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It was our third night out camping with my friends families, relaxing from rather tiring days chasing their kids or snorkeling. I lay back in my chair, the large almost bowl like cushions snuggling close around me as I curl up, drawing my legs under the blanket to fight off the evening chill. Well not evening really I realize glancing at my phone, the stars were out, the night sky awash in the cosmic glow. Even the reflected light from the campfire not enough to dim the celestial beauty.
It had been a while since I was able to meet up for a trip away with my old university friends and their families. The camp site itself was perfect, the wide space more than large enough for their two trailers and trucks and surrounds by thick woods and a large rocky hill on one side. Even the mosquitos were away, the new bug repellant gizmo that Carl brought a campers dream.
Sitting around the fire pit there were five of us. To one side was Kim, my shorter dark haired with the slightest trace of grey on the bangs, friend with her husband Carl who was tall and thin with a friendly intensity. Sitting across from them was Laura, the wanna be Instagram mom posting videos of her workouts all the time, and her husband Mike who had his own company which seemed to be doing pretty good based on Laura's video stream.
I sat across from them, curled in my chair cheerfully sipping my wine as we all chatted into the night. I was running solo this trip, my husband unable to get away from work. They jokingly referred to me as their amazon friend, had for the years we knew each other, taller and heavier with the athletics I kept up with. For the evening I had my shoulder length red hair pulled back with an elastic.
As usual with this time of night and lots of booze the chat had turned to sex.
"Well sure I still watch porn. Not like all the time but sometimes you know when Marcus is away."
"What are you into then," Kim asks snuggling into Carl's arm sitting beside her. "Like what do you watch?"
I pretend to think about it for a moment, letting the sizzle of the fire fill the air. Mike and Laura were whispering to each other, giving me a little spike of loneliness for the moment. I take another drink before replying.
"I don't know, I sort of enjoy the group stuff to be honest. And some of those groping type scenes, some of that seems fun."
"I remember that," Laura says laughing, "You had a few little things like that going on back then."
I blush slightly while making a face at Laura, "Whatever, you like what you like."
"I like watching oral personally. Watching a guy really going at a woman is so hot." Kim says while rubbing Carls arm.
"Yeah that's fun," Laura says chipping into the conversation, "I like the seduction stuff, not the hard-core pump and dump ickyness."
"Pump and dump," I say laughing, "Never thought I'd hear Mrs. Prim and Proper using such language!"
"Whatever, you like what you like!" Laura replies mockingly before laughing again.
"I saw a few once in a massage scene, was more women oriented so was pretty hot and not so rough," Kim says pausing to kiss Carl on the cheek. I notice the guys are being oddly quiet this evening, I figure it's just not having my hubby along to stir them up for once.
"Hmm I love those," I say longingly. All the sex chat and wine was really getting to me I realize. I glance at my phone again to see if it's too early to sneak into the trailer to rub a quick one out.
"Really, Carl gives great foot rubs."
"Oh yeah. Must be nice, I don't get much of those,"
"Really" Kim says excitedly, "Here then, Carl go give Alexa a foot rub!"
"What?" I say laughing.
Carl slowly sits up from his chair and giving Kim a quick kiss starts walking my way. I keep waiting for the punchline as he sits on the ground in front of me looking up with a funny expression.
"Um what?" I ask with an awkward chuckle.
"Oh come on Alexa," Laura says, "Let's see if he is as good as Kim says he is."
I start to reply but don't want to hurt Car's feelings and he looks so happy at the idea of a foot massage. Looking at Kim and Laura with a puzzled expression, I slowly uncurled from the chair and extended my leg.
"Here you go!" I say giggling as he pulls my sneakers and socks off before starting to rub my foot.
"See he's good isn't he!" Kim hides her smile behind her drink after watching Carl work on my foot, the glow of the fire reflecting the mischievous glint in her eyes.
"He is actually," I say with my own smile looking down on him and wiggling my toes in his hands. Surprisingly strong fingers knead my feet, easing the tension I didn't realize I had from running around all day in the sand. Despite the awkward feeling I wiggle around so both my feet are on his legs, giving a relaxed sigh as he moves from one to the other.
"Oh someone enjoys the footsie rubs eh?" Laura says while bumping her elbow against Mike, "Maybe you should help out."
I look at Kim and Laura again confused as Mike finishes his beer and with a smile eases himself from his chair over to the ground in front of me. As both my friends husbands massage my feet, their hands sliding up my bare calves, I feel a little tingle of excitement at the whole thing. Kim and Laura are watching intently, if it wasn't for their smiles I'd be scooting right on out of there! I knew both Kim and Laura were a little of the rule the roost type, but seeing Mike and Carl being so obedient was sort of odd.
Their hands continue to massage my feet although now Mike is rubbing my calves up to my knee. I was suddenly really glad I had shaved in the shower today after my run, his hands feeling uncomfortably nice on my skin. The two guys had shifted slightly spreading my legs to the edge of the chair as I wrapped my blanket across my upper body. I realize I had started teasing a nipple through my shirt, feeling excited despite the awkwardness. Kim and Laura keep looking at me whispering, Laura sticking her tongue out at me at one point as Mike's hand slides over my knee.
"Um ok guys," I say wiggling back and dropping my feet to their legs, "Thanks for the massage and all but whew!"
"It's ok Alexa, just relax." Laura shifts closer to Kim, the two making a show of filling their glasses from the wine in the cooler beside Kim.
I glare across the fire at my friends as their husbands start caressing my legs again. What the hell! My mind is racing as their warm hands caress and squeeze me, my body starting to respond even more. Kim, Laura and I have known each other for years and they well remembered the wild days of school. But it had been years since I did anything like this! Is this what they really wanted?
"Alexa, sit up will you? Mike wants to give you a shoulder rub."
"Shoulder rub?" I repeat stunned, a slow smile creeping over my face. They do want to play little party games then.
"Yes honey, Mike wants to give you a shoulder rub," Laura says laughing. What is she doing with her hand tucked away on her lap like that?
"Okay, whatever you say mom" I say slowly, shifting myself forward. I had taken my hoodie off earlier, feeling a bit warm with all the sex talk and wine, so as I drop the blanket my snug t-shirt is showing my perky nipples as the cool air hits. Yeah cool air, nothing to do with busy fingers at all! Mike pauses for just a second, a now noticeable bulge in his shorts. Mike was always a boob guy, although I'm sure Laura's smaller chest got more than enough attention knowing her.
Carl glances up then back to my legs, shifting back to my feet then rubbing slowly past my knee. I give a little giggle as he runs the back of his nails across my inner thigh, the pretense of an innocent foot massage long gone now. I look back to Kim and Laura mouthing a "what the fuck?" as Mike starts rubbing his hands over my shoulders.
"Oh relax Alexa," Kim says with a mock serious tone. Shifting in her seat I can see her hands are busy too with watching the unintended show I seem to be putting on.
"You were saying you always enjoyed the idea of group fondling right?"
"Yeah! But come on!' I laugh again as Mikes hands slide over my top to grab both my breasts, pinching the hard nipples in his palm. I let out a little shriek in surprise and pleasure as his hands pull back to rub my shoulders.
"So what are friends for? Or their horny husbands right?" Laura takes another drink as I watch her hips shift slightly. Looks like the boys are not the only ones enjoying themselves.
"You guys are nuts," I laugh again, feelings of excitement mixing with discomfort. Mikes fingers had slide down my belly and were pulling my shirt to my chest. My mind races, do I let this go? Kim and Laura are obviously enjoying themselves watching, the pervs, and no question with Mike and Carl from the bumps on my back and under my foot. I can't deny how much I am enjoying this and at that moment decide I'm just going to play bait and see how far they want to go. I mean Kim and Laura are right here and looking a bit busy entertaining themselves anyway right?
I lean forward and hold my arms high as Mike quickly pulls my top up, laughing as it gets caught in my hair a moment. I fleetingly wonder if he is going to tie my hands, which would have been whole new level of omg, but he drops the shirt on the chair beside me. His cool hands slide down my shoulders to hold the sides of my breasts, his thumb caressing both my aching nipples. I leave my arms up, wrapping around his shoulders and lay my head back, letting my ponytail rub against his pants.
His hands squeeze and roll my breasts, flicking and pinching my nipples to make me catch my breath. Kim or Laura must have given these guys a briefing or something, I think distractedly. I shift my hips forward as I feel Carl's fingers creeping to my waist band, fuck it, I plant my feet on the round and lift my hips so he can slide then down and off. I look over at my friends again questioningly as Carls hands push my legs apart, his fingers slowly moving higher. Raising my eyebrows I see Kim give me a little thumbs up and the smile on Laura's face is brighter than the camp fire. I shake my head again, knowing the girls are enjoying themselves and figure they will step in when they decide the boys have gone far enough. Question is how far do I want to go?
Mike is working my tits like they are two stress balls, I can feel how excited he is with his hands practically trembling touching me. He leans forward and kisses my neck, his tongue flicking at the base of my ear and biting my lobe. I gasp as he bites and pinches, almost ready to explode right there, the little nibbles down the side of my neck running like fire straight to my pussy. Glancing down to Carl I feel his lips on my thigh and twist to put a leg on the side of my chair. I stare at Kim as her husband kisses his way down my thigh, his hands running over my smooth mons and along my lips. Fuck he's a tease, I'm thinking as I feel the lips draw closer, my hips jerking forward to meet him. Mike squeezes my tits and pulls my nipples sharply as e drives his tongue into the base of my neck just by my collar bone. I squeeze him tightly as Carl finally moves in, his tongue sliding up me making me moan loudly.
"Oh my fuck Carl!" I gasp loudly.
I've completely surrendered under their attention, my nails digging in Mikes back as Carl works me manically. Kim must be one hell of a happy lady, I think as I slide slower while Carl opens me further. Each flick from both men is driving me wild, I look over to my friends to see they are enjoying themselves too, as Carl brings me close only to ease off again. Mike, still sucking on my neck is pulled closer as I grab his hair and pull him down.
"Suck my tits!" I moan as he moves to the side. The feel of my nipple sliding past his lips, the scruff of his three day beard scratching me, while his other hand starts to caress my other nipple. I drop my other hand to grab Carls head, pulling him closer as my hips move faster and faster. I bite my lip, trying to keep quiet as the waves of pleasure build through me only to crash overwhelmingly. My whimpering voice is quiet but I want to scream it out! When I feel him suck my clit I can't hold back any further and shudder under their hands and mouths, it seems like forever, never wanting to end until sadly it fades leaving a burning desire for more!
Mike and Carl sit back, their excited faces telling me they enjoyed this as much as I did. Well maybe not yet, I figure as I slide forward intending to return the favor.
Surprisingly they both stand and move over to their wives, leaving me naked in the chair still trying to catch their breath. My friends start fumbling with their men's shorts as Kim turns to me as Carl drops his pants.
"We figured you needed a bit of a stress release, hope you don't mind."
I lean back in the chair propping my leg up to watch my friends start to work on their husbands.
"Wine was fine you know, but I'm not complaining!" I wrap my blanket around my back but let the guys watch me while I watch them.
"Well," Laura says leaning back for a moment, her hand still moving slowly, "The kids are in the other trailer and we're all heading to bed. Are you tired or just warmed up?"
"I thought you'd never ask," I say as my fingers move quicker then slow teasingly.
"Good, Carl I know has a few fantasies of his own he wants to try."
"Oh I am so in," I say standing to wrap the blanket around me. Walking around the fire I kneel on the ground in front of my friends and lean forward to help warm up their husbands. Looks like a great trip was getting even better!

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