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My luck was in and at university I met my now wife 26, I 26 was a scholarship, and she came from money as they say. Anyway, straight to family after we married and finished university, I started work for her family company. They had trouble in the past with husbands and wives playing around. It was the only thing that concerned my wife, as I got higher in the company I would have to start travelling. Her being pregnant made her concerned. But thru what I thought was a coincidence I got promoted and assigned as assistant to her mother 47 and I to travel with her wherever she went. A then as my wife wasn’t concern anymore with my travelling, I assumed her mother was assort of watchdog for me. As it turned out, it was both ways watchdog as my father-in-law 61 had given his wife the job and wanted to limit any chance of her having an affair also. My wife and her father thought we could watch each other. Well, it worked for the first couple of trips a few days here and there. But then we went on a 6-day trip and on returning to our hotel on the fourth evening. We had dinner together a couple wines and, on our way, up to our rooms. My mother-in-law (MIL)asked me to join her in her room for the night, not asking me to fuck her. But said we’ll have some fun together, I accepted as I was horny and hadn’t been getting sex at home due to my wife’s pregnancy being its last weeks. Not only did we fuck we started an affair, which is still going strong now. We even get together when at home. It’s for our mutual satisfaction and my wife loves my close bond I’ve with her mother and has been going since last year in March. My wife is trying for another child as our first was one last April and she wants 3 or 4 and as close together as possible about 2-year gap is her preferred spacing.

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