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When we were first married, my sweet wife was not a fan of oral, neither giving nor receiving.  As our marriage of 30 years has progressed, she has definitely changed her opinions.  She first began to enjoy being on the receiving end. I love giving to her this way, and there is nothing better than making your girl wiggle and grind until she loses control.  I don’t push her to take me in her mouth as I am always happy to give.

We makemunication a priority, so I was honest and told her I would like to receive oral, but only when she wasfortable.  As we progressed over time, she is now definitelyfortable giving blow jobs and is really good at it.  I can now get one whenever I request and get them randomly at times, too.  We like experimenting and learning new things to keep the heat in our marriage (pun intended).  The following is a new thing we did this past weekend.

I saw something online where women are wrapping their man’s member in a fruit rollup and then removing it with a tasty BJ.  I told my wife this sounded like fun.  We are new empty nesters as our youngest just started college this year.  Our grocery list has definitely changed with no kids around and us trying to eat more healthily.  I was helping unload groceries and put things away, and what did I find? A box of fruit rollups.  I shook the box, and my loving wife just smiled at me.  Well, we got busy with life stuff over the next week, and nothing sexual happened.  The following weekend we were driving five hours to pick up our college freshman.

We each worked long days and then started our drive.  As our luck goes, traffic and construction added an extra hour and a half to our drive, and we got to the hotel at 1 a.m.—no sex, just sleep.

I woke up first and rested my hand on my wife’s hip, my favorite place to touch her.  She stirred, and so did my groin. My hand wandered to her ass; I gently rubbed and grasped it, and she pushed back to me.  I slid my hand down inside her pants and worked more aggressively, squeezing her cheeks and running up and down her crack. Finally, I reached her moistening folds and could slide one, then two, fingers inside. She rolled over, got rid of the clothes in our way, and spread her legs wide.

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Now I was free to work her clit and fill her with my fingers.  In a move unlike my wife, I felt her hand on my head, gently urging me down between her thighs.  I happily moved down and worked my tongue through her now thoroughly wet pussy, alternating gentle sucking and nibbling on her clit.  After a few minutes of working my now out-of-control wife’s pussy with my fingers and tongue, she climaxed, and her sweetness coated my face and tongue.  I rolled out from between her thighs, and we both lay there to catch our breath.

My sexy, bare-assed wife jumped out of bed, disappeared for a minute, then returned smiling and shaking a fruit rollup. She opened the package, then pulled off my boxers to get to my package.  Carefully, she stretched the thin candy sheet and wrapped it around my penis, covering me from base to tip.  It was cold and exhilarating! She started to lick at her candy-wrapped prize, and honestly, I didn’t feel much.  After some teasing, she slid her mouth down my sugar-coated tool.

As the sweet got warmer, the sensations intensified for me.  The more she worked her tongue, the more the rollup thinned out over my sensitive head.  Her salivary glands went into overdrive, creating more lubrication as she took me deeper.  She’s been working on her deep throat skills, and that day, she got there with the help of a candy-coated dick and extra saliva.  My head rolled back as her mouth slid up and down my entire length, and she pinched and flicked my nipples.

My wife is not a cum swallower. I respect this and always tell her when I’m at the point of no return.  Sometimes I cut it too close, and she gets the first blast in her mouth. She is quick to pull off and finish me with her hand, and I’m quick to apologize. This time, she was pumping me in and out of her mouth and throat, and playing with my nipples. I was in ecstasy and getting close.

I tied to tell her I was going to cum, but all that came out of my mouth was a moan.  As I sprayed her mouth with my cum, she kept working me with her tongue and bobbing her head until I was empty and softening.  She looked up at me with a smile, laid her head on my chest, and let out a satisfied sigh.  I was still panting.  I do love this woman.  And… I’m glad she bought a box of 12 fruit rollups!