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By Susie I arrange for Britney to get my Daddy as she has asked.

Britney, I talked my Dad into taking us out of school so we can visit a secluded beach. Just meet me under the football stands during lunch and we will sneak out, I said with a passing note in the school hallway. On the bottom of the note it read ps: if you want to hand me your panties after 2nd period as confirmation.

Well 2nd period ended and I was handed the panties. I knew that Britany would meet me as instructed. Headed to 3rd period, the principal came and told me he wanted to speak to me in his office. He had already informed my 3rd period teacher so I did as instructed and followed him.

We entered his “L” shaped office and he sat behind his mahogany desk. I walked around casually looking at his momentos which included pictures of his family and past jobs. “I heard a rumor that you’re planning on skipping class today and sneaking out of school today. Is there any truth to this rumor, he asks. With my back turned to him, I raise my shirt above my breasts to reveal my teenage nipples to him. I turn to face him kneeling in front of the picture of his family. It is true Sir, I respond by spreading my legs open in my skirt on his floor. That’s not allowed Susie, he scolds me as I respond quickly neither is you placing your cock in my mouth and me sucking the cum from your balls Principal Thomas.

That’s not going to happen little girl as he stands up angrily at me. Why should you be one of the faculty that has blue balls when other faculty train me to be a good girl? His face is filled with puzzlement at this stage and he is slowly getting closer to me. Which of my faculty are you giving head to Susie, he asks. I never share those details with anybody but I can tell you that I just did more than suck their cocks, I responded.

Now he is in front of me where I can see the bulge in his slacks. I reached up offering him the panties I had balled in my hand. Release your cock and smell my pussy as I relieve your stress Principal Thomas. I know he wanted to, as his objections have ceased, so I place my hand on his cock bulge and start to run my hand along it. He undid his fly pushing his boxers down and out came his cock. It was a mere 6” or so but I hadn’t had any today and was already here. I handed him the panties and he began to sniff them deeply as I started to suck on his cock. Suck Daddy’s cock Bailey he says as pulling my head deeper on his cock. He began to fuck my mouth against the wall while saying yes Bailey baby suck your Daddys cock since your whore mother doesn’t anymore. He begins to pump loads of cum into my mouth which are thick and seem to be really built up. As I finish swallowing this thick load, I look up to see him staring at his family picture and running his hands where his daughter stands in the picture. Is Bailey your daughter Principle Thomas, I ask. She is and I’m ashamed that you had to hear that Susie, he responds. Don’t be and if you promise to modify my grades after the teacher submits them to all ‘A’s we can continue this role play once a month. Twice a month, he responds quickly in retort. Those panties that you enjoyed smelling so much, those are Britney’s the 17 year old you see me hangout with on school grounds. If you permit her to sneak out with me today she’ll have fun with you the 2nd time a month.

Deal Susie he smiles and I’m keeping these panties as her aroma is intoxicating. I get up and kiss him deeply and as I turn to leave I say Daddy have a good day at work.

During lunch I go to our meeting spot and find Principal Thomas standing waiting for me. We just talk as I tell him my Dad is coming to pick me up to take me to a secluded beach that is packed on the weekends but not on weekdays. Britney approaches giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Britney, I gave Principal Thomas your panties while he blew his cum into my mouth. She smiled at me and said, “Do you have another faculty member?” I do and so do you, it was the agreement we made, I hope you don’t mind. She walks up to him undoing his belt and placing her hand down his pants to grab his cock. She turns to him, “You have a secret, don’t you, Principal Thomas.” Her hand stays grabbing his cock and asks me to unfasten his pants. I do and they drop to his knees revealing Britney’s panties on his body replacing his boxers.

I hear my Daddy pull up and yell to us to hurry up girls let’s go. Britney releases his cock and says deal I’ll meet you at least once a month. We turn and begin to head to the car. My Daddy waves at Principal Thomas, so it’s okay I take them for the rest of the day? Yes it is, Sir he responds and we drive off toward the beach.

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On the way there I crawl from the backseat to the front and begin giving road head to my Daddy. Britney begins to play with her pussy watching from the back as my Daddy moves the rear view mirror to watch Britney with her legs spread open. You better watch the road Daddy if you want to fuck the two of us in the sand, Britney says as he swerving out of his lane. I stop sucking his cock and crawl to the backseat where I begin to 69 my slut Britney sister from another family.

Once we arrive at the beach, there is not another car to be seen so we sprint from the car naked while telling our Daddy to come find us. He secured the car and walked with an adult swagger that only real men walk with when they know they are training girls.

He finds us at the point where the ocean water stops on the beach so the sand is nice and firm. He undresses standing in front of me where he apologizes for getting called into work early andnot fucking me this morning. It’s okay Daddy but Britney has been wanting your cock so give your first load to her and I’ll let her eat my pussy so it’s wet for you. He agrees and goes to Britney and squeezes her breasts watching her back arch in approval. You want me to fuck you huh Britney? Yes Daddy, I want your cock in me until you cum in me. Susie brags about how good you and your father are to her and I’ve fingered myself many times desiring what she has with you.

His cock is long and thick, but not too thick, as he slides it into my Daddy hole. My god girl, you’re really turned on because you are so wet, my Daddy says. As I sit on her face I tell him she likes it rough and hard which is why she is so wet. He needs no encouragement as he loves teen pussy so he begins to quicken his pace changing from shallow penetration to deep depending on her enjoyment. Britney is eating my pussy something different this time as I can tell she is truly enjoying my Daddy’s cock. He begins to dump his daddy seed into her womb pushing deeper and deeper with every stream of cum leaving his body.

He pulls out with cum following the head of his cock. Suck my cock Britney, he says as he positions himself beside her. She eagerly accepts it into her mouth and loves the taste of her pussy juices with the cum taste she already knows from my pussy. Get it hard sweetie next is your ass. Britney lowers her hand to her pussy and using his cum and her juices begins to finger her ass in a rush to loosen it. Once she is able to fit 3 fingers she stops sucking his cock and says Daddy my ass is ready. Get on top of Susie so she can give you lick your clit as I fuck your ass.

Once in position he thrusts into her making her hips lower and smother my face with her pussy. Daddy, I love the taste of your cum from Britney’s pussy as Britney fingers my pussy. My Daddy is in his lust phase which means he will not speak and only has one mission on his mind. He is gapping my friend’s asshole and soon will fill it with his cum as well. No words are being said by any of us and all that could be heard is horny moans of deep pleasure. I can see his cum seeping from her asshole but he doesn’t stop fucking her ass nor her eating my pussy. We collapse all in a pile once his energy fades.

We begin to hear applause coming from the loose sand on the beach. We three look toward the sound and see 5 guys there with 2 beautiful older ladies. They thanked us for the show as we got up. With Britney on my Daddy’s left and me on his right, we walked back to the car leaving Daddy’s clothes on the beach. That was awesome, Britney says with a smile to my Daddy. Well let’s head back home since you girls have the rest of the day off.

Once back my Daddy told us to head up to the attic to find the youngest clothes that we could find to fit us. I am going to take a shower for about 30 minutes so you girls have some time. We go up the attic ladder and find my grandpa naked on a mattress. You girls are already naked, nice , he says while smiling at us. Well Britney, get on your back on that mattress. You said you wanted my family experience. She didn’t need any encouragement from what happened on the beach. She plopped on the bed and said fuck me pops. He gets on top of her and slides his cock in. Oh you’ve already been fucked today haven’t you, he asks Britney. Yes, your son used both of my holes to an audience of strangers on the beach. I got on my grandpa’s back and told him how good she took his cock. As I recited what occurred his pace quickened in her pussy. He begins to grunt empty his balls into my dear friend Britney.

Once he is done, the two of us head downstairs to wait for Daddy to finish his shower. Britney asked me, I thought he lived at the retirement home. Not anymore I responded, I convinced him to let him move in with us. Britney snickered, I bet I can tell you how you convinced him.

A man should be getting some pussy through his whole life to death I responded as we heard my Dad coming down the stairs.

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By Susie #Group #Incest #Teen