Camping Ch. 02: Swimming

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My first attempt at a story – set on a wet trip with friends in Ireland. All characters and events are fictional, and all characters are over 18. I'd welcome any feedback before I submit chapter 3.
He awoke in a tangle of limbs and clothes. It was light outside the tent, but there was no sign of light from the others yet. The rain had stopped and he noticed the special quiet that often emerges after a storm. Then, he noticed how cold he was.
Gathering her sleeping bag around them both, he pulled her close, her body warmer than his. His hands held her tanned shoulder, the muscles of her upper back flexing slightly as she brought herself towards him in her slumber. He felt as her breasts pressed against his chest, her twitch he moved his hand to the small of her back. He began to doze off, half asleep once more, and yet he couldn't help but imagine, to remember the night before, and to fantasise about what might lie ahead.
She was next to stir. Her brown eyes opened, taking in the man she had allowed to be so close last night. A private smile, a finger on his blonde eyebrow, tracing the shape of his angular face, his nose. And now he awoke – their eyes meeting as each pulled the other closer in the cold.
She felt as his hand moved lower, cupping her bottom softly as she sighed. Morning greetings were made, eye contact holding, smiles being shared.
They kissed with the softness of morning, the urgency of the night before now gone. Each looked into the others' eyes as their lips parted, their tongues meeting in a slow and comforting silence. Their kiss lasted a long time. Neither could tell exactly how long, but he was warm after a while, they both were. Their hands explored backs, legs, necks. She felt as he became hard, her wetness returning.
They both held their breaths as they heard the outer zip of the tent being undone. The sounds of waking humans,, of weary friends beginning to emerge from their tents, of questions being asked.
He went to make breakfast. She watched him get dressed as she brought covers around her body. Saw his erection, his cock, for the first time. It was slightly longer than she had imagined, not too broad,but beautifully formed. He was conscious of her eyes on him, feeling both excited and nervous. He turned to her, just glimpsing her small hard nipples before she covered herself completely with the sleeping bag. She was disappointed at his leaving.
The conversation over breakfast was stilted and slow. Heads were fuzzy and it took a long time for the stories of the previous night to begin to be told. The party, those girls, the long walk home as the sun was coming up. Nobody asked them about their night. They were glad, exchanging glances, smiles as eggs were fried and tea consumed. The day got off to a slow start. It was clear this was to be the pace of the day, a new couple out of sync with the rest of the group. As most lounged around, lazily attempting to dry wet clothes after last night's deluge, they prepared to explore…
She slipped her hand into his as they walked towards the dunes, their bodies side-by-side, a magic tension building once more between them. The warm greyness of the morning was comforting and they walked for some miles up the desolate shore, not a person to be seen, sandpipers and oystercatchers the only accompaniment to the gentle wash of the tide and their conversation. They stopped to listen, facing out towards America, all those thousands of miles away, felt the wind in their faces, became aware of their heartbeats.
She suggested it, and he was unsure at first, but soon, they were both laughing as they ran, towards the sea. She in her tee shirt and pants, he in his boxers. They charged into the waves, feeling the cold saltwater as it slapped their legs, their hips, their stomachs, and for what felt like minutes, but was probably merely seconds, they swam, shouting and laughing, splashing and catching their breath as the freezing water tried to take it away. He watched as she dove in, her beautiful figure, her black hair sleek against her long neck. It was exhilarating for them both, a chance to be excited, stimulated.
He ran, chased by her, back to the shallows, back to the sand. They headed back to their bags amongst the grassed-over dunes where the wind was kinder and where they felt enclosed once more. She saw goosebumps on his shoulders, his skin red from the salt and the cold, water dripping down his cheeks. He watched her as she watched him, observing her dark nipples, hard with the cold, the bulge of her breasts under her white cotton tee shirt. They were even more beautiful than he had imagined from touch alone – small, firm, well-defined, perfectly in proportion. His eyes glanced downwards and he noticed her knickers had also become sheer in the water. Her pubic hair was clearly visible to him beneath. He saw the red lines her knickers had left on her thighs before she had pulled them up, defining the curve of her mons more clearly than before, and he followed her tanned legs down to her slender ankles, her small feet. They watched one another for some time, not a word spoken, and without any sense of self-consciousness. Each taking the other in with a sort of shivering curiosity that neither had experienced before.
She eventually reached for her bag and began to rifle around for towels. They wrapped themselves in a single large bath sheet, the instant warmth a welcome contrast to the sea air against their skin. Instinctively he placed his hands on her hips, feeling her cold fingers on the small of his back. They stood in the dunes, feeling the sensation returning slowly to their clammy bodies. She stood up on tiptoes slightly, and his thumbs slipped slightly into under the elastic of her pants. She gave a sigh, relaxing into his embrace, and he instinctively pushed her wet knickers down, feeling as they rolled over on themselves as they slipped down her bottom. She stepped carefully out of them with one leg, returning to the warmth of his arm and pulling him even closer as she did so. Her gentle murmur as his hands felt the shape of her hips and thighs spurred him on, piquing his interest in this new adventure, this new and unusual setting.
Their bodies relaxed into one another as they dried out within their towel, and he felt her goose bumps disappear from her legs. She pushed his boxers down, allowing their bodies to have full contact as they warmed up together. She lifted her head towards him, and they kissed for the first time since they had left her tent. He felt a sudden jolt of passion as her hands reached down his belly and holding his balls. A welcome surprise for him that was answered by the awakening of his desire to know every intimate corner of her body, to feel his release at her demand and within her.
His hands reached her breasts, feeling her nipples hard once more. She moaned as he rolled on between his finger and thumb, the bottom of her breast cupped in his hand as she massaged his balls. He felt as they relaxed in his hands, her warmth and dexterity both relaxing and tensing him in turn. They both felt as his penis stirred to her touch, her other hand surrounding him as he swelled.
After some time, she unwrapped them, laying the picnic blanket from her bag on the gentle hill of the dune behind them. She beckoned for him to join her as she lay on her side, removing her teeshirt as he lay beside her. Hands were on hips, and kisses deepened. It was as though they were again cocooned in her tent the night before. They were completely warm suddenly, and both were deeply turned on by the range of senses that had been awoken. Her breath began to quicken as she felt his erection press against her, and he felt as her body tensed slightly when his fingers wandered towards her most private place.
Trying not to spoil a moment she had been enjoying so much, she had hoped he would not notice her anxiety, but knew all too soon that he had. Their kiss ended, his hands moved reassuringly to her shoulders, following her lead.
"I've never…" She whispered. "I'm. I am enjoying this so much. But I've never done this before" Her face flushed red as she revealed this most intimate truth to the man she had only really met 24 hours ago.
He put a hand gently to her face, looking into her deep brown eyes. "This is new to me too." He confessed. "I really have no idea what I'm doing". Wry smiles grew on both of their faces as the reality of the situation dawned.
"I was so nervous I would mess things up – I really like you" he said eventually. "I want to explore with you".
"Me too" she replied "You've been giving me such pleasure, I assumed you had been with loads of people before. I want to learn what makes you feel good".
And so began a time of great learning for both of them. Their inhibitions lifted as they allowed themselves to be honest, to open up, to allow their most deeply-held feelings out to one another.
She traced every inch of his sinewy torso, feeling his ribs rise and fall calmly before circling his navel, running her fingers through his salty hair, his pubic hair. He guided her as she stroked his cock, exploring it carefully with her eyes as well as her hands. She felt as he neared the brink of orgasm, brought him back from the edge with his words helping her to understand this most secret of connections. She kissed him tenderly – on his arms, his chest, his penis, her lips gently enveloping the tip, tasting his precum, feeling him harden in her mouth. She licked his length, learning how a change of pace or pressure affected him physically, hearing from him what felt good. It was beautiful for both of them, a symbol of trust, and a marker of a new chapter in their lives, their relationship. This was not simply about orgasm, about release, it was also about connection. He was not ready to collapse – not yet. So he withdrew from her mouth, telling her about how sensual it was, how much pleasure she had given him.
He felt her hip bones with eager hands, brought hands to her bottom, felt the way textures changed. He put his hands on her thighs, felt as she moved onto her back, her legs opening, relaxing. He felt the softness of her inner thigh, how it became softer and softer as his hands neared her groin. She told him how much she wanted him to touch her, showed him how to touch her clitoris. He felt her wonderful heat again as his finger, wet with her moistness, explored delicate folds of skin. He had never seen a woman's vagina before, not in real life. He saw the way her labia darkened as he touched her, felt as her clitoris seemed to retract and then harden as she touched him. She was so open to him, so relaxed, her breathing deep and her chest was rising visibly. As he placed a finger at the entrance to her hole, she groaned, urging him to explore inside her. His finger slipped more easily inside than he remembered from last night, her legs rising slightly as he felt her vaginal walls envelop his hungry finger. Another finger slid inside, and she told him to move them against each other inside her. As her hips rose further, she pulled her knees to her chest, and he felt the strong muscles at the entrance to her vagina open up, encouraging him deeper and deeper. He felt more horny in that moment than he could ever remember feeling before, as he saw her bulging vulva, wet with excitement, and so clearly trusting him to give her pleasure.
She was nearing orgasm – her breaths were shallower and her guidance less necessary. It was so exciting to be outside together. He was desperate suddenly to be even more intimate. He dipped his head between her legs and gingerly licked her clitoris, trying to emulate what his fingers had done at first. His fingers were still deep within her, and he felt her tighten around him as his tongue began to explore her tiny nub. She guided him once more, telling him to lick around her inner labia, her clitoris too sensitive to be the sole focus of his attentions. He saw as she began to play with her nipples, felt her reach for his cock.
But she surprised him. Instead of stroking him as before, she moved her body round, taking his head in her hands and guiding it back to her vulva as she lay on her side, and he felt the exquisite feeling of her taking him in her mouth as he licked her clitoris. It was the softest and most stimulating thing either of them had ever felt. There was absolute trust in both of them as they pleasured each other, her tongue and lips winding around his cock – as hard as it had ever been. His tongue licked her whilst his hands parted her labia, feeling her wetness combined with his saliva running down his hand, between her legs and between the cheeks of her perfectly-formed bottom. She felt as he inserted his fingers once more, and he felt as her vagina began to ripple, to contract around him, her panting building to a crescendo as she took him deeper into her mouth. They were in a sort of magical rhythm where both tension and a deep calm overcame any inhibition that might have previously existed.
His fingers squirmed as her spasms grew, she felt wave after wave of pleasure dominating her body. And as her orgasm grew, his ability to hold back got weaker and weaker. He felt as the tip of his penis felt a soft place in her mouth, the warmth of her kisses overwhelming him. He felt as his balls contracted, felt as his orgasm built, not immediately like when he touched himself, but almost in slow motion. And then it arrived. He exploded in her mouth, releasing a guttural, almost primal shout as he came. She felt as he pulsed between her lips, tasted his semen for the first time. They held each other tighter in that moment than they had ever held anyone before, her nails digging into his thighs as his tongue gently lapped at her opening.
It was only after the sun began to come out that they moved from their embrace, his penis now soft, and his head resting on her thigh. She turned her body round so that they could kiss each other's mouths, and both could taste each other, the salt of the sea, a relaxedness returning. They lay in each others' arms as the sun shone, warming their naked bodies in that most beautiful of settings. And they knew that the next week would be one of further exploration, of firsts for them both.

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