Box of secrets (Carly Scott Amy)

” That was so much fun. ” Amy said standing and swam over and sat it Scott’s lap.

” It was. ” Scott said as Amy swung her arms around his neck kissing him. He placed his hand on her hip.

” You two make a nice couple. ” Carly said smiling.

” Carly I’m 27 he’s 17. ” Amy said. ” But he dose have a nice dick. ” She said as Scott’s hand slid up to her breast cupping them. She looked down as he caressed them. She leant in as his lips met her nipples. He sucked them as he caressed them.

” You enjoy tonight? ” Carly asked Scott.

” Oh fuck yes. ” He replied smiling over at his sister. ” Not every day you get to have a threesome with your sister and her friend. ” He added.

” No. ” Carly replied smiling. ” Its not on every girls to do list to fuck her brother. ”

” You did take away my virginity. ” Scott replied his arms still around Amy his cock erecting again. Amy felt it on her arse cheeks she opened her legs reaching between them feeling his erection.

” Wow. ” Amy said ready for more. ” She said.

” Yeh. ” He said ” So Amy when did you lose your virginity? ” Scott asked.

Amy looked at Carly they both smiled and then looked in each others eyes.

” Well its complicated. ” Amy said.

” Complicated? How? ” He asked.

” Scott just like this is a secret, this has to be a secret to ok. ” Carly said.

” Sounds serious, who did you sleep with? No a family member? ” Said.

” No, not really. ” Carly said ” Dad ”

” Your dad? ” Scott said.

” No ” Amy said ” Shit no. ”

” Our dad. ” Carly replied.

” Shit Dad, When? I mean why? Shit does mum know? ”

” Look Scott, ok for starters your mum doesn’t know. Look I was 17 I had just been baby sitting you, you were tucked up in bed. Your mum and Carly were at your grandmothers. So your dad was home for two nights alone. The first night he had was called into work so he asked me if I was free to baby sit you, because I lived down the street it was fine.

Anyway to cut a long story short, he left at 4, he got home at 10. We talked for a while, I had just broken up with my boyfriend, I cried on his shoulder, he hugged me, we kissed, spent ten minutes telling each other we shouldn’t have sex, but we did. In your parents bed. ” Amy said

” Oh wow really, fuck I was 7. ” Scott said.

” I know, I spent the night with him went into the spare bed at 7, in case you saw us. That morning he made me breakfast, my pussy sore after him fucking me…… ”

” Was it just once? ” Scott asked.

” No,I wanted more but he told me we shouldn’t, we thought it was just going to be that night but about a month later he came over to my place to drop some stuff over to my dad and we ended up fucking again. All up over about six months we had sex ten times ”

” So why did you stop? ” Scott asked.

” I caught them. ” Carly said.

” Really? ” Scott replied.

” Yeh, it was funny. Mum was in town on a coffee date with a girlfriend, dad was home, I was supposed to be at work for the day. I caught Amy and dad in the garage. Amy dress around her back leaning in the workbench. Dad behind her standing fucking her. ” Carly said.

” What did you do? ”

” I was shocked, dad was so scared mum would find out. I bribed him. ” Carly replied.

” How? ”

” A new car. It was worth it. I got a new car. ” Carly said.

” So that day was the last time I fucked your dad. I missed him after that. It was good sex. ” Amy replied.

” Family secrets. ” Scott said smiling.

” Yeh Carly has a few as well. The glory hole queen ” Amy said.

” Glory hole queen. Whats a glory hole? ” Scott asked.

” You don’t know, shit Carly we need to educate him. ” Amy replied standing. Scott’s eyes fixed on her breasts.

” Google it. ” Carly said smiling. Scott got out and dried off getting his phone from the room. Seeing the clothes of two females on the floor, their underwear and uniforms. He felt so proud as he walked naked back to the bathroom standing at the edge of the pool his cock half erect. He typed in glory hole.

Carly reached out playing with his cock.

” Ok. ” He said reading ” A glory hole is a thin partition or wall with a round hole a man puts his penis in for sexual stimulation by a female or male on the other side. Shit really. ”

” Yep, its so much fun. Seeing a strangers penis, you can suck fuck play with he doesnt know who you are, you don’t know who he is. ” Carly said.

” Oh wow, that’s so cool. How many cocks have you, you know? ”

” Sucked? ” Carly said.

” Oh quite a few, big, small, black, white, circumcised, uncircumcised. Tryed them all. ” She said.

” You have never decided to fuck one. ” Scott asked.

” Yes I wanted to, but I was married and thought I’d only be unfaithfull if I actually had sex, I though that was fine. Just a bit of fun. So that’s why I loved having sex with Amy. ” Carly replied.

” Wow. ” Scott replied as his sister slid his cock in her mouth.

” I love watching sister suck brothers cock. ” Amy said pushing Carly’s long hair back.

” Oh fuck Carly that’s great. ” Scott said groaning.

” She’s had practice. She’s swallowed a lot of cum. ” Amy said.

Carly smiled. She knew she had, she loved it. She leant over stroking and sucking her brothers cock. Amy watching her.

” Get back in babe. ” Amy said. Scott slid back into the pool. Carly straddled him wrapping her arms around his neck.

” Amy wants to watch us have sex. Her fantasy watching a brother and sister fuck. ” Carly said.

” Cool. ” Scott replied as they kissed. They french kissed. Scott knew Amy’s pussy had already had his cum in her. How it was his sisters turn. It felt so much better someone watching him have sex with his sister.

They kissed french kissing, Scott fondling her breasts. Carly raised herself up her breasts Scott’s eye level. Scott kissed them fondling them, admiring them, squeezing them, sucking her nipples.

” Some glory holes are for breasts to. A girl puts her breasts through for guys to play with and suck. ” Amy said.

” Yeh, so how many guys have played with these? ” Scott asked.

” Quite a few. ” Carly said smiling down at her brother. ” But only two have had my pussy, you and my ex husband. ” Carly added. ” Got to have some dignity. ” She said looking and smiling over at Amy. Amy leant in kissing Carly’s lips.

They both passionately kissed as Scott continued playing with his sisters breasts. Amy slid a hand to Carly’s pussy rubbing her clit. Scott looking up watching his sister and Amy’s lips kissing, their tongues in each others mouths. Scott slid his hand down over his sisters arse to the back of her thighs. Carly stood and turned around sitting on the edge of the pool. She opened her legs. Amy sat beside her legs facing Scott who now knelt between his sisters legs admiring her beautiful slit. Amy pulled her leg open.

” Beautiful fanny. ” Amy said smiling ” Don’t you think your sister has a nice pussy? ” Amy said.

” Yeh, she does. ” He replied.

Amy sat up with Carly they kissed as they fondled each others breasts. Carly’s legs open Scott leant in licking Carly’s clit as he fingered her. He slid his fingers inside his sisters wet moist pussy. Amy looked down at Scott’s tongue licking his sisters pussy.

” Eat her. ” Amy said holding his head as he licked up and down her labias pushing his tongue deep into her.

” Ohhhh Scott. ” She moaned. ” Yes baby. ”

” Lick that fanny baby. ” Amy said as she leant in circling Carly’s nipples with her tongue.

Carly held Amy’s head into her chest stroking her hair as she suckled and kissed her breasts with her brother licking and finger fucking her pussy.

Amy slid her fingers to Carly’s clit.

” Think its time you fucked her. ” Amy said.

” Yeh? ” Scott said looking up at Amy.

” Yeh, I want to watch you fuck your sister. ” She said. ” Then I want to eat your cum out of her. ”

” Yeh. ” Scott said standing

Amy reached out grabbing his cock slowly stroking it.

” Not many brothers get to fuck their sisters, a lot wish they could. Not many get to do it. ” Amy said.

” You should fuck yours? ” Carly said.

” He wouldn’t anyway. ” Amy said. ” That’s why I just like to watch. ” She added as Scott positioned between his sisters legs. Amy rubbed Scott’s knob over Carly’s clit then Scott pushed his cock deep inside his sisters pussy.

” Yes look at that. ” Amy said smiling watching Scott’s shaft disappear into his sisters pussy. She slid her hand onto Carly’s clit rubbing it as Scott slowly thrusted in and out of Carly.

Amy kissed Carly’s lips. Both girls french kissing stroking each others cheeks as Scott fucked his sister. Scott reaching out caressing Carly breasts with one hand and Amy’s with the other hand.

” Oh yes. ” Scott said watching the two girls. He didn’t know his sister was so bi sexual. Amy looked down at Scott’s cock thrusting his sister.

” Yes babe, fuck the slut. ” Amy said.

Scott sped up the water sloshing around as his shaft fucked his sister deep in her.

” Ohh Scott. ” Carly said smiling at her brother. ” I so love this. I love you fucking me. ” She said. ” I love your cock. ”

Amy sat at Carly’s side kissing her neck, shoulders, cheek, lips as she rubbed Carlys body, rubbing over her breasts and clit.

” Fill her with cum Scott. ” Amy said.

Scott thrusted harder his sister moaning louder. Amy watching his cock thrust her as she lay back against the wall legs open, Scott’s shaft penetrating her deeper. She moaned louder and Amy sat watching.

” Cum babe, cum in her. ” Amy said getting into the water leaning on Carly’s knee watching Scott’s cock fuck her.

” Oh yes. ” Scott said thrusting harder and deeper watching his shaft in her.

A minute later he cum shooting cum deep into his sister. She moaned as he slowed down.

” Oh yes Scott yes, fill the sluts pussy with cum. ” Amy said rubbing Carly’s clit.

Scott pulled out and Amy grabbed his cock and licked his shaft. She opened Carly’s labias and watched his cum ooze from Carly’s pussy.

” Look at that cum. ” Amy said. ” Your cum oozing from your sisters fanny. Amy leant in Scott stood to the side and watched Amy push her fingers into Carly’s pussy. She licked and sucked the cum from her pussy. Carly reached for Scott’s cock leaning over lifting it to her mouth sucking it. Carly licked and sucked the oozing cum from his knob as Amy cleaned up Carly.

Afterwards they sat in the pool laughing and joking. Scott’s limp cock between his legs. After showering together they slid into bed together. Scott still couldn’t believe his luck been in bed with two beautiful women let alone fucking them together.

They turned out the light and cuddled. Carly fell asleep her head on his chest. Amy her back
against him in his arms. He had the sudden thought what if he had made one of them pregnant. He could explain getting Amy pregnant but not his sister. He was sure they would have used protection if they were worried about it.

Then he realised his sister was still on the contraceptive pill, but didn’t know if Amy was.

What if he did get Amy pregnant? He was to young to be a father, let alone look after a baby.

Oh well he thought. He would have to trust Amy. He was enjoying fucking them. His sister his lover.

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