Candace and the Frat Boys Ch. 06

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Candace and the Frat Boys (chapter 6)
Kathryn M. Burke
Christmas Day was festive, with a big breakfast which everyone helped prepare, the opening of presents, and other holiday celebrations. Everyone seemed to be reasonably relaxed after the revelations of the previous day—although Julie tried hard not to think of the bizarre situation she found herself in, as part of a multi-generational harem. Josh's servicing of her the night before had put her in a reasonably good mood.
That night, Mona quietly expressed her desire to have Josh be with her, and the other women were happy to accede. After such a long drought, her taste of intimacy the day before had only whetted her appetite, and she found Josh to be as fascinating as he apparently found her. Candace magnanimously gave up her king-size bed in the master bedroom to the May-December lovers, moving into Mona's guest bedroom for the night.
Somewhat to her surprise, the door opened later that evening and her daughter filtered in.
Candace was about to put away her book and go to sleep. She looked up at Julie and said, "What's the matter, dear?"
"Oh, nothing, Mom. I just—feel strange."
Candace had never felt particularly comfortable with the role of loving mother, but she now sensed the need to extend some kind of empathy. She extended her arm and said, "Come here, dear."
That was all the encouragement Julie needed to slip into her bed. She snuggled up next to her mother as if she were a little girl.
"I think," Julie said in a whisper, "I'm freaking out about Josh and Grandma."
"Oh, Julie," Candace chided, stroking the back of Julie's head, "you just need to go with the flow."
"I just don't see how you can be so blasé about it!" Julie burst out, clinging more tightly to her mother. "It's—it's unnatural!"
"Unnatural? How's that?"
"Jesus, Mom, she's forty-odd years older than him!"
"When has that stopped any man? Yes, I'm aware that huge gaps in age usually go in the other direction; but I think Josh is splendidly open-minded in extending his affection to 'women of a certain age,' as they say."
"You don't think your grandmother is attractive? Beautiful, even?"
"Oh, God, Mom, I don't know! I don't see her the way a guy sees her. She—she's my grandma!"
"Okay, I get that. But you have to try to look at it from Josh's perspective. To him she's just another desirable woman among the several in this house."
"She does have nice boobs," Julie conceded.
"How would you know that?" Candace asked in a spirit of scientific inquiry.
"Oh, I'm not a dummy, Mom! I can tell. I mean, unless she uses some sort of enhancements, she has a really nice, um, pair. A lot better than mine! God, I hope mine are half as succulent as hers are when I get to be her age."
"Oh, Julie, I'm sure your breasts are very nice."
"Very nice! That's about all they are—and Josh, as you know, has something of a breast fixation."
"Yes, I gather that."
"Of course," Julie added sourly, "neither Grandma nor I can match you in the breast department."
"Oh, come now, mine aren't any better than—"
"Are you kidding me? They're spectacular!"
Julie tentatively reached out to touch one of them over Candace's nightgown. "Gee, so firm and shapely . . ." She shivered a little, realizing that what she was doing—(almost) touching her own mother's breasts—was a little naughty.
But Candace thought otherwise. Giving her daughter a meaningful look, she whisked off her nightgown over her head and said, "Here, this will be a little simpler."
Julie just gawked at her now naked mother. Her prime focus was on those incredible breasts, which, because Candace was sitting up and not lying down, stood proud and protuberant on her chest like well-filled water balloons. Julie did her best not to peek at the thick patch of fur on Candace's groin, but couldn't help glancing down now and then.
"Omigod, Mom," she breathed, "what a pair of knockers!"
With eyes glazed and hands seeming to behave mechanically of their own accord, Julie reached out to touch those amazing tits—first with one hand, then with both. Candace accommodatingly turned toward her so that she was facing her, allowing full access. So it wasn't surprising that, after squeezing and kneading those breasts for a few minutes, Julie brought her head down and first kissed them daintily, then fastened her lips on one nipple and sucked hard.
She breathed deeply, taking in the heady mother-scent of those boobs, alternating her sucking from one nipple to the other. Then, just like Josh, she placed her head between them and squeezed them against either side of her face, letting out a shaky sigh that was both of profound satisfaction and of nervous apprehension (we really shouldn't be doing this, should we?).
Candace abruptly pulled Julie away from her chest. Julie's first thought was that her mother had come to her senses and decided that these shenanigans needed to come to an end. Instead, Candace seized Julie's nightgown with both hands and tugged upward, pulling it off of her in one vigorous stroke.
"Let's see what you got," Candace said in a strange-sounding voice.
Julie instinctively covered her breasts with her hands while she stared at her mother, but then realized the absurdity of the act. After some moments she dropped her hands to her sides and sat up as tall as she could, almost thrusting her breasts toward her mother, as if saying: Look, I'm not as well endowed as you, but what I have isn't anything to sneeze at!
Candace, licking her lips, seemed to agree. "Not bad at all," she said judiciously.
She reached out and grabbed Julie's breasts with both hands, as if carefully assessing their weight, rondure, and heft. Nodding quietly to herself, she now bent down and gave those breasts a fair amount of attention with hands, lips, and tongue. Julie threw her head back and closed her eyes, trying to pretend that this was anyone but her mother stimulating her; and when Candace slid a hand down Julie's body and felt the burgeoning wetness between her legs, Julie let out a girlish squeal. She first closed up her legs tight, but this only had the effect of pinning Candace's hand there just when her fingers were exploring the depths of her vagina; so she eventually parted her legs again and let her mother do what she wished.
Candace was well versed in self-arousal from many solo sessions, not to mention a fair number of episodes when her faithless husband had banged her and couldn't be bothered to finish her off after giving himself satisfaction. Of course, she knew that every woman responds differently, and her initial explorations of her daughter's sex merely sought to determine exactly what Julie liked best. It turned out that she responded most fervently to slow, tender strokes up and down the inside of her labia, then a strong, circular rubbing of her clitoris, sometimes pressing it against her pelvic bone. That brought out moans and groans from Julie that at times descended into choking gasps. Once, in a spasm of embarrassment, Julie actually reached down and took hold of Candace's hand, crying softly, "Oh, Mom, you mustn't!" But the pleasure Candace was generating was too great, and Julie presently released the hand and let her mother go on.
Within minutes Julie, who had now grabbed her own tits and was squeezing them hard, was bucking hard, pounding her legs on the bed. Then her eyes suddenly popped open and she let out what could only be called a shriek—which she immediately silenced with a hand over her mouth. But that didn't stop her orgasm from bursting over her, and Candace was clever enough to extend the sensation for what seemed like an eternity, until Julie violently thrust Candace's hand away and flopped down on the bed in a fetal position, breathing hard.
Candace stroked Julie's cheek gently, saying, "Mother knows best, doesn't she?"
Julie at first gave Candace a look of appalled horror—then burst out laughing. "I guess she does!"
After Julie's outburst of hilarity was over, she lay there, naked and sweating, gazing up at her equally naked mother. The question going through her mind (What now, Mom?) could have only one answer.
"Lick my pussy, dear," Candace ordered.
Like an obedient schoolgirl, Julie scooted over to where her mother was sitting, her legs spread wide. Even before she got an up-close-and-personal look at Candace's sex, she could see and smell the musky wetness emerging from it, the drops staining the sheet under her. Taking her hips in her hands, she lowered her head and fastened them on her mother's labia, licking them and absorbing the taste of her juices. She seemed to like the taste, for she licked and sucked and nuzzled the whole area, at times sticking a tongue far into her mother's vagina, at other times nibbling on the swollen clitoris. That made Candace moan in ecstasy as she pressed her daughter's head more tightly against her crevice. Julie's hands slid down and seized Candace's bottom as she continued to do her duty.
It took Candace a bit longer than Julie to come, but her own climax was explosive in its own way, and she was letting out harsh groans and pounding the bed with her fists as her feet did a little tattoo on her daughter's back. Julie kept her lips glued to Candace's sex until every last drop of fluid slipped down her throat. Candace gently pushed Julie away, her chest heaving and her face damp with perspiration.
Julie got up into a sitting position, then slid on top of Candace's lap. She bent down and gave her mother a long, deep, wet kiss on the mouth.
"I don't know," she said, "if what we did was naughty or not—but it was fabulous!"
"I thought so too, dear," Candace said.
Julie pressed her mother's head against her breasts, and Candace was content to get a close look and feel of her daughter's assets, extending a hand down to massage her bottom.
Later they engaged in a long, slow, intimate session of sixty-nine, Julie on top. They lost count of the orgasms that cascaded down upon them as they focused on each other's private parts. There really was, they both concluded silently, nothing naughty about what they were doing; they were merely expressing, in a distinctive way, the closeness and love that every mother and daughter should feel.
Josh happened to be down in the kitchen first the next morning, and when Julie walked dreamily in, she stopped short when she saw the one male in the household.
"Oh—hi," she said.
Josh gave her a searching look, but said nothing.
As Julie strode awkwardly toward the coffeemaker, Josh said to her back, "I heard some strange sounds coming out of your mom's bedroom."
"Is that right?" Julie said in a quivering voice.
"Yeah." After a pregnant pause: "You and your mom didn't really—?"
Julie turned around defiantly. "Didn't what?"
"Didn't . . ." And he made some curious gestures with his hand.
"So what if we did?" Julie said, daring Josh to chastise her.
But Josh only cracked a smile. "Her pussy tastes nice, doesn't it?" he said genially.
Julie laughed shortly. "Yes, it does."
"So does yours."
"Thank you."
"They taste a little different, you know. Every woman's does."
"You don't say so?"
"Yeah. Now your grandma, I'd have to say her pussy tastes like—"
"Um, spare me the details, please. I haven't had breakfast yet."
Julie sat down at the breakfast table. Soon Candace, and then Mona, came in. Mona had a strange look on her face that made it clear to everyone that she knew full well what had happened in the other bedroom. Candace, for her part, was bluff and jovial. After everyone had had an initial cup of coffee, they all helped to prepare a lavish breakfast.
To no one's surprise, at the end of Mona's stay in the house a few days later there was a general consensus that she should move back in with them. There was no need to create a new bedroom for her, for it was decided that Josh would be the one to hop from one bed to another each night in an agreed-upon sequence. The intimacy of Candace and her daughter was only the prelude to similar intimacy between all the women of the household. The two females who weren't with Josh on a given night shared a bed—not necessarily having actual sex, but getting familiar with each other's bodies and souls without the obtrusive presence of the male organ.
Early in the new semester came the time when Candace decided to head out to the frat house for another night of entertainment.
When Mona saw her daughter pack a small overnight bag and begin heading out the door, she said, "Where are you going, dear?"
Over her shoulder Candace said, "Josh can tell you, Mother."
Josh didn't welcome the task, but both he and Julie managed to spill the beans without too much awkwardness. Mona, always priding herself on her unflappability, did drop her jaw when hearing the full story.
"And—and how many men will there be?" she said in a subdued voice.
"Hard to tell," Josh said. "Probably at least fifteen—maybe as many as twenty-five."
"And they all . . . do her?"
"Yes, ma'am." Josh couldn't help adding: "Sometimes more than once."
"That would take all night, wouldn't it?"
"Well, it goes faster than that—because she likes it two at a time."
"Yes," Julie put in. "Sometimes three at a time."
Mona's face took on a frown as she tried to understand how that was possible.
"That seems rather . . . strenuous," she said.
"I suppose it is," Josh replied. "But somehow Candace always seems refreshed afterwards."
Mona walked away shaking her head. But sure enough, when Candace returned the next morning she seemed bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
"Hi, folks!" she said, dropping her overnight bag on the sofa in the living room. "Hope you had a nice breakfast without me. I chowed down pretty well at Delta Pi."
"How many guys did you tackle this time, Mom?" Julie said, with a bit of sarcasm.
"Well, I'll tell you," Candace said cheerfully. "The boys have developed a charming habit. There's a lightboard on someone's bedroom door, and the guys make a mark every time they come in me—or on me. Anyway, the tally was fifty-two last night." She spoke that number with great pride.
"They came in you—or on you—fifty-two times?" Julie said incredulously, feeling a little sick to her stomach.
"Yup!" Candace chirped. "They're such dears, and they all think I'm just the cat's pajamas."
Mona was taking this all in with quiet but rapt attention. And, as the days passed, it became clear that she was peculiarly preoccupied. At last, a week later, during next Sunday's breakfast, she suddenly burst out:
"Do you think the guys would like me?"
There was a dead silence for several seconds. Then Julie, pretending not to understand, said: "What guys, Grandma?"
"The boys at the frat house," Mona said, as if speaking to a dimwitted schoolchild.
Julie let out a derisive chortle. "Oh, you gotta be kidding me! Why on earth would you want to do that for?"
"Why not?" Mona asked calmly.
"Grandma, get real! You have many great qualities, but I'm not sure this is one of them. Surely you must know that for most guys—especially guys of that age—women in their fifties and sixties simply don't exist. It's—"
"I think she's fabulous," Josh said gallantly.
Julie reached over and stroked his cheek. "Josh, you're one of a kind. But I really don't know any other guy of your age who has such a, shall we say, fondness for women of all ages. Quite frankly, even Mom"—and she directed a quick glance in Candace's direction—"is just about the upper limit for them as far as age is concerned."
"Thank you very much," Candace said acidly.
"Oh, Mom, you must know I'm right! You've got those spectacular boobs, and I'm sure the guys get a big kick out of thinking they're sleeping with their mothers—but what guy has a fantasy of sleeping with his grandmother?"
"I think the guys would like her," Josh continued to insist.
"How can you possibly know that?" Julie cried. "You can't substitute your own feelings for theirs!"
"Why don't we ask them?" Mona said evenly.
"Excellent idea!" Candace put in.
"Mom, you can't really be sanctioning such a thing!" Julie exclaimed.
"All we're doing is asking," Josh said reasonably. "Maybe I could take a picture of Mona and let the guys look at it."
Mona's eyes became wide. "You mean . . . naked?" She shivered a little.
"No, no, God no!" Josh cried, appalled. "Just a head shot will do."
Julie expelled another derisive guffaw. "I really don't think that's gonna work. Lots of elderly women have nice faces; these guys are interested in something quite a bit more than that."
"I could take my top off," Mona suggested helpfully.
Julie closed her eyes. "Omigod," she breathed. "I really don't think it's a good idea to have nude pictures of you floating around, Grandma."
"I won't be nude," Mona pointed out. "Just topless."
"You do have nice boobs," Candace put in.
Julie glared at her mother. "Mom, you're really not helping!"
Mona had already begun to take off the sweater she was wearing. Seconds later, she had reached behind her back, unclasped her bra, and slipped it off.
Julie, even though she had found a lot to like in Mona's breasts—and other parts of her—during nightly cuddle sessions, was still aghast at her brazen display. She's stripping in broad daylight! Someone could probably look through the window and see—
Mona placidly got up from the dining table and positioned herself daintily on the sofa. She stood unusually straight, almost thrusting her chest out in pride—and a bit of defiance.
"Go ahead, Josh," she said. "Take the picture."
"You really want this?" he said in a tremulous voice.
"Yes. Let's get it over with."
Josh sat down a few feet away from her, got out his smartphone, and turned on the camera function. He had to smile at how appealing Mona looked in the photo. He took several shots to make sure he had a good image.
"I'll go right now and ask them," he said, slipping the phone in his pocket and putting on his coat. In another moment he had bolted out the door and dashed into his car, driving off with a screech of brakes.
Candace slowly got up from the dining table herself and walked over to her mother.
"So why do you want to do this, Mother?" she said. "What are you trying to prove? And you can cover yourself now. The photo session is over."
"I'm not trying to prove anything," Mona said, putting her bra and sweater back on. "I just think it sounds . . . interesting."
"Mother, it's not as simple or straightforward as you think it is. As you yourself said before, it's pretty strenuous. There's a lot more to it than just lying on your back and staring up at the ceiling."
"I'm well aware of that."
"Especially when you start doing two guys at a time."
"I've—I mean, I think I can handle that."
"And three at a time?"
"That does sound a bit difficult, but I suppose I can manage."
"I think you two are both crazy!" Julie almost shrieked from the dining table. "First my mother, and then my grandmother—! Jesus Christ!"
"You seem to like it," Mona said to her daughter.
"I've had some experience," Candace pointed out. "My first time, it wasn't so nice."
"Well, how am I to get the experience unless I start?"
"Mother, no one says you have to get the experience. This is not exactly something that most women willingly undertake."
"I know that. I'd just like to try, that's all."
"Well, we'll see what the guys have to say. But please don't be disappointed if they give you the thumbs down."
In a surprisingly short period of time, Josh came back. He burst through the front door and dashed into the living room, where the three women were sitting tensely.

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