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– Hi, All. This is a pretty tame story. Please amuse me with a comment. Enjoy! –
I've never been a very bright girl. I'm downright stupid if you asked Sister Mary, my teacher. I limped through Catholic Girls' academy with D's. My proudest achievement to date was graduating last month. Two weeks before I finished, I turned 18. I was thrilled, because it meant I could finally leave my mother's house, and by house I mean rathole apartment.
Mom always kept me under her thumb. I was never allowed to go out with friends or have a social life, not that I could afford to. All the other girls at school had phones and boyfriends. When you're poor as dirt, it's hard to be popular.
The most exciting thing I've done since graduation was steal a bottle of red hair dye. My mom was furious after I dyed it. It started a fight, and I figured it was time to go. My grandma, who came over the apartment now and then to remind my mother what a screw up she was, often said if I wanted to move out and live with her, I could. She paid for my high school at Catholic Girls' academy, so I figured, why not?
That lasted all of a month. I quickly learned why my mom grew up to be a miserable bitch. I ran away with the clothes on my back, the red hair on my head, and the return address from my last birthday card. My daddy, who I had not seen since I was six (not that I could remember him), always sent me a card on my birthday with 100 dollars. It pretty much made me fall in love with him. He was so cute inside the card too, saying happy 18, how proud he was of me, and how much he loved me.
I had asked my mom many times to let me call him, but she had always refused. Apparently, there was some law that prevented him from visiting us. Mom never talked about it, but all I knew was he was the most amazing kind man in the world, because he never forgot my birthday, and he always sent me 100 dollars.
So there I was, standing in black Mary Janes outside of the door of an apartment, wearing my usual catholic schoolgirl outfit: white thigh-highs, a blue plaid skirt, and a white blouse. I had the white blouse tied just under my breasts to show off my midriff. I had a nice tummy, and I liked it when boys looked at me. I wondered if my daddy would think I was pretty. I hoped so. But mostly, I just hoped he'd let me stay at his apartment. The alternative was to go back to my horrible mother. I was desperate.
The door opened. My heart was thumping so hard in my chest. I don't think it could have thumped any harder, but when I saw how gorgeous Daddy was, my jaw literally fell open and I think my heart exploded. He was a tall, sexy man, like a TV star. His hair was black, his eyes baby blue, a jaw chiseled on a mountaintop somewhere, and perfect teeth. Oh, and god, his eyebrows were perfect. He was so slim and toned too. And his clothes! That was the best part. He wasn't wearing any. Well, I suppose he was wearing some basketball shorts, but they were so low on his hip. I could see the little hairs of his happy trail disappear into them. His legs were so long too, and he had nice, manly feet, clean, not like the dirty guys I'd see in my neighborhood.
I was dumbstruck, literally dumbstruck. How in the most fucked up world could my ugly bitch mother possibly walk away from this male model? Was she mentally retarded? She'd have to be. That would actually explain why I was so stupid.
I couldn't speak. I couldn't form words. My throat had tightened up. I was pretty sure I was not even allowed to speak to such a gorgeous man. There was a law against it, right? Maybe that was the law my mom meant, that he was too hot for us to talk to.
"Hi there," he said with a warm smile. He seemed to flick his short hair back, and a few black strands flew away from his eyes. I think I creamed my panties. And, God, he even had a sexy voice. Was he real?
Oh jeez, I just realized something. I was almost hit by a car on the way over here. Maybe I was hit and I was dead. Holy shit, I was in sexy daddy heaven.
"H-h-h…" I didn't quite say hi, but I got out one letter, and I was pretty proud of myself for that. I mean, 'Hi' is a big word for a D student. Okay, I pulled a C in phys-ed, but I think that's because the teacher liked me in gym shorts—she was a total lesbo.
"You're a little early," he said with a laugh.
Damn it, even the laugh! You know what? I was starting to dislike him. He was too amazing, I was not worthy to be his daughter, and I suddenly wanted a normal father. The girls at school always complained about their fat ugly mean fathers who never bought them anything. Thinking on it actually gave me enough strength to form words.
"I, I, me?" I didn't say I could form sentences. I said I could form words. Baby steps.
He smiled at me. "What's that?"
Come on, Madi, you could do this. Form a sentence, just one. I had practiced it. "Mister, Mister Ryan? I'm, I'm Madi, your daughter."
"Good, good. Of course, you are. Perfect. I love it when they're prepared. Come on in, beautiful," he said, stepping back, holding the door.
I was beautiful? My face was pretty much on fire after that. I could literally feel the blood pumping against my red cheeks. Have you ever felt that, when you're blushing so hard it hurts? That was me.
I didn't think I was beautiful though. I thought I looked like my mother. B- breasts, with a A+ ass. I did have a nice ass. I rarely gained weight, and all my fat was on my thighs, so they were pretty thick, but my waist was small and cute. I guess I did have a pretty face, but I definitely wasn't as gorgeous as this man. Hell, if you put a wig on him, men would notice him first. I did have very pretty blue eyes though, just like my daddy. Oh, hey, that's where I got those.
Of course, plenty of boys had flirted with me before. I had been looking for a boyfriend, but with my bitch of a mother down my throat all the time, it just never happened. I wasn't exactly a virgin through. My mom had a dildo, and whenever she was out of the house, that dildo was in my pussy. That's sorta like sex, right? Okay, maybe I liked to pretend I wasn't a virgin because all the girls at school weren't, and I was embarrassed.
As I came into the apartment, I saw my daddy's things. It was a very cute place, a couch big enough for two, a TV on the wall, a kitchen behind a counter, small bathroom off to one side, and a door to a bedroom on the other side. I could see he had a nice big bed too. It looked so comfy. This whole place looked comfy, like an IKEA magazine. I'd never been to an IKEA though. Mom got all our furniture at the Salvation Army.
"Shoes off," Daddy said.
"Yes, sir," I said, stepping out of them, my bare feet still in my white thigh-highs.
"Would you like a drink, sweetheart?" Daddy asked me.
"A, a drink?"
"Sure," he said, standing behind the kitchen counter. "Wine?"
"I, I'm not old enough to drink."
"You're joking. You're 18, right?"
"Huh? Oh, yes, you know I am."
"Good. I won't tell if you don't," Daddy said.
"Okay, sure," I said, smiling at him.
God, I loved to watch him move in the kitchen, getting glasses, pulling a cork from a bottle, pouring the wine. He came over to me, motioning toward the couch. Just watching him walk was doing things to my body, things Sister Mary would have whipped me for. Oh lord, I knew all about sin, and these thoughts about my daddy were definitely sinful.
We sat on the couch. He was turned to the side, staring at me. "You're perfect," he said.
"I am?" I said. "Am I like what you thought I'd be?" I was proud of that sentence. I was finally forming coherent words into questions. I was coming to terms that this magnificent creature was my daddy. I felt lucky to be his daughter.
"Yes. 18 is perfect, just what I asked for."
"Um, yeah," I said. I was a little confused, but my daddy was the smart one. "Ryan, sir, I hope you don't mind me coming here."
"Ryan, sir?" he said with a little chuckle. "Don't call me by my name. Call me Daddy, always Daddy."
"Oh," I said. "You really want me to call you Daddy, sir?" It made me happy. It was like he was accepting me, granting me permission to be his daughter again.
"More than 'can,' babygirl," he said. And then his hand, his perfect hand, touched my cheek, and he caressed my jaw. "I order you to call me Daddy. Do you understand me, little girl? Don't make me tell you again."
I think I swallowed my tongue, because this gorgeous man was touching me like this. Oh god, I knew right then I was in love with him. I felt it in my pussy. It literally throbbed in my panties. Worse, I knew I was getting wet. I'd always had a problem with wetness. My pussy always drooled when I was horny. Sometimes, I'd have to go into a bathroom and stuff tissues between my legs, it got so bad. Oh, dear Jesus, I prayed, please keep me dry with my daddy. But somehow I knew this was going to be another unanswered prayer. God was 0 for 10,001.
"Yes, sir, Daddy," I said. "You're, um, very nice to me, Daddy."
"Of course, I am, Madison," he said, looking into my eyes. "You understand, Madison? I'm going to call you that, okay? You're my daughter tonight, understand?"
I bit my lower lip. "I'm your daughter forever, Daddy."
"Mmm, good," he said warmly. "I like that. You're so perfect."
"Aw, Daddy," I said. "I think you're perfect too. Just one thing. Can you call me Madi, not Madison? All my teachers call me Madison and my mom too when she's angry. I hate it. I like Madi."
"Oh, really?" Daddy said. "I like that. I really like that. You're good."
I bit my lip. "Really? I'm good." I'd never had my daddy call me good before, and it made my heart melt. "I want to be a good girl."
He stroked my cheek again and I felt like a good girl. "You're very good." He took his hand away and I missed it dearly. "Tell me about yourself."
"About me?"
"Of course," he said. "I want to get to know you a little first. Pretend you just had your 18th birthday."
"My 18th? Oh, haha. Yeah, you missed the party," I said.
He chuckled. "Yes, I did. Did you get my card?"
"Yes, thank you," I said sincerely. "You always send me a card on my birthday, don't you? You're so amazing. Can I give you a hug?"
"Babygirl, you can always hug me," he said warmly.
"Really?" I said.
He nodded and opened his arms. I scooted closer on the couch and wrapped my arms around his neck. His hands slid around my waist and held me at my lower back, his fingers on my warm skin. Being held by him was bliss. I felt his fingertips on my spine, sliding up and down it, teasing under my blouse. To my surprise, he went up even farther, right between my shoulder blades. I was shocked he did that, but then his hand went back down, all the way down my spine, and farther, to the small of my back. I felt the tips of his fingers at the waist of my skirt. They slid side to side, just dipping into my skirt, touching the waistline of my panties. I was even more shocked. Was it intentional? Was it okay? I mean, he was my daddy. Maybe daddies did this. Maybe it meant nothing. Maybe he just really loved me. Either way, I loved feeling him touch me like this. I would have given him anything he asked for, anything.
We separated and I sat back, smiling at him. I felt much more confident now. I took a sip of the wine and stared into his eyes. He did the same.
"So, Madi, you graduated high school recently?" he said.
"Oh, um, yes, I guess I did."
"Yes, you did," he said firmly. "Play along."
I bit my lip. "Daddy, don't be angry, but I graduated with a 1.7."
"A 1.7?" he said with wide eyes. "Wow. Your GPA is a little low, sweetie."
"I know. I'm embarrassed. I'm not the smartest girl. I hope you don't hate me."
"Baby, I could never hate you, but I should punish you."
"Punish me?" I said with a squeak.
"Yes. Come here, up on your knees."
I was a little confused, but I did as he told me to, sitting up on my knees. He took my wrist and pulled me down. I gasped as I fell across his lap, my head over the arm of the sofa. I looked back to see his hand rising in the air. I was shocked, but I pinched my eyes shut and prepared my bottom. I'd been hit many times by my mom and grandma and teacher. Spankings were nothing new to me.
His hand came down and whacked my butt, but to my surprise, unlike all the hard punishments I'd received over the years, his was gentle. He hit my bottom again, and afterward, his hand lingered on my butt. He raised it and whacked my other cheek.
I had never thought of being punished as sexy before, but at this moment, somehow it was sexy, so sexy feeling Daddy's hand on my bottom, punishing me for being a bad girl. I felt like I deserved it too. I was his daughter, and I'd let him down. He should have been given a reason to be proud of me, to say his daughter was smart and had a 4.0 GPA. Instead, he had a dummy daughter with a 1.7. He was going far too easy on me. I deserved much worse, but I loved him for giving me this gentle punishment.
He stopped after ten. His arm went under my waist, lifting me back to the other side of the cushion.
"There," he said. "now, do better in life for me, okay, baby?"
"Yes, Daddy, forgive me. I'll make you proud. I'm sorry I'm so dumb."
"Hey, you aren't dumb," he said. "Maybe you weren't the brightest in school, but you're definitely the sexiest."
My lips parted. "Um, you think I'm sexy?" I couldn't believe he said that. Was that normal for a daddy to say?
"Definitely. You have lovely breasts, so small and welcoming."
My eyes spread open. Did he really say that? "Um, thank you."
"Beautiful legs," he continued. "Gorgeous hips, and oh wow, what an ass. Lovely girl."
My jaw dropped. That felt a little weird, but maybe he just wanted to compliment me, make me feel good. And I admit, it did feel good to have my daddy tell me I was lovey and say I had a sexy body. "You really think I'm lovely?"
"Definitely," he said. "I'm sure all the boys want to kiss those sexy lips of yours."
I lost my breath. "Um, a few, I guess. I'm, I'm a virgin, actually."
I swear I did not mean to say that. The moment I did, I felt mortified. That was definitely not something I wanted to tell my daddy, ever. But somehow, now that I had managed to overcome my fear of speaking to him, I was learning that I had no ability to lie or withhold any information. Is this the power a daddy held over his daughter, the power to make her tell the truth and to tell all her secrets?
"Oh really?" he said, a grin on his face.
"I can't believe I said that," I said. "But, yeah, it's true. I've never been with a boy. I've never even kissed one."
He chuckled. "You're over selling me now."
I shook my head. "No. I've never even had a boyfriend."
"You are something else," he said, shaking his head, but he was smiling and looking sexy at me. "If you're not careful, I'm going to fall in love with you."
My heart thumped again. That was the nicest thing ever to hear. "Daddy, you know I love you, don't you? Even though we never got to see each other all these years, I always thought about you."
"Oh, baby," he said with a sigh. "You're honestly breaking my heart. You're amazing. I wish I'd met you sooner, wish you'd come to my door sooner."
I nodded. "I hate that I missed out, but I'm so glad I'm here now. This was the best decision coming here tonight."
"I'm glad you did," he said. "I think I got incredible lucky that it was you who knocked on that door."
He scooted closer to me on the couch, lifting his arm and putting it around me. I melted into his side. I loved his arms, loved to be in them. His other hand came up to my face again, caressing my cheek, lifting my face to meet his eyes. I stared into his eyes, his perfect eyes. He was coming closer. I realized almost instantly that his lips were parting and coming toward mine. Was he going to kiss me? I couldn't believe it. He wasn't really going to kiss me, was he?
His lips touched my lips. I was in shock, my eyes open while his were closed. My daddy, this gorgeous man, was kissing me. I didn't even know how to kiss a boy and here this man was, kissing me. I didn't stop him though, couldn't stop him. Why would I? He was handsome and charming and he was my daddy. If he wanted to kiss me, why on Earth would I ever say no?
I kissed him back, opening and closing my lips against his, enjoying the sensation of warmth from his mouth, the wetness. His tongue came out next, moving into mine. That shocked me too, but I was getting use to shock. I let my tongue welcome his, and our kiss continued.
I shouldn't have to say it, but my panties were drenched now. God had definitely ignored another prayer. I had certainly never been this wet before. Even my thighs were wet by this point. I felt as if I had peed myself.
Daddy pulled his lips away, a dreamy smile on his face. "Mmm, wow."
"God, Daddy," I said with deep breathes. "What are you doing?"
"Hm?" he said, his thumb caressing my cheek.
"I, I just didn't expect you to kiss me like that," I said. "I'm your daughter."
"Oh," he said with a with a happy breath. "Yes, you are, babygirl. I'm sorry. I shouldn't do that, should I?"
"I just, I don't know," I said, my eyes moving around. "I've never been kissed like that. I thought daddies only kissed on the cheek."
"When a daddy loves his daughter very much, like I love you, Madi, a daddy sometimes gives his daughter a deeper kiss."
"You really love me that much?"
"I do. Is it okay if I kiss you like that from now on?"
My heart was bursting with love. "Oh, Daddy. Of course. If you love me, you can kiss me however you want."
"That's my good girl," he said. "Show me how much you love your daddy. Give me a kiss."
I looked at his lips. "I can?"
"Oh yes." He sat back. "Give daddy a kiss."
"Okay," I whispered.
I leaned up, stretching my neck, but Daddy stopped me.
"No, no," he said. "Kiss me like a good girl."
"How does a good girl kiss?"
"A good girl sits in her daddy's lap."
"Oh," I said. "Yes, Daddy, it's just…"
"Just what?"
I was terrified to admit that he might notice I was wet if I sat on his lap, but maybe he wouldn't. I was probably imagining things. I wasn't that wet, was I?
I climbed up, crawling to him on the couch. But then he took me by my waist, his fingers once again on my bare skin, and lifted me up. I squeaked as he sat me down in his lap, my legs spreading to straddle him. My eyes looked down to find myself in this position. Sure, I had seen many daddies and daughters in this position on TV, but those daughters were always little girls, and me, I wasn't a little girl anymore. My pussy was right there up against his crotch, and I could swear I felt something bulging beneath me. Dear god, maybe I was wrong. Maybe this was totally normal.
"Kiss me," Daddy ordered.
"Y-yes, Daddy," I said nervously, looking into his eyes. I put my hands on his collarbone and leaned forward, my lips wet and warm. I touched my lips to his lips. I knew it was sinful, but dear God, I loved kissing him. I didn't care if it was sinful. I would kiss this man as long as he would let me.
I felt his hand on my back again, running up and down, catching under the back of my shirt, going down again and touching the rim of my skirt. His fingers stayed here, and I felt him pinch the zipper of my skirt. He moved it down an inch. My eyes opened as I kissed him. I was shocked, but I didn't stop the kiss. Then he slid the zipper back into place. Then back down and once more back up.
Oh, he was just playing with me, and I loved it. Did he have any idea how sexual this felt for an 18-year-old virgin? Maybe he didn't. Maybe this was normal. A daddy lovingly kissing his daughter in his lap, his hands on her, and my disgusting instincts found it all sexual, but none of it was, just innocent. I had never had a daddy to teach me this was all right.

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