Brad’s Fourth Adventure

tagIncest/TabooBrad's Fourth Adventure

The next morning Donna told our parents she needed to talk to them. She sat on the loveseat and I sat next to her, for moral support. Mom and Dad sat on the couch and looked very concerned. I had told Donna last night that she needed to tell our parents what was really going on with her marriage. Greg was off to soccer practice; I'd fill him in later.
Donna proceeded to tell them everything. Well, not everything. She left out how she and I spent the night fucking in my bedroom, right down the hall from them. She told them about how Glen abused her verbally, how he put her down, told her she was a failure, a nothing. She told them about his lovers. At least three she knew about. About how he wasn't out fishing; she had left him when his whore called.
I watched Dad the whole time Donna was talking. I saw the look on his face go from concern for his only daughter to rage for his son-of-a-bitch son-in-law. I understood him perfectly. If he'd gotten off that couch and told me to get a baseball bat, I'd be waiting at the car for him, ready to take a swing for the fence. I had to tell myself I was there to support Donna, and, if necessary, keep everyone calm and not hellbent on killing Glen.
Mom was in tears. I could literally see her heart break. It was so sad and so frustrating. I couldn't stop it. She quietly sobbed as Donna listed event after event where Glen made her feel small in front of their friends. How he had told her she was a mistake; not just as his choice in wives, but as a choice in persons. How her parents must be so disappointed in her. I was fuming, and so was Dad. Mom stopped trying to muffle her sobs and broke down in total hysteria. Dad wrapped an arm around her and Donna started apologizing, saying she should have never brought this up.
"Don't you dare feel that way, Donna," Mom managed to say. "That little man is a bastard and deserves to be shot, but since we can't do that Dad and I are going to help you divorce him, and take everything he owns."
"I'd rather shoot him, honey," Dad said, teeth clinched.
"Me too," I chimed in.
"Nonsense boys," Mom said in a firm voice. "Here's what we are going to do. Donna, you are staying here. You will not return to that den of iniquity where that devil resides. Dad and Brad will go over there and get all your clothes and anything else that belongs to you. Tomorrow we will call our lawyer and you will file for divorce. No arguing about this. You know I'm right. We will demand all assets be sold at auction and you receive 75 percent of all that's taken in. That bastard will have to start all over. Serves him right."
I think the weight of what he'd heard, the fear he'd seen in his daughter's eyes, and the heartbreak he'd witnessed, both in his daughter and his wife, finally caught up to Dad. I witnessed something I'd never seen before. Dad cried. When he did, everyone cracked. I'd been doing well, letting anger fill me, but I couldn't help it. Donna had tears in her eyes, but when she saw Dad cry, she broke down. Mom was already crying but amazingly she stiffened up and put her arm around Dad. What a love they shared!
Dad dried his eyes and stood up off the couch. "Come on Brad."
"Yes sir."
Dad and I climbed into his truck. He waited a moment before starting the truck. He exhaled hard, started the truck, put it in gear, and headed down the street. "You okay Dad?"
"No, but I'm not going to kill him, if that's what you are afraid of. At least I hope I don't."
The rest of the ride was quiet, and very tense. I knew neither one of us was going to touch Glen, but I didn't know what Glen was going to do. He'd be crazy to try to keep us out or try to throw us out once we were inside. I mean, Dad's 6' 3", about 225; I'm 6' 5", 258; and Glen? Well, Glen isn't. He's only 5' 10" and maybe 190. He'd be dead meat, and we'd enjoy the opportunity to make it so.
Dad rang the bell and I stood just behind his right shoulder. After what seemed an eternity, Glen opened the door. Before he had a chance to say anything, Dad said, "We're coming in and getting everything we can that's Donna's. You're going to sit on the couch while we do this. If we can't get it all this trip, we'll be back another day to get what remains. If any of that disappears between now and then I'll hold you personally responsible. Do you understand what I just said?"
"What the hell . . .," Glen tried to say, but Dad cut him off.
"The only appropriate answer on your part right now is either yes or no. Do you understand what I just told you?"
Dad and I pushed past Glen and headed to the bedroom first. We wanted to make sure we retrieved as many of Donna's clothes and toiletries as we could. I took an arm-load of clothing to the truck and put it all in the back seat. Dad boxed up some personals and toiletries and put them in the rear floorboard. We went into the office area that Donna used and got her computer and all her business-related items.
When we walked into the living room with the computer, Glen stood up and started to protest. "You can't take that computer; I use it too."
With his free hand Dad shoved him in the chest back down to the couch. Glen shot back up on his feet, his face red and his eyes popping. "Give me an excuse, Glen. Any excuse. I'd love to kick your ass right now and tell the cops how you came after me. Here's what's going to happen next. Tomorrow, Donna is going to see my personal lawyer and file for divorce. The papers should be delivered to you two or three days after that. When you get the papers, you will sign them without any hesitation. You will agree to all the terms of the divorce and will stipulate that everything she claims you did are true, because you know they will be. After you sign the papers all your assets will be auctioned off and Donna will receive 75 percent of the sales. You get the rest. You will also be given a no-contact order by the judge. If you ever try to contact her, for any reason, in person or not, you will spend a significant amount of your life in jail, if not first the hospital."
Glen immediately sat back down without another word.
Just before we were about to leave a young woman, probably 19 or 20, waked in the open front door. "Who are these people, Glen?" she said, concerned.
"Don't worry about us darlin." Dad said in a very flat tone. "It's that piece of shit over there you need to worry about. Oh, did he tell you he has gonorrhoea?"
With Dad's parting shot we got in the truck and left.
"Nice one, Dad," I said, admiringly.
"No, I shouldn't have said anything. But I do hope, for that girl's sake, she wakes up to what that asshole really is."
I related everything we did or said to Mom and Donna. Mom gave Dad a dirty look. He squirmed a bit and said, "He had it coming." Donna was in shock.
"Dad, did you really say all that?"
"Yes. Sorry."
"No, don't be sorry. The men in this family are the best that ever were. Thank you, Daddy."
"I meant every word about the divorce and the no-contact order. You are going through with it. I won't allow anything else."
"Oh, I will Daddy. I love you," she said as she gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek. "I owe you both for going over there and getting my things. I just don't know how I'm going to repay you," she said as she gave me a wink.
After supper that night I took Greg out back and filled him in on all that was happening with the family. "I wish you and Dad would have let me go along to get Donna's things. I'd love to knock his ass out."
"Take a number buddy."
Later that night we all sat around the kitchen table and let it all out. There was crying and seething and just about every emotion you could think of, but when we decided to call it a night, I think we all felt a little better. Before we all got up Dad said, "I want everyone here to understand one thing. We are family, and that trumps all else. Everyone sitting here has every right to go to anyone else sitting here and ask for help or advice. And they should always expect to get what they need. Does everyone understand what I'm saying?"
"Yes," we all said.
"I love you all," Dad concluded.
"We love you too, Dad."
The next day Dad took Donna to see his lawyer and they drew up the divorce papers with the exact terms Dad told Glen they would contain. The lawyer drew up the request for a no-contact order and delivered them to the judge. Amazingly, everything went exactly how Dad told Glen it would. Glen never complained and never made any attempt to contact Donna. In fact, after all the assets were auctioned and the proceeds divided, 75/25, Glen moved far away. Smart man.
Since Donna was now living back at home I decided not to live in the dorms. I commuted to school and stayed home to help save money. Greg's dream of being the only child at home vanished, but I don't think he minded at all. He would have been lonely and this gave him a chance to look after his older sister.
I continued to do odd jobs around the neighborhood so I could pay for my books and lab fees. I was glad I did; have you ever seen the price of college text books? OMG! I was enrolled in three classes the first semester, all leveling classes. Comp and Lit. What Satanist designed this course? To struggle this much so soon in my college "career" really concerned me. If it wasn't for Donna's help I would have failed. She couldn't do enough to help me and I really enjoyed all the time we were spending together. We even continued our "date nights" that started the night I told her to divorce Glen, which was the same night we began fucking each other. Actually, we weren't fucking, we were making love. And we had no plans to stop.
Very late one night I was sitting at the kitchen table trying to finish a ten-page report due the next day for my Business Law class. Everyone else was long asleep, or so I thought.
"Pulling an all-nigher, stud?"
I looked up. There stood Donna in her robe and pajamas.
"Oh, hey sis. What are you doing up?"
"I felt a disturbance in the force."
"Ha, ha. Really, what's up?"
"I couldn't sleep. Thought I'd come help you with your paper."
"I think I'm beyond help sis. Really."
She sat down across from me and took my hands in hers. "Brad, look at me." I did. "You can do this. Hell, you can do anything. You are one of the smartest men I know. Now quit doubting yourself."
"Or you'll kick my ass?"
"Exactly," she giggled.
She turned my laptop around towards her and started editing the crap out of it.
"Are you going to put your name on it?" I kidded.
"No, but I am going to charge you for all this work."
In my best "servant" voice I said, "But Miss Donna, you knows I don't got no money."
She giggled again, "Well then, we'll have to find another way for you to pay off your debts." Her smile was huge and genuine. God, I loved her.
She gave my laptop back to me and I looked it over. "Damn, you're good."
"In more what than one, little brother."
Oh, how true that was.
"Brad, can I ask you something?"
"You know better than to ask me that, sis."
"Bad habit, bro. But seriously, that night with Mrs. Martin. What was it like? I mean, she's so much older than you."
"Understood, but she didn't act old, at least not that night. She was sexy, needy, and a bit sad."
"You seem to have a knack of helping sad women get over their problems."
"Stop it, sis. You aren't sad; never have been. Sure, you and she may have had something in common. I mean, failed marriages, but neither of you are sad women. You both needed self-confidence and needed to be loved. I just happened to be there."
Donna took my hands again. "Nonsense Brad. You didn't just happen to be there. We both chose you. We both recognized your strength of character and your emotional maturity. We chose you, Brad. You weren't an accident."
I blushed. The tables turned and Donna was telling me pretty much what I had told her the first night we fucked. I felt special.
"But did you ever regret what you and she did?" asked Donna.
"Oh no. Not at all. I've never regretted my time with her, you, or any other woman I've been with."
"I feel a confession coming on," Donna said, smiling.
"Ha, not likely," I said, squirming.
"Come on, Brad. Tell me. I think I've earned the trust, and the right to ask."
"Well, there isn't much to tell about the first two. They were girls who were looking to fuck the football team. I guess I wasn't so mature than."
"What about the others?"
"There was only one other, before Mrs. Martin, that is."
"And?" she said impatiently.
"Do you remember Beth, Mrs. Martin's niece?"
"OMG, you didn't."
"OMG, I did."
"When did this happen and what are all the details? I want all the details," she demanded.
"It happened the day before I fucked Mrs. Martin."
I heard her gasp as her hand flew up to her mouth. "Brad, you fucked Beth, who's what, 18?, the day before you fucked her aunt in the same bed where you fucked her aunt?"
"Oh no. We fucked in the pool. I had just finished cleaning it. And it was so hot."
I went on to describe to her everything that happened. How Beth exposed her camel toe pussy to me. How she swam to me and we embraced and she grabbed my cock. How she led me to the shallow end and we sucked and fucked on the pool deck. How tight her young pussy was and, in the end, how she walked away from me and said, "Maybe next time you can join us."
"Yeah. I have no idea what she meant."
"Think she wants you to join in with her and her boyfriend?"
"Ewwww," I said.
Donna laughed. "Yeah, ewwww. I could tell Mrs. Martin was really enjoying fucking you. You could see it in her eyes."
"Wow," I said. "You really could see what was going on. So, what did you enjoy seeing the most?"
"Oh Brad, that isn't a polite question to ask your sister," she said, smiling. "But if you insist. The first time you brought her to an orgasm I thought I would cum with her."
"So, you really were masturbating," I said.
"Oh, hell yes. My pussy had never been so wet; well, until you fucked me. Anyway, when I saw you lay her on the bed I got undressed and started rubbing my tits. When you exposed your cock, I think I gasped at how big you are. That was when I knew I had to fuck you. When I saw her cum, her body jerking, her hips pushing fast and hard over your cock, I shoved my fingers in my own cunt and worked it over hard."
"That was the first time she'd been led to an orgasm by a cock," I confessed to my sister.
"You're kidding."
"Nope, she said her husband has a small dick and she can't tell when it's in her. She had cum from oral sex, but never before from fucking."
"Poor woman," Donna sympathized. "I'll bet that made it more special for you both."
"Yeah, I think it did."
"Brad, you are so fucking wonderful."
"And wonderful fucking?" I kidded.
"Yeah, that too," she cooed. "I'll be right back; gotta pee."
"Ha. Okay, sis."
I went back to my paper. I'm just not good at writing, but I have to get this thing done. A moment later, Donna came back in the kitchen and stood behind me. She started rubbing my neck and shoulders.
"Man, you are so tight."
"Yeah, tell me about it," I said as she continued to rub my neck and shoulders. It felt so damn good. "I'll give you a year to stop."
"Ha, you have a paper to write young man. I'm just trying to help you loosen up a bit."
As she said this her hands ran down my arms, squeezing them as she went, then back up. She squeezed my shoulders a couple more times then her hands ran flat down my chest until her fingers very lightly brushed my nipples through my T. "Mmmmm," I moaned.
She moved her finger tips lightly over my nipples, causing them to get very hard and causing me to breath harder. She kept this up for a moment then traced circles around each nipple with her finger tips. If she was trying to help me concentrate, she was failing miserably.
She placed a finger and thumb from each hand against each nipple and began milking them; gently pulling and releasing them, then doing it again. I began moaning out loud. While keeping this up, she leaned down and kissed my neck then nibbled my earlobe. I closed my eyes and laid my head back against her as she continued to kiss and nibble on my neck and ear.
She went back to gently rubbing her finger tips over the tips of my now hard nipples. It felt wonderful. She paused her nibbling on my neck long enough to whisper, "Take it out."
Knowing me as well as you do by now, you know I did as I was told. I reached down and unzipped my pants, reached in, and pulled out my cock, which was just now beginning to react to my sister's advances.
"Let it lay there," she whispered.
I let it go and let it lay against my pants. It was just starting to expand. She kept teasing my sensitive nipples and kissing my neck, now moving to the other side. I moved my head over and she tenderly licked up and down my neck, pausing to nibble on my other earlobe. As she did, my cock continued to expand, reaching about half-full by now. I reached down and repositioned it so it wouldn't kink.
"Don't touch it until I tell you to." She continued to guide me in whispers. It was so fucking hot.
As my mind raced to guess what she was going to do, my cock reached full capacity. It slid up to my abdomen, pulsing against my still buttoned jeans. I was hers, and she knew it.
I felt one of her hands move around my shoulder and she tenderly moved my head to face hers. She kissed me tenderly, very seductively, and my cock wanted her so bad. I returned her kiss and was about to push my tongue into her mouth when she pulled away; but her other hand was still teasing my nipple.
"Take that beast in your hand and start masturbating young man."
"Yes, ma'am," I responded, breathlessly.
I took the base of my cock in my right hand and began sliding up and down over it's length. Having my sister watch me masturbate made this sooooo much hotter than it had ever been.
"Yes, that's a good boy. Now play with that gorgeous head with your other hand."
I kept pumping my cock with my right hand, slowly, as I made a circle with my left thumb and finger and began teasing my glans. I caressed the head with my fingers as my other hand reached down and caressed my balls.
"Oh, yes. How does it feel?" she asked in a low sultry voice.
"So fucking good, sis."
"Good. Now I'm going to stop playing with your nipples, but I want you to play with them while you continue to fuck your hand."
I let go of my swollen head and started pinching and rubbing my hard nipples through my T. My other hand continued to pump my hard, twitching cock. I saw Donna move to my side and watch the show she had choreographed. Her eyes were glued to my hand on my cock; licking her lips and pushing on her pussy through her pajama bottoms. The sight of her watching me and touching herself was so fucking hot. This woman was amazing.
After several more minutes of her staring at me pumping my cock, I noticed her creating a wet spot in the front of her pajamas. When she realized I was getting close, she looked at me and nodded her head. With her permission, my cock erupted and a geyser of cum shot out and landed on my chest and tummy and rand down my shaft, over my hand. I continued to pump until all the cum was milked from my throbbing cock.
Donna smiled, leaned over to me and kissed me. "Thank you," she said. "You should be good and relaxed now, so get back to work. Oh, and you might want to clean up before Mom comes down here and sees this." Then she went back to bed.

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