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Hi, readers of indian sex stories dot net I am Sai Ram from Vijayawada. I am a frequent visitor of ISS but never dare to write my story. Today I am going to narrate my first sex experience.

Who wants to know about me, I am a typical Indian with a normal body of 20 years old with a dick of 5.5 inches. I love to do massage. So any girls, women, and aunties who is desperate for sex and massages near Vijayawada and Guntur can ping me at [email protected] . Please give your feedback. And also privacy guaranteed and ????{984944c35c353e1b0e90972566597d9b6f4c6a068cac353776945314a5edc295} satisfaction.

Let’s come to the story. This happened a month ago when we have our semester break. The heroine of the story is Pooja. I don’t know her size but one will fall for her instantly , she is so cute and had dimples too.I used to have a crush on her since counseling but we are separated by batches luckily of the same college. I used to know info about her and one fine day I just proposed her (after several days of our friendship with my friend of the same batch of her). She just denied my proposal and said she wants me as a friend only. After a sem or more, my batch girl (Bhavya) proposed me I rejected because I still love Pooja.

This whole thing is carried to Pooja and from then Pooja has a special interest. One fine day she called me and proposed I was in cloud 9. From then we started to go to movies, restaurants, what not many but never tried to touch her at private parts but she allowed me to kiss her at cheeks only.

One night when we are texting she said she is very horny to that I said to finger herself and have pleasure. From then we used to share our fantasies and all.

Then there come our semester exams. After exams, we left to our homes desperately because the holidays are for 15 days. To my luck, she is from Guntur which is 35 min from my place. We used to call and sometimes sex chat and more. Finally, we decided to lose our virginity since both of us are virgins. One day she called me and said that her parents are going to her native place and are not going to return for 2 days. I took it as a green signal and packed my clothes for 2 days and left to her place saying that I am going to my friend’s place for 2days and my parents accepted.

I took my friends bike and started to her place. After 1hr I reached her place and rang the bell. OMG to my surprise she is in her shorts and t-shirt. I never saw her like that. She also shocked to see me there. She immediately pulled me into her house and closed the door. We started to smooch each other very passionately for 5 min. That is the best kiss I ever had and she is also a great kisser. Then she asked me about this surprise. I told her that I have a gift for her. She was very curious to know what is the gift. I took Durex packets from my pocket and given to her hand. To that she slapped me and said that nee modda na puku ni takali (she wants to feel my dick inside her without a condom).

Now I want to take revenge for the slap and took her in my arms and took her to bedroom and thrown her on the bed and jumped on her and started to kiss her every possible place and she is making sounds with pleasure which makes me hornier and tore her t-shirt and thrown it away and amazed to see those boobs which trying to come out of the black bra and she was surprised to see what have I done and said don’t be so rough with my pussy I am still a virgin . To that, I laughed and said, baby, today we are no more virgins. I slowly came down and removed her shorts and started to lick her wet pussy over panties. Wah…what a smell and what a feeling it is and her moans started ah…ah…come on baby…. please I can’t wait anymore. Then I came top of her and started to undress myself to which she helped me removing my jeans. In one stretch she pulled my jeans and jockey down and started sucking
my dick just like a pornstar she is so good in sucking so that I came into her mouth within 5 min she took it and swallowed my hot semen. I was shocked to see that.

We again started kissing each other very passionately and I was pressing her lovely jugs and she is giving me handjob. Now we kissed for more than 10 min and once after kissing we both are exhausted and fell in the bed.

Again I woke up and started licking her pussy and tongue fucking her. She is moaning loudly and saying deeper ra….nka baaga cheyyi and pressing my head into her pussy after a few min of licking she came with a huge load. She said that this is the first time she had a huge amount of juices oozing out. And started begging me to fuck her and make her a women .

Then devil inside me woke and started rubbing my dick on her pussy lips teasing her. She can’t control and started abusing me dengu ra nka tattukolekapotunna nee modda na lopala pettu (fuck me I can’t tolerate it anymore).

Once I pushed my dick into her and she cried loudly in that pain to that it lip-locked her and gave one more thrust into her pussy. Hehe, we are no more virgins. Tears rolled her eyes and blood coming out of her pussy. Slowly I started moving my dick in and out and her pain is reducing and pleasure increasing. Gradually I increased my speed and she started shouting with pleasure. After an intense fucking of 15 min my limit is over and said I am gonna come anytime and she is said to me since she is in a safe time. Within few seconds we both came together and I fell over her while my dick is inside her.
We slept for 2 hrs and once I woke up my gf came to me with snacks and Coke to which I quickly had a taste of it and drank the coke. After that, we had 5 more sessions in those 2 days and after that, I left to my place.

Recently I gotta know that Bhavya came to know about our relationship. And I am planning to fuck her too or a threesome. Any girls, teens, women who want any kind of service just ping me at [email protected] . I hope all of u enjoyed my story and thanks for being patient. Please leave comments. Thanks and love you all. Bye .

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