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Brittney Jones, the young beauty from LA that claims to have had an affair with Hollywood front man Ashton Kutcher is releasing a sextape via Vivid Entertainment. The male participant is unnamed, but Brittney says she met up with Ashton Kutcher for sex after meeting him in the Lucky Strike bowling alley in Hollywood. Ashton is none too happy about the accusations, but it remains unclear what really happened. Vivid has struck a deal with Brittney Jones and we’re hearing December 14th they will release the tape entitled Brittney Jones Confidential. Brittney is one curvy and sexy woman, don’t miss this chance to see her nude and presumably getting boned on film! Check out the limited screenshots Vivid has released!

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Brittney Jones Sextape

Brittney Jones

Vivid is ramping up the interest in Brittney Jones Confidential… see it here first!

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