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I decided before finishing university to build my career than find a wife and have children. I expected I would progress quickly in my career and would be married and starting a family by the time I was 33. But it was wishful thinking as my career was going very well, but not as quickly as I had thought it would. I finally got to the level I had set myself just before my 36th birthday. Now I was ready to find a wife and another problem I hadn’t thought of. Availability of women for me to marry, there were plenty of women, but I wanted a smart looking woman that would raise my children and also help me progress my career. It took 7 months to meet the woman who I would marry and another 6 months before the wedding. Now over 37 and still hadn’t started a family, my wife finally getting pregnant after 7 months of marriage. Just as I got a real big boost to my career, and it meant I was now near the top of my career path. I had no siblings and was a late child born to my mother at 38 and my mother then a widow had moved in with us. My wife was only 34 at the time of our daughter’s birth. She would’ve 3 more children fairly quickly and was helped by my mother in caring for the children. My wife’s family was similar to mine, except she had a sister 2 years younger and her parents were already deceased at the time of our marriage. Her sister had been married at the time of our marriage, but it failed, and she was divorced. Her ex-husband left and didn’t pay the alimony he was supposed to pay, and she had no work skills to get a good paying job. So, she also moved in with us and helped my wife and mother with the housework and children. My wife was again pregnant with our second child and my sister-in-law got a bit clucky looking after her niece and being around her pregnant sister and my wife asked me to get her sister pregnant. I could say I was shocked maybe a little, but I was eager to have 2 women in my bed at once. It was a secret dream of mine to have a threesome and them being sisters was a large bonus. Only could passed if they were twins, anyway I got my sister-in-law pregnant, and we became expanded family unit. My mother’s health wasn’t strong, and she would pass away just before my 45th birthday. But she had lived to see all my children 4 by my wife and 3 by my sister-in-law. Now 23 years later, I’m getting ready to retire soon, my children are grown either out on their own with their own families or finishing their university courses. I still live with my wife and her sister, and I consider my sister-in-law my second wife. But they act as one and are quite ready for me to retire and spend more time with them both. All those years ago I planned my life and done it as planned mostly.

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