Burning Vagina: Tips For You!

While having sex, many women complain of burning vagina. This inflammation in the vagina is basically due to the dryness. This dryness happens when you do not secrete and intercourse makes it burn more. Also known as vaginal dehydration, it is a common health problem that women can’t discuss with others easily. So, here are few tips to deal with this type of vagina inflammation.

Dry vagina: Tips to make sex better

Use lubricants: This is one of the popular methods to deal with dry vagina problems. Having sex becomes really difficult with a dry vagina as the pain and inflammation makes it almost impossible to have an intercourse. Thus, use lubricants like creams or gels. These are easily available in the market and can be used to cure vaginal burn during sex. If you do not have any lubricant at home, use a body lotion while having sex. This is just a temporary solution so do not rely on body lotions completely. Avoid extremely scented wash: Strong aroma of body wash might tempt you as you smell good after taking a shower. However, these scented body washes can take away moisture from the body especially vagina. These scented body washes also have alcohol that can irritate your genitals. So, do not use strong essence body wash while bathing. Stay hydrated: Vaginal dehydration is because your body doesn’t have much water. To deal with the burning vagina during sex, drink lots of water. Many a times dehydration can lead to vaginal burn. So, it is very important to drink lots of water and healthy fluids like juice coconut water etc. Consult a doctor: If your vagina burns even after trying all these tips, consult a doctor. This might be a symptom of a vaginal infection. These infections occur due to lack of water in the body or condoms. Many a times, condoms can lead to vaginal infections so consult a doctor. These are few tips to deal with vaginal burning that happens during sex. If you are not excited, you will not lubricate and this can be troublesome for your partner too. Dry vagina can also bring inflammation in the man’s groin. So, be very careful. Do not force each other to have sex if your vagina is dry.