some role play with my husband but no he wasn’t into it. ” She said.

” It fits you perfectly babe. ” He said

She sniggered, ” You called your sister babe. That’s funny. ” She said pouring another drink. She made another cocktail giving it to her brother, they both drank. They stood kissing their drinks in hand. Their lips on each others, their tongues in each others mouths. Scott felt his hardening cock make a tent in his trousers. He could feel his sisters body becoming his.

They stood back sipping their drinks. She sat on the bed pulling him into her. She cupped his groin feeling his hard cock in his trousers. She looked up at him. ” What if I asked you if you wanted to have a threesome ” Carly said.

” Threesome? Serious who? ”

” I friend of mine from school. ” Carly said.

” But what about us been brother and sister. ” Scott replied.

” Its ok, she wont tell. ” Carly said.

” Do I know her? ” Scott asked.

” Yes you do. She is discrete. She wont mind us been siblings. ” Carly said. ” Can I call her shes in the bar downstairs. ”

” Ok fuck really? ” . He asked as Carly reached for her phone ringing the number.

” Hi babe. ” Carly said. ” Come on up, my brother is waiting. ” Carly said then hung up.

” Oh fuck are you serious? ” Scott replied again.

Carly stood smiling at him. ” Oh yes so very serious. ” We are both bi sexual. ” She said

A few minutes later their was a knock at the door. Carly stood kissing his lips. ” Showtime. ”

He watched Carly walk to the door in her school uniform. She was 26 and still fitted it so well. She opened the door.

A tall blonde walked in wearing a knee length black coat and black strappy high heels. She kissed Carly lips.

” Hi Scott. ” She said ” Remember me? ”

” Fuck Amy George. ”

” Surprise. ” Amy said as she undid her coat dropping it onto the floor. She wore her old school uniform as well.

” Shit. ” He said admiring her body, her tight blouse her D cup breasts underneath.

” It still fits, I must admit its a bit tight around my tits but hey I can still button it up. ” She said walking over to Scott putting her finger on his lips leaning in kissing his forehead. He could smell her perfume.

” Sex on the beach? ” Carly asked.

” Oh yes please. Me and your sister have fucked many times on the beach aye darling. ” Amy said.

” Oh yes. ” Carly replied. ” Remember that guy who caught us. ”

” Oh yeh, Carly and I start naked pushing. This guy catches us, asks if he can fuck us. We say no we are lesbians. So he asks if he can masturbate as he watches us. So us two naked. This guy drops his pants pulls his dick out starts masturbating looking at our tits and pussies. He cums. Says thanks. Pulls his pants up and walks off ”

” It was so funny, so erotic. ” Carly said

” Did your husband know? ”

” Fuck no. ” Carly replied.

” The things we got up to aye babe. ” Amy said.

” Tell me more. ” Scott said.

” Ok. Carly would never fuck another guy. Said she was married, but didn’t mind giving blowjobs or flashing body parts. ” Amy said smiling.

” Carly? ” Scott said.

” Truth is out. ” Carly said smiling.

” So Scott your fucking your sister? ” Amy said.

” Ah yeh I guess. ” He said looking over at Carly.

” I find it so erotic, I would never fuck my brother but, my best friend!. Its a fantasy of mine to have sex with a brother and sister and the fact its my best friend, even better.

Carly handed Amy a drink. Scott perving at his sister and Amy her friend. Carly sat on bed with Amy as Scott stood.

” I remember as teenagers 15 16 and coming around and Scott been 7. Now look here we are about to have a threesome. ” Amy replied.

” Yeh I cant believe it. ” Carly said. Amy reached out feeling Scott’s groin.

” Wow so hard. ” Amy said ” Lets see what you have in here Mr. ” She added undoing his button and zip with one hand. Carly helped pull his trousers down. Amy reached in his underwear and pulled out his cock. ” Oh wow. ” She gasped. ” Very nice dick. ” She said stroking it.

” It feels nice in my pussy. ” Carly said.

” Ummmm cant wait to get it in mine. ” Amy replied. ” So Carly took your virginity? ”

” Yep. ” Scott said proudly.

” Proud of it to, nailed his sister. Good on you? ”

” Have you cum in her mouth. She swallows you know. ” Amy replied.

” Ah yes. ” Scott said watching Amy play with his cock.

” You know I remember about a year after Carly got married her and her husband had a argument. We went out and met these two brothers. We dared each other to suck there cocks and see who could make them cum first. We had to swallow. ”

” Who won? ” Scott asked.

” Me by only five seconds ” Amy said.

” To be fair, my guy was holding on till his friend cum. ” Carly replied.

” Suppose he had the bigger dick to. ” Amy replied

” He did, back then and thinking about it now, I sort of wished I had fucked him. ” Carly replied.

” You know Scott your sister loved sucking cock so much she became known as the glory hole queen.

” I still made him cum first. ” Amy said leaning forward lifting Scott’s cock licking his shaft underneath. She circled her tongue around his knob as she stroked it. ” So shes swallowed her brothers yummy cum? ”

” Yes. ” Carly said ” …..and he has cum in my pussy. ”

Amy took his cock out of her mouth looking at Carly. ” No condom. Don’t get pregnant. ”

” I’m still on the pill. ” She said. The girls played with his cock taking turns to suck his shaft.

Carly deepthroated Scott. Amy holding Carly’s head on his cock. She kissed Carly’s cheek. ” Suck it bitch. ” Amy said. Carly moaned as Amy pulled her head back. Carly gasped and spat on his knob. Amy then put her mouth over his cock. Carly pushing her head down her brothers cock.

” Suck it good bitch, you fuckin slut. ” Carly whispered to Amy holding her head. Carly pulled Amy’s head off and grabbed her brothers cock

” Fuckin open your mouth. ” Carly ordered. Carly pushed Amy’s head up and down Scott’s cock. ” Taste that pre cum bitch. ”

Amy gagged as Carly forced Amy’s head up and down his cock.

” That’s it slut. ” Carly said taking her mouth off. She pushed precum out of Scott’s cock. Carly rubbed his knob over Amy’s lips. ” Taste my brothers cum bitch. ”

Carly knelt down watching her brothers cock on Amy’s lips. She leant in kissing Amy. They french kissed as Carly held his cock.

” Lie down slut. ” Carly said.

Amy lay on the bed. Carly knelt over her head.

” Eat her pussy Scotty. ” Carly said. Scott lifted Amy’s skirt seeing her black g string. Carly leant over rubbing her hands over Amy’s knickers. ” Eat it then fuck it. ” Carly said to her brother.

Scott grabbed Amy’s knickers pulling then down revealing her wet shaved pussy. Carly unbuttoned Amy’s blouse opening it. Scott leant in circling Amy’s clit with his tongue. Carly kissing Amy’s lips as she fondled her bust over her blouse.

Scott slid his fingers inside Amy’s pussy slowly finger fucking her. Carly sat up undoing her blouse. She took it off and leant behind undoing her skirt taking it off. She removed her bra and dropped it on the floor. She presented Amy her breasts. Amy reached up fondling her breasts sucking her nipples.

Scott’s tongue working Amy’s clit and labias.

” Hows her pussy Scotty? ” Carly said.

” Yummy. ” Scott replied listening to Amy moan.

” Why don’t you fuck her. ” Carly said. ” She needs to be fucked and fucked hard. Her slutty pussy can take it ” Carly said ” Aye slut. ” Carly said looking down at Amy sucking her bosom.

” Yes Carly. ” Amy mumbled on Carly’s breast in her mouth.

Scott stood grabbing his cock. He looked as Amy lay there her pussy on show. Her skirt up around her waist. Her blouse undone. Her pink lacy bra embroided with roses over her breasts.

He rubbed his knob over her clit. Carly grabbed his shaft and stroked it and guided it around Amys pussy.

” Shes a bad bitch Scott she needs to be fucked in her little slut pussy. ” Carly said pushing her brothers cock to Carly’s entrance. Scott pushing his cock deep into her.

” That’s it babe. ” Carly said to her brother rubbing Amy’s clit and spreading Amy’s labias with her fingers watching her brothers shaft slid in and out of her best friends pussy. ” Oh yes fuck the slut. ” She tilted her head poking her tongue out licking Amy’s clit.

Carly then stood and walked over to the counter. ” More drinks? ” She asked and slid off her underwear.

” Yes babe. ” Amy said

” Thanks Sis ” Scott said admiring his sisters naked body as he thrust Amy’s pussy. Amy lay back eyes closed feeling Scott’s cock fuck her. Scott watching his shaft move in and out of her pussy. He loved the fact he was no longer a virgin. He loved his sister had taken it from him. Here he was fucking two beautiful women. His sister 26 and her friend 27. Amy who used to babysit him when he was 8yrs old. How he was fucking her 9 years later at 17.

Carly walked over handing Scott a Rum. Amy got up onto her elbows grabbing the drink. Carly sat watching drinking her drink her brother fucking Amy.

” I want my pussy eaten. ” Carly said. She sat on the bed legs open. Scott withdrew from Amy as she turned around. The girls got into a 69 Carly on the bottom. Amy knelt over her. Scott entered Amy doggy style. Amy leant in rubbing Carly’s clit and rubbed her pussy. Scott spread Amy’s arse cheeks watching his cock in her. He admired her anus.

” Cum in her Scott. ” Carly said. ” Fill her pussy with cum. Like you fill mine with cum. ” Carly said. Scott thrust harder finally been given permission to cum in her. Carly’s slid her hands over Amy’s hips holding her arse cheeks spreading them. Scott held his sisters hands thrusting Amy hard slapping against her arse cheeks his cock thrusting deep in her pussy.

Amy moaned and groaned licking Carly’s clit sliding her fingers inside Carly’s pussy fingerfucking her. Carly moaned.

Eventually after a minute Scott cum filling Amy’s pussy with cum. He moaned as he held his cock deep in Amy’s pussy erupting his seed into Amy’s womb.

” Oh fuck. ” Scott said.

He slowly pulled out. Cum dripped down into Carly under Amy’s pussy. Scott stood watching and Carly licked Amy’s cum filled pussy. She looked up at him smiling reaching up grabbing his cock. She pulled it into her mouth sucking it.

Amy rolled onto her back. Carly knelt between her legs licking Amy’s clit and pussy lips. Scott watched as his sister cleaned his cum off Amy’s pussy.

After a few minutes they refilled their glasses. Amy stripped off removing her skirt, her blouse and bra. Scott admiring her beautiful breasts finally seeing Amy naked, finally fucking her. He felt so lucky been naked with two suck beautiful women. They each kissed his lips and they walked off into the bathroom and sat in the big jacuzzi. Scott’s cock limp between his legs the taste of Amy’s pussy on his lips.

He sat back in the jacuzzi drink in hand admiring his two bitches with him.

His naked sister and sisters friend with him.

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