Call Me Daddy

tagIncest/TabooCall Me Daddy

She heard the door open and shut, then a familiar voice calling out her name. She didn't know if she should answer. Her mother wasn't home and her new step-dad was looking for her. She didn't know if she could control herself around this man. He was closer to her age than her mothers and he was drop dead gorgeous. He was over 6 feet with dirty blonde hair and the most mesmerizing green eyes she had ever seen and a body built like a gods. Ever since she came home for summer break she had been avoiding her mother's new husband. A husband that her mother didn't inform her she had. She came home from college and there was a hunk of a man sitting in the living room and there she was practically drooling over him when her mom says this is your new step-dad Mason. What the hell mom robbing the cradle she thought. After that first night when he seemed to be flirting with her she made sure she was as far away from him as possible or someone was always with her. She kept as quite as she could hoping he would think she wasn't home. She could hear his footsteps getting closer and she held her breath. Next thing she knew her door was being opened and there stood that god like man in her door way.
"Emily, there you are. Why didn't you answer me? I've been calling your name."
"Oh. I'm sorry Mason. I didn't hear you, I was asleep." I lied to him and he gives me this knowing smile. Shit I'm caught.
"What did I tell you Emily? What are you suppose to call me?" I look him in the eyes and see danger in them.
" I'm sorry. I thought you were joking. You are what three years older than me? I'm not calling you daddy." I say with a smirk. I mean he has to be kidding right? He stalks over to the bed and grabs me by the wrists pulling me up to standing then sits on my bed and forces me over his knee with my ass in the air.
"I said to call me daddy and I expect you to call me daddy. Now since you disrespected me I have no choice but to punish you" he growls. He has a tight hold on me even though I'm wiggling and trying to get off of his lap.
"Stop it Mason! Let me go" I scream out as his hand comes across my almost naked ass since I was laying in my room in my underwear and a big shirt.
"No! What's my name Emily?"
"Mason" I growl out just as another smack comes across my cheeks.
"Wrong. What's my name?" I just lay there huffing and then another smack rings out and a moan escapes my throat. Oh shit maybe he didn't hear that. I feel his hand rubbing my ass cheeks where he has smacked me and a feel my panties get really wet. Oh hell he is going to notice his leg getting wet. I decide me best option is to call him what he wants then maybe he will let me up and I can get away from him before I really embarrass myself.
"Fine…. Daddy. I didn't hear you calling my name. I'm sorry" I ground out expecting him to let me up when I feel a huge bulge pushing into my stomach and a groan coming from Mason. I look over my shoulder and see that his green eyes have darkened with lust. Shit there goes more liquid in my panties and this time I know he can feel it on his pants. Mason has taken to rubbing my ass and his fingers creep closer to my mound. I'm breathing heavy and I want this man so bad. We are alone and I want him to fuck me.
"Please." I whisper.
"Please what Emily?" He asks as his fingers slide over the thin fabric covering my dripping wet pussy. "God your so wet. You've even made a wet spot on my pants." He continues to rub over the fabric pushing it between my lips. God he has a magic touch.
I have been dying to get my hands on Emily ever since she walked into the door. I knew she was ignoring me and avoiding me, but I also knew she wanted me. It just so happened today her mom was gone on a business trip and wouldn't be home for days. Now was my chance to taste Emily and fuck her like she had never been fucked. I thought her mom was gorgeous, but she paled in comparison to Emily. Thank God this marriage was not out of love it was done for financial reasons that I was helping her mom with, but it didn't hurt she was beautiful and was a pretty good fuck. Emily really didn't look like her mother she must take after her dad. She was petite with curves, long black hair that was silky and smooth. Her eyes were the most beautiful shade of blue I have ever seen and when she turned them on you it was like she was looking into your soul. I can't believe I have her across my lap and now she is begging me. I really didn't know how she was going to take me punishing her, but from the wet spot growing on my pants leg I think she is really enjoying it.
"Please what Emily?" I ask her as my fingers slide over the fabric covering her pussy. "God your so wet. You've even made a wet spot on my pants." I say rubbing the fabric pushing it between her wet lips.
"Please daddy. Make me cum." She pants out and I hook my fingers into her panties jerking them off of her. Flipping her over to face me I smash my lips against hers as my fingers find her wet pussy lightly stroking the lips. My thumb pushes up and finds her clit as I start circling it and putting light pressure. She lets out a mewl of pleasure and attacks my neck kissing up and nibbles at me ear. I guide her back onto the bed without breaking our kiss. She pulls me down on top of her kissing me with need. I kiss her jaw and down her neck making little love bites claiming her as mine. I reach down and pull the shirt up and over her head and then continue kissing and licking my way down her chest. I let my tongue flick over her right nipple and suck it into my mouth as my hand kneads her left breast pulling and pinching the nipple. She moans and arches her back pushing her breasts up. I lavish her breasts kissing and sucking, pinching and pulling on her pebbled nipples. Her breasts are pale with light pink nipples just delicious. After I pay homage to her perky breasts I kiss my way down her belly making my way to her mound.
"Yes Daddy! Please" she pleads and wraps her hands in my hair pushing me towards her pussy. Taking that as my invite I lick her glistening wet lips from the bottom up letting my tongue flick her clit that is peeping out from her lips. I circle her clit with my tongue and suck it into my mouth earning me a moan and a tug of my hair. I take her bundle of nerves in between my lips pulling a little as I slide a finger down between her lips parting them coating my finger in her nectar. I push her legs further apart and her lips open up like petals on a blooming flower. Her sweet scent hits my nose and she smells like honey. I bury my mouth against her lips and stiffen my tongue letting it slide into her hole while my nose rubs her swollen nub. She grinds her pussy against my face moaning. I lick back up to her clit taking it into my mouth as I insert one finger sliding it in and out curling it up hitting her g-spot.
"Fuck, daddy I'm close, more faster, please daddy." I slide a second finger into her tight hole and start finger fucking her fast curling my fingers up hitting that special spot. She pushes my face against her as her hips push her pussy into my face. I flick my tongue on her pulsing clit and suck it hard she lets out a guttural scream as her body stiffens and her pussy clamps down on my fingers as she squirts her nectar in my waiting mouth. I lap, suck and lick her sweet honey until she releases my head from her grip and she is clean. I slide up her body kissing her lips letting her taste herself. She tangles her tongue with mine and mewls.
"Fuck me daddy" She says after breaking the kiss and starts pulling at my clothes trying to get them off. I stand and strip her hungry eyes watching intently. I remove my boxers and my cock is standing at attention. Her eyes turn a dark blue and she licks her lips. I know she wants to suck my cock, but I have to get my dick in that tight pussy. She reaches out and wraps her small hand around my shaft pumping it watching as my precum slides from my tip. She lifts her head up and licks it off. I let out a groan and push my cock towards her. She takes my cock in her mouth all the way to my balls. Shit I'll cum fast and I want to be in her for that. I remove my cock after a few short pumps in her mouth allowing her to taste me. I push her back onto the bed crawling over her and positioning my head right at her entrance. I push just enough for her lips to part , but not enough to slide in. I want her to beg me. She tries and pull me into her but I won't allow it.
"Tell me what you want Emily." I grin as I let the head of my cock slide against her lips never letting it breach her barrier.
"Please Fuck me Daddy! Please Daddy!" She begs and my cock gets even harder as I get the tip at the entrance again plunging it into her depths as she lets out a hiss.
"God Daddy your so big."
"Your so tight Fuck me" her pussy has my dick in a vise. I start a slow pace bringing my member all the way out and pushing it back in. Her hips match my rhythm. I can't believe how tight and fucking good she feels. I let my lips find hers as our bodies continue at a slow rhythm.
"God Emily! I've wanted you since the first day" I say against her lips.
"Me too Daddy. Fuck me harder. I need you harder and faster." She pants out as I grab her hips and I start pounding into her tight cunt. She throws her legs over my shoulders as my cock drills her pussy.
"Fuck yes Daddy! Right there!" She screams out and I slam into her again and again.
"Fuck me Emily." I growl as my cock hits her spot and her pussy clamps down around my cock squirting her nectar all over me. I pump my cock faster and slam harder as she rides her wave, her pussy pulsing around my cock begging me to cum for her. I let out a loud growl and bury my cock balls deep and shoot my load coating her walls. Her pussy squeezes and milks my cock. We fall over into a heap. my cock still buried deep in her pussy. I stroke her hair and pull her to me and kiss her lips.
"Fuck daddy that was good. Can we go again Daddy?"

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