Box of secrets (Family cums together Part 2)

She had never felt so horny. Brenda watching her husband and daughter together like this. Filming them.

Carly knelt between his open legs his semi hard cock between his legs. She picked her fathers cock up and felt it harden as she stroked it.

” Daddy’s cock. ” She said kissing his purple mushroom head. She licked around it slowly stroking it aware of the camera filming her. She turned her head and smiled as she kissed up and down his shaft following the big vein up the side of his cock. She kissed his balls as she lay down on her stomach between his legs exploring and kissing her fathers hard erect cock.

” Ohhhh fuck Carly, suck it darling please? ” He begged.

” All in good time. ” She said smiling at him holding the base of his cock kissing it rubbing his knob over her cheeks and neck. ” I love your pre cum. ” She said.

He reached down holding her head and looked down as her eyes fixed on his as she finally slid her mouth down his shaft.

” Ohhhhhhh fuuuuckkkk yes. ” He moaned looking up at the ceiling as his daughter slowly moved her mouth up and down his cock.

” Ummmmm. ” Carly moaned tasting his pre cum as she sucked looking at the camera.

She took it one his stringy precum attached to his knob and her lips. She sucked it up and kissed his knob stroking his cock twisting her hand around his shaft as she stroked and started sucking again.

” Ohhhhh Carly fuck. ” He moaned again looking down at her. ” You can suck my cock any time you want darling. ”

She looked up at him. ” Yeh cool. I will. ” She said. She got up and turned around on her hands and knees. Neil slid down admiring her arse and wet moist pussy through her wet knickers.

He leant in kissing her buttocks spreading them. His tongue finding her anus and pussy. He licked over her knickers pushing against her anus and wet pussy mound.

” Ohhhhh fuck daddy yes. ” She moaned licking his cock putting it in her mouth.

” How does her pussy taste? ” Brenda asked.

” Wonderful. ” Neil said as Brenda filmed her husband licking over his daughters knickers.

He pulled them down. She lay on the bed on her back lifting her knees up pushing them down her thighs and calfs off her feet.

She lay back opening her legs her wet engorged pussy on show for her father. He rolled to her side leaning over her thigh still in a 69 rubbing her clit.

” Sniff my knickers. ” Carly said.

He picked them up sniffing them and put then down. Carly leant over again grabbing her fathers cock. Neil rubbing her clit and exploring her pussy with his fingers as he admired her.

She licked and sucked him, he rubbed her opening her labias rubbing her wet flesh pushing his fingers deep into her. He slid them inside her vagina pushing them into her.

” Ohhhhh fuck dad. ” She said closing her eyes holding his cock loving his fingers slid in and out of her.

” That good darling? ”

” Fuck yes, I love fingers in my pussy. ” She said.

Neil pulled them out and licked his fingers tasting his daughters juices.

She got up and stood. She walked to her mothers dresser picking out some oil. She lay down.

” Sit over me. ” She said.

Neil straddled her. She oiled her breasts and grabbed his cock. ” Tit fuck me. ” She said smiling.

He rested his cock between her breasts. She pushed her breasts together over her dads shaft. He thrusted his cock in and out of the hole made by her breasts. She loved seeing his knob appear at the top of her cleavage.

” Oh darling. ” Neil said thrusting her.

” Don’t cum, I want your cum in my pussy. ” She said.

Five minutes later she rolled him onto his back she straddled him, she poured oil into her hands oiling up her breasts. She oiled his chest and leaned over him kissing his lips. She pressed her breasts against him then slid them down his chest and stomach over his groin and legs kissing his cock on the way down then back up his body.

She gave him a intense body slid for five minutes, sliding her oiled breasts over his chest and legs and groin.

She then sat up over his groin lifting herself up with her knees. She reached for his cock smiling at her father as she guided it to her pussy. She rubbed it up and down her labias, finally pressing it against her vagina opening. She looked at the ceiling closing her eyes as she slowly slid her body down his cock entering her vagina, her mother filming from behind as his cock entered her.

” Oh Carly. ” He said as she opened her eyes and looked at her father smiling as she slowly slid up his shaft then back down.

” Oh dad yes, I love your cock in me. ” She said slowly riding up and down his hard erect shaft.

” It feels good being in your pussy. ” He said to her. She leant in putting her forehead on his and her nose on his. They kissed as he slid his hands to her arse squeezing her buttocks as she rode him. Brenda busy filming her husbands cock in their daughters pussy feeling horny watching her husband and daughter fucking.

Carly and Neil tilted their heads to allow them to kiss. They french kissed as they fucked. He slid his hand to her breast fondling them as they slowly fucked.

” I’ve wanted this for so long. ” She whispered.

” Have you? ” He said.

” Yes, I want to be your slut dad. ” She said.

She sat up and got off him and turned around. With her back to him she slid back down his erection. Her mother filming his cock been guided back in her pussy. He reached forward holding his daughters hips as she rode up and down his cock again.

She moaned as she rode him, loving Brenda filming it. She felt like a porn star. A porn star starring in a incest video. But not acting with a stranger pretending to be her father.

Her real father. His cock in her wet moist pussy thrusting her. The cock that had fucked her mother only an hour before.

She would love her brother here, a threesome with her dad and brother been filmed. That made her pussy more horny as she rode him.

The threesome she had with her mother and brother. She enjoyed that. She though of all the family porn they could make together.

She then got off. She lay on the bed her dad stood up beside the bed. She stood between her open legs he lifted one leg up placing her ankle on his shoulder. She lifted her arse as he guided his cock to her wet pussy. Brenda knelt on the bed as Neil pushed his cock into his daughter.

” Ohhhhh dad. ” She moaned fondling her breasts as Neil thrusted her in and out holding her leg into his chest. His big cock thrusting her harder. Neil watching his shaft slid in and out of his daughter.

” Carly your pussy feels nice. ” He said.

He could feel his cock slid against the walls of her vagina as he thrust her looking down at her spread labias hugging his shaft covered in her dripping juices as they lubricated his shaft.

Brenda then straddled Carly head. Carly lifted her head up licking her mothers pussy, sliding her hands up to Brenda’s breasts fondling them.

” Give me the camera. ” Neil said slowing down. He let go of Carly’s leg getting the camera off his wife sliding his hand the velcro strap.

Brenda leant over her daughter placing her hands on her breasts fondling them as Carly’s ate her mothers pussy Neil leaning back filming himself thrust his daughter and Brenda moaning as she ate out her mothers pussy.

” I can taste daddy’s cum in you mum. ” Carly said.

” Can you darling? ”

” Yes it tastes yummy. ” She said.

Brenda looked in the camera. Your good at eating pussy Carly. ” Brenda said smiling.

Neil thrust his daughter faster moaning harder

” You ready to cum in your daughter? ” Brenda said to Neil.

” Oh yeh. ” He said moaning

Brenda took the camera off him and got off Carly. Neil sped up thrusting harder smiling as he pulled Carly’s leg into him using it as leverage to thrust her pussy harder and faster

” Ohh fuck daddy. Oh fuck. ” Carly moaned

” Orgasm baby. ” Brenda said squeezing her daughters breast

” Aghhh fuuccck dad. Fuck FUCK YES YES. Oh shit. ” Carly yelled as her body orgasmed her body shaking as a wave shot through her body. Neil sped up slapping into his daughters pussy.

” Yes. ” He said with one last thrust into her he stopped holding her leg tight as he orgasmed filling his daughters pussy with cum.

Carly lay back closing her eyes enjoying the moment. The first time her father had fucked her. His semen filling her pussy for the first time. She slid her hand to her pussy rubbing her clit.

” Enjoy that darling ” Neil said.

” Oh yes dad. It was fuckin good. ” She said.

She sat up on her elbows as her mother knelt between her legs. The camera focused on her cunt. Neil pulled his cock out covered in cum and his daughters juices.

Brenda opened Carly’s labias watching the cum ooze from her pussy.

” Look at daddy’s cum. ” Brenda said smiling. Neil took the camera again filming his wife eat her daughters cum filled pussy. Then suck her husbands cock.

Neil lay the bed at Catly’s side kissing her lips. He kissed down her neck to her breasts and sucked her nipples.

Brenda turned off the camera and looked at her husband and daughter fondling and kissing. She lay at Carly’s other side.

” That was fun. ” Carly said.

” Yes. ” Neil said ” So much fun never thought Id get to have sex with my daughter. ”

” On film as well. I just made porn with my father. ” She said.

Brenda lay fondling Carly’s breasts with Neil taking turns kissing her.

” Have to get your mother and your brother together. ” Neil said smiling.

” You know? ” Carly said.

” Yes, I do. I quite like the fact your mother and brother are having sex. We have talked about the boat trip. All of us getting naked and fucking together with Amy as well. ” Neil said

” Yay. I cant wait. Hold on three girls, two guys. ” Carly said.

” You suggesting inviting another guy? ” Brenda said.

” No. Its just a family thing. I cant wait for us all to fuck together. There’s only two cocks that belong in my pussy at the moment, my father and brothers. ” She said sitting up grabbing her fathers cock.

” Well must be shower time. ” Neil said as Carly stood turning around facing her naked parents. ” I could stare at that body all day long ” Neil said admiring his daughters naked body.

” Pervert. ” She said enjoying her father seeing her naked, cum dripping from her pussy. ” I enjoy you seeing me naked daddy. ” She said ” I’m yours when ever you want. ” She said

” Might take you up on that. ” He said standing following his daughter to the shower slapping her arse.

Carly sat on the toilet and peed as her dad turned on the shower. Brenda walked in naked seeing her daughter finishing opening her legs wiping her pussy with toilet paper.

” Going to need a bigger bathroom soon. ” She said as her husband moved to the toilet as Carly stood. Neil aimed his cock peeing in the bowl as Carly got into the shower watching her father pee.

” We are mum especially if we all start sharing the bed together. Carly replied smiling.

” Your dad would like that. ” Brenda said doing her hair as Neil shook his cock and flushed.

” Sharing a room with my wife and daughter. Yes please. Double the sex and double the naked women. Oh yes please. Then there is Amy. She should move in with Scott into Carly’s room. ” He replied stepping in the shower with his daughter.

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