Bus Repair Hot Sex

I am Nayana, 23, married, and a mother of a son aged one year, settled in Bangalore with my husband who was a businessman. I happened to visit Kochi to attend a marriage and could not get a train reservation and had to go by an evening bus to Bangalore.
My relatives came to the bus stand and saw me off. I got an aisle seat and the window seat was vacant till the bus started. Just at the nick of the time a young man came and dumping his shoulder bag on the luggage rack wanted me to give room to get into the window seat.
I had to get up from my seat to give room to him to go to the window seat. He sat there and turned to me and smiled apologetically.I said it is ok. I was looking at his youthful face, more childish, fair, with curly hair and thin brown hair in his mustache and few black hair in his beard.
He may be just sixteen or seventeen, well built, and tall and his handsomeness was very striking. The bus started moving through the traffic struggling to come out of the heavy evening traffic. It had to stop at several junctions for clearance signal and I could keep on looking at his
handsome face. He too was restless and was looking at me. I asked him what he is doing at Bangalore. He said his parents are there and he is in the college at Bangalore. His voice was very masculine and his language was very polished.
I took the opportunity to ask for his name and other particulars. He said he is Edward and people called him Ed. We cracked some jokes and the bus continued in a smooth drive. My one year old son, needed breast milk and I covering my body with my saree pallav fed him
my breast milk. Ed was looking at my child and was glancing quite frequently may be to get a glimpse of the breast. Having fed him from my right breast, I changed his posture to feed from my left breast when my pallav made a gap and Ed could have a glance at my naked right breast.
Feeding my child with my left breast I covered myself completely with the saree pallav. I noticed my child has dozed off keeping my nipple in his mouth. The movement of the bus made him sleepy. It was dark outside and nothing was visible and I noticed the Ed too was dozing
from his seat. My left hand supporting the head of my child was touching the thigh of Ed. He was careful not to move his leg so that my child may not get awakened. Ed was wearing a t shirt with the buttons open to give a view of his chest.
To keep the conversation going I asked him where we had reached and and such silly questions. Ed seemed to know the area very well and he was very vocal about the places we passed through. At about 8.30 pm we reached a place where the crew
said they may rake about half an hour break and anybody want to eat or go to the rest room may do so. I asked Ed whether he wanted to go. He said yes. I got up lifted my sleeping son on my shoulder and got up and gave room for him to get out of the seat.
He asked me whether I need anything. I told him that I have some sandwitches in my bag and drinking water and I dont need any thing. He went to the hotel took his supper and came back. Again the process was repeated and we both were seated.
The bus started by 9 pm in a farely good speed. I think it was a govt. bus and took a longer route via Wynad. Ed was dozing and rested his head on the head rest. I noticed almost all the passengers were asleep except me.
I noticed the head of Ed was rolling so much that it was touching my shoulders. I had to raise my right hand and support his head so that he may not fall on my child. He did not realise that his head was actually supported by my hand.
I just pushed him so that he may rest on the head rest. I touched his cheeks because his face was glowing in his youthfullness. The touch of his body made me wet in my panties. I suddenly remembered that I had not buttoned my blouse and my boobs were out of the bra.
My child was sleeping peacefully and my left hand was supporting the head of my child. Suddenly I realised that my hand was resting on a bulge in the jeans of Ed. I pressed the bulge and was sure that he too had an erection in his sleep.
Poor boy may be having a wet dream and that is why he has an erection I thought. Thus stopped suddenly at some place where there were no lights at all. The driver tried to start the engine, but it was not starting. They opened the bonnet and tried some more but of no use.
We spent more than half an hour trying to restart the bus but it was of no use. The conductor came and announced that there is some problem and they had to contact the depot and call for some mechanic to rectify the problem.
He said there is a hotel nearby where some rooms are available but they will give those rooms only to families with infants. Conductor asked me whether I would prefer to go to the hotel and have a restful sleep. He said the journey will commense only in the morning.
I looked at Ed who was awake by then. I asked him whether he also will come to help me since it was an unknown place and I do not want to go alone. He said he will come. I took my handbag, which Ed volunteered to carry and I took my child on my shoulders and got down
from the bus. Ed was following me with my luggage and his shoulder bag. We went to the hotel. They said they have only one room and we said we wanted it. It was upstairs and we were guided to the room. It had only a double bed.
I placed my sleeping child on the bed and Ed placed the bags on the floor. I asked the hotel manager whether they can spare a mattress at least. No was the reply. I asked Ed whether he has any objection in sleeping in the bed along with me.
He was shy and said he will sit on the chair and place his legs on the teapoy and sleep. I went to the bathroom, adjusted by bra and the blouse and came back. In the meantime Ed had changed his t shirt and jeans and wore a lungi. His nakedness was very charming.
I asked him to lie down near me and I moved to the middle of the bed near my child. He put off the light and lied on the edge of the bed. There was not enough space for both of us and out bodies touched each other. I turned to the side of my child and Ed also turned to me side.
I could hear his breathing. My child was in deep sleep and I turned to the side of Ed and looked into his eyes. He was too awake and was looking at me. I placed my hand on his face and pulled him closer and kissed him on his cheeks.
The small bedroom lamp in the room was sufficient to show his face glowing. He was too shy and I pulled him again and kissed on the other cheek. and forehead. I took the hand of Ed and placed it on my back and asked him to embrace me.
He, it appeared just wanted my permission, pulled me with all strength and kissed me on my cheeks and on my mouth. I sucked his lower lip and searched for his tongue. Ed was clumsy and was kissing all over my face and ears. I took his hand and placed it on my boobs.
He pressed them softly and looked at me. I told him softly to suck the nipples. His first suck gave him mouthful of milk. It was quite unexpected for him. He gulped the whole thing and he took mouthful from both the nipples.
He was already horny and me too and we did not need any foreplay. I pulled his lungi and found that he did not have any undergarment. His goldencoloured cock a 7 inch beauty was fully erect and I just got up and snifted at it.
I touched it, held it with my both hands and I felt his ball pouch. I kissed it at the tip and his precum made a thread like formation with my lip. I opened my mouth put it in my mouth. My tongue rolled around it and gave it a soft suck. Ed was busy lifting my saree and pettycoat.
I removed all my clothes and was nude. He wanted to have a look at my pussy. I had shaven it in the morning since my hubby wanted it always clean when we meet. Here Ed looked at it with great interest. I allowed him to have a careful look.
He opened the cunt lips and took a closer view. He asked me whether he can switch on the light. I said no, since somebody will notice that the lights are on and watch the happening through some crevice. He agreed and lowered his face and kissed my cunt.
He licked it and and asked me where the clit is. I smiled at his ignorance and showed it to him. He dug his tongue tip on my clit and massaged it with his tongue. I was very much high. He then pulled the clit with his lips and sucked it softly. I asked him to lick it with force. He did it.
My orgasm was building. Within a short time I reached my first orgasm and my cunt fluids were flowing freely. I asked him to insert his cock inside. He came between my legs and took his cock in his hand and rubbed the tip on my clit and then tried to get in inside.
Poor fellow was not able to do it properly. I guided it into the proper place and it went smoothly in. It went deeper and deeper and I thought it may enter my cervix. Ed then started his in and out movements. I asked him to do it deeper and faster.
His solid muscles did it with ease and he went on fucking deeper and very fast. It gave me my second orgasm. Ed then had his and he sprayed his fluids inside me with such a force that I could feel it touching my cervix. But his hardness continued.
He went on pumping with full force for another 15 minutes and we both had out third orgasm. I entwined my legs around him and hugged him tightly and his whole body rested on mine. We both got up went to the bathroom cleaned of all the mess and came back.
I asked him whether he has ever fucked any body before. He said no. His virginity was lost in my cunt. I hugged and kissed him. I asked to lie down and I just wanted a ride on him. That was my favourite pose even with my husband.
My husband liked my riding like a cowgirl and he sucked my boobs when I jumped on him. I rotated my hip so that his cock will also revolved around the various erotic nerves. I gave a cry of pleasure, which Ed liked very much. We reached orgasm faster.
After some time I taught him to do it in the doggy style. He liked it very much since it gave a deeper penetration. I also enjoyed it very much because his cock was very rigid even after three continuous fucks. I sucked his cock after we reached orgasm,
and licked all the fluids sticking it. He too was sportive that he licked my cunt and sucked all fluids flowing from it. It was 4 am. We had spent the whole night fucking. My child started moaning for milk. I gave him my nippled to suck. But Ed wanted to suck my clit.
I opened my legs wide and Ed kneeled on the floor and his tongue was searching for my clit when my son sucked my nipple. Finally Ed got my clit and started to suck it softly. My son was also sucking my nipple. I had to raise him above the head of Ed to enable both do the sucking.
No woman on earth would have experienced so much pleasure as me with both my nipple and clit being sucked simultaneously. We had no time to sleep. We both were tired and my son continued to sleep contentlly. I allowed Ed to have his way. He licked my cunt and clit.
He drank all the cunt juices and again licked my cunt and clit. But he was careful that he does not cause any discomfort. I was high in heaven with a continuous orgasmic pleasure. Sometime I asked him to give his cock and he turned to form a 69 posture.
I sucked his cock hard and he orgasmed and pumped his semen into my mouth. I wondered how this boy got so much fluids. At 5 we got up, washed ourselves and I asked Ed to go and enquire whether the bus is repaired and when they will start.
They that the mechanic is repairing and we may start by 7 am. We brushed out teath got dressed up and ordered for tea, cleaned up all the tell tale evidence of our sexadventure of the night. With our breakfast we started at 7.15 am and reached Bangalore at 12 noon.
My husband was there at the busstation with all anxiety. When we got down he came running and enquired the reason for the delay. I narrated the engine problem and introduced Ed and told him that Ed was very helpful. My husband thanked Ed. and took down his telephone number.