Buttfucked my butch dyke neighbor

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By OP We’d known each other for over a year when pandemic hit. In iso, we both started fucking each other. Scared of pregnancy, she suggested buttfucking

Cam and I were friends, we hung out a bit. She had all kinds of attractive girls some as young as 13 and 14 coming and going others as old as late 50s. She wasn’t particular but was a butch lesbian. Sometimes she’d have me come over and watch but mainly when the woman or girl didn’t want someone watching much less a man. She even made some take my cum in their mouths or on their pussies, tits as I’d jack off. On three occasions, once with a 13 year old, I was the first cock inside her little hairy pussy. I could only return the favor with one girl I dated who was bi and liked being watched. Then we both dried up one the pandemic hit and we were in isolation.

She and I hung out a lot, binge watched every series we could find on TV, and one day she just said it. “I am going fucking insane not having my pussy eaten” I told her that I loved eating pussy and would be glad to do the deed should she ever want it. I even told her I’d keep my clothes on if she wanted, I did confess that I’d probably jack off later thinking about it but it wasn’t like I’d not see her naked before. She mentioned of course that the times I saw her naked she and others saw me naked. She was really interested on the few occasions she let me fuck some girl or woman. She really loved getting off with me and the bi girlfriend I had.

We left it there, watched another hour or two of a series, then she went to her place next door. An hour later it was 1am and I hear a knock on my door. I look and it’s Cam, totally naked standing in the hallway. I hurriedly open the door and let her in. She casually and even slowly took her time walking in. She just announced outright. “I see no need to beat around the bush, I need sex, you need sex so let’s have sex” she said adding “Only being lesbian . . . mostly; I am not on any birth control, and I’m not too crazy about getting fucked in my pussy I think maybe we should do oral on each other, and see where we go” I agreed, and soon we were in my bed with my head buried in her very hairy reddish brown bush. She tasted so fucking good it was incredible. I told her that first; I loved eating pussy, second; hers was the best tasting pussy ever. She came several times, and was laying out recouping. I moved up next to her. Our heads inches away from each other, staring into each others eyes, I moved in to kiss her, but she pulled back. “I’m sorry, I have trouble kissing guys, I’m sure it will happen just not right now” I had no problem, and with that she’s down at my crotch sucking the life out of my cock. She sucked, swallowed, and moved back up to the head of the bed.

The following morning she wanted more sex, I ate her, and this time I jacked off on her little A cup tits that were developed enough that they looked like pecs. She took my cum on her finger and fed it to me. In four finger fulls I had cleaned all my own cum and swallowed it. “That’s a good boy” she said. With that I licked the residue off her chest. After about a month, she reiterated that she was not wanting to get fucked in the pussy but wanted fucked. She brought it up, not me, we need to buttfuck. Since anal is my favorite sex which she knew from our hanging together and seeing me buttfuck an older woman she had sex with and that bi GF of mine she knew I’d be good for it. We adding plenty of oral, and then anal to our mix. She was totally without a job so she moved in with me. We shared cooking, we both worked out a lot and we fucked ourselves silly. She improved my pussy eating considerably (so she said). I was loving fucking the most perfect ass ever on top of a beautiful set of legs. I happen to love tiny tits too. Her hair was getting longer, she was definitely looking and dressing less butch that she used to. Even ordering clothes online that were more womanly and feminine. When I went out for groceries, I came home in the early evening. She had supper cooked, and on the table. She was wearing a black basque with cuts at the top for her littel titties. She had black garter and nude stockings, no panties (though she did have ones that matched) and a sheer baby doll nightie. Her shoulder length hair now styled like that bi GF of mine did.

“Do you like?” she asked. Of course I did but also asked what was going on, did she not want to be a butch anymore? She almost was crying saying that she thought I’d like it. I told her I do like it I like it so damn much, and like even more that she would do something like this for me. “It’s all for you” she whimpered. I kissed her, fully and lovingly. She knew with that kiss, the kind a man gives to a woman she had done what she did and I approved totally. I wanted to take her to the bedroom but she told me that would have to wait. We had hot food ready and it wouldn’t warm up well. So we ate, I moved over to sit next to her at the table, kissing her a lot, rubbing her now trimmed pussy. Right after we ate, I got down under the table and ate her pretty pussy again. After we went to the bedroom and she sucked me hard, then got on top of me. I was really wanting to fuck her ass and knowing I could kiss her throughout it all. Then I felt her hairy lips parting, the warm wetness of her pussy sliding down on my cock. We made love in her pussy three times that night, and again the next morning. The first time that night I ate her pussy and cleaned it of my cream.

We didn’t stop buttfucking, but she did get pregnant. Neither of us cared, we really liked it in fact. We got married, and have been since. We have two daughters now. She works from our home in the suburbs, I work at the office. At neighborhood gatherings the other husbands all ogle my Cam, and tell me how lucky I am to get to sleep with that hot woman. She’s told me that two of the neighborhood wives have lesbian sex together. It’s the only way they can get off, their husbands do nothing for them sexually. I asked if she is joining them. “Only if you want me to” was her answer.

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By OP #Bisexual #Lesbian #Pregnancy