Box of secrets Carly and Scott

Next morning.

7.21 am.

Carly woke. The sun shone outside as the morning sun rose. She lay on her back and looked at the ceiling. She sighed and turned her head to the right seeing her sleeping brother. She smiled as she thought of the night before. She had sex twice last night with him. Her pussy full of his cum. The wine they drunk. The pizza they ate.

She closed her eyes and thought of her ex husband. The night he said his lovers name as he cum inside her. ‘ Bastard’ she thought as she felt her bladder wanting to empty.

She sat up and pushed her legs out over the side of her bed. She sat straightening her long hair. She stood walking naked to the bathroom. She stood looking in the mirror. She sat on the toilet as Scott walked in.

” Sorry. ” He said looking at his sister on the toilet.

” That’s ok. ” She said as a steady stream flowed from her into the toilet. He smiled as he watched his naked sister pee. ” Turn the shower on babe. ” She said.

Scott reached into the shower turning it on as she finished, she wiped her pussy standing up then flushed. She kissed him as he lifted the seat and held his penis towards the bowl. She watched as he let the steady stream go.

” Never seen a man piss. ” She said checking the water.

” No, not your husband? ” Scott asked his sister as she stepped into the shower.

” No, I guess we just haven’t shared a bathroom with a toilet in it. ” She said as he finished shaking his cock and flushing. He stepped into the shower with his sister. She wrapped her arms around his neck kissing his lips.

” I feel like this is a dream Carly. Doing this with you. ” Scott said.

” Yeh, well lucky I read your diary then inst it honey. ” She said.

” Yeh, ” he replied smiling at his sister as she grabbed the soap directing it to his hard cock.

” Well hes ready for more. ” She replied as she rubbed the soap up and down his shaft. He fondled her breasts as she washed his cock.

She rinsed it off and put the soap back sliding to her knees. She held his cock them licked up his shaft. She kissed his knob looking up smiling at him. She them pushed her lips over his knob sliding them down his shaft.

He moaned as she sucked his cock looking down at her.

” My sister sucking my cock. ” He said.

She smiled as she wanked it licking and kissing it moaning caressing his balls. She licked him and kissed him. She then stood and kissed his lips.

” I love our little secret. ” She said turning around pushing her arse into his groin. He slid his hands around her from to her breasts fondling them as he kissed her neck. She moaned as he lathered her breasts up with soap fondling and caressing them. She moaned reaching behind her feeling his hard cock against her arse.

” Me to. ” He replied. She looked up at him.

” We are going to have so much sex. ” She said.

” Really? ” He replied. She turned her arms around her neck.

” Yes, I have a real kinky side of me no one knows about. I want to explore it with you. My husband wasn’t. There’s no guys that I trust or want to share it with. ” She said.

” No really? ”

” Oh yes. Did you know I am bi sexual? ” Carly replied.

” No. Really so you have sex with…. ”

” ….girls ” she replied finishing his sentence. ” Yes I like girls as well. ”

” Oh shit. ” He said. Carly almost told him about her and their mother but decided not to. Not just yet anyway.

” You know I want us to have sex out of the house. Outdoor sex play with toys. I want to have some fun. ” She said. ” Why don’t you fuck me on the kitchen bench? ” She said.

They turned off the shower and got dried. They went hand and hand to the kitchen. She hugged him and kissed him.

” Eat my pussy. ” She said.

” Really? ” He replied as she sat up on the bench and opened her legs. Scott admiring his sisters beautiful shaved pussy.

” Wow Carly. Never done that. ” He said.

” Its fine, it tastes beautiful. My girlfriend can vouch for that. Be nice having a guy doing it for a change ” she said smiling. She slid her hand to her clit rubbing it and opening her labias. ” Don’t be shy it wont bite.

He leant in running his fingers down her pussy admiring her wet moist clit and inner labias as she opened her outer. He looked at her. Her breasts. He touched her clit with his tongue licking it.

” Ohhhh baby yes. ” She said moaning looking down at him licking her. ” Push your fingers in me babe. ” She said smiling

He found her vagina opening and pushed his fingers into her

” Ohhhhhh fuck yes babe. ” She moaned as he finger fucked her. ” Oh shit baby yes. ” She said squeezing her breast her legs wide open. Her brother licking and sucking her pussy. ” You are a fuckin natural babe. I like that. ” She said. ” Put your cock in me. ” She said.

He stood lifting his cock to her pussy sliding it deep into his sister.

” Yes babe, oh yes. ” She said moaning. ” Fuck me. ” She added smiling at him.

He thrust her watching his cock in his sisters pussy. He was curious to her fantasies and the sex she was wanting. He held her knees his cock in her, fucking her. He reached up fondling her breast feeling her soft skin and her hard nipples.

Minutes later he groaned as he cum. He filled her pussy with cum again. She smiled at him with a satisfied look on her face. She sat back looking down leaning on her hands with outstretched arms behind her her legs wide open almost proud that her brother was fucking her.

She looked down as his softening cock slid out of her pussy followed by a flow of his semen pooling on the kitchen bench.

” Wow bro, a lot of cum. ” She said sliding her hand to her pussy rubbing her clit and labias opening them up watching his cum on her

” Yeh ” he said smiling proud of the mess he made in his sister. He could still taste her pussy on his lips.

She sat up wrapping her arms around his neck pulling him in close. She kissed his lips. ” That was so nice baby. I love fucking you. I never thought I would hear myself say it but. Fuck I do. ” She said.

” Cool. I like it to. ” He said.

” Lets have a shower, get dressed and go out for breakfast baby. ” She said. ” But we have to as brother and sister, no lovers.

Next night. 4.47pm.

Carly got home from work. She walked inside kicking her high heels off her feet. She walked into the lounge seeing her mother in the kitchen.

” Hi Mum. ” Carly said entering the kitchen.

” Hi dear. How are you? ” Brenda asked.

” Good, when did you get home? ” Carly asked pulling her hair tie out of her hair. Letting her ponytail loosen her hair falling free.

” About 2. Your fathers gone into the office to do some urgent paperwork. How was your weekend? ” .

” Yeh good, just hung out with Scott. Felt like a quiet one. ” Carly replied looking at the spot her brothers cum spilt onto the bench from her pussy.

” Nice, ” Brenda replied. ” Its nice you two get on. ”

” Yeh we do, ” she said smiling pouring a glass of water.

” So what did two get up to. ” Brenda asked.

” Oh, we just hung out, played games, ate pizza, had sex, had lots ….. ”

” Sorry, you what? ” Brenda asked.

” What? ” Carly said

” Did you say you had sex, with… ”

” Scott, yes we had sex. ” Carly said

” Carly really? ”

” Well yeh, I mean I went into his box and took out my underwear he had and wore them on Saturday, then that night had a shower leaving them on my floor after I undressed. Then put a towel on closed the bathroom door with the shower running. I hid in your room. I heard him in my room. He thought I was showering but surprised him in my room. ”

” What did he do? ”

” He was shocked, I told him about how me and you know about his box and its contents. His diary. He was so embarrassed. ” Carly said.

” So you fucked him to make him feel better. ”

” Well yeh ok, I did. But I enjoyed it. I enjoyed fucking him so we are currently secretly sleeping together. He thinks no one knows so please don’t let on you know ok. ”

” No dear, its our secret darling. Oh my son and daughter are sleeping together. ”

” I keep thinking about what we did. ” Carly said smiling at her mother.

” Me to darling. ” Brenda said as they stepped closer together. They put there hands on each others hips. They leant in kissing softly and slowly. Both women, mother and daughter moaning. ” This has to be secret to. ” Brenda said.

” Ok mum. ” Carly replied as they kissed again.

Scott walked in the gate seeing his mother and sister close kissing. ” Fuck. ” He said standing still watching he hid behind a tree and watched them through the window.

Brenda sat up on the bench Carly pushing her mothers dress up. She unzipped the back and pulled it forward letting it fall to her lap.

” Whens Scott getting home? ” Carly asked.

” After hockey practice 7.30, dads at work. We have time. ” Brenda replied.

Scott admired his mothers bust in her yellow lacy bra. He watched his sister lean in kissing her mothers bust fondling her bosom. Brenda holding Carly’s hair.

Carly reached behind her mothers back undoing her bra taking it off. Scott seeing her breast. He pulled out his phone and started recording.

Carly sucking her mothers nipples flicking them with his tongue as he squeezed her breast.

Scott pulled out his cock and started masturbating watching his mother and sister playing.

Carly pulled down her mothers underwear and opened her legs. She leant in kissing her clit and up and down her mother pussy. She licked up her labias pushing her tongue in tasting her mothers juices.

” Oh Carly. ” Brenda said looked down past her bare breasts at her daughter licking and fingerfucking her pussy.

Carly looked up smiling then stood kissing her mothers lips again. Brenda undid Carly’s blouse at then pushed it off her shoulders. She fondled her daughters bust the reached behind unclipping her bra taking it off. Brenda fondled her daughters breast.

” You know mum. You are sitting in the same spot that Scott and I fucked and his cum spilt from my cum filled pussy ” Carly said.

” Really darling. ” Brenda said as they heard the garage door open.

” Shit Dads home. ” Carly said. They both picked up their clothes and ran to their rooms to dress.

Scott cum over the ground. He tucked his cock away and stopped the phone as his dads car drove past the tall fence.

Five minutes later the family met in the kitchen. Brenda and Carly not knowing Scott had recorded it.

Dad not knowing about his wife and daughter, and daughter and son.

That night Scott sat in bed wanting to fuck his sister but masturbating to watching his mother and sister was good enough.

He opened his box pulling out their underwear sniffing them.

He enjoyed seeing his mothers breasts on film. Her curvy tanned breasts he wanted to play with. But for now his sisters would have to do.

Carly lay in bed rubbing her clit thinking about her brother in the next room. She couldn’t let her dad find out about her sexual relations with her brother and mother.

Brenda lay next to her sleeping husband the knowledge of their son and daughter fucking. Also that she was fucking their daughter.

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