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I often laugh when I see warnings of 'This depicts incest, so if…' I'm always like, this is an incest site. I've seen people in the comments complain if there's not enough incest, like step-relatives. Anyway, for the first time, I have a legitimate trigger warning: This work has a plot point that references human trafficking. That does not happen in-story, but it is referenced, along with roofies.
Also, for one particular passage, you will enjoy that passage a whole lot more if you are familiar with the song 'Reasons', by Earth, Wind, and Fire, particularly the live version. If you are familiar with that work, you'll see what I mean.
Additionally, this is a new story, and not a sequel. But if you've read any of my other works, you might recognize some familiar characters, and you can see how they're doing since their story ended. Not having read will not distract you from following the story.
And finally, the regular disclaimers apply: This is a work of fiction, I made it all up, none of the characters in the work are real people, and all characters engaging in sexual activity are over the age of 18. Please enjoy, and if you like it, please feel free to comment.If you don't like it, tell me that too…I always want to get better. Enjoy!
As Tilda pulled the nimble convertible out of the parking garage, she looked over at her friend, and said, "Hey, mind if I drop the top? It's gorgeous out!" The weather was indeed flawless. It was the week before Thanksgiving in Orlando, Florida, and the heat and humidity were both gone. It was early in the evening, and the sun shone brilliantly against an azure sky, and it was just 70 degrees… perfect conditions for a spirited drive down I-4 into the city. The city had recently completed some major work on I-4 going straight through the heart of the city. It had taken nearly six years to complete. But now that it was done, what used to be a stop-and-go nightmare to go into or through the city was now a smooth, non-stop cruise from Champion's Gate all the way to Daytona Beach.
"Absolutely!" answered Leigh. "Just let me put on a hat. I like the wind, but I hate how it whips my hair!"
Tilda pulled over to put down the power roof. While they waited the few seconds for it to finish, Leigh's phone dinged. Leigh read the text, smiled, and started texting back.
"Is that your dad?" asked Tilda.
"Mm-Hmm," Leigh answered, nodding and smiling while finishing her text and hitting send.
"You hanging out at home again tonight?" asked Tilda, cautiously.
"Nah, I'm hanging out with you. After that, yeah, I'll go home, and my dad'll probably be up. So yeah, I'll probably see him," answered Leigh, shrugging. She nodded towards all the bags in the back seat and continued, "So now that we've done our part to stimulate the economy, what's the plan now?" Her phone dinged again. She read the message and smiled even wider.
Tilda glanced at their haul in the backseat of her Mercedes E-Class convertible and said, "Yeah, we did do that, didn't we? Why don't we drop my stuff off at my house, then go grab something to eat. I'll drive you home after, okay?"
"That's sounds good. Just not too late, okay? I promised my dad I'd be back before 11:00," Leigh answered as she replied to the latest text, still smiling at the conversation.
"Is that your dad again?" asked Tilda.
"Yeah, is that a problem?" Leigh answered, a little testy. Tilda had been asking a lot about her and her dad lately.
"No, it's not a problem. It's just, well, you sure spend a lot of time with your dad. You guys seem really, really close, I mean, for you being twenty-four and all," answered Tilda.
Leigh almost spat out, 'If your dad wasn't a disgusting-looking warthog, maybe…' but she thought better of it. Instead, she said, "Look, Till, just because you don't enjoy spending time with your dad doesn't mean everybody feels that way, you know? I mean, sure, I enjoy hanging out with my dad. Why wouldn't I? He's nice, he's funny, he's smart, he's really great to talk to, and he always pays when we're out anywhere. What's not to like?"
Tilda scoffed, "Sure. All that, plus, he's FOINE!"
Leigh looked scandalized. "Bitch! My dad is not 'FOINE!' He's my dad."
Tilda said, "The fuck he's not. He's a total smoke-show! I got half a mind to go after him myself. I'd be your new mommy! First thing I'd do is send your ass off to boarding school!" she laughed heartily. "And our kids would be so cute! Biracial kids are always so cute. I mean, look at you… you're gorgeous, Little Miss Mocha!"
"Be that as it may," replied Leigh affecting a haughty tone, "He's MY Daddy. Go get your own. Plus, boarding school? Heifer, I got the same degree, and same job as you! You're not sending me anywhere, mommy dearest!" she laughed.
"That's another thing. You graduated from college, you have like, no student loans, you have a great job making great money. Why you still living at home like a kid?!"
Leigh said, with practiced ease, "I live at home because I want to buy a house. To buy inside the city close to work will be really expensive, and I'll need twenty per cent down. That's gonna be like $50 or $60 thousand dollars. I can't save that kind of money paying almost $2,000 a month rent like you. So my Daddy's nice enough to let me keep staying at home until I have it saved."
"Daddy?" asked Tilda, suspiciously.
"Mm-Hm!" answered Leigh, smiling innocently. Her phone pinged again. Her smile widened as she read it. "Sorry Tills, look, Im'ma need to take a rain-check for tonight. Dad has tickets to this Earth, Wind, and Fire revival band playing tonight. His date got sick, and he really doesn't want to go alone. He's been looking forward to it for weeks. So I said I'd go. It's only Friday; we can go clubbing tomorrow night and show off our new skank-ware, okay?" she sounded like she was almost begging.
"'Earth, Wind, and Fire?' What the hell is that?" Tilda asked.
Leigh shrugged again. "It's a black thing. Old-school soul music. My dad loves it, and I guess I like it, too.
Tilda pouted, "So she blows your dad off, and you're blowing me off, huh?"
"I'm not blowing you off," Leigh answered quickly. "We spent the whole day together, and we're hanging out tomorrow, too."
"I know, I know," said Tilda. "It's just, I don't know… it just seems like you're acting kinda, well, weird. Look," she said as she exited the highway to head towards Leigh's house, still about fifteen minutes away. "I'm your best friend. If anything, well, unusual was going on, you could tell me, you know. I'd never tell a soul."
"Unusual?" asked Leigh. "Like what?"
"You know," Tilda said, nervously. "Between, you know, you and… you and your dad. I mean, you could trust me."
Leigh looked shocked. "I can't believe you!" she said, hoping she sounded decently indignant. But rather than outright deny anything, she simply said, "Yes, I'm a daddy's girl. But you have a dirty mind!"
Tilda pulled up to the large two-story house that Nick Westen owned and lived in with his twenty-four-year-old daughter. She stopped the car and turned off the engine. They both got out to sort Leigh's bags from hers. "Okay. Fine. Admit nothing. I guess I can't blame you. But, Leigh, if it looks like a duck and it quacks like a duck—"
"Then that duck is probably fucking her father? Is that it?" interrupted Leigh, smirking at her friend as she took the last of her bags from the trunk
"Hey, you said it, I didn't!" Tilda exclaimed as she got back into the car and started the engine. She continued, "I drove all day today. Why don't you pick me up tomorrow. Four o'clock, okay? And tomorrow night, 'Daddy' goes to voice mail!"
As she pulled off, she could hear Leigh answer, "We'll see!"
Leigh walked in through the front door and announced, "Dad, I'm home! You are SO bad!"
"In the kitchen, baby girl!" answered Nick Westen. Leigh walked through the open and airy space to the kitchen at the rear of the home.
The house had a very open floor plan, and instead of actual rooms defined by four walls, the home had areas that seemed to just flow into each other. At the front of the home was a large living room on one side, and across from that was a similar-sized dining room with a large round wooden table, large enough to seat eight people comfortably. Both areas were defined by subtle changes in the hardwood flooring. The dining room flowed back into the kitchen that was also wide open, with a huge granite countertop in the middle, surrounded by an impressive work area with all built-in stainless appliances. At the end of the cabinets on the wall was an additional glass-front cabinet that held practically every kitchen-toy known to man. Across from the kitchen was a wide, sparsely furnished family room with only a very comfortable-looking leather sofa, a side table, one armchair, and a large flat screen hanging on the wall. A staircase at the back led to the second floor. There were no speakers visible, but they were there, all hidden inside the walls. The TV was off, but the hidden stereo was playing smooth jazz softly while Nick worked in the kitchen. The walls were all white, with just the barest hint of aqua. The ceilings were high and white, and the wood flooring was a light-toned weathered wood with hints of blue and green. The whole effect made it feel like you were outside at the beach. The effect was enhanced by the huge sliding glass doors that opened to a large built-in pool, and beyond that was a large lake. The outdoor patio was also decorated in aqua and wood. Whenever they were at home, both Leigh and Nick felt like they were on vacation.
Nick was putting the finishing touches on dinner. It was a simple affair of wood-grilled salmon over a Cesar salad. Nick was finishing slicing the fish and placing it on the greens. He'd tried his hand at home-made bread before, and it did not go well. Tonight he took his time and tried again, and it seemed like he'd finally nailed it. There was also a cherry cheesecake cooling in the refrigerator, and a bottle of white wine was sitting open on the dining room table, between two lit candles.
"Wow, dad!" exclaimed Leigh. "This all looks amazing," she said as she walked to her dad to greet him with a hug.
Nick finished plating the meals as she came up to him. He quickly wiped his hands on a towel and opened his arms to his daughter, who rushed into his embrace. He squeezed her briefly, and his lips sought out hers, kissing her deeply. She responded instantly, opening her mouth to his searching tongue and offering hers in return. They kissed lovingly for a few seconds and Nick broke the kiss saying, "Happy anniversary, sweetheart!" He squeezed her again.
"Thank you, Daddy! But our anniversary isn't until Thursday. What, you couldn't wait? I promise you, I'm not going anywhere," she responded, returning his embrace. "I love you, Daddy, and this," she squeezed him in emphasis, "is never gonna change. I'm sorry, but you're stuck with me!"
Nick kissed his daughter again and said, "I love you, too, baby. More than life. And I'm never gonna let you go! So did you like my texts? And what did you say you had to do?"
"You're so bad! I'm out with my best friend, and I almost lost it when I read the part about washing my hair," Leigh responded.
Nick started taking the salads into the dining room while he said, "Well I'll have to wash your hair. You don't want it to get all sticky from all that honey!"
Leigh laughed as she followed him with the basket of warm bread. "I thought you were gonna lick it all off," she answered.
He pulled the chair out for her and she sat. "Well I will," he answered, "but it might be hard to get every last bit. But you know I'll do my best, baby." He poured two glasses of wine.
"You always do," she said, remembering how relentless his lips and tongue could be, and looking forward to more of that same treatment later that evening.
Nick sat, raised his glass to her and said as a toast, "To my daughter, my sweet love, the most wonderful woman in the world. I can't believe I got lucky enough to be your father and your lover. To you, Leigh. May I always make you happy and keep you sated." They touched glasses and drank. Leigh's eyes were misty from the loving tribute her father had just made.
"Daddy," she said, "this is forever. And I want it all. I'd marry you if I could. I love you so much, and I have never been so happy!"
The meal was delicious. Nick had done his usual outstanding job in the kitchen. His cooking skills were just one more reason Leigh had no intention of ever moving out. Yet even though they had gone from simply father and daughter to lovers, their relationship had remained the same. They still enjoyed the easy camaraderie, the playful bantering that they'd always shared. They still teased each other and debated any topic at hand fiercely. The only difference was that now, an intimate and sexual element was added to the mix. As close as they had always been as simply father and daughter, now they were so wrapped up in each other that they were nigh inseparable.
Leigh said, "Anyway, I told Tilda that you wanted to go see the Earth Wind & Fire tribute band, but your 'date' cancelled, and I said I'd go."
"That show was tonight? Wow, do you think we could actually go do that?" he asked.
She stood up and edged her jeans down until just the very top of her dark, curly pubes were peeking out. "Wouldn't you rather be doing this," she asked, biting her lip, looking so sexy.
Nick's eyes flashed at the sight, but he said softly, "Couldn't we do both?" He sounded like a little boy asking for a treat.
Leigh laughed and sat back down and said, "Omigiod! You are SUCH a boy! You want it all, don't you!"
Nick pulled her down over his lap and kissed her and said, "It'll be fun. That's some good music and it'll be a great night out. And I promise you, not less than five when we get home, okay?" He nipped her neck for good measure, always a bit of a hot spot for his daughter.
"Mmm," she moaned. "That's nice. But I think you might have to ask me really nicely. You know… with your mouth."
"Right here?" he asked.
"Mm hmm," she answered as she kissed his mouth again.
"One second!" he said. He lifted her off his lap, stood up and grabbed their plates. He rushed them into the kitchen and came back with a slice of the cheesecake. Then he refilled their wine glasses. Leigh watched all this with amusement. He pulled her to him and kissed her deeply while undoing her jeans and pulling them down along with her panties. She stepped out of them and he led her to his seat at the table. He pushed the cheesecake to the one side and the wine glasses to the other, and sat her, naked from the waist down, right on the table right where his plate had just been, and gently spread her legs apart, opening her sex to his view.
As he gazed lustily at his daughter's smooth cinnamon thighs and the soft tangle of dark fur between them, he leaned forward and breathed deeply, inhaling her arousal. Then he gently pushed her shoulders, urging her to lay back. He pulled her thighs onto his shoulders and dove, tongue-first, into her steaming pussy. As he licked her forcefully from her tight little starfish up to her hard clit sticking up for attention, Leigh moaned and pulled his face against her sex, moving up and down against his hungrily sucking mouth. Nick reached over and sunk two fingers into the cheesecake and smeared the cold dessert all over his daughter's already wet gash.
She giggled, "Daddy, it's so cold!" Her giggles quickly turned into moans of pleasure as Nick proceeded to lick and suck the creamy confection from her body. He sunk his tongue as deep into her cunt as he could, drinking the sugary treat as it blended with her own thick musky honey. As she leaned back with his face between her legs, she reached over and took a sip of the wine, relishing the delight of her father making love to her pussy like some enthusiastic acolyte worshipping at the divine altar of Aphrodite herself. The extra attention paid to remove every bit of the sweet-tasting pie from her sweet-tasting pie had him sucking and licking harder and more intently than usual and she soon felt the familiar warm tingle in her belly. It spread from her tummy down to her hips, making them move faster against his mouth. Nick was incredibly attuned to every tiny indication of his girl's impending orgasm. He slipped two fingers into her sodden core, stroking her insides, while pressing a third against her tight sphincter, and latched on to her clit, flicking his tongue against it faster than lightning, while pulsing his suction against her. As her orgasm crashed over her, Leigh wrapped her legs tightly around his head, holding him tightly against her throbbing pussy, pouring her liquid love directly into his waiting, drinking mouth. He continued sucking greedily while she rode the wave. He kept it going by sliding his fingers in and out of her and keeping up the assault on her overexerted clit. He finally felt her thighs loosen, and he moved down to her opening and continued to suck every drop she provided. After a bit, it was too much. She pushed his head away from her fully sated pussy. She finished her wine in one go and collapsed down on the large table, breathing deeply as she caught her breath from what was yet another amazing orgasm.
"Jesus, daddy," she said breathlessly. "You always make me cum so hard. Im'ma need a minute!"
Nick stood up, then leaned down and kissed his daughter, only then wondering if the blinds were closed. Luckily, they were. "I'm gonna go shower and change. Feel free to join me when you can walk again," he smirked, nodding knowingly. He knew that his ability to bring her such pleasure was not an accident. From their first time together, he'd paid close attention to her every sound, every flinch, her every response to his touch. He encouraged her to always tell him what she wanted, and he complied every time. Now, a year into their love, he had honed himself into her personalized orgasm machine. It wasn't a one-way street, either. Leigh was always a romantic, and she loved their intimacy. When it came to her daddy, the word 'No' never even crossed her mind. They were each completely devoted to each other, and deeply vested in bringing the other the most pleasure possible.
Nick tossed the plates into the dishwasher and went upstairs to their bedroom to get ready for the evening. After a few minutes, Leigh brought her bags up to their room and joined him in the shower. They washed each other lovingly as they kissed. She raised one leg up and placed him at her entrance. He pushed deep into her and pressed her against the thick glass wall of the shower and took her. He stroked in and out of her, never breaking the kiss, their tongues writhing together. As he felt himself about to let go, he reached behind her and slipped a soapy digit up her tight ass as he pulled her tight against him while firing his creamy seed straight up into her, triggering her to cum again as well, her vagina thrumming as she pulled his offering deep inside her. They stood there holding each other, still kissing, and their heartbeats returned to normal. They finally broke the kiss but continued to stand there holding each other. Nick looked into her face and said, "I love you so much, baby girl. I hope you never get tired of me, or of this."
She smiled at him and said, "I love you, too, Daddy. I'm never leaving. Like I said, this is 'death do us part.'"
The water was finally cooling, so they got out, dried off, and got dressed for the evening. Leigh put on a short, loose-fitting skirt and a cashmere sweater. She grabbed a light jacket since it might get cooler. He put on some jeans and a loose button-down. A few minutes later they got into his SUV to head out.

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